Drostdy North-South 2016

At first sight, HTS Drostdy’s North-South Festival with match days on Monday 21 March 2015 and Thursday 24 March 2015, does not look like it will present the Drostdy players with too much of a challenge. There will however be some good matchups for spectators to enjoy.

Boland powerhouse Drostdy appear to have fallen on hard times when it comes to strength versus strength fixtures. They no longer enjoy the same level of participation against WP Premier League teams as in the past, they are out of Wildeklawer and with the Pukke Skouspel winding up, it’s left them with even fewer competitive top end matches.

There is however a lot of potential for this festival to fill the gap left by the Pukke Skouspel in future years, which could go a long way to helping  Drostdy maintain a high standard of rugby at the school.


Thu.24Mar Transvalia 7 3 Daniel Pienaar
Thu.24Mar Drostdy 12 14 Marais Viljoen
Thu.24Mar New Orleans 19 22 Potch Volkskool
Sat.26Mar Daniel Pienaar 18 7 Potch Volkskool
Sat.26Mar Marais Viljoen 17 17 New Orleans
Sat.26Mar Drostdy 36 12 Transvalia
Mon.28Mar Daniel Pienaar 17 5 Marais Viljoen
Mon.28Mar New Orleans 7 13 Transvalia
Mon.28Mar Drostdy 44 0 Potch Volkskool


  1. Jip!! One of the few remaining strong schools in the Boland. However, I heard that some poor refs. at Trappes Park in Worcester, and such over the years, have led to some of WP,s Premier A schools cancelling their annual fixture against Drosdy.

    I see that Bishops and Boishaai are the only Premier A schools on the 2016 fixture list. Add new kids on the block Stellenberg to the list, and they will have some testing matches.

    However, all these matches is away from home, and one can question if the mentioned schools would still have played, if the matches were scheduled for Trappes Park.

    Hopefully the powers that be at Drosdy take note of the latest trend and rectify the neccesary. Strong opponants are required to remain competitive, and draw quality players


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