KZN School Rugby Fixtures for 2018

1 Sat.17Mar Fourways Away
2 Sat.24Mar DHS Away
3 Thu.29Mar Graeme St Stithians Fest
4 Sat.31Mar St Andrew’s St Stithians Fest
5 Mon.02Apr St Stithians St Stithians Fest
6 Sat.21Apr Voortrekker Away
7 Sat.05May St Charles Home
8 Sat.12May George Campbell Away
9 Sat.19May Northwood Home
10 Sat.02Jun St David’s Away
11 Sat.09Jun Michaelhouse Away
12 Sat.16Jun Port Natal Home
1 Sat.17Mar Hilton Away
2 Sat.24Mar Clifton Home
3 Thu.29Mar Selborne Kearsney Easter Rugby Fest
4 Sat.31Mar Queen’s Kearsney Easter Rugby Fest
5 Mon.02Apr Dale Kearsney Easter Rugby Fest
6 Sat.14Apr Northwood Away
7 Sat.21Apr Michaelhouse Away
8 Sat.28Apr TBA Grey PE Festival
9 Mon.30Apr TBA Grey PE Festival
10 Sat.12May Westville Away
11 Sat.19May Maritzburg College Home
12 Sat.26May Glenwood Home
13 Sat.02Jun Westville Away
14 Sat.16Jun Kearsney Home
15 Sat.28Jul KZN DEV Home
1 Sat.24Mar Maritzburg College Away
2 Thu.29Mar Drostdy Kearsney Easter Rugby Fest
3 Sat.31Mar Dale Kearsney Easter Rugby Fest
4 Mon.02Apr Welkom Gim Kearsney Easter Rugby Fest
5 Tue.03Apr TBA Boishaai 150th
6 Thu.05Apr TBA Boishaai 150th
7 Sat.07Apr TBA Boishaai 150th
8 Sat.14Apr Westville Away
9 Sat.21Apr Kearsney Home
10 Sat.28Apr Stellenberg Wildeklawer
11 Mon.30Apr Outeniqua Wildeklawer
12 Sat.05May Affies Away
13 Sat.12May Menlopark Home
14 Sat.19May Monument Away
15 Sat.26May DHS Away
16 Sat.16Jun Maritzburg College Home
17 Sat.21Jul HTS Middelburg Away
18 Sat.04Aug Grey College Home
19 Fri.10Aug Waterkloof Home
1 Sat.17Mar DHS Home
2 Thu.29Mar TBA St John’s ERF
3 Sat.31Mar TBA St John’s ERF
4 Mon.02Apr TBA St John’s ERF
5 Tue.03Apr TBA Boishaai 150th
6 Thu.05Apr TBA Boishaai 150th
7 Sat.07Apr TBA Boishaai 150th
8 Sat.21Apr Maritzburg College Away
9 Sat.28Apr Kearsney Home
10 Sat.05May Michaelhouse Away
11 Sat.12May Pretoria BH Away
12 Sat.26May Westville Home
13 Sat.02Jun Kearsney Away
14 Sat.09Jun St Charles Away
15 Sat.16Jun Michaelhouse Home
1 Mon.26Feb Pionier Away
2 Wed.28Feb Sarel Cilliers Away
3 Sat.10Mar Michaelhouse Home
4 Sat.17Mar Northwood Home
5 Thu.29Mar HTS Middelburg Kearsney Easter Rugby Fest
6 Sat.31Mar Noord-Kaap Kearsney Easter Rugby Fest
7 Mon.02Apr Pretoria BH Kearsney Easter Rugby Fest
8 Thu.05Apr Transvalia North-South @ Middelburg
9 Sat.07Apr Middelburg North-South @ Middelburg
10 Mon.09Apr Marais Viljoen North-South @ Middelburg
11 Sat.21Apr Glenwood Away
12 Sat.28Apr Hilton Away
13 Sat.05May Westville Home
14 Sat.12May Maritzburg College Away
15 Sat.26May St Stithians Home
16 Sat.02Jun Hilton Home
17 Sat.09Jun St Benedict’s Away
18 Sat.16Jun DHS Away
1 Sat.17Mar St Charles Home
2 Sat.24Mar Glenwood Home
3 Thu.29Mar SACS St Stithians Fest
4 Sat.31Mar Grey HS St Stithians Fest
5 Mon.02Apr Rondebosch St Stithians Fest
6 Sat.14Apr Pretoria BH Home
7 Sat.21Apr Hilton Home
8 Thu.26Apr Northwood Away
9 Sat.05May KES Away
10 Sat.12May Kearsney Home
11 Sat.19May DHS Away
12 Sat.02Jun Michaelhouse Away
13 Sat.09Jun Westville Away
14 Sat.16Jun Glenwood Away
15 Sat.21Jul Affies Home
16 Sat.28Jul Pretoria BH Away
17 Sat.04Aug KES Home
1 Sat.10Mar Kearsney Away
2 Sat.17Mar Westville Away
3 Thu.29Mar St Andrew’s St Stithians Fest
4 Sat.31Mar SACS St Stithians Fest
5 Mon.02Apr Bishops St Stithians Fest
6 Sat.21Apr DHS Home
7 Sat.28Apr St Charles Home
8 Sat.05May Hilton Home
9 Sat.12May Northwood Home
10 Sat.26May St John’s Home
11 Sat.02Jun Maritzburg College Home
12 Sat.09Jun Clifton Home
13 Sat.16Jun Hilton Away
1 Sat.17Mar Kearsney Away
2 Sat.24Mar Westville Away
3 Thu.29Mar TBA KES Festival
4 Sat.31Mar TBA KES Festival
5 Mon.02Apr TBA KES Festival
6 Sat.14Apr DHS Home
7 Sat.21Apr St Charles Home
8 Thu.26Apr Maritzburg College Home
9 Sat.12May Michaelhouse Away
10 Sat.19May Clifton Away
11 Sat.26May St Charles Home
1 Sat.17Mar Maritzburg College Away
2 Thu.29Mar TBA Oakdale Festival
3 Sat.31Mar TBA Oakdale Festival
4 Mon.02Apr TBA Oakdale Festival
5 Sat.21Apr Northwood Away
6 Sat.28Apr Michaelhouse Away
7 Sat.05May Clifton Away
8 Sat.12May St Andrew’s School Away
9 Sat.26May Northwood Away
10 Sat.02Jun St Alban’s Away
11 Sat.09Jun Hilton Home
12 Sat.16Jun St David’s Home
1 Sat.17Mar Michaelhouse Home
2 Sat.24Mar Northwood Home
3 Thu.29Mar TBA KES Festival
4 Sat.31Mar TBA KES Festival
5 Mon.02Apr TBA KES Festival
6 Sat.14Apr Glenwood Home
7 Sat.21Apr Jeppe Away
8 Sat.05May Kearsney Away
9 Sat.12May DHS Home
10 Sat.26May Hilton Away
11 Sat.02Jun DHS Home
12 Sat.09Jun Maritzburg College Home


