KwaZulu-Natal School Rugby Fixtures for 2017

1 Sat.11Mar Michaelhouse X X UnOff Practice match
2 Sat.18Mar Fourways 41 5 Won Home
3 Wed.22Mar Hilton X X UnOff DHS R/D: HC34-5CC
4 Sat.25Mar Voortrekker (Pmb) 12 5 Won Home
5 Mon.03Apr Kathu 59 0 Won SCST
6 Wed.05Apr Hopefield 22 12 Won SCST
7 Thu.06Apr PW Botha 28 19 Won SCST
8 Sat.22Apr St Andrew’s School X X UnOff SAS cancelled
9 Sat.06May DHS 14 67 Lost Home
10 Sat.13May St Charles 21 30 Lost Away
11 Sat.20May George Campbell 63 10 Won Home
12 Sat.27May Northwood Away
13 Sat.03Jun Port Natal Away
14 Sat.10Jun St David’s Home
15 Sat.17Jun St Charles Home
1 Sat.18Feb Pionier 35 7 Won Sarel Cilliers Rugby Day
2 Fri.03Mar Westville X X UnOff Vories N/S:Wvl18-12DHS
3 Sat.11Mar Northwood 82 0 Won Home
4 Sat.18Mar Hilton 6 10 Lost @ Kingspark
5 Wed.22Mar Port Natal X X UnOff DHS R/D: D36-3PN
6 Wed.29Mar Voortrekker (Pmb) 50 0 Won Home
7 Thu.13Apr St Alban’s 22 24 Lost St Stithians ERF
8 Sat.15Apr SACS 16 20 Lost St Stithians ERF
9 Mon.17Apr Grey HS 17 50 Lost St Stithians ERF
10 Sat.22Apr Michaelhouse 29 24 Won Home
11 Thu.27Apr Brandwag 42 24 Won Grey PE Fest
12 Sat.29Apr Jeppe 34 31 Won Grey PE Fest
13 Sat.06May Clifton 67 14 Won Away
14 Sat.13May Kearsney 12 11 Won Away
15 Sat.20May Maritzburg College 48 31 Won Away
16 Sat.27May Glenwood Away
17 Sat.03Jun Westville Home
1 Sat.11Mar Hilton X X UnOff Practice match
2 Wed.22Mar Voortrekker (Pmb) X X UnOff DHS R/D: GW34-5VT
3 Thu.13Apr Framesby 21 10 Won Kearsney ERF
4 Sat.15Apr EG Jansen 24 19 Won Kearsney ERF
5 Mon.17Apr Noord-Kaap 25 20 Won Kearsney ERF
6 Sat.22Apr Westville 38 12 Won Home
7 Sat.29Apr Garsfontein 38 12 Won Wildeklawer
8 Mon.01May HJS Paarl BH 12 30 Lost Wildeklawer
9 Sat.06May Kearsney 59 7 Won Away
10 Sat.13May Menlopark 39 0 Won Home
11 Sat.27May DHS Home
12 Sat.03Jun Monument Home
13 Sat.10Jun Framesby Away
14 Sat.24Jun Maritzburg College Home
15 Sat.12Aug Grey College Away
1 Sat.11Mar Glenwood X X UnOff Practice match
2 Sat.18Mar DHS 10 6 Won @ Kingspark
3 Wed.22Mar Clifton X X UnOff DHS R/D: HC34-5CC
4 Thu.13Apr Affies 6 17 Lost St John’s ERF
5 Sat.15Apr St John’s 28 19 Won St John’s ERF
6 Mon.17Apr St John’s (Harare) 32 7 Won St John’s ERF
7 Sat.22Apr Kearsney 10 13 Lost Away
8 Sat.29Apr St Charles 51 19 Won Home
9 Sat.06May Michaelhouse 38 21 Won Home
10 Sat.13May Westville 6 3 Won Away
11 Sat.27May Maritzburg College Home
12 Sat.03Jun Kearsney Home
13 Sat.10Jun Northwood Home
14 Sat.17Jun Michaelhouse Away
1 Tue.07Mar Pionier 33 8 Won Away
2 Wed.08Mar Sarel Cilliers 40 15 Won Away
3 Sat.11Mar Welkom Gim 29 15 Won Home
4 Sat.18Mar Northwood 45 3 Won Away
5 Tue.28Mar Nico Malan 30 29 Won Away
6 Thu.30Mar Marlow 23 7 Won Away
7 Thu.13Apr Drostdy 17 45 Lost Kearsney ERF
8 Sat.15Apr Framesby 23 0 Won Kearsney ERF
9 Mon.17Apr Queen’s 24 13 Won Kearsney ERF
10 Sat.22Apr Hilton 13 10 Won Home
11 Sat.29Apr Michaelhouse 24 26 Lost Away
12 Sat.06May Glenwood 7 59 Lost Home
13 Sat.13May DHS 11 12 Lost Home
