Western Cape school rugby fixtures 2014




First draft fixture list : 07 November 2013. For detailed Western Cape school rugby, click on www.stoopstats.co.za where you will find regular updates on fixtures, scores, scorers and plenty of articles throughout the season.

Sat 15/03/2014 Porterville Robertson
Sat 22/03/2014 Porterville Sports Weekend
Sat 22/03/2014 Porterville Langenhoven High
Sat 22/03/2014 Schoonspruit Worcester Gym
Sat 22/03/2014 Dirkie Uys Union High
Sat 22/03/2014 HJS Paarl BH Punt
Mon 24/03/2014 Hopefield Camps Bay
Tue 25/03/2014 Swartland Durbanville
Thu 27/03/2014 Hopefield Kakamas
Sat 12/04/2014 Bishops Boland Landbou
Sat 12/04/2014 Brackenfell Bellville
Sat 12/04/2014 Charlie Hofmeyr Vredenburg
Sat 12/04/2014 De Kuilen Milnerton
Sat 12/04/2014 DF Malan Parel Vallei
Sat 12/04/2014 HTS Bellville Kasselsvlei
Sat 12/04/2014 Oakdale Paarl Gim
Sat 12/04/2014 Outeniqua HJS Paarl BH
Sat 12/04/2014 Paul Roos Grey High
Sat 12/04/2014 Primrose RFC Monument Park
Sat 12/04/2014 Robertson Montagu
Sat 12/04/2014 Rondebosch Wynberg
Sat 12/04/2014 SACS HTS Drostdy
Sat 12/04/2014 Strand Durbanville
Sat 12/04/2014 Tygerberg Stellenberg
Sat 12/04/2014 Worcester Gym Swartland
Wed 16/04/2014 Charlie Hofmeyr Piketberg
Wed 16/04/2014 Swartland Schoonspruit
Thu 17/04/2014 Bredasdorp Albert Myburgh
Tue 22/04/2014 Montagu Bonnievale
Wed 23/04/2014 Emil Weder Bredasdorp
Thu 24/04/2014 Augsburg Gym Dirkie Uys
Sat 26/04/2014 Swartland Hermanus
Sat 26/04/2014 Vredendal Vredenburg
Tue 06/05/2014 Bredasdorp Overberg
Sat 10/05/2014 Augsburg Gym Porterville
Sat 10/05/2014 Boland Landbou Rondebosch
Sat 10/05/2014 Bredasdorp Labori
Sat 10/05/2014 Dirkie Uys Hopefield
Sat 10/05/2014 HTS Drostdy Worcester Gym
Sat 10/05/2014 Hugenote Durbanville
Sat 10/05/2014 Milnerton Brackenfell
Sat 10/05/2014 Montagu Swellendam
Sat 10/05/2014 Monument Park Hottentots Holland
Sat 10/05/2014 Paarl Gim Paul Roos
Sat 10/05/2014 Primrose RFC DF Malan
Sat 10/05/2014 SACS Bishops
Sat 10/05/2014 Stellenberg Bellville
Sat 10/05/2014 Swartland De Kuilen
Sat 10/05/2014 Tygerberg Strand
Sat 10/05/2014 Tygerberg RFC HTS Bellville
Sat 10/05/2014 Vredenburg New Orleans
Sat 10/05/2014 Wynberg HJS Paarl BH
Sat 10/05/2014 Vredendal Piketberg
Sat 17/05/2014 Boland Landbou HJS Paarl BH
Sat 17/05/2014 Brackenfell Strand
Sat 17/05/2014 Charlie Hofmeyr Augsburg Gym
Sat 17/05/2014 De Kuilen Bishops
Sat 17/05/2014 DF Malan Durbanville
Sat 17/05/2014 Hopefield Vredendal
Sat 17/05/2014 HTS Bellville Parel Vallei
Sat 17/05/2014 Montagu Hermanus
Sat 17/05/2014 Monument Park Jan van Riebeeck
Sat 17/05/2014 Oakdale HTS Drostdy
Sat 17/05/2014 Outeniqua Stellenberg
Sat 17/05/2014 Paarl Gim Tygerberg
Sat 17/05/2014 Paul Roos Wynberg
Sat 17/05/2014 Piketberg Schoonspruit
Sat 17/05/2014 SACS Rondebosch
Sat 17/05/2014 Swartland Bellville
Sat 17/05/2014 Swellendam Porterville
Sat 17/05/2014 Vredenburg Stellenbosch
Sat 17/05/2014 Worcester Gym Hugenote
Sat 24/05/2014 Bellville Strand
Sat 24/05/2014 Brackenfell Durbanville
Sat 24/05/2014 DF Malan Oudtshoorm
Sat 24/05/2014 Dirkie Uys Bredasdorp
