Grant Khomo Week 2024 Fixtures & Results


Day 1 : Mon 17-Jun-2024
u16 Pumas 39-14 Griquas u16
u16 Boland 21-16 Lions u16
u16 Sharks 26-20 Free State u16
u16 Blue Bulls 26-24 WP XV u16
u16 WP 38-25 EP u16
u16 Free State XV 29-07 Border CD u16
u16 Griffons 17-15 Valke u16
u16 Border 26-20 Zimbabwe u16
u16 SWD 26-06 Namibia u16
u16 Leopards 40-07 Limpopo u16
Day 2 : Wed 19-Jun-2024
u16 Free State 22-00 Pumas u16
u16 Border 21-10 Griffons u16
u16 SWD 34-31 WP XV u16
u16 Bulls 37-28 Boland u16
u16 WP 19-13 Sharks u16
u16 Namibia 31-07 Border CD u16
u16 Limpopo 29-18 Zimbabwe u16
u16 Free State XV 17-15 Valke u16
u16 Griquas 19-07 Leopards u16
u16 Lions 19-12 EP u16
: Fri 21-Jun-2024
u16 WP 31-22 Blue Bulls u16
u16 Sharks 20-19 SWD u16
u16 Free State 33-15 Boland u16
u16 Lions 66-24 Border u16
u16 EP 36-33 WP XV u16
u16 Free State XV 31-20 Griffons u16
u16 Leopards 20-13 Pumas u16
u16 Griquas 50-12 Limpopo u16
u16 Valke 60-15 Border CD u16
u16 Namibia 31-10 Zimbabwe u16

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  1. avatar
    #24 4×4

    @Wonder (Comment #23)
    Sy pa is ‘n Oud Affie…9 is oppad Menlo toe. Weet nie watter ander scrummies julle na verwys nie?

    26 June, 2024 at 19:40
  2. avatar
    #23 Wonder

    @Grizzly (Comment #22)
    Die Nr 8 is goed, as sy Pa oud Affie is verstaan ek.

    26 June, 2024 at 18:31
  3. avatar
    #22 Grizzly

    @Wonder (Comment #21)
    Nr 8 wat in Garsies laer is?Ek verstaan sy pa is oud Affie?

    26 June, 2024 at 11:10
  4. avatar
    #21 Wonder

    @Grizzly (Comment #17)
    Ek hoop jy is reg oor die Bulle spelers wat Garsies toe gaan.
    Ek het gehoor klub 600 het die meeste van hulle gekoop.
    Blykbaar al die top scrummies gekontrakteer..

    25 June, 2024 at 19:42
  5. avatar
    #20 Grizzly

    @4×4 (Comment #18)
    Laerskole?Praat jy van GK?Dis goeie nuus vir die Bere.

    25 June, 2024 at 05:29
  6. avatar
    #19 Kantman

    @Grizzly (Comment #17)
    Well done!

    24 June, 2024 at 23:27
  7. avatar
    #18 4×4

    @Grizzly (Comment #17)
    Een ding weet ek verseker en dit is dat men’s nooit te vroeg moet opgewonde raak oor wie het voortydig op ‘n skool commit nie. Grey nog nie hulle werwing klaar gedoen nie, en Michaelhouse het klaar 1 of 2 spelers gebeurs.
    Verstaan wel dat Garsies goed gedoen het met werwing by WP Akadmie span.
    Ons wag maar en kyk woe daag waar op

    24 June, 2024 at 11:00
  8. avatar
    #17 Grizzly

    @Kantman (Comment #14)
    Sien die /13 Bulle gewen.Hoor n hele paar is weer oppad Garsies toe…..

    24 June, 2024 at 08:46
  9. avatar
    #16 Smallies

    @PietPompies (Comment #15)
    Stem saam ,so nou kyk ek maar eerder nie

    22 June, 2024 at 09:56
  10. avatar
    #15 PietPompies

    @Smallies (Comment #8)
    Agree 100% Watered down competition and even players of colour making it in a team on merit, are downgraded as quotas. But just look at the make-up of the Bulls CW team and honestly tell me that is the strongest team they can put out!

