House Rules


  1. You are personally accountable for your own comments on this public forum. If a legal matter arises as a direct or indirect consequence of one or more of your comments, you hereby agree to the webmaster sharing your personal details.When you register, you must provide the webmaster with your real name, real surname and your authentic cellphone number via email to
  2. By agreeing to the registration rules, you agree to fully indemnify the webmaster against any legal action and claims of whatever nature instituted by a third party in respect of any comments which you post on the site. You furthermore agree that the indemnity operates in favour of the webmaster and site administrator(s), as the case may be.
  3. If you are agnostic or atheist please respect the beliefs of religious users. Rather not share your views. By the same token if you are religious you must not initiate an argument based on your faith. Religion is a sensitive topic. The blog is not to be used as a religious battleground.
  4. Politics covers a broad spectrum and is an unavoidable part of life. It impacts on schoolboy rugby as well. Politics is a sensitive topic. You must ensure that when discussing political matters that these are restricted to the topic of schoolboy rugby.
  5. Racism, discrimination and offensive stereotyping will not be tolerated. The webmaster’s decision shall be final and binding on the subject. The webmaster reserves the right to delete such inappropriate racist and/or discriminatory and/or stereotypical posts in his sole and unfettered discretion. The webmaster may, further, in his sole and unfettered discretion elect to ban any offending member or user from further participation in the comments section of the site.
  6. You must accept that others are not obliged to agree with your opinion(s). Debate and acceptable forms of banter are permitted but you may not degrade another user in an offensive manner nor should your comments fall within the definition of trolling. If you conduct yourself in a manner that fits the definition of an “internet troll”, as defined on Wikipedia, you may be deregistered and/or your personal identity may be revealed on the website.
  7. You may not criticise a schoolboy rugby player’s performance or personality. You must be cautious when constructively assessing the negative aspects of any on-field performance. Members are requested to exercise caution when commenting on a team’s performance. This site should not be used as a vehicle to carry out unnecessary and hurtful attacks on rival schoolboys’ performances.
  8. You are discouraged from plugging your own relative on this public forum.
  9. If you choose to disagree with any aspect of the way a school conducts itself or it’s decision-making, address this matter with the greatest of caution and at all times try to show respect. Always bear in mind that a “school” as defined here generally consists of a headmaster, teachers, administrative staff, external coaches, old boys, students/players and a school governing body. One individual’s action does not necessarily constitute the overall view of an entire “school”. Moreover, these issues are best taken up directly with the school or individual(s) concerned.
  10. The webmaster or site administrator’s decision regarding the unacceptable nature of any topic being commented on is final. If you choose to ignore an instruction in this regard, you may be deregistered as a user.
  11. These rules govern and regulate your participation as a user on the site. No other rules, terms and/or conditions or amendments to these rules will be of any force and effect unless reduced to writing and signed (electronically or digitally) by the user and webmaster.
  12. In the event that the webmaster is obliged to institute or defend any legal proceedings arising out of a breach of these rules then the member/user agrees to be liable to the webmaster and/or site administrator for all legal costs on the scale as between attorney and client, such costs to include the costs consequent upon the employment of an advocate.
  13. The member/user consents to the jurisdiction of the KwaZulu-Natal High Court, held at Durban, should any dispute arise that requires the institution of an action or third party claim for indemnification.
  14. The member/user agrees to accept service of any legal process by way of electronic mail correspondence at the e-mail address provided in his/her registration on the site and, further, that such e-mail address (together with any physical address that might have been provided in the registration process) shall serve as the member/user’s domicilium citandi et executandi.
  15. The member/user agrees that the laws of the Republic of South Africa shall govern any legal dispute arising from any comment(s) on the site.