Sat 24/05/2014 Framesby Boland Landbou
Sat 24/05/2014 Grey High Wynberg
Sat 24/05/2014 Hugenote HTS Drostdy
Sat 24/05/2014 Monument Park JG Meiring
Sat 24/05/2014 HJS Paarl BH Grey College
Sat 24/05/2014 Paarl Gim Bishops
Sat 24/05/2014 Paul Roos Rondebosch
Sat 24/05/2014 Piketberg Hopefield
Sat 24/05/2014 Porterville Bonnievale
Sat 24/05/2014 President HTS Bellville
Sat 24/05/2014 SACS Stellenberg
Sat 24/05/2014 Stellenbosch Montagu
Sat 24/05/2014 Swartland Charlie Hofmeyr
Sat 24/05/2014 Tygerberg De Kuilen
Sat 24/05/2014 Vredendal Augsburg Gym
Sat 24/05/2014 Weston Sec Vredenburg
Sat 24/05/2014 Worcester Gym Hermanus
Tue 27/05/2014 Langenhoven High Bredasdorp
Tue 27/05/2014 Schoonspruit Porterville
Sat 31/05/2014 Bellville Worcester Gym
Sat 31/05/2014 Bishops Wynberg
Sat 31/05/2014 Brackenfell Monument Park
Sat 31/05/2014 Charlie Hofmeyr Hopefield
Sat 31/05/2014 De Kuilen Langenhoven Gym
Sat 31/05/2014 Hermanus Bredasdorp
Sat 31/05/2014 HTS Bellville DF Malan
Sat 31/05/2014 Jan van Riebeeck Augsburg Gym
Sat 31/05/2014 HJS Paarl BH Rondebosch
Sat 31/05/2014 Paarl Gim Outeniqua
Sat 31/05/2014 Paul Roos SACS
Sat 31/05/2014 Stellenberg Strand
Sat 31/05/2014 Tygerberg Durbanville
Sat 31/05/2014 Vredenburg Swartland
Sat 07/06/2014 Bishops Bellville
Sat 07/06/2014 Brackenfell SACS
Sat 07/06/2014 DF Malan Monument Park
Sat 07/06/2014 Durbanville Rondebosch
Sat 07/06/2014 Hottentots Holland Worcester Gym
Sat 07/06/2014 HTS Drostdy Paarl Gim
Sat 07/06/2014 Hugenote Stellenberg
Sat 07/06/2014 Jan van Riebeeck HTS Bellville
Sat 07/06/2014 HJS Paarl BH Oakdale
Sat 07/06/2014 Strand De Kuilen
Sat 07/06/2014 Tygerberg Paul Roos
Sat 07/06/2014 Wynberg Boland Landbou
Sat 21/06/2014 Bellville Tygerberg
Sat 21/06/2014 Brackenfell Primrose
Sat 21/06/2014 HTS Bellville Milnerton
Sat 21/06/2014 Paarl Gim Boland Landbou
Sat 21/06/2014 HJS Paarl BH HTS Drostdy
Sat 21/06/2014 Rondebosch Bishops
Sat 21/06/2014 Strand Parel Vallei
Sat 21/06/2014 Wynberg SACS
Tue 24/06/2014 New Orleans Swartland
Sat 26/07/2014 Augsburg Gym Piketberg
Sat 26/07/2014 Bellville Monument Park
Sat 26/07/2014 Boland Landbou Stellenberg
Sat 26/07/2014 Brackenfell Hermanus
Sat 26/07/2014 DF Malan De Kuilen
Sat 26/07/2014 Dirkie Uys Porterville
Sat 26/07/2014 Durbanville Worcester Gym
Sat 26/07/2014 Hopefield Labori
Sat 26/07/2014 HTS Bellville Hottentots Holland
Sat 26/07/2014 Oakdale Paul Roos
Sat 26/07/2014 Overberg Montagu
Sat 26/07/2014 HJS Paarl BH Bishops
Sat 26/07/2014 Paarl Gim SACS
Sat 26/07/2014 Rondebosch Tygerberg
Sat 26/07/2014 Schoonspruit Vredenburg
Sat 26/07/2014 Strand Swartland
Sat 26/07/2014 Wynberg HTS Drostdy
Tue 29/07/2014 Bredasdorp Swartberg
Sat 02/08/2014 Bellville Durbanville
Sat 02/08/2014 Bishops Paul Roos
Sat 02/08/2014 Brackenfell HTS Drostdy
Sat 02/08/2014 Bredasdorp Charlie Hofmeyr
Sat 02/08/2014 Dirkie Uys Piketberg
Sat 02/08/2014 Hugenote Strand
Sat 02/08/2014 Jan van Riebeeck De Kuilen
Sat 02/08/2014 Labori Monument Park
Sat 02/08/2014 Langenhoven High Montagu
Sat 02/08/2014 Paarl Gim HJS Paarl BH
Sat 02/08/2014 Porterville Hopefield
Sat 02/08/2014 Primrose RFC HTS Bellville
