Drostdy North-South Festival 2017

Sat.01Apr Daniel Pienaar 29 26 Transvalia
Sat.01Apr New Orleans 27 29 Middelburg
Sat.01Apr Drostdy 27 19 Marais Viljoen
Mon.03Apr Daniel Pienaar 24 31 Middelburg
Mon.03Apr New Orleans 34 34 Marais Viljoen
Mon.03Apr Drostdy 26 26 Transvalia
Wed.05Apr Daniel Pienaar 23 15 Marais Viljoen
Wed.05Apr New Orleans 07 45 Transvalia
Wed.05Apr Drostdy 48 05 Middelburg


  1. I must say Drostdy is my personal leader for surprise package team of the year. They have good teams every few years and were even part of the Wildeklawer for a few years which was a reward for their success, however as one can deduct from the 2012-2016 ranking in the sidebar, they have had 3 quietish seasons. This year they are make people sit up and take notice.

  2. Die Donkies se 15 is nogal goed, hy het PRG se verdediging laas saterdag elke keer gebreek as die bal kry, die donkies /valia game sal n goeie een wees!

  3. Die Donkies gaan amok maak op hierdie fees. MV, Valia and Middelburg gaan lang trane huil


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