Grey High Rugby Festival 2023


Day 1 : Thu 27-Apr-2023
09h10 Ithembelihle 05 15 Pretoria BH
09h10 Muir 07 21 Parktown
10h25 Selborne 32 00 Brandwag (Uitenhage)
11h45 Westville 28 05 Voortrekker (Beth)
11h45 Nico Malan 17 17 St John’s
12h55 Graeme 00 12 KES
14h05 Queen’s 05 51 Jeppe
14h05 Hudson Park 29 21 St Stithians
Grey HS 27 17 SACS
Day 2 : Sat 29-Apr-2023
09h10 Hudson Park 12 22 St John’s
09h10 Muir 38 15 St Stithians
10h25 Selborne 34 34 Jeppe
11h45 Graeme 32 12 Voortrekker (Beth)
11h45 Brandwag (Uitenhage) 13 19 Parktown
12h55 Dale 05 22 Nico Malan
12h55 Pretoria BH 24 13 SACS
14h05 Queen’s 21 19 KES
14h05 Grey Unicorns 45 12 Despatch
15h15 Ithembelihle 00 14 Westering
15h25 Grey HS 17 15 Westville

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    #14 OomPB

    PRG wen die Hibbert Shield hokkie toernooi by Grey High. Klop SACS 3-2 in die finaal

    30 April, 2023 at 20:00
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    #13 Palma

    Great game between Jeppe and Selborne. Selborne threw that game away big time. But looking at what Jeppe did to Queens I’ll take that result.

    29 April, 2023 at 11:37
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    #12 star

    @Tang: Don’t Westville play Grey High? I have been reasonably impressed with their performances to date.The fullback and inside center are dynamite.

    25 April, 2023 at 09:58
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    #11 beet

    Regarding Pretoria Boys’ High vs Ithembelihle, word is Boys’ High asked for a padded fixture to start with.

    24 April, 2023 at 23:54
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    #10 beet

    @Kaya 85: No doubt about it Queen’s vs Jeppe, now a highlight game for me.

    Queen’s really have it tough. First Jeppe and then KES, in a year when both are playing good rugby.

    24 April, 2023 at 23:51
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    #9 Kaya 85

    Predictions & Predilections

    Ithembelihle 5 – 45 Pretoria (structural bias)
    Muir 18 – 16 Parktown (Parktown continue their re-awakening, but Muir reminds SA who the grand-daddy of high school education is)
    Selborne 22 – 15 Brandwag (…slog and grind)
    Nico Malan 24 – 17 St John’s (…slog and grind II)
    Westville 30 – 26 Bethlehem Voortrekker (attractive rugby, WV surge)
    Graeme 23 – 39 KES (slick hands, sharp finishing)
    Queens 25 – 22 Jeppe (another last minute loss for Jeppe)
    Hudson Park 18 – 14 St Stithians (more Saints performance anxiety)
    Grey PE 29 – 21 SA College School (lack of desire loses the game)

    23 April, 2023 at 20:46
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    #8 Gimnasias

    Kan iemand my sê hoekom die KZN skole nie op dieselfde standaard is as die Suide, Noorde of Grey nie. Wonder altyd.

    23 April, 2023 at 17:34
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    #7 beet

    @Palma: I tend to agree with you.

    I imagine Ithem is probably the weakest school at the festival and this seems like it will be an above average season in terms of strength for Boys High.

    28 March, 2023 at 19:58
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    #6 Palma

    @Mate: I did not mean to disrespect Ithembelihle. It is awesome for them to be at the festival and they shown in the past that they can compete with some of the PE/EL coed schools and 2nd teams of the traditional boys schools.

    With that being said if pta Boys play their full strength 1st xv they will win by a cricket score.

    28 March, 2023 at 15:27
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    #5 OUD ANKER

    @Tang: If I’m not wrong PBHS is the school with the most fixtures this year and is the 2023 schedule a fixture list from hell. I hope Paul Anthony and Erlo Rust can keep the boys fit and fresh, because my main concern for PBHS remains depth. You don’t want the team to be so depleted by the time they meet Affies that they get hammered by a cricket score. As it is PBHS will need their best to be on the pitch when rhey meet the likes of Affies, KES, Jeppe etc.

    28 March, 2023 at 15:07
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    #4 Mate

    Hope you are not going to swallow your words mate

    28 March, 2023 at 13:55
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    #3 Palma

    Pretoria Boys vs Ithembelihle? Surely they could have found a better game for Pretoria Boys?

    28 March, 2023 at 13:27
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    #2 Palma

    @Tang: The previous time Selborne and Jeppe played in 2019, Jeppe played in black. I think it might be a coin toss that is decided in advance.

    1 February, 2023 at 15:18
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    #1 Tang

    Two tough fixtures for Boys High. Nice to see PBHS vs Westville since the annual fixture was cancelled some time back.
    Jeppe also have two tough fixtures. When Jeppe play Selborne, who will change kit? If they play in their original kits, it would be the refs worst nightmare.

    1 February, 2023 at 12:05

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