Western Cape school rugby fixtures 2014




First draft fixture list : 07 November 2013. For detailed Western Cape school rugby, click on www.stoopstats.co.za where you will find regular updates on fixtures, scores, scorers and plenty of articles throughout the season.

Sat 15/03/2014 Porterville Robertson
Sat 22/03/2014 Porterville Sports Weekend
Sat 22/03/2014 Porterville Langenhoven High
Sat 22/03/2014 Schoonspruit Worcester Gym
Sat 22/03/2014 Dirkie Uys Union High
Sat 22/03/2014 HJS Paarl BH Punt
Mon 24/03/2014 Hopefield Camps Bay
Tue 25/03/2014 Swartland Durbanville
Thu 27/03/2014 Hopefield Kakamas
Sat 12/04/2014 Bishops Boland Landbou
Sat 12/04/2014 Brackenfell Bellville
Sat 12/04/2014 Charlie Hofmeyr Vredenburg
Sat 12/04/2014 De Kuilen Milnerton
Sat 12/04/2014 DF Malan Parel Vallei
Sat 12/04/2014 HTS Bellville Kasselsvlei
Sat 12/04/2014 Oakdale Paarl Gim
Sat 12/04/2014 Outeniqua HJS Paarl BH
Sat 12/04/2014 Paul Roos Grey High
Sat 12/04/2014 Primrose RFC Monument Park
Sat 12/04/2014 Robertson Montagu
Sat 12/04/2014 Rondebosch Wynberg
Sat 12/04/2014 SACS HTS Drostdy
Sat 12/04/2014 Strand Durbanville
Sat 12/04/2014 Tygerberg Stellenberg
Sat 12/04/2014 Worcester Gym Swartland
Wed 16/04/2014 Charlie Hofmeyr Piketberg
Wed 16/04/2014 Swartland Schoonspruit
Thu 17/04/2014 Bredasdorp Albert Myburgh
Tue 22/04/2014 Montagu Bonnievale
Wed 23/04/2014 Emil Weder Bredasdorp
Thu 24/04/2014 Augsburg Gym Dirkie Uys
Sat 26/04/2014 Swartland Hermanus
Sat 26/04/2014 Vredendal Vredenburg
Tue 06/05/2014 Bredasdorp Overberg
Sat 10/05/2014 Augsburg Gym Porterville
Sat 10/05/2014 Boland Landbou Rondebosch
Sat 10/05/2014 Bredasdorp Labori
Sat 10/05/2014 Dirkie Uys Hopefield
Sat 10/05/2014 HTS Drostdy Worcester Gym
Sat 10/05/2014 Hugenote Durbanville
Sat 10/05/2014 Milnerton Brackenfell
Sat 10/05/2014 Montagu Swellendam
Sat 10/05/2014 Monument Park Hottentots Holland
Sat 10/05/2014 Paarl Gim Paul Roos
Sat 10/05/2014 Primrose RFC DF Malan
Sat 10/05/2014 SACS Bishops
Sat 10/05/2014 Stellenberg Bellville
Sat 10/05/2014 Swartland De Kuilen
Sat 10/05/2014 Tygerberg Strand
Sat 10/05/2014 Tygerberg RFC HTS Bellville
Sat 10/05/2014 Vredenburg New Orleans
Sat 10/05/2014 Wynberg HJS Paarl BH
Sat 10/05/2014 Vredendal Piketberg
Sat 17/05/2014 Boland Landbou HJS Paarl BH
Sat 17/05/2014 Brackenfell Strand
Sat 17/05/2014 Charlie Hofmeyr Augsburg Gym
Sat 17/05/2014 De Kuilen Bishops
Sat 17/05/2014 DF Malan Durbanville
Sat 17/05/2014 Hopefield Vredendal
Sat 17/05/2014 HTS Bellville Parel Vallei
Sat 17/05/2014 Montagu Hermanus
Sat 17/05/2014 Monument Park Jan van Riebeeck
Sat 17/05/2014 Oakdale HTS Drostdy
Sat 17/05/2014 Outeniqua Stellenberg
Sat 17/05/2014 Paarl Gim Tygerberg
Sat 17/05/2014 Paul Roos Wynberg
Sat 17/05/2014 Piketberg Schoonspruit
Sat 17/05/2014 SACS Rondebosch
Sat 17/05/2014 Swartland Bellville
Sat 17/05/2014 Swellendam Porterville
Sat 17/05/2014 Vredenburg Stellenbosch
Sat 17/05/2014 Worcester Gym Hugenote
Sat 24/05/2014 Bellville Strand
Sat 24/05/2014 Brackenfell Durbanville
Sat 24/05/2014 DF Malan Oudtshoorm
