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When will the school academic year 2020 be lost for sure

22 Mar, 2020 Admin 6

With Coronavirus infections showing an upward trend in the Northern Hemisphere, concerns are growing that the period of isolation/quarantine/lockdown may well have to be measured in months as opposed to weeks. The knock-on effect is that one of the valid questions being posed is at what point in time will the 2020 South African school academic year be considered a write-off. …

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SchoolSportLive – Relive

19 Mar, 2020 Admin 0

I’ve watched my fair share of virus outbreak movies and TV shows etc over the years. Amongst my favourites were the first three or so seasons of the Walking Dead and I am Legend. Right now I would really like to watch a movie called Contagion who offers a plot which is more realistic and relatable to our current situation scenario than many of the more popular productions which involved humans transforming into hostile creatures with unrecognisable characteristics. Anyway I don’t know if anyone envisaged the world grinding to a standstill like it’s about to do. All we can really do is try to stay healthy and stay positive. Doing their level best to keep things rolling on the entertainment side is SchoolSportLive with a few trips down recent memory lane starting this weekend with the offerings below.

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Affies to host a 100th birthday festival in 2020

15 Mar, 2020 Admin 82

This was the Affies provisional fixture list for their Francois Swart Eeufees:

Day 1 : Wed 25-Mar-2020
12h30 HJS Paarl BH Uruguay
13h00 SACS Pretoria BH
14h30 Grey College KES
16h00 Paul Roos Maritzburg College
17h30 Oakdale Hartpury (Eng)
19h00 Affies Hilton
Day 2 : Fri 27-Mar-2020
12h00 SAC Maritzburg College
14h00 Oakdale Pretoria BH
Day 3 : Sat 28-Mar-2020
08h00 KES Hilton
09h30 Affies OB Paul Roos OB
11h00 Grey College Uruguay
12h30 Affies OB Grey College OB
13h20 HJS Paarl BH Hartpury (Eng)
14h15 Affies Monument
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Coronavirus puts schoolboy rugby festivals on ice

15 Mar, 2020 Admin 78

South African State President’s decree

Social distancing measures include:

Gathering of more than 100 people prohibited.

Celebrations of large national days cancelled.

Schools will be closed from Wednesday, 18 March and closed until after Easter weekend. To compensate mid-year school holidays will be shortened by a week.

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Boishaai’s Irish tour postponed due to Coronavirus

12 Mar, 2020 Admin 126

12-03-2020: With Ireland schools shutting down today due to the Coronavirus and SA’s government possibly on the verge of announcing a travel ban of its own, the decision to tour Ireland later this month was out of the hands of Paarl Boys’ High.

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School Rugby fixtures & results – week ending 14 March 2020

