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Framesby set up a date with Menlopark

18 Jan, 2020 beet 0

Amongst the more interesting new additions to the Eastern Cape Fixture list for 2020, is Port Elizabeth day school Framesby taking on reigning Virsekerbeker Cup champions Menlopark from Pretoria.

Please note that amongst the most major items missing from the listings below is the school holiday highlight festival of the region, the Grey PE Festival.…

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Graeme Rugby Day 2019

10 Mar, 2019 beet 10
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Border Schools Rugby Day 2019

1 Feb, 2019 beet 1
09h00 Sat.09Mar Gonubie De Vos Malan
10h10 Sat.09Mar Chief Boklein Lillyfontein
11h20 Sat.09Mar Port Rex Phillip Mtywaku
12h40 Sat.09Mar Grens Zanempucuko
13h50 Sat.09Mar Queen’s Cambridge
15h00 Sat.09Mar Dale Stirling
16h10 Sat.09Mar Selborne Hudson Park
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Grey PE fixtures for 2019

11 Nov, 2018 beet 0
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Southern Coastal Tournament 15 & 16 June 2018

12 Jun, 2018 beet 2

Boland, Eastern Province, South Western Districts and Western Province Youth Week teams in action…

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EP’s Meyer Sauerman R200 drama

4 Jun, 2018 beet 5

A story that broke in the Eastern Province news last week related to the Meyer Sauerman Tournament and  controversial R200 per player participation fees.…

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Border Rugby Day 2018

3 Mar, 2018 beet 0
A1 Sat.17Mar Phillip Mtywaku Alphandale
A2 Sat.17Mar De Vos Malan Lilyfontein
A3 Sat.17Mar Port Rex Chief Boklein
A4 Sat.17Mar Cambridge Umtata
A5 Sat.17Mar Dale Hudson Park
A6 Sat.17Mar Queen’s Grens
A7 Sat.17Mar Selborne Stirling
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2018 Dale vs Queen’s derbies back on track

11 Feb, 2018 Beet 6

Good news is that on Thursday 08 February 2018, Queen’s College finally put their grievances with their great rivals Dale College to bed and now the one of the oldest interschool challenges is back on the fixture list.…