Graeme Rugby Day 2018

Saturday 24 March 2018 at Graeme College in Grahamstown

1 Pearson Muir
2 Union Cambridge
3 Brandwag Queen’s
4 Nico Malan Dale
5 Selborne Marlow
6 St Andrew’s Hudson Park
7 Kingswood Framesby
8 Graeme Grey HS


  1. It’s a pity Stirling can’t be part of the programme in 2018. I have a feeling they will be looking to build on their 2017 season success next year.

  2. @beet: Oh yeah…if their performance this year is anything to go by…they could top the Border next year.

    Watch out for Graeme as well. They had an unbeaten 2nd XV this year, and it was littered with Grade 11s. That clash against Grey may be a gigantic battle

  3. I really enjoyed the 2017 version this year.

    Was Stirling invited?

    NM might also be a sterner challenge than this year.

  4. @Playa: In 1981 Stirling Primary had a brilliant sportsman Morgan Morris at /13 level and they has a great side that year.

    Glad to see the secondary school is progressing.

    I think QC86 might have written that letter.

  5. @Rainier: @Playa: I think Stirling will give the Border big guns a good run for there money next year, but Hudson will also have a good team.

    Eeish QC will battle next year I think don’t see much in there team Dale might be in a similar position.

  6. @Queenian: Dale will have a young team. Some good under 16s coming through – they’ll lack experience though so looking at a rebuilding year. Selborne, Hudson and Stirling will be the ones to watch – QC and Dale can spend 2018 kissing and making up :mrgreen:

  7. @Rainier: That’s a bit harsh. They had a bad run in the 90s after their golden era of the 80s – only memorable side then was the 1997 side, possibly one of the best sides they’ve had since 1984. Then they had good run from 2004-2007 which included the Lionel Cronje/Lisle Clarke era.

  8. @Smallies: Stirling have the whole side still there so next year will be the best year they have had most likely in there history. The Queens team they lost 1 to St Andrews 1 to Kingswood and 1 landed up at Grey Bloem and only played rugby up until Under15 then took up Hockey so sadly they were the 3 main players so QC will have a very average team.


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