7 Mar, 2020 Admin 72

School Rugby fixtures & results – week ending 14 March 2020

Tue.10Mar Milnerton <10> <5> Melkbosstrand WP Schools Day @ Newlands
Tue.10Mar Brackenfell <0> <50> Durbanville WP Schools Day @ Newlands
Tue.10Mar Bellville <0> <10> Stellenberg WP Schools Day @ Newlands
Tue.10Mar SACS <5> <20> Boland Landbou WP Schools Day @ Newlands
Tue.10Mar Wynberg <15> <10> Paul Roos WP Schools Day @ Newlands
Tue.10Mar Rondebosch <5> <15> HJS Paarl BH WP Schools Day @ Newlands
Tue.10Mar Paarl Gim <20> <15> Bishops WP Schools Day @ Newlands
Tue.10Mar Brandwag 61 00 Solomon Mahlangu
Sat.14Mar Affies 85 10 Diamantveld Afgri Prestige RSD @ Affies
Sat.14Mar St Alban’s 29 26 AHS Kroostad Afgri Prestige RSD @ Loftus On DigiTV
Sat.14Mar EG Jansen 65 00 Invitation XV Afgri Prestige RSD @ Loftus
Sat.14Mar Garsfontein 71 05 Kempton Park Afgri Prestige RSD @ Loftus
Sat.14Mar Nelspruit <14> <00> Eldoraigne Afgri Prestige RSD @ Loftus
Sat.14Mar Frikkie Meyer 03 27 Stellenberg Afgri Prestige RSD @ Loftus
Sat.14Mar Montana 34 31 Die Anker Afgri Prestige RSD @ Loftus
Sat.14Mar Waterkloof 07 38 Outeniqua Afgri Prestige RSD @ Loftus
Sat.14Mar Boland Landbou 19 24 HTS Middelburg Afgri Prestige RSD @ Loftus
Sat.14Mar Pretoria BH 00 38 Paarl Gim Afgri Prestige RSD @ Loftus
Sat.14Mar Bellville 06 57 SACS Brackenfell R/D
Sat.14Mar Durbanville 50 21 Strand Brackenfell R/D
Sat.14Mar Brackenfell 17 10 Swartland Brackenfell R/D
Sat.14Mar WP TIP 00 66 Oakdale Brackenfell R/D
Sat.14Mar Cambridge 17 33 Mary Waters Graeme Rugby Day
Sat.14Mar Dale 05 06 Muir Graeme Rugby Day
Sat.14Mar Hudson Park 19 12 Nico Malan Graeme Rugby Day
Sat.14Mar Queen’s 45 07 Pearson Graeme Rugby Day
Sat.14Mar Grey HS 10 17 Brandwag Graeme Rugby Day
Sat.14Mar Kingswood 12 28 Selborne Graeme Rugby Day
Sat.14Mar St Andrew’s 15 12 Framesby Graeme Rugby Day
Sat.14Mar Graeme 21 18 Marlow Graeme Rugby Day
Sat.14Mar Noordheuwel 08 13 Rustenburg NWU Prestige Reeks
Sat.14Mar Potch Volkskool 52 25 Jeugland NWU Prestige Reeks
Sat.14Mar Lichtenburg 15 31 Marais Viljoen NWU Prestige Reeks
Sat.14Mar Heidelberg VS 10 05 Oos-Moot NWU Prestige Reeks
Sat.14Mar Hugenote (Springs) 17 21 Zwartkop NWU Prestige Reeks
Sat.14Mar Wesvalia 18 21 Middelburg NWU Prestige Reeks
Sat.14Mar Potch Gim 53 19 Oosterlig NWU Prestige Reeks
Sat.14Mar Montana 34 31 Die Anker NWU Prestige Reeks
Sat.14Mar HJS Paarl BH 17 10 Monument Porterville
Sat.14Mar Voortrekker (Beth) 33 18 Fichardtpark Sentrale Skole Reeks
Sat.14Mar Sentraal 24 42 Witteberg Gouldveld R/D
Sat.14Mar Goudveld 22 23 Louis Botha Gouldveld R/D
Sat.14Mar Transvalia 32 15 Klerksdorp
Sat.14Mar VS Graaff-Reinet 20 03 Daniel Pienaar
Sat.14Mar Northwood 14 14 Maritzburg College
Sat.14Mar Glenwood 10 14 Hilton
Sat.14Mar Kearsney 29 10 Clifton
Sat.14Mar Westville 52 07 DHS
Sat.14Mar Michaelhouse X X St Charles Cancelled – Coronavirus
Sat.14Mar Sutherland 13 19 St Benedict’s
Sat.14Mar Grey College 92 07 Duineveld
Sat.14Mar Grey College Cherries 48 10 Jim Fouche
Sat.14Mar Grey College Peaches 24 12 Upington
Sat.14Mar Noord-Kaap 52 26 Landboudal
Sat.14Mar Welkom Gim 35 07 Helpmekaar
Sat.14Mar Ben Vorster 23 27 Menlopark
Sat.14Mar Charlie Hofmeyr 15 10 DF Malan
Sat.14Mar Drostdy 34 22 Wynberg
Sat.14Mar Punt 22 26 Hermanus
Fri.13Mar Tygerberg 15 38 Hugenote
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School Rugby fixtures & results – week ending 07 March 2020

