KwaZulu-Natal School Rugby Fixtures 2020

Written on 18 Jan 2020 before DHS pulled the plug on Glenwood.
For the first time in many seasons all the top schools of the more densely populated region of the province of KwaZulu-Natal (currently nine of them) will do battle against each other. Glenwood – Hilton is back on, as is Glenwood – Michaelhouse interschools and even Northwood has opted to reignite the challenge posed by the Green Machine of Durban South. Independent school St Charles College from Pietermaritzburg is another who expanding their horizons in an effort to be counted amongst the best in the region.

1 Tue.03Mar Port Shepstone Home
2 Sat.07Mar Michaelhouse <7> <49> UnOff Home-Practice Match
3 Sat.14Mar Kearsney 10 29 Lost Away
4 Sat.21Mar Nico Malan Grey PE Fest
5 Mon.23Mar Kingswood Grey PE Fest
6 Sat.18Apr St Charles Away
7 Sat.25Apr St Andrew’s School Home
8 Tue.28Apr Amanzimtoti Away
9 Wed.06May Port Natal Away
10 Sat.09May DHS Home
11 Sat.16May St Alban’s Home
12 Sat.23May Sarel Cilliers @ Kings Park
13 Sat.06Jun St David’s Away
1 Fri.28Feb Sarel Cilliers <33> <15> UnOff Vories Night Series
2 Sat.14Mar Westville 7 52 Lost Away
3 Sat.04Apr Glenwood Away
4 Thu.09Apr Noord-Kaap Kearsney ERF
5 Sat.11Apr HTS Middelburg Kearsney ERF
6 Mon.13Apr Framesby Kearsney ERF
7 Sat.18Apr Hilton Away
8 Sat.25Apr St Charles Home
9 Sat.02May Maritzburg College Home
10 Sat.09May Clifton Away
11 Sat.23May Northwood Away
12 Sat.30May Kearsney Home
13 Sat.18Jul Parktown Home
1 Fri.28Feb St Charles <41> <05> UnOff Vories Night Series
2 Sat.07Mar St Charles <> <> UnOff Home-Practice Match
3 Sat.14Mar Hilton 10 14 Lost Home
4 Sat.21Mar Dale Grey PE Fest
5 Mon.23Mar St Andrew’s Grey PE Fest
6 Sat.04Apr DHS Home
7 Thu.09Apr Framesby Kearsney ERF
8 Sat.11Apr Selborne Kearsney ERF
9 Mon.13Apr Noord-Kaap Kearsney ERF
10 Sat.18Apr Kearsney Away
11 Sat.25Apr Drostdy Wildeklawer
12 Mon.27Apr Paul Roos Wildeklawer
13 Sat.02May Monument Away
14 Sat.09May Michaelhouse Away
15 Sat.16May Northwood Away
16 Sat.23May Westville Away
17 Sat.30May Maritzburg College Home
18 Sat.11Jul HTS Middelburg Home
19 Sat.18Jul Noordheuwel Home
20 Sat.25Jul Grey College Home
21 Sat.01Aug Maritzburg College Away
1 Sat.07Mar Westville X X Canc. Home-Practice Match – Coronavirus
2 Sat.14Mar Glenwood 14 10 Won Away
3 Wed.18Mar Rondebosch Home
4 Mon.23Mar TBA World Schools Festival
5 Fri.27Mar TBA World Schools Festival
6 Thu.09Apr St John’s St John’s ERF
7 Sat.11Apr Helpmekaar St John’s ERF
8 Sat.18Apr DHS Home
9 Sat.25Apr Northwood Home
10 Sat.02May Michaelhouse Away
11 Sat.09May Pretoria BH Away
12 Sat.23May Kearsney Home
13 Sat.30May St Charles Home
14 Sat.06Jun Maritzburg College Away
15 Sat.13Jun Michaelhouse Home
1 Mon.24Feb Vryheid 86 10 Won Away
2 Wed.26Feb Sarel Cilliers 58 10 Won Away
3 Sat.07Mar Northwood 24 24 Drew Home
4 Sat.14Mar Clifton 29 10 Won Home
5 Sat.21Mar Transvalia North-South @ Drostdy
