Western Cape School Rugby Fixtures 2020

WP top schools put their differences behind them
Paarl Boys’ High sport recruits created a headline story in 2019. The end result was that Cape Town Souther suburbs giants, SACS and Wynberg opted out of playing interschools rugby fixtures against them. Fortunately it proved not to be a longer term arrangement, meaning that all three WP Premier League schools will be at it again in 2020.

Here is a first draft of the Western Cape fixtures for 2020.

1 Sat.21Mar St Andrew’s Grey PE Fest
2 Mon.23Mar Dale Grey PE Fest
3 Thu.09Apr Grey HS St Stithians R/F
4 Sat.11Apr Michaelhouse St Stithians R/F
5 Mon.13Apr Jim Fouche St Stithians R/F
6 Sat.18Apr SACS Home
7 Sat.09May Brackenfell Away
8 Sat.16May Paul Roos Home
9 Sat.23May Wynberg Home
10 Sat.30May Rondebosch Away
11 Sat.11Jul Bellville Home
12 Sat.18Jul Boland Landbou Home
13 Sat.25Jul SACS Away
14 Sat.01Aug Durbanville Home
15 Sat.08Aug Wynberg Away
16 Sat.15Aug Rondebosch Home
1 Sat.04Apr Tygerberg Home
2 Sat.18Apr Brackenfell Home
3 Sat.25Apr Milnerton Away
4 Sat.09May Hamlets RFC Away
5 Sat.16May Worcester Gim Home
6 Sat.23May Durbanville Home
7 Sat.30May Stellenberg Away
8 Sat.11Jul Bishops Away
9 Sat.18Jul Parel Vallei Away
10 Sat.25Jul WP TIP Home
11 Sat.01Aug WP HUB Home
12 Sat.15Aug DF Malan Home
1 Sat.14Mar HTS Middelburg Afgri Prestige RSD @ Loftus
2 Sat.21Mar Monument Barloworld Toyota Menlyn N/S
3 Tue.24Mar Helpmekaar Barloworld Toyota Menlyn N/S
4 Sat.04Apr SACS Home
5 Thu.09Apr Grey College St John’s ERF
6 Sat.11Apr Parktown St John’s ERF
7 Sat.18Apr Rondebosch Home
8 Sat.25Apr Diamantveld Wildeklawer
9 Mon.27Apr Menlopark Wildeklawer
10 Sat.09May Outeniqua Away
11 Sat.16May HJS Paarl BH Home
12 Sat.23May Stellenberg Home
13 Sat.30May Paarl Gim Away
14 Sat.11Jul Wynberg Away
15 Sat.18Jul Bishops Away
16 Sat.01Aug Paul Roos Away
17 Sat.15Aug Oakdale Home
1 Sat.04Apr Durbanville Home
2 Sat.18Apr Bellville Away
3 Sat.09May Bishops Home
4 Sat.16May Stellenberg Home
5 Sat.23May Parel Vallei Away
6 Sat.30May Milnerton Away
7 Sat.11Jul Hermanus Away
8 Sat.18Jul DF Malan Home
9 Sat.01Aug Hugenote Home
10 Sat.15Aug Tygerberg Home
1 Wed.29Apr Swartland Away
2 Sat.18Jul Vredenburg Home
1 Sat.14Mar Charlie Hofmeyr Away
2 Sat.04Apr Parel Vallei Away
3 Sat.18Apr WP TIP Home
4 Sat.25Apr Strand Home
5 Sat.09May Tygerberg Home
6 Sat.16May Fairmont Away
7 Sat.23May Swartland Home
8 Sat.06Jun Hugenote Away
9 Sat.11Jul Drostdy Away
10 Sat.18Jul Brackenfell Away
11 Sat.25Jul Hermanus Home
12 Sat.01Aug Hottentots Holland Home
13 Sat.15Aug Bellville Away
1 Sat.14Mar Wynberg Home
2 Fri.20Mar Ben Vorster North-South @ Drostdy
3 Mon.23Mar Secunda North-South @ Drostdy
4 Wed.25Mar Lichtenburg North-South @ Drostdy
5 Sat.04Apr Oakdale Home
6 Thu.09Apr Selborne Kearsney ERF
7 Thu.09Apr Selborne Home
8 Sat.11Apr Westville Kearsney ERF
9 Mon.13Apr EG Jansen Kearsney ERF
10 Sat.25Apr Glenwood Wildeklawer
11 Mon.27Apr Menlopark Wildeklawer
12 Sat.09May Framesby Away
13 Sat.16May Melkbosstrand Away
14 Sat.30May HJS Paarl BH Away
15 Sat.11Jul DF Malan Home
16 Sat.25Jul Paarl Gim Away
17 Sat.01Aug Diamantveld Home
18 Sat.08Aug Duineveld Away
19 Sat.15Aug Outeniqua Home
1 Sat.21Mar Waterkloof Barloworld Toyota Menlyn N/S
2 Tue.24Mar Noordheuwel Barloworld Toyota Menlyn N/S
3 Sat.04Apr Brackenfell Away
