Afgri Prestige Rugby Schools Day 2020 – Saturday 14 March 2020

Live-streamed full matches of 70-minutes on a Saturday will character the vamped up Afgri Prestige Rugby Schools Day for 2020. This event is now the real-deal and is bound to attract a lot of interest from near and far.

Affies vs Diamantveld at Affies at 12h00

At Loftus Stadium

Midstream u13 vs Sentraal Kroonstad u13 at 07h00

08h00 Sat.14Mar St Alban’s AHS Kroostad
09h20 Sat.14Mar Ellisras Sentraal
10h40 Sat.14Mar EG Jansen Invitation XV
12h00 Sat.14Mar Garsfontein Kempton Park
13h20 Sat.14Mar Nelspruit Eldoraigne
14h40 Sat.14Mar Frikkie Meyer Stellenberg
16h00 Sat.14Mar Montana Die Anker
17h20 Sat.14Mar Waterkloof Outeniqua
18h40 Sat.14Mar Boland Landbou HTS Middelburg
20h00 Sat.14Mar Pretoria BH Paarl Gim


  1. Go Kwaggas. Het die kwagga manne sien oefen die laaste 2 weke. Hulle lyk gevaarlik en gereed. Eks bly eks nie Waterkloof nie.

    Wens ek kon die sport dag bywoon. Dit lyk werklik na n goeie lineup. Sentraal het my verlede jaar geweldig beindruk. Ek hoop hulle bereid die jaar dieselfde hoogtes sonder daai briljante Kachelhoffer agste man van hulle.

  2. Geen Menlo en Monnas die jaar.

    @Gatskop: Stem … Lekker wedstryde om die spanne se vroeg seisoen vorm te sien.
    Kloof vs Outeniqua en Boland Landbou vs HTS M gaan veral interessant wees. Ek verwag baie van HTS M die jaar met hulle goeie 0/16’s wat deurkom.

  3. @Tang: And playing Paarl Boys @ St Johns. Tough fixtures, but great to see Boys High willing to test themselves against the best

  4. @Tang: @The O: Very tough fixtures for PBHS, but I wish you the best of luck. You’ll certainly have my support.

    I hope that I’m wrong, but it appears that St Alban’s rugby program is on the decline: it looks like there are no fixtures v KES or Jeppe this year; Kennedy Tsimba is departing, plus I’ve heard that there are budget cuts, etc.

  5. @Grizzly: … lyk of die Suide oorvat 😄

    Daar is net soveel beskikbare naweke dink ek en Menlo speel Ben Voster weg op 14 Maart (return wedstryd van 2019). Voorheen was die rugby-dag mos gedurende die week.

    Kempton is my span vir die dag!!

  6. @Tang: @The O: I believe that congratulations are in order as Greg Hassenkamp has been appointed as the new headmaster of Boys High. He is passionate about his rugby, which can only be a good thing for PBHS rugby – especially now that you have Paul Anthony back too. Eish…I see tough times ahead for St Alban’s against their neighbours.

  7. @Vleis: I wonder if this will inspire a change in direction for Boys High in terms of offering sports bursaries???

  8. @Beet: Time will tell. I don’t know why they don’t mobilise their OB network like KES and Jeppe. The OBs of the latter sometimes find the kids and provide the funds.

  9. @Gabes: Hi Gabes. I hope to have an answer for you tomorrow. I’m sure there are many people who will be excited to find out about the streaming.

  10. @Vleis – I think many at PBHS are pleased to see Hassenkamp back in the fold. The combination of Hassenkamp and Anthony should give Boys High Rugby positive momentum.
    I’m sure St Albans will find a way to stay competitive. Perhaps a new director of Rugby will be appointed.

    @Beet – I don’t think PBHS Rugby will make drastic changes. Perhaps there will be some emphasis on bringing in a few rugby players but I don’t foresee anything radical.

  11. @Gabes: Sorry for the delay. Its been confirmed that will livestream all the matches from the stadium.


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