Graeme Rugby Day 2020

14 March 2020

08h00 Cambridge Mary Waters
09h10 Dale Muir
10h20 Hudson Park Nico Malan
11h30 Queen’s Pearson
12h40 Grey HS Brandwag
13h50 Kingswood Selborne
15h00 St Andrew’s Framesby
16h10 Graeme Marlow


  1. Selborne 14a,15a and 16a will be playing Outeniqua at the Graeme day this year.

  2. @Palma: That Kwagga /15 side will be awesome if they developed from last year. It will be the Outeniqua Centenary Year 1st team.

  3. @Rainier: Yes unfortunately for Selborne their /15 will be rampant. our /15 side are quite decent but I think the Kwaggas will be too much to handle. our /16 side I am the most concerned about.

  4. Great way to kick off the EC rugby calendar. Wonder why they didn’t include one or two teams from outside the province.

  5. @Umtata: I think with the schools breaking up during the week after the Graeme R/D weekend and many going off to various tournaments around the country including Grey PE that next weekend starting 21 March, it would have been too costly to justify a one off trip to Grahamstown and a bit of a logistical headache to have to arrange as well.

  6. @Rainier: I was wondering how this very talented group of players will develop as they move on the age groups. Open teams are obviously made up of u/17 and u/18 ‘s. Did the decision makers ensure another super squad for 2020 u/14 / 2023 u/17’s


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