Wynberg 175th Festival 2016

Mon.02May Tygerberg 7 19 KES
Mon.02May Hugenote 10 9 Bellville
Mon.02May Durbanville 24 26 St John’s
Mon.02May Rondebosch 20 18 Windhoek HS
Mon.02May Bishops 24 38 Jeppe
Mon.02May SACS 78 5 DF Malan
Mon.02May Wynberg 28 29 Maritzburg College
Mon.02May Parel Vallei 22 27 Upington
Sat.30Apr Tygerberg 17 14 Upington
Sat.30Apr Parel Vallei 23 22 Durbanville
Sat.30Apr Bellville 21 17 Walvis Bay
Sat.30Apr Hugenote 15 60 Jeppe
Sat.30Apr Rondebosch 38 12 KES
Sat.30Apr Bishops 14 17 Windhoek HS
Sat.30Apr Wynberg 38 12 St John’s
Sat.30Apr SACS 27 20 Maritzburg College


Hawthornden 08h00 30/04/2016 Tygerberg 1st Upington 1st
Hawthornden 09h20 30/04/2016 Bellville 1st Walvis Bay 1st
Hawthornden 10h40 30/04/2016 Hugenote 1st Jeppe 1st
Hawthornden 12h00 30/04/2016 RBHS 1st KES 1st
Hawthornden 13h20 30/04/2016 Bishops 1st Windhoek 1st
Hawthornden 14h40 30/04/2016 Wynberg 1st St John’s 1st
Hawthornden 16h00 30/04/2016 SACS 1st Maritzburg College College1st
Silverhurst A 08h00 30/04/2016 Parel Valei 1st Durbanville 1st
Silverhurst A 16h10 30/04/2016 Jan van Riebeeck 1st DF Malan 1st
Silverhurst A 09h10 30/04/2016 RBHS 16A KES 16A
Silverhurst A 10h20 30/04/2016 SACS 16A Martzburg 16A
Silverhurst A 11h30 30/04/2016 Oakdale 16A Upington 16A
Silverhurst A 12h40 30/04/2016 Bishops 16A Windhoek 16A
Silverhurst A 13h50 30/04/2016 Wynberg 16A St Johns 16A
Silverhurst A 15h00 30/04/2016 Durbanville 16A Parel Vallei 16A
Silverhurst B 16h10 30/04/2016 Tygerberg 16A Jeppe 16A
Hawthornden 08h00 02/05/2016 Tygerberg 1st KES 1st
Hawthornden 09h20 02/05/2016 Hugenote 1st Bellville 1st
Hawthornden 10h40 02/05/2016 Durbanville 1st St John’s 1st
Hawthornden 12h00 02/05/2016 RBHS 1st Windhoek 1st
Hawthornden 13h20 02/05/2016 Bishops 1st Jeppe 1st
Hawthornden 14h40 02/05/2016 SACS 1st DF Malan 1st
Hawthornden 16h00 02/05/2016 Wynberg 1st Maritzburg College
Silverhurst A 08h00 02/05/2016 Jan van Riebeeck 1st Walvis Bay 1st
Silverhurst A 16h10 02/05/2016 Parel Valei 1st Upington 1st
Silverhurst A 09h15 02/05/2016 Oakdale 16A KES 16A
Silverhurst A 10h20 02/05/2016 SACS 16A DF Malan 16A
Silverhurst A 11h30 02/05/2016 Wynberg 16A Maritzburg College 16A
Silverhurst A 12h40 02/05/2016 Bishops 16A Jeppe 16A
Silverhurst A 13h50 02/05/2016 D’ Ville 16A St Johns 16A
Silverhurst A 15h00 02/05/2016 Parel Valei 16A Upington 16A
Silverhurst B 08h00 02/05/2016 RBHS 16A Windhoek 16A

Maritzburg College to feature at Wynberg 175 Festival

Maritzburg College will be sending 5 teams (1st XV, 2nd XV, u16A, u15A & u14A) down to Cape Town at the end of March 2016, to participate in the Wynberg 175th Festival. Here they will play SACS on Saturday, 30 April and hosts Wynberg on Monday, 02 May 2016.

It is first of two big birthday celebrations honours bestowed upon Maritzburg College, with DHS who celebrate 150 years of existence also choosing College to be their opponents on Old Boys Day Saturday, 04 June 2016.


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  1. avatar
    #4 Rugger fan

    @PaarlBok: I believe the 1st team hockey also traveled to Wynberg

    29 April, 2016 at 20:00
  2. avatar
    #3 lawless

    Would be nice to have an exchange with the Cape schools but unfortunately the distance is just too far. As it is the Bloem trips only get the guys back in Maritzburg at close to midnight on the Saturday

    29 April, 2016 at 19:33
  3. avatar
    #2 PaarlBok

    Hope College can send their hockey teams also down to Cape Town. Would be nice to play them.

    26 November, 2015 at 09:31
  4. avatar
    #1 Rugger fan

    At first take I though College were going all the way to Cape Town to play WESTVILLE BHS :) and not WYNBERG BHS – that elusive return fixture??? :oops:

    24 November, 2015 at 08:00

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