TSRF 2018 : 10 years and 100 not out

Ashton Sec will be the 100th team to play at TSRF.

DAY 1 Bellville South 26-05 Paulus Joubert
Klein Nederburg 29-17 Swartland
Porterville 35-14 Hottentots-Holland
Montana 22-45 Vredenburg
Ashton Sec 24-38 Lutzville
Schoonspruit 45-14 Oudtshoorn
HTS Bellville 27-0 Sutherland
Dirkie Uys 35-17 Groendal
De Kuilen 0-10 Piketberg
Brackenfell 27-14 New Orleans
Cederberg Acad 19-19 Knysna
Monument Park 24-10 Alexander Road
Weston 0-24 Groenberg
Langenhoven HS 22-03 Emil Weder
Hopefield 26-07 Otto du Plessis
Tygerberg 34-7 Bridgton
DAY 2 Tygerberg 40-21 Schoonspruit
Jan Kriel LSEN 17-24 Piketberg
Vredenburg 20-17 Lutzville
Swartland 42-0 Hottentots-Holland
Paulus Joubert 10-07 Ashton Sec
Bellville South 29-0 Dirkie Uys
Hopefield 47-6 Bridgton
Cederberg Acad 31-26 Sutherland
Brackenfell 38-3 Klein Nederburg
Emil Weder 19-22 Knysna
De Kuilen 19-17 Weston
New Orleans 43-10 HTS Bellville
Groenberg 49-33 Monument Park
Porterville 17-17 Oudtshoorn
Langenhoven HS 27-27 Otto du Plessis
DAY 3 Monument Park 21-28 Otto du Plessis
Ashton Sec 24-39 Alexander Road
Sutherland 07-03 Knysna
HTS Bellville 15-24 Bridgton
Piketberg 21-05 Oudtshoorn
Langenhoven HS 19-26 Weston
Dirkie Uys 01-08 Klein Nederburg
Lutzville 22-19 Groendal
New Orleans 42-19 De Kuilen
Swartland 26-12 Porterville
Jan Kriel LS 14-15 Vredenburg
Paulus Joubert 25-21 Hottentots-Holland
Hopefield 36-12 Groenberg
Brackenfell 41-10 Schoonspruit
Cederberg Acad 25-0 Montana
President 20-09 Emil Weder
Tygerberg 15-28 Bellville South

TONY STOOPS RUGBY FESTIVAL29, 31 March, 2 April 2018 at Brackenfell
Celebrating ten years of TSRFs.
Those attending : Blue Bulls : SutherlandBoland : Ashton Sec, Cederberg Academy, Dirkie Uys, Emil Weder, Groenberg, Groendal, Hopefield, Klein Nederburg, Lutzville, Montana, New Orleans, Paulus Joubert, Piketberg, Porterville, Schoonspruit, Swartland, Vredenburg and WestonEastern Province : Alexander Road, Humansdorp Sec, Otto du Plessis and Victoria ParkEastern Province Country Districts : Aliwal NorthLimpopo : Piet PotgieterSouth Western Districts : Bridgton, Knysna, Langenhoven High, Oudtshoorn and YorkWestern Province : Bellville South, Brackenfell, De Kuilen, Fairmont, HTS Bellville, Hottentots Holland, Jan Kriel, Monument Park, President and Tygerberg,

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    #7 tzavosky

    Beet, I suspect the Montana you’ve got in the line up is the one in Worcester, and not the one in Pretoria as the linked name suggests.

    26 March, 2018 at 15:52
  2. avatar
    #6 Smallies

    @Kattes-Strofes: hahahaha ja nee die manne, ek in kluis kan maar warm onder die kraag raak, en dit eintlik maar oor crap…. Ons gaan aan oor werwing en oor allerhande goed terwyl daar vandag pa’s is wat worry oor waar vanaand se bord kos gaan vandaan kom, indien daar enigsins een gaan wees

    26 March, 2018 at 14:57
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    #5 Kattes-Strofes

    @Smallies: Ek is darem bly dat daar ten minste een rugby liefhebber is wat bietjie lees oor ander skole se lief en leed ! Synde Paas naweek nou op hande is, gaan ek my jaarlikse een prekie ook inkry. Gaan in my beste “Oxford English” skryf sodat hopelik almal kan verstaan.

    Rugby is a huge part of our beautiful country,s culture an legacy. One thing that I have noticed in my 62 years on this planet, is that our supporters seems to be very one sided. I am not saying that we should not be passionate about our teams that we support, but man, one do not have to go through life with blinkers on your eyes.
    Giving credit and respect to opponents, who played with heart and commitment, should be a given.

    Add to this,it is also not a sin to congratulate schools that really have put in an effort to improve their rugby. Yes ! Money for burseries etc. does play an important role. However ! If a school do not have a passion for the game (as many rich private schools have proved), it is not a guarantee for success. Schools need to put the right structures in place, make sure they have competant and dedicated coaches, and if financially possible, the right infra structure .

    I have also noticed that a number of school supporters are still moaning about the various recruiting methods , used by schools. Sorry guys ! This is now in given ! So either join them (if possible) or accept it!

    On a personal note! Hopefully Boishaai will once again have a fantastic year! And then
    also that Brakkies will keep improving , to be competitive against our great and respected Northerns Suburbs (Boerewors curtain) rivals, Tygerberg, Stellenberg, Bellville and Durbanville. Stellies definitaly lifted the bar, and the hard working Duppie and his coaching team, deserves a lot of credit. I know that this was, and still is , hard work.
    Durbanville is also an awakening giant, and has the added bonus of a dormitory.
    Brakkies’ new headmaster is a huge rugby fan, and he is taking a number of positive actions, to improve the game at the school.

    Finally ! I am most certainly no Einstein or angel “Gabriël” Just a few thoughts going into Easter !

    26 March, 2018 at 13:07
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    #4 Kattes-Strofes

    @Smallies: Nope ! Dit gaan beslis nog voort. Die skole velde behoort nie aan die munisipaliteit nie (verreweg die meeste van die rugby klubs se velde wel, wat dan hul wedstryde be-invloed het), en die meeste skole (ook die gasheer) het gelukkig ook hul eie bron van water. Ek weet ook dat die organiseerders van hierdie fees het spesiale reëlings getref rakende die water nood.

    26 March, 2018 at 11:44
  5. avatar
    #3 Smallies

    @Kattes-Strofes: ek dag dan tony stoops is gekanseleer die jaar agv die droogte, ek weet aliwal noord gaan nie meer nie

    26 March, 2018 at 11:28
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    #2 Kattes-Strofes

    It is once again that time of the year, and I trust that all the schools, of which most fly under the radar, will have a fantastic festival,enjoy the rugby, and build new friendships.

    Many congrats to Tony and organiser Stokkies Truter for giving these youngsters a decade of oppernunities, to also showcase their talents.

    26 March, 2018 at 10:51
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    #1 Kattes-Strofes

    This festival has already delivered quite a few rough uncut diamonds, including the likes of Pieter-Stef Du Toit, who as a member of Swartland, caught the eye of scouts at the festival.

    The various union,s scouts, as well as agents, have a good oppertunity to view a number of players, who normally do not get the same exposure of the regular top dogs

    It is a well organised event, and participants, with their supporters, normally have a pleasant experience.

    4 March, 2018 at 10:30

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