Dick Muir linked with soon to be vacant Northwood job

Latest : officially confirmed – Dick Muir will take charge at Northwood.

Former Springbok centre and fairly accomplished senior rugby coach Dick Muir could well become the next high profile head coach at Northwood in Durban North. It’s unconfirmed at this stage but his name is featuring prominently in connection with the job which current head coach Grant Bashford is set to give up after Easter in order to take up a professional coaching position in Japan.  Like Muir, “Bashy” was a Sharks coach (best known as an assistant to John Plumtree). A few years back Northwood briefly employed the then not so well-known Sharks employed coach Swys de Bruin, who resigned to join the Lions where his achievements as Johan Ackerman’s right-hand man have upped him to household name status. There is no doubt a high profile personality helps get a foot in the door when dealing with prospective parents and talented players, but how much do these celebrities really offer in terms of overall cost-benefit?

The change in coach will take place after the KES Easter Rugby Festival and shortly ahead of another trip to Gauteng to face Jeppe, so it hardly going to be ideal as far as timing is concerned and may add even further disruption to what is already expected to develop into a very trying season for the Knights.

Perhaps the better option for Northwood this season would be to back their very own existing internal coaches for a change, as they are the ones who know the boys and systems in place. Give the likes of Simon Vickers, Jonathan Scruby and Torsten Sorenson an opportunity to show what they have to offer for at least the remainder of the 2017 season and then use the offseason to access the progress and make a longer term decision from there.


  1. @Skywalker: @McCulleys Workshop: @Bush:

    Well done to the Northwood u16A team and their passionate coach Gavin Skevington.

    Northwood u16A now has two scalps – Kearsney and Westville.

    I watched their game against Kearsney. They took a bit of a pounding up front but boy when they got a sniff did they pounce and know how to finish. Two of their tries from turnovers (the first one brill) displayed a streetwise knowledge of what was required to get 5-pointers and the teamwork element was very evident. The third try was a bit individualist with the fullback weaving his way through traffic after an iffy exit by KC but as the Gim-Affies match proved on Sat, school rugby is not all about just having good attacking structures, a game can be swung by XF players and those with finishing ability. Last try was partly a result of KC having to throw caution to the wind at 17-7 down, losing possession and not being able to tidy up the kicked ahead ball at the back, conceding possession again and paying the highest price. Final score was 24-14.

    The College u16 team also looks good in spite of their defeat to Grey.

    Anyway I saw that Hilton beat DHS 32-15 after DHS had narrowly beaten NW a week earlier so a few hints of a well contested up and down u16 KZN season.

  2. @Vleis: He doesn’t understand latin and secondly, he doesn’t drink beer….he’s a hard tack oke

  3. @Andre T: Dear Boy, your comment above is a non sequitur. If you can prove that the NW head of tennis earns even half as much as the NW head of rugby, I’ll buy you five free beers at a Jhb Easter festival of your choice. :lol:

  4. @Vleis: Have you ever compared Federer’s bank account compared to Dan Carter’s

    I think Fed earns in 2 weeks what Carter earns in a year

  5. @McCulleys Workshop: Yes McCulley that Westville U16A side is a good side and have a very experienced coach. Therefore that win for NW was a great win. Brings to mind experience vs skill

  6. @Skywalker: Howzit Sky, thats great news and great for NW rugby. I think he will be a huge contributor to NW and add to the foundation laid by Bashy over the last 3 years. Good wins for your u15 and u16 A’s. That Westville u16 A team is a strong team and put close to 40 points against MHS the previous week, and they are very well coached.

  7. Well it is confirmed, Dick to take over as Director or Rugby from April. Not sure if he will be Head Coach of the 1st team as well, I presume so?

    Anyway, I hope his heart is in it, and helps take Northwood forward. Thankfully some encouraging signs from the 15A and u16A teams. Both teams beat Westville on the weekend – and the u16A got the win over Kearsney the weekend before as well. So maybe some small light at the end of the tunnel, for Dick to work with next year.

  8. Eddie Jones could not help Northwood……Dick Muir definitely won’t be able to.

  9. @Skywalker: Torsten was assistant to Grant Bell in the Westville 1st XV setup.

    Simon Vickers was assistant to Barry Wilson a few years ago.

    Vickers and Jonathan Scruby seemed to get the most out of the Northwood 1st XV during their short spell in charge a few years back when the then head coach was on sick leave due to an injury.

  10. Wow, well this woke me up this morning! Bashy off to Japan and maybe Dick Muir coming in…yes tough call – i think Northwood need some high profile help still, but the bigger challenge is giving them players to work with. Its a war out there and they need to invest more in getting in players who these coaches can work with.

    Am i right in saying Torsten was the previous 1st Xv coach of Westville? great to have him in the set up.


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