14 Sat.27May St Stithians Away
15 Sat.03Jun Hilton Away
16 Sat.10Jun St Benedict’s Home
17 Sat.17Jun Maritzburg College Home
18 Sat.24Jun Westville Away
1 Fri.10Mar Sarel Cilliers X X UnOff Vories N/S:MC33-3SC
2 Thu.16Mar St Charles X X UnOff Cancelled Practice match
3 Sat.25Mar Grey College 3 30 Lost Home
4 Thu.13Apr St Benedict’s 38 6 Won St Stithians ERF
5 Sat.15Apr Grey HS 19 27 Lost St Stithians ERF
6 Mon.17Apr St Stithians 36 29 Won St Stithians ERF
7 Sat.22Apr Pretoria BH 36 24 Won Away
8 Wed.26Apr Northwood 48 7 Won Away
9 Sat.06May KES 20 39 Lost Away
10 Sat.13May Michaelhouse 49 31 Won Home
11 Sat.20May DHS 31 48 Lost Home
12 Sat.27May Hilton Away
13 Sat.10Jun Westville Home
14 Sat.17Jun Kearsney Away
15 Sat.24Jun Glenwood Away
16 Sat.29Jul Affies Away
17 Sat.05Aug Pretoria BH Away
18 Sat.12Aug KES Home
1 Sat.11Mar Clifton X X UnOff Practice match
2 Sat.18Mar Westville 24 18 Won Home
3 Thu.13Apr SACS 0 28 Lost St Stithians ERF
4 Sat.15Apr St Stithians 18 12 Won St Stithians ERF
5 Mon.17Apr St David’s 61 7 Won St Stithians ERF
6 Sat.22Apr DHS 24 29 Lost Away
7 Sat.29Apr Kearsney 26 24 Won Home
8 Sat.06May Hilton 21 38 Lost Away
9 Sat.13May Maritzburg College 31 49 Lost Away
10 Sat.27May St John’s Away
11 Sat.03Jun Northwood Away
12 Sat.10Jun St Charles Away
13 Sat.17Jun Hilton Home
1 Sat.11Mar DHS 0 82 Lost Away
2 Sat.18Mar Kearsney 3 45 Lost Home
3 Sat.25Mar Westville 10 36 Lost Home
4 Thu.13Apr Noordheuwel 13 19 Lost KES Festival
5 Sat.15Apr Hudson Park 7 51 Lost KES Festival
6 Sat.22Apr Jeppe 14 41 Lost Away
7 Wed.26Apr Maritzburg College 7 48 Lost Home
8 Sat.06May St Charles 25 45 Lost Away
9 Sat.20May Parktown 7 33 Lost Home
10 Sat.27May Clifton Home
11 Sat.03Jun Michaelhouse Home
12 Sat.10Jun Hilton Away
1 Thu.16Mar Maritzburg College X X UnOff Cancelled Practice match
2 Sat.18Mar St Andrew’s School 70 0 Won Home
3 Wed.05Apr De Duine 50 0 Won Woestynfees
4 Fri.07Apr Tsumeb 23 10 Won Woestynfees
5 Sat.08Apr Windhoek HS 12 15 Lost Woestynfees
6 Sat.22Apr Voortrekker (Pmb) 47 16 Won Home
7 Sat.29Apr Hilton 19 51 Lost Away
8 Sat.06May Northwood 45 25 Won Home
9 Sat.13May Clifton 30 21 Won Home
10 Sat.27May St Alban’s Home
11 Sat.03Jun St David’s Away
12 Sat.10Jun Michaelhouse Home
13 Sat.17Jun Clifton Away
1 Fri.03Mar DHS X X UnOff Vories N/S:Wvl18-12DHS
2 Fri.10Mar Voortrekker (Pmb) X X UnOff Vories N/S:Wvl17-7Vt
3 Sat.18Mar Michaelhouse 18 24 Lost Away
4 Sat.25Mar Northwood 36 10 Won Away
5 Thu.13Apr Grey HS 8 27 Lost St Stithians ERF
6 Sat.15Apr St Alban’s 17 11 Won St Stithians ERF
7 Mon.17Apr St Benedict’s 57 17 Won St Stithians ERF
8 Sat.22Apr Glenwood 12 38 Lost Away
9 Sat.06May Jeppe 36 24 Won Home
10 Sat.13May Hilton 3 6 Lost Home
11 Sat.20May Affies 9 29 Lost Away
12 Sat.27May Voortrekker Away
13 Sat.03Jun DHS Away
14 Sat.10Jun Maritzburg College Away
15 Sat.17Jun Bye Home
16 Sat.24Jun Kearsney Home


  1. @oldschool: Yeah I haven’t got their fixtures. Scott M is overseas at the moment and I still need to ask Northwood.