Sat 24/05/2014 Dirkie Uys Bredasdorp
Sat 24/05/2014 Framesby Boland Landbou
Sat 24/05/2014 Grey High Wynberg
Sat 24/05/2014 Hugenote HTS Drostdy
Sat 24/05/2014 Monument Park JG Meiring
Sat 24/05/2014 HJS Paarl BH Grey College
Sat 24/05/2014 Paarl Gim Bishops
Sat 24/05/2014 Paul Roos Rondebosch
Sat 24/05/2014 Piketberg Hopefield
Sat 24/05/2014 Porterville Bonnievale
Sat 24/05/2014 President HTS Bellville
Sat 24/05/2014 SACS Stellenberg
Sat 24/05/2014 Stellenbosch Montagu
Sat 24/05/2014 Swartland Charlie Hofmeyr
Sat 24/05/2014 Tygerberg De Kuilen
Sat 24/05/2014 Vredendal Augsburg Gym
Sat 24/05/2014 Weston Sec Vredenburg
Sat 24/05/2014 Worcester Gym Hermanus
Tue 27/05/2014 Langenhoven High Bredasdorp
Tue 27/05/2014 Schoonspruit Porterville
Sat 31/05/2014 Bellville Worcester Gym
Sat 31/05/2014 Bishops Wynberg
Sat 31/05/2014 Brackenfell Monument Park
Sat 31/05/2014 Charlie Hofmeyr Hopefield
Sat 31/05/2014 De Kuilen Langenhoven Gym
Sat 31/05/2014 Hermanus Bredasdorp
Sat 31/05/2014 HTS Bellville DF Malan
Sat 31/05/2014 Jan van Riebeeck Augsburg Gym
Sat 31/05/2014 HJS Paarl BH Rondebosch
Sat 31/05/2014 Paarl Gim Outeniqua
Sat 31/05/2014 Paul Roos SACS
Sat 31/05/2014 Stellenberg Strand
Sat 31/05/2014 Tygerberg Durbanville
Sat 31/05/2014 Vredenburg Swartland
Sat 07/06/2014 Bishops Bellville
Sat 07/06/2014 Brackenfell SACS
Sat 07/06/2014 DF Malan Monument Park
Sat 07/06/2014 Durbanville Rondebosch
Sat 07/06/2014 Hottentots Holland Worcester Gym
Sat 07/06/2014 HTS Drostdy Paarl Gim
Sat 07/06/2014 Hugenote Stellenberg
Sat 07/06/2014 Jan van Riebeeck HTS Bellville
Sat 07/06/2014 HJS Paarl BH Oakdale
Sat 07/06/2014 Strand De Kuilen
Sat 07/06/2014 Tygerberg Paul Roos
Sat 07/06/2014 Wynberg Boland Landbou
Sat 21/06/2014 Bellville Tygerberg
Sat 21/06/2014 Brackenfell Primrose
Sat 21/06/2014 HTS Bellville Milnerton
Sat 21/06/2014 Paarl Gim Boland Landbou
Sat 21/06/2014 HJS Paarl BH HTS Drostdy
Sat 21/06/2014 Rondebosch Bishops
Sat 21/06/2014 Strand Parel Vallei
Sat 21/06/2014 Wynberg SACS
Tue 24/06/2014 New Orleans Swartland
Sat 26/07/2014 Augsburg Gym Piketberg
Sat 26/07/2014 Bellville Monument Park
Sat 26/07/2014 Boland Landbou Stellenberg
Sat 26/07/2014 Brackenfell Hermanus
Sat 26/07/2014 DF Malan De Kuilen
Sat 26/07/2014 Dirkie Uys Porterville
Sat 26/07/2014 Durbanville Worcester Gym
Sat 26/07/2014 Hopefield Labori
Sat 26/07/2014 HTS Bellville Hottentots Holland
Sat 26/07/2014 Oakdale Paul Roos
Sat 26/07/2014 Overberg Montagu
Sat 26/07/2014 HJS Paarl BH Bishops
Sat 26/07/2014 Paarl Gim SACS
Sat 26/07/2014 Rondebosch Tygerberg
Sat 26/07/2014 Schoonspruit Vredenburg
Sat 26/07/2014 Strand Swartland
Sat 26/07/2014 Wynberg HTS Drostdy
Tue 29/07/2014 Bredasdorp Swartberg
Sat 02/08/2014 Bellville Durbanville
Sat 02/08/2014 Bishops Paul Roos
Sat 02/08/2014 Brackenfell HTS Drostdy
Sat 02/08/2014 Bredasdorp Charlie Hofmeyr
Sat 02/08/2014 Dirkie Uys Piketberg
Sat 02/08/2014 Hugenote Strand
Sat 02/08/2014 Jan van Riebeeck De Kuilen
Sat 02/08/2014 Labori Monument Park
Sat 02/08/2014 Langenhoven High Montagu
Sat 02/08/2014 Paarl Gim HJS Paarl BH
