St Stithians Easter Rugby Festival 2024


For 2024 Saint have moved to a popular two-day festival format. This is a winner for player welfare.


Day 1 : Thu 28-Mar-2024
09h00 KZN Clifton 21-15 Northcliff LIO
10h10 ENG Hartpury 2nd XV 10-22 St Alban’s BUL
11h20 PUM Secunda 20-19 St Charles KZN
12h30 LIO St Stithians 27-14 St Andrew’s EP
13h40 ENG Hartpury 19-27 Marais Viljoen LIO
14h50 KZN Michaelhouse 23-25 St John’s (Harare) ZIM
16h00 LIO Helpmekaar 47-07 Diamantveld GRQ
Day 2 : Sat 30-Mar-2024
08h30 LIO Marais Viljoen 06-05 St John’s (Harare) ZIM
09h40 ENG Hartpury 2nd XV 10-23 Northcliff LIO
10h50 BUL St Alban’s 16-22 St Charles KZN
12h00 PUM Secunda 11-53 Diamantveld GRQ
13h10 LIO Helpmekaar 40-13 Hartpury ENG
14h20 KZN Michaelhouse 34-14 St Andrew’s EP
16h00 LIO St Stithians 12-07 Clifton KZN

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    #1 Grasshopper

    Looks like a private school festival now….

    16 October, 2023 at 19:34

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