4 Sat.18Apr Oakdale Away
5 Sat.25Apr Hugenote Away
6 Sat.02May SACS Away
7 Sat.09May WP TIP Home
8 Sat.16May Parel Vallei Away
9 Sat.23May Bellville Away
10 Sat.30May Tygerberg Home
11 Sat.11Jul Rondebosch Away
12 Sat.18Jul Milnerton Home
13 Sat.25Jul Outeniqua Home
14 Sat.01Aug Bishops Away
15 Sat.15Aug Stellenberg Away
1 Sat.14Mar Punt Away
2 Sat.18Apr Swartland Away
3 Wed.29Apr Bredasdorp Home
4 Sat.09May Curro Durbanville Away
5 Sat.16May Hugenote Home
6 Sat.23May Overberg Home
7 Sat.11Jul Brackenfell Home
8 Sat.18Jul Charlie Hofmeyr Home
9 Sat.25Jul DF Malan Away
10 Sat.01Aug Strand Away
11 Sat.08Aug Worcester Gim Away
1 Sat.14Mar Monument Porterville
2 Sat.04Apr Outeniqua Away
3 Thu.09Apr Lions XV St John’s ERF
4 Sat.11Apr Pretoria BH St John’s ERF
5 Mon.13Apr Helpmekaar St John’s ERF
6 Sat.18Apr Wynberg Home
7 Fri.24Apr Affies Wildeklawer
8 Mon.27Apr Garsfontein Wildeklawer
9 Sat.09May Grey College Home
10 Sat.16May Boland Landbou Away
11 Sat.23May Paul Roos Away
12 Sat.30May Drostdy Home
13 Sat.11Jul Oakdale Home
14 Sat.18Jul SACS Away
15 Sat.25Jul Stellenberg Away
16 Sat.01Aug Paarl Gim Home
1 Sat.14Mar Tygerberg Away
2 Wed.08Apr Bergrivier Home
3 Sat.25Apr Durbanville Home
4 Wed.29Apr Hopefield Away
5 Wed.29Apr Klein Nederburg Home
6 Wed.06May New Orleans Home
7 Sat.09May Worcester Gim Away
8 Sat.16May Hermanus Away
9 Sat.23May Outeniqua Home
10 Sat.06Jun DF Malan Home
11 Sat.11Jul Charlie Hofmeyr Away
12 Sat.18Jul Strand Away
13 Sat.25Jul Robertson Home
14 Sat.01Aug Brackenfell Away
15 Sat.15Aug Swartland Home
1 Sat.04Apr Drostdy Away
2 Sat.18Apr Durbanville Home
3 Sat.25Apr Waterkloof Wildeklawer
4 Mon.27Apr Diamantveld Wildeklawer
5 Sat.09May Stellenberg Away
6 Sat.16May Outeniqua Home
7 Sat.23May Paarl Gim Home
8 Sat.11Jul HJS Paarl BH Away
9 Sat.18Jul Marlow Home
10 Sat.25Jul Framesby Away
11 Sat.01Aug Grey College Away
12 Sat.15Aug Boland Landbou Away
1 Sat.14Mar Waterkloof Afgri Prestige RSD @ Loftus
2 Sat.21Mar Helpmekaar Barloworld Toyota Menlyn N/S
3 Tue.24Mar Garsfontein Barloworld Toyota Menlyn N/S
4 Sat.04Apr HJS Paarl BH Home
5 Sat.18Apr Langenhoven Gim Away
6 Sat.25Apr Monument Wildeklawer
7 Mon.27Apr Affies Wildeklawer
8 Sat.09May Boland Landbou Home
9 Sat.16May Oakdale Away
10 Sat.23May Hugenote Away
11 Sat.11Jul Stellenberg Home
12 Sat.18Jul Paarl Gim Away
13 Sat.25Jul Durbanville Away
14 Sat.01Aug Framesby Home
15 Sat.15Aug Drostdy Away
1 Sat.14Mar Pretoria BH Afgri Prestige RSD @ Loftus
2 Sat.21Mar Garsfontein Barloworld Toyota Menlyn N/S
3 Tue.24Mar Monument Barloworld Toyota Menlyn N/S
4 Sat.04Apr Wynberg Away
5 Sat.18Apr Affies Away
6 Sat.25Apr Menlopark Wildeklawer
7 Mon.27Apr Grey College Wildeklawer
8 Sat.09May Rondebosch Away
9 Sat.16May SACS Home
10 Sat.23May Oakdale Away
11 Sat.30May Boland Landbou Home
12 Sat.11Jul Paul Roos Home
13 Sat.18Jul Outeniqua Home
14 Sat.25Jul Drostdy Home
15 Sat.01Aug HJS Paarl BH Away
1 Sat.04Apr DF Malan Home
2 Sat.18Apr Stellenberg Home
3 Sat.09May Charlie Hofmeyr Home
4 Sat.16May Durbanville Home
5 Sat.23May Brackenfell Home
6 Sat.11Jul Worcester Gim Home
7 Sat.18Jul Bellville Home
8 Sat.01Aug Pearson Home
1 Sat.04Apr Rondebosch Home
2 Sat.18Apr Grey HS Home
3 Sat.25Apr Helpmekaar Wildeklawer
4 Mon.27Apr Glenwood Wildeklawer
5 Sat.09May SACS Away
6 Sat.16May Bishops Away
7 Sat.23May HJS Paarl BH Home
8 Sat.11Jul Paarl Gim Away
