Graeme Rugby Day 2019 provisional fixtures

SACS from Cape Town are the surprising and refreshing guests at the well organised hit festival for 2019.


08h00Sat.16MarNathaniel Nyaluza PJ Olivier
09h10Sat.16MarPort AlfredMuir
11h30Sat.16MarGrey HSHudson Park
15h00Sat.16MarSt Andrew’sSACS


  1. It would great for every year to have a outside-EC feature team. I remember a few years back it was Grey Bloem, just a pity they couldn’t put more past SAC :mrgreen:

  2. @Wyvern: I remember that – in 2011.

    The year before, SAC had an excellent team (ranked about 4 in the country), but the 2011 team was weak by SAC’s standards, so getting GCB first up was tough. My 13 year-old son was at SAC about a week later for the SAC experience and their 1st team had just been hammered by Maritzburg College by even more than GCB.

    Didn’t Kingswood get their first win in some 20 years over SAC that year too?

  3. I hope this list is incomplete because the Cambridge fixture is missing 8-O .

    @Wyvern: Jeez! that’s a long time. I remember Cambridge beating SAC back in 2006 in the rain. It was an epic encounter, beating a “College/Boys School” was a huge achievement for a Co-ed then, I believe it still is.

  4. @Wyvern: We beat then beat SAC again in 2012. Both the 2006 and 2012 victories were at Cambridge. 2015 we came close to causing an upset at the Lower Field, we lost 24-21

  5. @Knight_CHS07: Lots of close games prior to 2011, plenty of bad luck, but yes, 18 long years. 3 wins since (including 2011) has kept my soul at peace :mrgreen:

  6. @Wyvern: It certainly adds flavour to the day. I think Westville and Bishops are other out-of-towners who have attended in recent years if I’m not mistaken.

    @Wyvern: I see Dale cracked an invitation to KC’s 125th rugby festival. I hope this means the 2 schools have kissed and made up. Do you know if they’ll be a fixture next year?

  7. @Playa: No there’s still no fixture for the schools, but i think the intention is for KC to play Dale at the festival. Baby steps :lol:


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