KES Easter Rugby Festival 2024 looking too good

A super blend of schools from around the country coupled with an exciting fixture list looks set to elevate the annual KES Easter Rugby Festival to number one place amongst the highly successful Jozi Easter Festivals this time around.

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    #5 Smallies

    @Roger (Comment #4)
    Gonna be fun n games for KES this year

    6 February, 2024 at 15:44
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    #4 Roger

    Jirre – add Grey Bloem at the North-South festival and Affies, Monnas, College, PBHS, Jeppe etc in regular season and the 2024 team certainly won’t die wondering!

    I also feel the 2 day format is waaaaay better!

    6 February, 2024 at 14:32
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    #3 Palma

    Great lineup. Very nice mix of traditional top schools and underdog schools that punch above their weight.

    6 February, 2024 at 09:57
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    #2 Skywalker

    Some good match ups I feel, well done to everyone. More fair in my opinion. Well done to KES for taking on PaarlBH and Bishops – in the past I feel they have not always taken on the strogest teams, but those games should be great!

    6 February, 2024 at 09:00
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    #1 RuggaFreak

    Best Easter Festival in my opinion. EC old boys will be there in their numbers!

    6 February, 2024 at 08:58

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