9 Sat.18Jul Wynberg Home
10 Sat.01Aug Boland Landbou Home
11 Sat.08Aug Grey College Away
1 Wed.18Mar Hilton Away
2 Sat.21Mar Michaelhouse @ Kings Park
3 Sat.04Apr Paul Roos Away
4 Sat.18Apr Boland Landbou Away
5 Sat.09May Paarl Gim Home
6 Sat.16May Wynberg Home
7 Sat.23May SACS Away
8 Sat.30May Bishops Home
9 Sat.11Jul Durbanville Home
10 Sat.18Jul Stellenberg Home
11 Sat.25Jul Wynberg Away
12 Sat.01Aug SACS Home
13 Sat.15Aug Bishops Away
1 Sat.21Mar Grey HS Grey PE Fest
2 Sat.04Apr Boland Landbou Away
3 Thu.09Apr St Andrew’s St Stithians R/F
4 Sat.11Apr St Stithians St Stithians R/F
5 Mon.13Apr Kingswood St Stithians R/F
6 Sat.18Apr Bishops Away
7 Mon.27Apr Graeme Wynberg Rugby Fest
8 Sat.02May Durbanville Home
9 Sat.09May Paul Roos Home
10 Sat.16May Paarl Gim Away
11 Sat.23May Rondebosch Home
12 Sat.30May Wynberg Away
13 Sat.11Jul Tygerberg Away
14 Sat.18Jul HJS Paarl BH Home
15 Sat.25Jul Bishops Home
16 Sat.01Aug Rondebosch Away
17 Sat.15Aug Wynberg Home
1 Sat.14Mar Frikkie Meyer Afgri Prestige RSD @ Loftus
2 Sat.21Mar EG Jansen Barloworld Toyota Menlyn N/S
3 Tue.24Mar Menlopark Barloworld Toyota Menlyn N/S
4 Sat.04Apr Milnerton Away
5 Sat.18Apr Parel Vallei Away
6 Sat.25Apr Noord-Kaap Wildeklawer
7 Mon.27Apr Waterkloof Wildeklawer
8 Sat.09May Oakdale Home
9 Sat.16May Brackenfell Away
10 Sat.23May Boland Landbou Away
11 Sat.30May Bellville Home
12 Sat.11Jul Outeniqua Away
13 Sat.18Jul Rondebosch Away
14 Sat.25Jul HJS Paarl BH Home
15 Sat.01Aug Tygerberg Away
16 Sat.15Aug Durbanville Home
1 Sat.04Apr Fairmont Home
2 Sat.18Apr Primrose RFC Away
3 Sat.25Apr DF Malan Away
4 Sat.16May Tygerberg Home
5 Sat.11Jul Swartland Home
6 Sat.18Jul Hugenote Home
7 Sat.25Jul Melkbosstrand Away
8 Sat.01Aug Hermanus Home
9 Sat.15Aug Stellenbosch Away
1 Sat.04Apr Worcester Gim Away
2 Sat.18Apr Hermanus Home
3 Tue.21Apr Schoonspruit Home
4 Sat.25Apr Charlie Hofmeyr Away
5 Wed.29Apr De Kuilen Home
6 Sat.09May Robertson Home
7 Sat.16May Vredenburg Away
8 Sat.23May DF Malan Away
9 Sat.11Jul Strand Away
10 Sat.18Jul Bredasdorp Away
11 Sat.25Jul Hopefield Away
12 Sat.01Aug Langenhoven Gim Away
13 Sat.15Aug Hugenote Away
1 Sat.14Mar Hugenote Home
2 Sat.21Mar Middelburg North-South @ Drostdy
3 Mon.23Mar Lichtenburg North-South @ Drostdy
4 Wed.25Mar Secunda North-South @ Drostdy
5 Sat.04Apr Bellville Away
6 Sat.18Apr WP TIP Home
7 Sat.25Apr Melkbosstrand Home
8 Sat.09May DF Malan Away
9 Sat.16May Strand Away
10 Sat.23May WP HUB Home
11 Sat.30May Durbanville Away
12 Sat.11Jul SACS Home
13 Sat.18Jul Hamlets RFC Away
14 Sat.25Jul Primrose RFC Home
15 Sat.01Aug Stellenberg Home
16 Sat.15Aug Brackenfell Away
1 Sat.21Mar Marais Viljoen North-South @ Drostdy
2 Mon.23Mar Middelburg North-South @ Drostdy
3 Wed.25Mar Ben Vorster North-South @ Drostdy
4 Sat.04Apr Swartland Home
5 Sat.18Apr Punt Away
6 Sat.25Apr Robertson Away
7 Sat.09May Hugenote Home
8 Sat.16May Bellville Away
9 Sat.11Jul Parel Vallei Away
10 Sat.18Jul Fairmont Home
11 Sat.25Jul Charlie Hofmeyr Home
12 Sat.08Aug Hermanus Home
1 Sat.14Mar Drostdy Away
2 Sat.04Apr Paarl Gim Home
3 Sat.18Apr HJS Paarl BH Away
4 Sat.09May Grey HS Away
5 Sat.16May Rondebosch Away
6 Sat.23May Bishops Away
7 Sat.30May SACS Home
8 Sat.11Jul Boland Landbou Home
9 Sat.18Jul Paul Roos Away
10 Sat.25Jul Rondebosch Home
11 Sat.08Aug Bishops Home
12 Sat.15Aug SACS Away