    I don’t have Hilton’s complete list either. Hoping that Greg M will reply to my mail.

  2. Looking at the list you do have…looks like Northwood vs Michaelhouse for Old Boys Day perhaps in June. Another tough assignment. No easy games when you trying to play catch up.

    I worry still for 2017…Most of the team from 2016 will be gone for next year, and the u16 team was very weak if I recall! Still another 2 years before we maybe see a team with more depth and talent like in 2014.

  3. @Skywalker: Conversely Westville will have every position filled by a person that has 1ST team experience.( Based on last years performances I do not know if that is good or bad :lol: ) There will also be obvious challenges from the current U16 ranks eg Slabbert at lock.
    I also prefer to be playing Kearsney at the end of the season while GW up front always springs a surprise. :mrgreen:

  4. @star: haha I am sure they will come right next year. You have good depth and the 1st team wont allow a repeat of last year. Also depends on the strength of the other teams. Any thoughts on how the other schools are looking for next year at 1st team level?

  5. @Skywalker: As follows
    GW- should be set up for a cracking year
    DHS- on paper they should be the 2nd best team. I am always worried about their depth and form though
    Hilton- could be the surprize package. Next years Grade 12s was one of the few teams that used to beat Westville on a consistent basis.
    Westville/College- have all the ammunition but just need to get it to fire. If they do they will challenge for 2nd spot.
    Kearsney- have several players returning including superstars like Richardson. They will knock anyone off their perch on their day.
    House- always difficult to predict as their form through the age groups is never really strong. They do somehow seem to rise to the occasion usually against expectations

  6. @star: I agree, some teams are very well placed for next year with a decent returning group and some great u16 players.

    From a Northwood perspective, we need to be careful of St Charles (especially with Braam there now), and even Clifton are starting to challenge further up the ranks.

    Still a long way to go to compete again with the likes of College, Westville etc let alone Glenwood! DHS will be set for a great year again…after that though we will have to see. They built this team with purpose for the 150th, but the younger teams seemed to be no where near the same level.

    That’s something Northwood have tried to focus on I can see – you have to build the depth from Grade 8!

  7. @Skywalker: Glenwood should be competitive again building the team around regular 1st & 2nd team players this year in Brendon Schwulst (hooker), Edward Laubscher (lock), JJ Van der Mescht (lock/No8), Ettiene Terblanche (Lock), Jonathan O’Niell (flank), Morne Van Rensburg (flyhalf), Conan Le Fleur (centre), JC Conradie (centre/wing) & Dylan Kruger (Fullback). Throw in a good under16 bunch and we should be up there. However, I think Glenwood have the hardest fixture list in KZN by far.

  8. @Skywalker: Throw in Grant Khomo under16 players;

    Jordan Clarke – prop
    Jacques Thyssen – hooker
    Lunga Ncube – lock
    Leonard Barnard – flank
    Jaden Hendrickse – scrumhalf
    Dylan Pretorius – flyhalf
    Siyanda Cele – wing
    Rynhardt Jonker – centre
    Aaron Larue – wing
    Runako Brynard
    Thabiso Mdletshe
    George Luzolo

    The depth in the backs seems great. Front row must be a little concerning.

  9. @Roger: Could be, remember College vs Glenwood has not always been a double header, it’s gone through periods of only one game per year. Glenwood used to play DHS double header, no longer. Maybe it was a joint decision or Glenwood wanting to mix it up more. It will certainly be a bit of an easier fixture for College down the line :wink:

  10. @Roger: Ducking?

    Playing Waterkloof, Paarl Boys High, Monnas, Garsfontein, Grey Bloem, Menlopark & 3 Top 20 opponents at KERF ain’t ducking anything boet. That is 3 schools in the top 5 plus another 6 in the top 20. Framesby have had a tough past few years but usually top 20 too. Compare that to the very light KES fixture list, only really with Affies, Monnas and Jeppe as tough encounters…

  11. Verdict still out there! Why did Affies cancel against Glenwood. It would have been a great game as Glenwood, through the age groups, were very competitive and close games. I am also not sure that all Affes supporers are in agreement with the decision. However, it is Edward’s cradle to do as he pleases. I am sure the truth, as to why, will be revealed in good time.


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