St Stithians Easter Rugby Festival 2017 – part of Saints Sports Festival

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The rugby and hockey games are being SCREENED LIVE at with the rugby fixtures also appearing on the St Stithians College Facebook page:

1 Thu.13Apr St Andrew’s 39 10 St David’s
2 Thu.13Apr St Benedict’s 06 38 Maritzburg College
3 Thu.13Apr St Alban’s 24 22 DHS
4 Thu.13Apr Graeme 17 19 St Stithians
5 Thu.13Apr SACS 28 00 Michaelhouse
6 Thu.13Apr Grey HS 27 08 Westville
1 Sat.15Apr St Alban’s 11 17 Westville
2 Sat.15Apr Graeme 24 03 St David’s
3 Sat.15Apr SACS 20 16 DHS
4 Sat.15Apr St Andrew’s 43 17 St Benedict’s
5 Sat.15Apr Grey HS 27 19 Maritzburg College
6 Sat.15Apr St Stithians 12 18 Michaelhouse
1 Mon.17Apr Graeme 38 00 HTS Pretoria
2 Mon.17Apr Westville 57 17 St Benedict’s
3 Mon.17Apr Michaelhouse 61 07 St David’s
4 Mon.17Apr St Stithians 29 36 Maritzburg College
5 Mon.17Apr SACS 24 15 St Andrew’s
6 Mon.17Apr Grey HS 50 17 DHS



  1. @sewes: Hoe klink n Waterkloof vs Eldoraigne wedstryd vir jou op die 1ste dag,,,,,,sal nice wees maar ek dink nie hulle sal skole teen mekaar speel uit die dieselfde unie nie

  2. @sewes: Hi Sewes. The KES organiser is always very helpful. I asked for the fixtures earlier this week and was told by they are not finalised yet and that they would send it to me once made official.

  3. @beet: Thanks beet – this is really just for interest to see how things change over time.

    Thanks for the fixture update.

  4. @beet: it was a great one if not the best ever with Gisborne, Affies, Tonbridge etc. Rico Gear, John Smit etc…

  5. @Rugger fan: Sorry I didn’t notice your question there. I’ll ask the organisers if they have that history.

    KERF was easy because I’ve been to all 9 of them.

  6. @Rugger fan: I know KES played College in ’85 and ’92 at the festival and lost on both occasions. College got lucky – caught KES on two very mediocre years :twisted: :twisted:

  7. Beet – any chance of havign a table version of the attendees like you did for KERF?

    I know College have played on and off at the Saints festival since it’s inception in 84 or 85 – would be good to get an overview of the history

  8. I’d love to see, in no particular order:

    Saints vs Westville
    Maritzburg vs SACS
    House vs St Andrews
    DHS vs Graeme

    Grey vs Maritzburg (this was an annual fixture at the Grey Festival a while back)
    St Andrews vs Maritzburg
    Westville vs SACS

    Based on the write up in another thread, would like to see Bennies up against: SACS/Maritzburg or Westville/St Andrews or Grey


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