  1. WOW. Ek is so opgewonde vir die nuwe rugby seisoen.
    Eks bly SACS en Wynberg het yot hulle sinne gekom.
    Die 2 skole om dop te hou die jaar is Outeniqua en Oakdale.

    Ek dink Outeniqua gaan die jaar top 5 eindig. Hulle 0/18 groep is uitstekend met spoed wat enige span uitmekaar kan ruk. Dis jammer hulle kry nie n geleentheid iewers teen Grey nie.

    Oakdale het weer n ongelooflike o/17 groep met hope talent en spoed. Die o/18 groep is dalk nie so sterk nie, maar die kombinasie van die 2 is watertand lekker. Hulle gaan paar spanne skrik maak. Ek voorspel n top 10 ranking vir hulle.

    Die wedstryd tussen Oakdale en Outeniqua sal ek vir niks wil misloop nie.

  2. @Gatskop: Gim se onoorwonne 0/16 span van 2018 nou in matriek so hulle behoort sekerlik aanspraak te maak op nr 1 plek , Grey Bloem natuurlik sterk soos altyd , Affies sal goed doen met die nuwe fokus , Monnas altyd sterk, Paul Roos het groot veranderinge gemaak en het Jacques Hanekom terug . Boishaai self behoort goeie span te hê maar met min ervaring . Drosdy het vir Jake White daar so behoort ook paar spanne skrik te maak , Garsfontein kan ook weer groot koppe laat rol en so ook Boland Landbou. Geen twyfel dat Oakdale en Kwaggas gaan goed doen nie maar net soveel plekke in top 5 so ek glo alles gaan oop wees en dat dit onmoontlik is om nou top 5 te bepaal . Ek sal kop uitsteek en voorspel Grey 1 ste , Paarl Gim 2 de maar daarna baie oop.

  3. @Trots HJS (Tandem): Jy is reg. Gim en Grey gaan hard baklei vir daai no 1 posisie. Ek dink Bois is n dark horse vanjaar. Dit kan of uitstekend gaan of ons wiele gaan erg afkom. Met die nuwe afrigter in sy tweede jaar is daar meer stabiliteit en die Ierland toer gaan die seuns mooi laat gel dink ek.
    Onthou netbdaai o/18 groep van Outeniqua was 1ste o/14, tweede o/15 en 3de o/16 in sa. Hou hulle maar dop.


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