Grant Khomo “Shopping” Week 2019

The retail equivalent of Black Friday has finally arrived. What is meant to be a celebration of some of the rich vein of under-16 schoolboy rugby talent that South Africa poses, turns out to be a bit of a nightmare for some schools who become the victims of the shopping spree conducted by a few well-off school who stop at nothing to buy star players.

For the latter Grant Khomo Week has become a bit of an expo involving the skill of seeking out promising players and doing enough to seal the deal ahead of rival bidders.

For the schools losing players, well it’s just tough luck! Their losses aren’t just limited to past tense hard work and finances, it has a big impact on their future as well.

SARU has offered very little by way of protection at the event. Some schools and their unions are trying to do little things here and there to stop the onslaught but probably the best thing they can do right now is to threaten to encourage their communities to cancel their DSTV Subs – that is bound to have an indirect impact on SARU and so should grab their attention a bit quicker than other most other things.

If you are at Grant Khomo Week and you don’t approve of poaching, you can probably do your bit by use your smartphone camera to capture some of the frenzy in pictures or video format and then share it. 

Grant Khomo Week for under-16’s takes place at Hoërskool Rob Ferreira, which is a dorpie called Witrivier about 20km North of Nelspruit. The three match days are 24, 26 and 28 June 2019. As has become the norm, the event will be coupled with the Under-13 Craven Week.

Match Day 1 Fixtures:

Mon 24-Jun 09h00 A Pumas Inv vs Iqhawe
Mon 24-Jun 11h15 A Namibia vs Border CD
Mon 24-Jun 11h15 B Griquas vs Zimbabwe
Mon 24-Jun 12h15 C Lions vs Leopards
Mon 24-Jun 13h30 A Valke vs Griffons
Mon 24-Jun 13h30 B WP vs Boland
Mon 24-Jun 14h30 C Border vs Sharks
Mon 24-Jun 15h45 A Blue Bulls vs EP
Mon 24-Jun 15h45 B Free State vs SWD
Mon 24-Jun 18h00 A Pumas vs Limpopo



  1. @2021: I will go for SWD and WP to fight it out. The Bulls is going to struggle when it comes to their qouta. We will have to see what Garsies managed to buy in the Cape. Menlo and Affies are very strong but they don’t have any non white players. I think the WP should easily be able to select on merit alone and achieve the required qouta, the same goes for SWD.

  2. @Stier: All the best to the bloggers. I agree with @2021 SWD will be right up there. Regarding players of colour players…at the early conditioning sessions there were more players of colour players than you may think. Bulls will compete strong. How many will be left in the union after the Grant Khomo, that is the question I have?

  3. @Dinkskrum: It’s good to hear as this will always be a problem for the Bulls. With Anthony back at Pretoria Boys they hopefully should be able to contribute more in the near future. Which schools do these kids come from? I doubt it’s Menlo or Affies?

  4. @Stier: Affies contributes, and there are many other schools in PTA that play rugby: Curro, Southdowns, PBH, Sutherland, Midstream, PTHS, St Albans, Wonderboom, Wilgers, to name only a view.

  5. Lekker in my area vir ‘n slag. Wie was daai Anti wat vir die ’95 All Blacks kos gemaak het, ek soek haar?

  6. Dis jammer dat VS en SWD op die eerste dag teen mekaar speel. Verlede jaar was dit Vrystaat wat net net gewen het. Kom ons hoop SWD kan dit die jaar deurhak. Outeniqua het 10 spelers in die groep en Oakdale 9. 6/ 10 van Outeniqua is “kwota” spelers en 1/9 van Oakdale. Een van Outeniqua se spelers is ook aan die begin van die jaar Garsfontein toe en speel vir die Blou bulle, stut.

    Wat vir my goed is om te sien by Outeniqua is dat ons A,B of C spanne ‘n baie goeie mix het van wit en bruin spelers. Maar dan het die skool uit ‘n 1700 leerders +- 600 bruin leerders wat diep spore in die skool trap.

