St Stithians Rugby Festival 2014

Nine schools join hosts St Stithians to participate in the annual Saints Rugby Festival to be held over Easter weekend.Fixtures/Results

10h45 Thu 17/04/2014 Hilton 24 23 SACS
12h05 Thu 17/04/2014 Linden 14 29 Maritzburg College
13h25 Thu 17/04/2014 St Benedict’s 26 43 St Andrew’s
14h45 Thu 17/04/2014 St Stithians 16 10 Windhoek
16h05 Thu 17/04/2014 Wynberg 29 7 Helpmekaar
10h45 Sat 19/04/2014 Linden 15 50 Wynberg
12h05 Sat 19/04/2014 Windhoek 16 10 St Benedict’s
13h25 Sat 19/04/2014 SACS 34 38 Helpmekaar
14h45 Sat 19/04/2014 St Andrew’s 20 23 Maritzburg College
16h15 Sat 19/04/2014 St Stithians 10 34 Hilton
10h25 Mon 21/04/2014 Helpmekaar 27 19 St Benedict’s
11h45 Mon 21/04/2014 St Stithians 20 27 SACS
13h10 Mon 21/04/2014 Windhoek 13 40 Linden
14h30 Mon 21/04/2014 Hilton 18 37 St Andrew’s
15h50 Mon 21/04/2014 Wynberg 17 16 Maritzburg College


  1. @Lindenpa: Unfortunately not – My travels only take me up to JHB the week of Wildeklawer – so a case of being in all the wrong places at the wrong times. Will have to settle for the KERF this year ( not that it’s a bad thing before anyone jumps down my throat)

    Hope that MC can improve on their start to this season – slow out of the blocks and of course hope the backs start firing.

    Have fun at the game!!!! Hope its a cracker!

  2. So who of the MC supporters on the blog will be at the game tomorrow? Gungets Tuft, Redblack White? Will see you there, the game is going to be huge!

  3. Hilton vs Saints on Sat afternoon is going to be huge.
    All MC games are either the game before or the game just after Hilton,so we will not be missing any of there games either thats for sure.

  4. @Grasshopper: Yes Grassy not cool and i have known most of these Glenwood boys since 2010 u14 and can only imagine how dissapointed some of them must be to have played 14/15/16A and now never have the oppertunity to wear the green jersey.

  5. @Westers: Under17 I believe, so grade 10. 2 from Eldoraigne and one from Rustenburg High. Those are the ones I know, could be others……why I don’t know.

  6. @HORSEFLY NO.1: Same at DHS, so pot kettle again. Yes, I am aware 3 new players in recently which is very upsetting. I’m battling to keep supporting and defending Glenwood if this continues…

  7. @Grasshopper:
    You cant complain when Glenwood are still doing it. Its not as blatant as before but boys from all over are still being offered Glenwood bursaries.

  8. @Speartackle: Linden, Voorentoe, Randburg, Helpmekaar, Die Fakkel, Bekker – all could play a bit in their day

    Remember Hennie Wiggett?

  9. My memories go back to the early eighties when Linden had Lourens Oberholzer, Hendrik Truter, Stef Nel and Werner Zopick. I think Truter played 3rd team lock.

    Andre Schwartz was cheerleader and Chris Chameleon his 2IC

  10. The Saints fixtures are in.

    Looks like College and Hilton have some decent tests. Esp College vs Wynberg on the final day. That should be a cracker.

  11. @John3175: George Campbell have bought in a guy Sisa Sibiya joined them in the month of August.

    I think other schools have also brought in players or still have players coming in as that what usually happens nowadays.

    Eastern Cape has became a factory for Kzn schools in recent year with many players I know coming from there.

  12. are there any schoolboy rugby transfers that have been going on in the last couple of months?

  13. This is going to be one interesting festival! some very strong teams! i see Hilton getting paired up with st andrews, saints and st benedicts/sacs!
    it will also be an opportunity for the Hilton boys to access how good M.College are!

  14. @Grasshopper: Westman turned out for your first side twice against College, unless I am mistaken. Both those drawn games. He captained your aquatics.

    Perhaps NW as Hilton don’t get abused because they don’t moan when it happens to them. And anyway, I have has some strong views on the NW recruitment and skirting of the headmasters agreement this year, also the cynical way in which Hilton make their top recruits repeat grades to avoid the headmasters agreement. But, sure they don’t get the abuse, perhaps because they are not serial offenders?

  15. @Grasshopper: I get your frustration and also notice how Hilton seem to get away with it unscathed (probably coz no-one on here defends Hilton so the news just “goes away”), but who knows, it may work in your favour – so much depth at GW it’s quite possible that his replacement will step up to the plate and impress anyways.

  16. @Gungets Tuft: sigh! I knew that was coming. Again Gouws’s brother is still at Glenwood so Hilton were not even nice enough to give both a bursary. Anyway, yes Glenwood have bought players in wrongly and have got burnt badly for it, others who do the same should too…..that is all I am saying. Hilton & Northwood don’t get anywhere near the same abuse as Glenwood. Westman, can’t comment only that he was an average rugga player but brilliant waterpolo player. Staples was an early move and Goodsen not sure. All three were wrong approaches but hey ho lessons learnt, I hope!!!

  17. @Grasshopper: {sigh} ……. No, College will not claim DS, after all , just 5 terms. We won’t claim Westman either ……

    I am constantly amazed at your ability to apply different standards. I know what happens next, you back off, tell us all how disappointed you are that GW brim in players late, U19, and how wrong it is, and think that grants you the right to criticize others. How’s this for a thought, just like DS chose to leave College of his own free will (that was the refrain, yes, youngsters are allowed to choose!!), so, perhaps, did the boys that left Glenwood to go elsewhere. Just apply the same reasoning to leavers as you do joiners or you are fighting a battle from some very low ground. Doomed to fail ….

  18. @Pedantic: I know boet, but it hurts when other schools can do it but when Glenwood tries they are threatened with canceling games and called poachers etc. Losing Calvin Smith and now Gouws is unacceptable. I wonder what you would have said had one or even both of the Doops had been poached by Hilton. There should be no double standards applied. Difference is Gouws had been at Glenwood 3 years and his brother is still there. Staples had 1 year at College….huge difference. Anyway, good luck to Jason he is a fine player….

  19. Possibility of 6 mouthwatering games here:

    Maritzburg College vs St Andrews, SACS and Wynberg

    Hilton vs St Andrews, SACS and Wynberg

  20. @Grasshopper: You gotta stop claiming Gouws … he’s gone now, let it be. I doubt we’ll see the College guys claiming the GW 2015 captain although he’ll be a college old boy :mrgreen:

  21. @Grasshopper: not 2014. i think they have an uphill battle for the next few seasons. Yes ,Jason is a talent and Blewett is strong at centre but that is where it ends.michaelhouse will be a surprise package along with Kearsney to challenge the likes of College,Glenwood and Westville. DHS will turn a few heads and look to have a good foundation going forward but not sure it can be sustained it with the number of sides they put out on a Saturday. Going to be very interesting.

  22. @burra: Hilton should be strong again led by Glenwood Old Boy and ex Under16a captain Jason Gouws from lock, watch out for that kid, great talent….

  23. College highly are expect to be strong.

    We just have to hope the organiser get the right match up and yes it will be a successful festival.

    Anybody knows how the 2014 Hilton team is looking? Are they still in search of a coach?

    Hope all these teams bring out a good pack


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