7 Mar, 2020 Admin 42

School Rugby fixtures & results – week ending 07 March 2020

Tue.03Mar Clifton Port Shepstone
Sat.07Mar Paarl Gim B <35> <5> Hottentots Holland Boland Landbou R/D
Sat.07Mar Worcester Gim <5> <5> HTS Bellville Boland Landbou R/D
Sat.07Mar Bellville <15> <10> New Orleans Boland Landbou R/D
Sat.07Mar Boland Landbou <50> <0> Tygerberg RFC Boland Landbou R/D
Sat.07Mar Hugenote <10> <15> Milnerton Boland Landbou R/D
Sat.07Mar Stellenberg <30> <0> Fairmont Boland Landbou R/D
Sat.07Mar Drostdy <25> <25> Hermanus Boland Landbou R/D
Sat.07Mar Boland Landbou <45> <0> Brackenfell Boland Landbou R/D
Sat.07Mar Gonubie 00 24 Mzomhle Border Rugby Day
Sat.07Mar Chief Boklein 29 14 Alphandale Border Rugby Day
Sat.07Mar Queen’s 33 00 Stirling Border Rugby Day
Sat.07Mar Grens 31 07 Toise Border Rugby Day
Sat.07Mar Cambridge 29 07 De Vos Malan Border Rugby Day
Sat.07Mar Dale 24 19 Port Rex Border Rugby Day
Sat.07Mar Selborne 17 15 Hudson Park Border Rugby Day
Sat.07Mar Potch Volkskool 12 36 Noordheuwel NWU Prestige Reeks
Sat.07Mar Jeugland 19 54 Rustenburg NWU Prestige Reeks
Sat.07Mar Oos-Moot 30 12 Lichtenburg NWU Prestige Reeks
Sat.07Mar Marais Viljoen 41 14 Heidelberg VS NWU Prestige Reeks
Sat.07Mar Zwartkop 25 22 Middelburg NWU Prestige Reeks
Sat.07Mar Wesvalia 18 08 Hugenote (Springs) NWU Prestige Reeks
Sat.07Mar Die Anker 27 14 Potch Gim NWU Prestige Reeks
Sat.07Mar Montana 59 03 Oosterlig NWU Prestige Reeks
Sat.07Mar Nico Malan X X St Andrew’s Postponed
Sat.07Mar Glenwood <> <> St Charles Practice Match
Sat.07Mar Clifton <7> <49> Michaelhouse Practice Match
Sat.07Mar Hilton X X Westville Practice Match – Coronavirus
Sat.07Mar Diamantveld 60 03 Sentraal Sentrale Skole Reeks
Sat.07Mar Noord-Kaap 34 33 Jim Fouche Sentrale Skole Reeks
Sat.07Mar Goudveld 28 05 Fichardtpark Sentrale Skole Reeks
Sat.07Mar Langenhoven Gim 12 19 Pearson South East Cape R/D
Sat.07Mar Outeniqua 38 05 Brandwag South East Cape R/D
Sat.07Mar Kearsney 24 24 Northwood
Sat.07Mar Graeme 64 07 Daniel Pienaar
Sat.07Mar Landboudal 03 22 Marlow
Sat.07Mar Grey College 69 33 Welkom Gim
Sat.07Mar Louis Botha 24 20 Duineveld
Sat.07Mar Upington 57 19 Klerksdorp
Sat.07Mar HTS Middelburg 66 07 Eldoraigne
Sat.07Mar Waterkloof 28 15 Transvalia
Sat.07Mar Affies 27 17 Helpmekaar
Sat.07Mar Ben Vorster 45 07 Pietersburg
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World Schools Festival 2020 – CANCELLED!!!

5 Mar, 2020 beet 29

The Coronavirus has claimed its first Schoolboy Rugby activity in the form of the World Schools Festival 2020 which was set to start in late March.…

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Unions commit to supporting self-funded Youth Weeks in 2020

5 Mar, 2020 Admin 8

A bit of good news in a follow up to some bad news about sponsorship money for the national youth weeks seemingly drying up, is that SARU document shows that all the unions have agreed to participate in the self-funded Under-18 Academy Week and Under-13 Craven Week.…

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KES Easter Rugby Festival 2020 – provisional

3 Mar, 2020 Admin 0

KES look like they have almost completed their schedule with one possible morning slot to fill on Monday, 13 April 2020.…

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Oakdale Rugby Week 2020 – Day 1 fixtures

3 Mar, 2020 Admin 2