Absa Wildeklawer 2024 – fixtures

Day 1 : Wed 01-May-2024
16h00 FSG Diamantveld vs Marlow EC
19h00 NV Affies vs HJS Paarl BH WC
Day 2 : Thu 02-May-2024
08h00 NV Noordheuwel vs Glenwood KZN
09h30 WC Outeniqua vs Waterkloof NV
11h00 WC Oakdale vs Durban HS KZN
12h30 WC Paarl Gim vs EG Jansen NV
13h50 WC Drostdy vs Welkom Gim FSG
14h00 WC Boland Landbou vs Helpmekaar NV
15h00 EC Framesby vs St John’s (NZ) NZ
15h30 WC Paul Roos vs Monument NV
16h10 EC Nico Malan vs TBA ???
17h00 NV Garsfontein vs Stellenberg WC
18h30 FSG Grey College vs Maritzburg College KZN
Day 3 : Sat 04-May-2024
08h00 WC Stellenberg vs EG Jansen NV
09h30 NV Affies vs Oakdale WC
11h00 ??? TBA vs Outeniqua WC
11h30 NV Waterkloof vs Marlow EC
12h30 WC Boland Landbou vs Monument NV
12h40 NV Noordheuwel vs Nico Malan EC
13h50 EC Framesby vs Welkom Gim FSG
14h00 WC HJS Paarl BH vs Durban HS KZN
15h00 KZN Glenwood vs Drostdy WC
15h30 WC Paul Roos vs Maritzburg College KZN
16h10 FSG Diamantveld vs St John’s (NZ) NZ
17h00 WC Paarl Gim vs Helpmekaar NV
18h30 FSG Grey College vs Garsfontein NV

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    #2 Kantman

    I think Glenwood will be OK, maar hierdie gaan ‘n waterskeiding naweek wees vir vele spanne se 2024 seisoen.

    8 November, 2023 at 22:36
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    #1 Grasshopper

    Glenwood are in for a hammering! They are no longer at this level and need to think carefully about attending in future….sad but true

    4 November, 2023 at 13:30

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