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Matric Results 2017 : ranking table for rugby schools

6 January, 2018 beet 89

Here is a table listing the matric results 2017 achievements and ranking of most of the rugby playing high schools who progress is tracked during the season on this website. Please note that the weighting for this ranking relies primarily on University Degree passes and Maths/Physics achievement.


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Rugby ranking model based on number of schoolboys

29 April, 2015 beet 68

Queenian has ranked the based on how they stack when comparing their performance factor (P/Factor) which is where they should rank (S/be Rank) given the the number of boys at the schools minus their actual ranking positions as per the BHP Top 50 for 27 April 2015.…

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Wildeklawer 2015 organisers get it spot on

27 April, 2015 beet 130

Take a bow, the fixture list arrangers of Wildeklawer. Not only is the Skouspel widely acknowledged as the premier school rugby festival in South Africa, setting itself apart by showing 9 games live on television but as far as points difference per match is concerned, Wildeklawer also proved to be the most competitive festival in a survey of 12 festivals from around the country.…

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FAQ: how long is the school rugby sin bin time?

7 February, 2015 beet 7

Schoolboy rugby players don’t often get sent to the bin but when they do this sort of thing happens a lot: someone in the crowd turns to you or the guy sitting near you and asks how long the player has to stay in the bin. Well if you didn’t know the answer to that question, here we go. On their website, the the SA Referees have specified maximum playing times for various age-group levels and provided the sin bin times to coincide with these playing times. …

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Surely no stopping Nelspruit’s finest now?

2 January, 2015 beet 6

I have to say that in my mind Nelspuit Old Boy Duane Vermeulen should have walked away with SA rugby’s big award for being the country’s best rugby player in 2013 already. To me it’s debatable whether or not Vermeulen has had a better season this year compared to last year. Nevertheless I have to applaud the IRB Rugby Player of the Year 2014 nominee for being consistently good these past two seasons. Vermeulen is up for the SARU Player of the Year again this year…

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Number of rugby players per high school in South Africa

4 June, 2014 beet 67

In 2011, Paarl Gymnasium compiled a data analysis of all the schools that participated in their annual under-16 tournament. This analysis indicated the number of students attending each school, the number of students that were boys and the number of boys that played rugby. The findings of their research are tabulated below with a couple of extra fields added.…

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SchoolBoy Rugby Blog Top 60 Table – April 2014

1 May, 2014 beet 49

This is NOT this website’s rankings. It is merely a table that sets out to rank 60 of the schools who are tracked on the blog, using their results. Very little consideration has been given to the strength of opponents played by each school, as a good ranking system would. …

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The BHP Top 50 Ranking formula explained

3 April, 2014 beet 320

The 2014 school rugby season is in full swing now with the first proper rankings expected to come out just after Easter. Here is an explanation of how the BHP statistics are derived.…

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SA Schools Cricket & Rugby Analysis : 1994 – 2013 (20 seasons)

23 February, 2014 beet 82

This is an analysis of the of SA School cricket and rugby selections 1994 – 2013, in other words the last 20 years. For the sake of creating a common base of measurement, schools have been assigned to their rugby regions as opposed to their cricket regions which differ in some cases. …

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Analysis of SA Schools Cricket, Hockey, Rugby & Water Polo Representatives for 2013

5 January, 2014 beet 125

Analysing the 78 SA Schools representatives for 2013, shows that Kearsney from Botha’s Hill in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) and their Methodist brother school St Stithians from Randburg in Gauteng top the list with 5 representatives apiece followed by the likes of Affies (Pretoria), Paarl Gymnasium and Rondebosch (Cape Town) with 4 each. As a provincial region, no one comes close to the Western Cape  (41%) and even by splitting the province into Western Province (WP), Boland and South Western Districts (SWD), WP still commands a 33% share of the overall pie.…