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School Rugby fixtures & results – week ending 29 February 2020

29 Feb, 2020 Admin 19
Mon.10Feb Louis Botha 19 22 Diamantveld
Sat.22Feb Middelburg 52 10 Ermelo
Mon.24Feb Vryheid 10 86 Kearsney
Wed.26Feb Sarel Cilliers 10 58 Kearsney
Fri.28Feb DHS <33> <15> Sarel Cilliers Vories Night Series
Fri.28Feb Glenwood <41> <05> St Charles Vories Night Series
Fri.28Feb Voortrekker (PMB) <0> <48> Maritzburg College Vories Night Series
Sat.29Feb Louis Botha 00 07 Marlow Fichardtpark S/D
Sat.29Feb Fichardtpark 31 22 AHS Kroonstad Fichardtpark S/D
Sat.29Feb St Andrew’s School 15 10 Kroonstad HS Fichardtpark S/D
Sat.29Feb Diamantveld 31 07 Wesvalia Fichardtpark S/D
Sat.29Feb Jim Fouche 55 05 Hentie Cilliers Fichardtpark S/D
Sat.29Feb Lichtenburg 31 18 Heidelberg VS NWU Prestige Reeks
Sat.29Feb Oosterlig 22 75 Die Anker NWU Prestige Reeks
Sat.29Feb Sentraal 05 69 Noord-Kaap Sentrale Skole Reeks
Sat.29Feb Montana <16> <46> Waterkloof Trial Match
Sat.29Feb Welkom Gim 43 07 Menlopark
Sat.29Feb Rustenburg 17 26 HTS Middelburg
Sat.29Feb Marais Viljoen 46 11 Transvalia
Sat.29Feb Klerksdorp 13 31 Duineveld
Sat.29Feb Tuine 23 15 Vereeniging Gim
Sat.29Feb Helpmekaar 20 12 Voortrekker (Beth)
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SA u20 alignment camps 2020

20 Feb, 2020 Admin 8

Camp No.3 to start soon.
The alignment camp is the second of four scheduled camps to be hosted at the Stellenbosch Academy of Sport, and will run from Monday 10 to Thursday 13 February.…

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Grey PE Festival 2020

20 Feb, 2020 beet 17

From Grey High:

I am sure this does not come a surprise to anyone, but the Standard Bank Grey Rugby Festival has been cancelled for 2020.

I would like to thank you for the support and I assure you that you will all be invited to next year’s Festival and hopefully we will then have the opportunity to allow you to experience some good East Cape hospitality, partnered with high class schoolboy rugby.…

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Media release: Kearsney Easter Rugby Festival 2020

20 Feb, 2020 Admin 2


In line with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s declaration of a National State of Disaster last night, the 13th Standard Bank Kearsney Easter Rugby Festival has been cancelled.

Kearsney headmaster Elwyn van den Aardweg said South Africans need to come together to support each other at this hour and adopt a spirit of social responsibility and civic-mindedness to support the national effort and minimise the impacts within the country.

Next year is Kearsney’s centenary and a special edition of the festival is being planned with exciting new teams, Van den Aardweg said.  These include a number of schools with which Kearsney has had a long relationship over many decades, to ensure a suitable commemoration of the 100-year milestone with schools that have been traditional friends and rivals.…

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SA u18 Sevens takes a backseat to the EPD camp

15 Feb, 2020 beet 0

Spare a thought for the SA Sevens organisers. Their best efforts to create something worthwhile for the under-18  national players has instead turned into a bit of a nightmare as a result of the Elite Player Development camp (EPD) being given the green light to take preference over national Sevens players.…

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u18 Elite Player Development (EPD) Camp for SA Schools 2020 hopefuls

12 Feb, 2020 beet 42

Many of the leading candidates for this year’s SA Schools (u18) team are likely to be revealed once the list of players invited to attend the elite player development Alignment Camp is made known. The camp is expected to be held at the Stellenbosch Academy of Sport (SAS) from 27 February to 01 March 2020. The timing means it is unlikely to clash with any of the planned regular season school rugby fixtures.…

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St John’s Easter Rugby Festival 2020

11 Feb, 2020 beet 3
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NWU Prestige-Reeks 2020

10 Feb, 2020 Admin 1