6 Mon.23Mar Ben Vorster North-South @ Drostdy
7 Wed.25Mar Marais Viljoen North-South @ Drostdy
8 Thu.09Apr HTS Middelburg Kearsney ERF
9 Sat.11Apr EG Jansen Kearsney ERF
10 Mon.13Apr Selborne Kearsney ERF
11 Sat.18Apr Glenwood Home
12 Sat.25Apr Westville Home
13 Sat.02May St Charles Away
14 Sat.09May Maritzburg College Away
15 Sat.23May Hilton Away
16 Sat.30May DHS Away
17 Sat.06Jun Michaelhouse Home
18 Sat.13Jun St Stithians Home
1 Fri.28Feb Voortrekker (PMB) <48> <0> UnOff Away-Vories Night Series
2 Sat.14Mar Northwood 14 14 Drew Away
3 Sat.04Apr Pretoria BH Home
4 Thu.09Apr Jim Fouche St Stithians R/F
5 Sat.11Apr St Andrew’s St Stithians R/F
6 Mon.13Apr Northcliff St Stithians R/F
7 Sat.18Apr Westville Away
8 Sat.25Apr Michaelhouse Away
9 Sat.02May DHS Away
10 Sat.09May Kearsney Home
11 Sat.23May St Charles Home
12 Sat.30May Glenwood Away
13 Sat.06Jun Hilton Home
14 Sat.11Jul Affies Home
15 Sat.18Jul Pretoria BH Away
16 Sat.25Jul KES Home
17 Sat.01Aug Glenwood Home
1 Sat.07Mar Clifton <49> <7> UnOff Away-Practice Match
2 Sat.14Mar St Charles X X Canc. Home-Cancelled – Coronavirus
3 Sat.21Mar Rondebosch @ Kings Park
4 Thu.09Apr Kingswood St Stithians R/F
5 Sat.11Apr Bishops St Stithians R/F
6 Mon.13Apr King David St Stithians R/F
7 Sat.18Apr Northwood Home
8 Sat.25Apr Maritzburg College Home
9 Sat.02May Hilton Home
10 Sat.09May Glenwood Home
11 Sat.23May St John’s Home
12 Sat.30May Westville Away
13 Sat.06Jun Kearsney Away
14 Sat.13Jun Hilton Away
1 Sat.07Mar Kearsney 24 24 Drew Away
2 Sat.14Mar Maritzburg College 14 14 Drew Home
3 Sat.04Apr Parktown Away
4 Thu.09Apr Ben Vorster KES Festival
5 Sat.11Apr Hudson Park KES Festival
6 Sat.18Apr Michaelhouse Away
7 Sat.25Apr Hilton Away
8 Sat.02May Westville Away
9 Sat.09May St Charles Home
10 Sat.16May Glenwood Home
11 Sat.23May DHS Home
1 Fri.28Feb Glenwood <05> <41> UnOff Vories Night Series
2 Sat.07Mar Glenwood <> <> UnOff Away-Practice Match
3 Sat.14Mar Michaelhouse X X Canc. Away-Cancelled – Coronavirus
4 Thu.09Apr St David’s St John’s ERF
5 Sat.11Apr Noordheuwel St John’s ERF
6 Mon.13Apr Lions XV St John’s ERF
7 Sat.18Apr Clifton Home
8 Sat.25Apr DHS Away
9 Sat.02May Kearsney Home
10 Sat.09May Northwood Away
11 Sat.23May Maritzburg College Away
12 Sat.30May Hilton Away
13 Sat.06Jun St Benedict’s Home
14 Sat.13Jun St Alban’s Away
1 Sat.07Mar Hilton X X Canc. Away-Practice Match – Coronavirus
2 Sat.14Mar DHS 52 7 Won Home
3 Sat.21Mar Framesby Grey PE Fest
4 Mon.23Mar Queen’s Grey PE Fest
5 Sat.04Apr Affies Home
6 Thu.09Apr EG Jansen Kearsney ERF
7 Sat.11Apr Drostdy Kearsney ERF
8 Mon.13Apr HTS Middelburg Kearsney ERF
9 Sat.18Apr Maritzburg College Home
10 Sat.25Apr Kearsney Away
11 Sat.02May Northwood Home
12 Sat.09May Jeppe Away
13 Sat.23May Glenwood Home
14 Sat.30May Michaelhouse Home

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  1. avatar
    #11 Cappie

    Glenwood got some challenging fixtures and it is a long list.

