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Drostdy North-South 2016

21 Nov, 2015 beet 2

At first sight, HTS Drostdy’s North-South Festival with match days on Monday 21 March 2015 and Thursday 24 March 2015, does not look like it will present the Drostdy players with too much of a challenge. There will however be some good matchups for spectators to enjoy.…

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End of the road for the Pukke Skouspel

21 Nov, 2015 beet 1

On a sad note the annual Pukke Skouspel organised by the North West University and played at their grounds ahead of Easter weekend is no more. Financial reasons were behind the decision to scrap the festival.

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Beeld champions Garsfontein to make their debut at Wildeklawer 2016

18 Nov, 2015 beet 13

Garsfontein, who made history in 2015 by capturing the first ever Beeld Trophy Makro Schools title, are close to finalising what looks like a very challenging fixture list for 2016. A significant change is the effective switching from St John’s Rugby Festival to Wildeklawer, where they will take on Grey College in the opening match.…

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Grey College draft fixture list for 2016

12 Nov, 2015 beet 10

To a large extent it will be business as usual for Grey College in 2016. They’ll again go head to head with a good few of the rugby schools challenging for SA Top 10 spots next season. There are however two interesting changes on the fixture list of the Boys in Blue.…

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KZN needs to start thinking outside the box

6 Nov, 2015 beet 8

Talking schoolboy rugby in KZN, there’s belief amongst school officials that change is needed and in some cases it’s believed to be way overdue.

The AGM for high schools which takes place on Saturday 07 November 2016, is the time and place for school representatives who feel this way to come out, say exactly what’s bugging them about the current systems and/or personnel and then use their vote to help bring about meaningful change.…

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Double celebration for KZN’s new SA Schools chairman

4 Nov, 2015 beet 1

George Campbell’s Noel Ingle has reason for a double celebration. He was recently named as the new Chairman of SA Schools after standing unopposed. However there was a strong possibility that he would have had to forfeit this national position. A requirement of the SA Schools post is that it’s Chairman has to hold office in his own region as well. Although Ingle is currently the Chairman of the KZNRU High Schools’ Association, the KZN Schools’ AGM which takes place on 07 November 2015 is where his fate would have been decided by the local high schools. This created quite a buzz in school rugby related circles around KZN up until last week when the nominations were made official and it was revealed that the highly regarded opponent expected to run against Ingle had decided not to challenge for the leadership position, thereby clearing the way for Ingle to be re-elected. …

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Craven Week 2016 – Day 1 & Day 2 fixtures

3 Nov, 2015 beet 8

Craven Week 2016 will be held at Kearsney in KZN (40km from Durban). The u18 Academy Week 2016 is also set to take place at the same venue at the same time. This is the first time in history that the two youth weeks take place side by side. With 44 teams participating, other Durban high schools will assist Kearsney by providing accommodation for some of the players and officials.…