TSRF: the biggest 1st XV rugby festival in South Africa

Tony Stoops goes to great lengths every year to give something back to the Western Cape school rugby community. He does it  in the form of a meaningful school rugby festival. The 6th annual Tony Stoops Rugby Festival will again be the largest 1st XV rugby festival in South Africa. 33 schools, many of which would otherwise not have had the opportunity to take part in a festival, will compete at Tygerberg High in the Cape.  Together with the hard work and time that goes into putting a huge festival of this nature together, comes the financial requirement. Here Tony is blessed to have African Bank and a few other generous sponsors on board to assist him with covering the costs of this worthwhile initiative.


Thu.28Mar JG Meiring 5 31 Barrydale
Thu.28Mar Worcester Gim 13 12 Despatch
Thu.28Mar Bosmansdam 14 3 Emil Weder
Thu.28Mar Bellville South 12 8 Hawston
Thu.28Mar Edgemead 19 24 Hopefield
Thu.28Mar Dirkie Uys 34 5 Kirkwood
Thu.28Mar Langenhoven HS 26 0 Labori
Thu.28Mar Camps Bay 14 25 Montana
Thu.28Mar Scottsdene 5 20 Newton
Thu.28Mar Klein Nederburg 15 28 Pearson
Thu.28Mar Hottentots Holland 38 24 Porterville
Thu.28Mar Jan Kriel 0 3 Swellendam
Thu.28Mar De Kuilen 18 8 Victoria Park
Thu.28Mar Vredenburg 23 12 York
Sat.30Mar Barrydale 0 17 Despatch
Sat.30Mar Klein Nederburg 24 26 Dollar Academy Sc)
Sat.30Mar Hottentots Holland 11 7 Hopefield
Sat.30Mar Edgemead 8 21 Kirkwood
Sat.30Mar Scottsdene 15 32 Labori
Sat.30Mar Jan Kriel 5 17 Montana
Sat.30Mar Dirkie Uys 17 15 Newton
Sat.30Mar Langenhoven HS 17 18 Otto Du Plessis
Sat.30Mar Swartland 36 11 Pearson
Sat.30Mar Bosmansdam 0 33 Porterville
Sat.30Mar Jg Meiring 5 39 Swellendam
Sat.30Mar Hawston 30 30 Victoria Park
Sat.30Mar Bellville South 18 22 Vredenburg
Sat.30Mar Milnerton 18 24 Worcester Gym
Sat.30Mar Emil Weder 6 42 York
Mon.01Apr Bosmansdam 3 16 Barrydale
Mon.01Apr De Kuilen 21 15 Despatch
Mon.01Apr Dirkie Uys 0 28 Dollar Academy (Scot)
Mon.01Apr Jg Meiring 18 0 Emil Weder
Mon.01Apr Porterville 52 28 Hawston
Mon.01Apr Camps Bay 0 20 Kirkwood
Mon.01Apr Bellville South 17 10 Klein Nederburg
Mon.01Apr Hopefield 12 41 Langenhoven
Mon.01Apr Scottsdene 18 28 Montana
Mon.01Apr Swartland 32 9 Newton
Mon.01Apr Worcester Gim 19 3 Otto Du Plessis
Mon.01Apr Milnerton 11 22 Pearson
Mon.01Apr Hottentots Holland 20 8 Swellendam
Mon.01Apr Labori 14 24 Victoria Park
Mon.01Apr Jan Kriel 5 34 Vredenburg
Mon.01Apr Edgemead 12 46 York

Fixtures for Day 1

A Field
12:00 JG Meiring vs Barrydale
13:20 Dirkie Uys vs Kirkwood
14:40 Pearson vs Klein Nederburg
16:00 Sao Bras vs Milnerton
B Field
12:00 Edgemead vs Hopefield
13:20 Hottentots Holland vs Porterville
14:40 Hawston vs Bellville South
16:00 York vs Vredenburg
C Field
12:00 Bosmansdam vs Emil Weder
13:20 Montana vs Camps Bay
14:40 Swellendam vs Jan Kriel
16:00 Langenhoven High vs Labori
D Field
12:00 Scottsdene vs Newton Tech
13:20 De Kuilen vs Victoria Park
14:40 Despatch vs Worcester Gym

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    #1 Tandem

    Well done to Tony Stoops. A legend in school boy rugby and a true student of this wonderful sport ! Not many people in the Western Cape who know the schools and players so well. The schools presented at the tournament get the exposure they normally will not get . I really hope that some WP Craven Week selectors will do the effort to attend . How many great talent at these schools disappear without anyone knowing about them !

    26 March, 2013 at 00:52

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