    22 June, 2024 at 08:44
  11. avatar
    #14 Kantman

    WP back to winning the GK

    21 June, 2024 at 20:31
  12. avatar
    #13 Kantman

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #7)

    21 June, 2024 at 20:24
  13. avatar
    #12 Deon

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #9)
    You are better than me, by a million miles. Well done mate!!!!! Back in the day the closest I could get to that was karaoke in the old van Riebeeck hotel in Gordon’s Bay, lots of Tassenberg for guts. I think it was broken down about 30 years ago.

    21 June, 2024 at 18:01
  14. avatar
    #11 Deon

    @Smallies (Comment #6)
    Ek is bly jy is shap, en die karp nie. Ek braai darem weer galjoen. Na hierdie storm gaan dit gons, al die rooi-aas en maanskynwurm gaan losspoel.

    21 June, 2024 at 17:58
  15. avatar
    #10 Smallies

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #9)
    You’ve got a lot of guts for doing that ,well done mate 👍 👌 👏

    21 June, 2024 at 17:47
  16. avatar
    #9 Kaya 85

    @Smallies (Comment #8)
    On another note…Kaya had his first ever stand up Comedy gig…2 weeks back…didn’t strike a blank, no-one booed me outa there and no-one threw anything at me. I’ll take that as a W!

    21 June, 2024 at 16:52
  17. avatar
    #8 Smallies

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #7)
    There is fantastic talent in our schools no doubt about it ,thats why I love school boy rugby ,the problem I have with saru is that the youth weeks have been politicised that it basically takes away from the quality of players available in some provinces …only WP ,SWD, Boland ,EP and Border can actually choose teams purely on merit while meeting saru’s selection policies,the other provinces cant and now they send watered down teams just so that they can comply wich is just totally bullshit to me….schools are the very last institutions who still choose teams purely on merit how long for I dont know

    21 June, 2024 at 16:22
  18. avatar
    #7 Kaya 85

    @Smallies (Comment #6)
    Nevertheless there is so much exciting talent all over the country …also…would be interesting if Beet or one of the okes in the know could make a list of all the u16 player movements after GK…might only see this play out in 2025…but e.g. the Garsies u16 leftwing is rapid like a cat on a hot tin roof…they must have recruited him end of gr7.

    21 June, 2024 at 16:04
  19. avatar
    #6 Smallies

    @Deon (Comment #5)
    Smallies is shap ,hy volg net glad nie die polities korrekte saru weke nie …

    21 June, 2024 at 11:37
  20. avatar
    #5 Deon

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #4)
    True, I just tested the waters though. I wanted to determine if there is still life in Smalliestown and Anchor(age). Hope they are all well.

    21 June, 2024 at 08:48
  21. avatar
    #4 Kaya 85

    @Deon (Comment #3)
    Western Cape is an absolute hotbed of rugby. It’s the turbo-charged engine powering the game in this country.

    20 June, 2024 at 21:23
  22. avatar
    #3 Deon

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #2)
    Well done to the Sharks and Boland (WP D team), but there is not much to beating die Vrystaat, with or without Burgersdorp (EC Province) included, and Transvaal.

    20 June, 2024 at 17:40
  23. avatar
    #2 Kaya 85

    @Henkies (Comment #1)
    Yeah the Sharks 8 outstanding, and managed to see the Bulls 11 Y George very impressive. Exciting youngsters emerging. Big WP XV prop might get a few offers…+ half the Boland team who stumped the Lions.

    20 June, 2024 at 14:58
  24. avatar
    #1 Henkies

    Well done to the Sharks on the win over Free State. They gritted it out. Number 8 has some serious pace on him with some ranging runs. The pack were solid in scrums and lineouts and the backs made their opportunities count. Great match to watch.

    18 June, 2024 at 17:36

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