TSRF 2017 (Tony Stoops Rugby Festival @ Brackenfell)

Featuring Western Province Premier League 1st XV schools Rondebosch and SACS on the first matchday.

Day 2 and Day 3 fixtures were only determined after the conclusion of the preceding day’s matches.

A1 Sat.01Apr Oudtshoorn 21 24 Brackenfell
A2 Sat.01Apr Nico Malan 19 17 Pionier
A3 Sat.01Apr Worcester Gim 08 30 Tygerberg
A4 Sat.01Apr De Kuilen 11 25 Porterville
A5 Sat.01Apr SACS 60 14 Ligbron
A6 Sat.01Apr Rondebosch 50 03 Pietersburg
B1 Sat.01Apr Knysna 07 15 Piketberg
B2 Sat.01Apr Alexander Road 13 27 Vredenburg
B3 Sat.01Apr Louwville 19 25 Emil Weder
B4 Sat.01Apr Schoonspruit 38 19 Humansdorp
B5 Sat.01Apr HTS Bellville 28 12 Langenhoven HS
C1 Sat.01Apr Lutzville 07 19 Paulus Joubert
C2 Sat.01Apr Bellville South 41 05 York
C3 Sat.01Apr Klein Nederburg 20 23 Otto du Plessis
C4 Sat.01Apr Groenberg 38 17 Aliwal North
C5 Sat.01Apr Jan van Riebeeck 24 29 Victoria Park
A1 Mon.03Apr Groenberg 18 14 Worcester Gim
A2 Mon.03Apr Brackenfell 33 22 Pietersburg
A3 Mon.03Apr Knysna 15 43 Paulus Joubert
A4 Mon.03Apr Emil Weder 06 24 Victoria Park
A5 Mon.03Apr York 21 28 Jan van Riebeeck
A6 Mon.03Apr Jan Kriel 17 15 Louwville
B1 Mon.03Apr Pionier 26 15 De Kuilen
B1 Mon.03Apr Schoonspruit 37 14 Robertson
B2 Mon.03Apr Oudtshoorn 24 22 Aliwal North
B2 Mon.03Apr Tygerberg 19 08 Humansdorp Sec
B3 Mon.03Apr Alexander Road 10 20 Lutzville
B4 Mon.03Apr Klein Nederburg 18 10 Piketberg
B5 Mon.03Apr Nico Malan 24 22 Bellville South
B5 Mon.03Apr Otto du Plessis 18 14 HTS Bellville
B6 Mon.03Apr Porterville 08 26 Ligbron
B6 Mon.03Apr Vredenburg 22 07 Langenhoven HS
A1 Wed.05Apr Ligbron 43 05 Bellville South
A2 Wed.05Apr Schoonspruit 24 26 Nico Malan
A3 Wed.05Apr Groenberg 31 00 Oudtshoorn
A4 Wed.05Apr Pietersburg 08 32 Tygerberg
A5 Wed.05Apr Porterville 25 14 HTS Bellville
A6 Wed.05Apr Brackenfell 67 12 Pionier
B1 Wed.05Apr Alexander Road 21 15 Jan van Riebeeck
B2 Wed.05Apr Otto du Plessis 11 15 Aliwal North
B3 Wed.05Apr Robertson 20 20 Vredenburg
B4 Wed.05Apr Lutzville 00 20 Langenhoven HS
B5 Wed.05Apr Worcester Gim 07 20 Piketberg
C1 Wed.05Apr Victoria Park 20 10 York
C2 Wed.05Apr Humansdorp 13 14 Paulus Joubert
C3 Wed.05Apr Louwville 06 20 Knysna
C4 Wed.05Apr Klein Nederburg 24 10 Emil Weder

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    #3 Hooit

    @Kattes-Strofes: Can u maybe publish the team and from which school they are?
    It will also be helpful if you can tell us who is in grade 12.

    27 September, 2017 at 11:55
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    #2 Kattes-Strofes

    The Stoops Rhinos team, who is selected at the annual Tony Stoops festival, consists of a wide variety of players , from all corners of our beautifull country. This includes even a player from Pionier Hoërskool in Vryheid (Northern KZN and 1600 km from Cape Town).

    What a wonderfull oppertunity for these youngsters (some still in grade 11). Yes ! This festival (as I have already mentioned) is by far the biggest in the country (going by the number of participating schools), do not feature so many of the so-called big rugby schools. However ! The oppertunity for these schools, to also showcase their talents, and gain some recognition, cannot be overstated.

    This idea of a annual Tony Stoops tour, was the brain child of Brackenfell,s very capable sports organiser, Stokkies Truter, and they are now in their third consecutive tour.

    27 September, 2017 at 09:47
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    #1 Kattes-Strofes

    I attented the festival at Brackenfell on Saturday and Wednesday. I was pleasantly surprised with the activities, and the organiser, Stokkies Truter, did a great job.

    Also saw a good number of talented boys, which hopefully was picked up by scouts. (saw amonst others, Deon Kaiser doing his bit for the Sharks, so you chaps of the Last Outpost of the British Isles, can sleep a little easier). Our country is truly blessed with some outstanding talent.

    Also noticed no scouts from the host union, unless they were under cover. LOL.

    There were a huge number of so called unknown schools. However, this did not detract from the enjoyment and enthusiastic participation of the youngsters, and their supporters.

    Many thanks to Tony Stoops for giving so many youngsters, who never get invited to the more glamorous festivals, the oppertunity to partake in a well run festival, and make some good memories.

    6 April, 2017 at 11:37

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