Sat 02/08/2014 Porterville Hopefield
Sat 02/08/2014 Primrose RFC HTS Bellville
Sat 02/08/2014 Schoonspruit Augsburg Gym
Sat 02/08/2014 Stellenberg DF Malan
Sat 02/08/2014 Swartland Tygerberg
Sat 02/08/2014 Vredenburg Worcester Gym
Sat 02/08/2014 Wynberg Rondebosch
Wed 06/08/2014 Swellendam Bredasdorp
Sat 09/08/2014 Augsburg Gym Swartland
Sat 09/08/2014 Bishops SACS
Sat 09/08/2014 De Kuilen Bellville
Sat 09/08/2014 DF Malan Milnerton
Sat 09/08/2014 Hopefield Curro (Langebaan)
Sat 09/08/2014 HTS Bellville Monument Park
Sat 09/08/2014 HTS Drostdy Durbanville
Sat 09/08/2014 Jan van Riebeeck Strand
Sat 09/08/2014 Montagu Charlie Hofmeyr
Sat 09/08/2014 Paul Roos HJS Paarl BH
Sat 09/08/2014 Piketberg Labori
Sat 09/08/2014 Porterville Goudini
Sat 09/08/2014 Rondebosch Paarl Gim
Sat 09/08/2014 Stellenberg Brackenfell
Sat 09/08/2014 Tygerberg Wynberg
Sat 09/08/2014 Vredendal Dirkie Uys
Sat 16/08/2014 Augsburg Gym Vredenburg
Sat 16/08/2014 Bellville Tygerberg RFC
Sat 16/08/2014 Brackenfell Hugenote
Sat 16/08/2014 Charlie Hofmeyr Porterville
Sat 16/08/2014 De Kuilen Monument Park
Sat 16/08/2014 DF Malan President
Sat 16/08/2014 Durbanville Parel Vallei
Sat 16/08/2014 Jan van Riebeeck Dirkie Uys
Sat 16/08/2014 Labori HTS Bellville
Sat 16/08/2014 Lutzville Hopefield
Sat 16/08/2014 HJS Paarl BH Tygerberg
Sat 16/08/2014 Paarl Gim Stellenberg
Sat 16/08/2014 Paul Roos Boland Landbou
Sat 16/08/2014 Primrose RFC Strand
Sat 16/08/2014 Rondebosch SACS
Sat 16/08/2014 Worcester Gym Bredasdorp
Sat 16/08/2014 Wynberg Bishops
Sat 23/08/2014 Bellville DF Malan
Sat 23/08/2014 Bishops HTS Drostdy
Sat 23/08/2014 Boland Landbou Oakdale
Sat 23/08/2014 Brackenfell Tygerberg
Sat 23/08/2014 Charlie Hofmeyr Worcester Gym
Sat 23/08/2014 Grey College Paul Roos
Sat 23/08/2014 Hottentots Holland Primrose RFC
Sat 23/08/2014 HTS Bellville JG Meiring
Sat 23/08/2014 Hugenote Swartland
Sat 23/08/2014 Montagu Bredasdorp
Sat 23/08/2014 Monument Park Vredenburg
Sat 23/08/2014 Piketberg Porterville
Sat 23/08/2014 Rondebosch De Kuilen
Sat 23/08/2014 SACS HJS Paarl BH
Sat 23/08/2014 Stellenberg Durbanville
Sat 23/08/2014 Strand Hottentots Holland
Sat 23/08/2014 Wynberg Paarl Gim
Sat 30/08/2014 Bishops Rondebosch
Sat 30/08/2014 SACS Wynberg
Sat 30/08/2014 Worcester Gym De Kuilen


  1. Nice to see that there is development going on and that they are now introducing rugby to the Western Cape

  2. On matters related to rugby, it is interesting to note the following:
    -No Boland/Drostdy game in 2014, but maybe they can play at Pukke
    -A new fixture between Boland/Framesby
    -A new annual inter-schools between Stellenberg/Outeniqua
    -A very weak fixture list for Bellville. Their game against Tygerberg RFC is on a bye weekend for Drosty, play the TRFC game pre-season and contact Drostdy, now
    -Tygerberg has a very ambitious fixture list, with games against PRG, Boishaai, Gym, Bosch and Wynberg, in a season where Stellenberg and Bellville will be tough opposition……


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