    23 January, 2020 at 14:11
  2. avatar
    #10 Playa

    @beet: Alright, I see. Thanks Beet

    23 January, 2020 at 12:16
  3. avatar
    #9 beet

    @Playa: The problem is normally caused by Michaelhouse (and a couple of other privates) operating on a different school term calendar to the state schools. This includes taking a mid-term weekend break. The result is that at there are at least 3 weekends during the KZN school rugby season (that concludes at the end of the second term for all in KZN except College, Glenwood and DHS) on which its not possible for the private schools to play against the state schools because one or the other is on holiday. Generally something has to give. For the last few years MHS scrapped the Glenwood fixture. Unless MHS are prepared to start the rugby season a week earlier like Kearsney normally do, they are likely to have to drop one of the Durban area schools – DHS, Glenwood, Northwood or Westville – as an interschools fixture every year.

    In the old days the Natal schools all the schools played 3rd term rugby. Nowadays in most cases the third term is reserved for soccer and sevens.

    22 January, 2020 at 22:27
  4. avatar
    #8 Playa

    @McCulleys Workshop: What’s the reason? Didn’t think there was any drama between the two schools?

    22 January, 2020 at 14:16
  5. avatar
    #7 McCulleys Workshop

    @beet: Hi Beet, all the best for 2020. Personally I think the Sharks should play on Meadows! Never seen great SBR in those curtain raises, but good to hear about the tour. I remember the Zim schools touring, as well as St Johns, Bishops and SAC. Always great events and good for rugby. Personally I think the EW events etc are feeling a little tired.

    22 January, 2020 at 11:27
  6. avatar
    #6 beet

    @linespeed: @McCulleys Workshop: Some good news is that Hilton and Michaelhouse will both be playing Rondebosch in a kind of return to the old school days of rugby tours.

    First game at Gilfillan (18/3) and the MHS match as a curtain-raiser to the Sharks at Kings Park (21/3).

    Bosch are going to the Woestynfees in Namibia from there where their 2nd XV will also be in action, so I’m not sure if their 2nds will be on hand to play HC and MHS

    21 January, 2020 at 23:12
  7. avatar
    #5 McCulleys Workshop

    I see we have dropped our DHS fixture this year.

    21 January, 2020 at 09:30
  8. avatar
    #4 linespeed

    @star: geez I hope you are wrong ! Even though it is widely known that Hilton try and manage their fixture list , I am sure they wouldn’t drop a traditional fixture like Westville just because they gained Glenwood ??

    20 January, 2020 at 15:53
  9. avatar
    #3 star

    @Chalkdust: I presume the warm up match will be at the Voortrekker night series. I am a bit disappointed that there is no proper fixture as besides the fact that I cannot lose ( being the ultimate swinger :wink: ),last year I watched all the matches from U14A to the Ists and they were all highly competitive and entertaining. Perhaps Hilton feel that by taking back Glenwood they need to make a like for like adjustment by releasing Westville.

    20 January, 2020 at 08:33
  10. avatar
    #2 beet

    @Chalkdust: I missed that. It could just be a consequence of the state vs independent school holidays.

    Some good news is that due to returning to KERF, Westville now has money in the budget to go to Grey PE Fest during the holiday after the first term. Its been a while since they last played there.

    18 January, 2020 at 23:30
  11. avatar
    #1 Chalkdust

    Suddenly Hilton has become a fixture for everyone except Westville. There will however be a warm up match between the two sides. Not sure how and why this happened. Always a fixture to look forward to!

    18 January, 2020 at 19:34

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