Double dose of Valke for the Kearsney Easter Rugby Fest 2019

The always vocal Oos-Randers were missed at Kearsney in 2018 but come Easter 2019 they are set to return as the festival welcome’s back Boksburg’s regulars EG Jansen, who will be making a return after a one year absence, KERF will host EG’s fellow Valke school Transvalia of Vanderbijlpark for the very first time in 2019.

So listen out for their cheerful supporters shouting out things like:

“Dit is my Laaitie!”
“Pappa se Bul!”
“Lekker Tapatt!”
“Hoes Hoes Valia is Woes!”
“Die EG Bom, hy kom, hy kom!”
“Mamma se worshond!”
“Gee hom Gas!”

and many more.

The Kearsney Easter Rugby Festival encapsulates festive schoolboy rugby as it brings together a blend of schools from nine different unions of South Africa.

Expected fixtures:

SCHOOL REGION Thu, 18 Apr Sat, 20 Apr Mon, 22 Apr
1 Kearsney KZN Pretoria BH Framesby Welkom Gim
2 DHS KZN Tranvalia EG Jansen Drostdy
3 Drostdy Boland HTS Middelburg Welkom Gim DHS
4 EG Jansen Valke Glenwood DHS Noord-Kaap
5 Framesby EP Welkom Gim Kearsney Selborne
6 Glenwood KZN EG Jansen Selborne Tranvalia
7 HTS Middelburg Pumas Drostdy Noord-Kaap Pretoria BH
8 Noord-Kaap Griquas Selborne HTS Middelburg EG Jansen
9 Pretoria BH Bulls Kearsney Tranvalia HTS Middelburg
10 Selborne Border Noord-Kaap Glenwood Framesby
11 Tranvalia Valke DHS Pretoria BH Glenwood
12 Welkom Gim Griffons Framesby Drostdy Kearsney


  1. Can’t help but wonder if the Selborne vs Glenwood fixture will take place. I hope it does though as it will be good for SBR

  2. @Knight_CHS07: Hopefully all is forgiven and people have moved on. On reputation alone, this could be THE GAME OF THE FESTIVAL! 2018 Number 3 vs Number 5…mouthwatering stuff


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