Sat 02/08/2014 Schoonspruit Augsburg Gym
Sat 02/08/2014 Stellenberg DF Malan
Sat 02/08/2014 Swartland Tygerberg
Sat 02/08/2014 Vredenburg Worcester Gym
Sat 02/08/2014 Wynberg Rondebosch
Wed 06/08/2014 Swellendam Bredasdorp
Sat 09/08/2014 Augsburg Gym Swartland
Sat 09/08/2014 Bishops SACS
Sat 09/08/2014 De Kuilen Bellville
Sat 09/08/2014 DF Malan Milnerton
Sat 09/08/2014 Hopefield Curro (Langebaan)
Sat 09/08/2014 HTS Bellville Monument Park
Sat 09/08/2014 HTS Drostdy Durbanville
Sat 09/08/2014 Jan van Riebeeck Strand
Sat 09/08/2014 Montagu Charlie Hofmeyr
Sat 09/08/2014 Paul Roos HJS Paarl BH
Sat 09/08/2014 Piketberg Labori
Sat 09/08/2014 Porterville Goudini
Sat 09/08/2014 Rondebosch Paarl Gim
Sat 09/08/2014 Stellenberg Brackenfell
Sat 09/08/2014 Tygerberg Wynberg
Sat 09/08/2014 Vredendal Dirkie Uys
Sat 16/08/2014 Augsburg Gym Vredenburg
Sat 16/08/2014 Bellville Tygerberg RFC
Sat 16/08/2014 Brackenfell Hugenote
Sat 16/08/2014 Charlie Hofmeyr Porterville
Sat 16/08/2014 De Kuilen Monument Park
Sat 16/08/2014 DF Malan President
Sat 16/08/2014 Durbanville Parel Vallei
Sat 16/08/2014 Jan van Riebeeck Dirkie Uys
Sat 16/08/2014 Labori HTS Bellville
Sat 16/08/2014 Lutzville Hopefield
Sat 16/08/2014 HJS Paarl BH Tygerberg
Sat 16/08/2014 Paarl Gim Stellenberg
Sat 16/08/2014 Paul Roos Boland Landbou
Sat 16/08/2014 Primrose RFC Strand
Sat 16/08/2014 Rondebosch SACS
Sat 16/08/2014 Worcester Gym Bredasdorp
Sat 16/08/2014 Wynberg Bishops
Sat 23/08/2014 Bellville DF Malan
Sat 23/08/2014 Bishops HTS Drostdy
Sat 23/08/2014 Boland Landbou Oakdale
Sat 23/08/2014 Brackenfell Tygerberg
Sat 23/08/2014 Charlie Hofmeyr Worcester Gym
Sat 23/08/2014 Grey College Paul Roos
Sat 23/08/2014 Hottentots Holland Primrose RFC
Sat 23/08/2014 HTS Bellville JG Meiring
Sat 23/08/2014 Hugenote Swartland
Sat 23/08/2014 Montagu Bredasdorp
Sat 23/08/2014 Monument Park Vredenburg
Sat 23/08/2014 Piketberg Porterville
Sat 23/08/2014 Rondebosch De Kuilen
Sat 23/08/2014 SACS HJS Paarl BH
Sat 23/08/2014 Stellenberg Durbanville
Sat 23/08/2014 Strand Hottentots Holland
Sat 23/08/2014 Wynberg Paarl Gim
Sat 30/08/2014 Bishops Rondebosch
Sat 30/08/2014 SACS Wynberg
Sat 30/08/2014 Worcester Gym De Kuilen


  1. Nice to see that there is development going on and that they are now introducing rugby to the Western Cape

  2. @BuffelsCM: Comming from a “man” “educated” in a region where nothing happens every 30 minutes and last 60 minutes.

  3. On matters related to rugby, it is interesting to note the following:
    -No Boland/Drostdy game in 2014, but maybe they can play at Pukke
    -A new fixture between Boland/Framesby
    -A new annual inter-schools between Stellenberg/Outeniqua
    -A very weak fixture list for Bellville. Their game against Tygerberg RFC is on a bye weekend for Drosty, play the TRFC game pre-season and contact Drostdy, now
    -Tygerberg has a very ambitious fixture list, with games against PRG, Boishaai, Gym, Bosch and Wynberg, in a season where Stellenberg and Bellville will be tough opposition……


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