  1. Hilton still not facing Glenwood with their professional team. Not Glenwood but Hilton! :mrgreen: Shame! Cant call you the best in KZN if you have not faced the best! Sadly, the same goes for Michael house 2 3 0. You no good for KZN rugby!

  2. Looks like the Kearsney boys africaans should improve this season !!
    Can’t see the point of MHS and Hilton not playing Glenwood anymore , at A team level it’s a challenge but there after it’s like for like these days , Glenwood average to weak from b team down unlike westville or college whom have strong sides down the line…

  3. @oldschool: Yes, in some ways it’s a pity not to be playing GW, I’m not sure of the reasons. I see both Westville and Kearsney have less games than usual.

  4. @McCulleys Workshop: ja , we’ve dropped St Charles and Clifton …. so down the line interschools is 10 and our A teams playing 13 including tours …. our firsts playing 18 . Would like to play MHS twice home and away …..

  5. Very strange that MHS not playing GW two years in a row. Was it two years ago their U16A lost 80 nil?

  6. @Greenman: Who do you think will rule the roost this year? Wondering about DHS? Agree with you guys that MHS and Hilton should play the best Afrikaans school in KZN :twisted:

  7. @Greenman: Happy New Year and what a well come. I can give you the Director of Sports Number and you can ask him directly why House aren’t play GW for the 2nd year in a row.

  8. @McCulleys Workshop: Westville have averaged between 11-13 games per season excluding festivals for the last two years. Hoping that with Jeremy McClaren joining a few more games will be added next year.

  9. @Greenman: That’s a bit harsh. I recall there was a reason for House calling off relations… Something along the lines of Glenwood sending their 3rds to play House 2nds and demanding that games be staggered if memory serves me right. Pretty obvious that the air hasn’t been cleared since then.

  10. @Playa: Ja I agree with you Player,Beet has a whole new set of House Rules and he must implement them, or this thread is going to turn into a bun fight.

  11. @oldschool: Howzit, I think at first blush there were less games shown and only one HC game or it was late at night! 18 games is a big season. Would be great to have a KC home and away, along with the dbl against HC. A return game last year could have shown a very different result.

  12. @Greenman: That’s a little like blaming the state of American politics on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I cannot fathom why House not playing GW is bad for KZN rugby, just look at GW’s fixture list. I think possibly the opposite is true. It’s great for KZN rugby, if we are broadening KZN depth with schools like Clifton, who are in the process of developing a rugby program (and have historically had strong ties to MHS), who are now consistently playing better sides than historically. We speak about the so called A and B league, but if more KZN schools can play in a broader more competitive league, good for KZN, it certainly doesn’t mean that they all have to play each other. An issue is that for many KZN schools the season is too short, and hence a 12/13 game season, if it’s all about rugby.

  13. @McCulleys Workshop: all the best for 2018. Hear what you say but dont believe it is the reason. I believe most of us would agree that it is more than just a no time roster. It is just very sad that there is no support for each other in KZN. Not knowing the reason for this I bet its evhos

  14. @Greenman: I don’t understand how House and Hilton are bad for School Boy Rugby in KZN???? It’s a bit like kettle black pot or however the saying goes. Let’s see how things are after this Dream Team Year of 2018. Maybe things get better for House and the new Powerhouse Hilton, seeing that Hilton finished the cricket season as the best in KZN and I think top in SA Schools.

  15. @Slam: Ja it’s a mystery to me. 3 years ago we played College home and away but it stopped the following year. We have also dropped fixtures against KES and PBHS. As I said, hopefully with Jeremy McClaren there will be more fixtures from next year.

  16. Happy New Year to all.

    Are Glenwood and Hilton sending their 2nd teams to Kearsney and St John’s respectively? If not, they must be crazy to play back-to-back festivals without even one rest day.


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