  7. Hulle is beslis meriete! Ek sien maar net die ouens van die ander unies kla daaroor. Jy sal sien dis hoekom ek kwota in “” hakkies gesit het. Hier by ons gaan dit nie meer oor kleur nie maar die ouens het nou ‘n probleem oor uit watter skool die spelers kom. Hulle sal seker een of ander tyd ‘n reel inbring wat se net ‘n sekere hoeveelheid spelers per skool…
    Veral die twee slotte van Outeniqua maak my baie opgewonde! Laluma Dyanti en Oliver Kurz. Groot sterk seuns. Die skakelpaar van Oakdale lyk ook na ‘n baie goeie kombinasie.

  8. SWD is in ‘n unieke situasie waar ek dink ons kan van die woord kwota ontslae raak. Hier dink ek sal dit gaan oor watter seuns nie die kans kry om op hoogste vlak te speel nie. Met net Oakdale en Outeniqua wat elke week teen sterk skole speel beteken dit daar is ander wat nie die blootstelling kry nie… Maar is dit nie orals die probleem nie?

  9. @AntonT: My goue vraag bly die volgende: Indien ons op meriete kies en nie kwotas kies nie – hoekom is kwota syfers steeds deel van die kriterium wanneer spanne gekies word, maw hoekom is dit n reel op swart en wit wat negekom moet word, indien dit nie eintlik meer nodig is nie.

  10. Sterkte aan al die seuns en mag rugby seevier en geniet die week die span wat die hongerste is sal dit wen alle spanne baie talent

  11. @Valkie: Hierdie is n golden change as jy tussen die lyne kan lees.Moenie gaan Vir die A+ en A spelers wat die aandag trek Nie,hulle gaan Na die rugby skole en julle Gaan nie met hulle kan kompeteer Nie.

    Kyk Na die B speler uit NV,Valke, Leeus,Luiperds,Pumas,Bulle ens.Die een onder die radar.Kry 10 seuns, Nelspruit Kan dit bekostig.Gaan pitch jou case,it’s Now or Never…

  12. Live stream op SA Rugby Youth Weeks FB bladsy. /13 en /16 wedstryde op die A veld.

  13. From the bit I know, KZN were the biggest buyers at GK 2018 and Border was one of their favourite markets – 4 GK players of whom 2 are now in this year’s KZN Sharks CW team. So I’m sure today’s Sharks vs Border game might be a coming together of sorts for several future school teammates.

  14. @beet: KZN seems to nab a few from other provinces too. Glenwood got the KES/Lions GK centre of 2016. Might’ve been interesting if both Hopper and Roger still visited the board. Roger would’ve probably worked up old Hops into a frenzy of defence, guilt, deflection, attack! :lol: :lol:

  15. @Vleis: Hi Vleis – with absolutely no allegiance to GW, I can safely say that the move of the KES centre (or later wing under GW colours) had nothing to do with a shopping spree. I can confirm first hand that the kid moved because of very specific family circumstances, and that GW was not the only Durban school that he / his parents approached to facilitate a move to KZN. If memory serves me correct, he made KZN Academy in his Gr11 year and then a bad leg injury in Matric curtailed further progress – making last year’s GW team, however, was never going to be a done deal.

  16. Thought Sharks GK u16 team had a good start today. After getting to know each other in the first twenty min they combined nicely for reminder of game. WP seems to be the team to beat…

  17. @BlouLou: schoolofrugby,sien die kalfies het pak gevat teen OP.As ek so na daai span lys kyk en die skole verteenwoordig dan maak dit sin.Dit moet nag wees om n keurder te wees in BB en te weet jy kies seuns wat net eenvoudig Nie goed genoeg is Nie,wat Nie daar hoort Nie…. wat n Klug…

    Kan Nie wag dat die skole rugby begin Nie.

  18. @Grizzly: het julle al weer verskonings?

    garsfontein koop die kaap dan leeg?

    miskien is julle net goed genoeg nie-is daar enige pta skole se 016 in die top 10 gerank?

  19. @boerboel: Ons koop niks Nie,wys seuns weg…Ek Kan Nou 3 skole bou in PTA en dit vol maak met seuns uit die Kaap.

    Die rede is omdat daar Meer spelers van kleur op meriette in die spanne hoort.Maar in baie gevalle Gaan dit meer oor die plaas en die PA se naam as die seun wat gekies word.

    Hoekom word hulle hier dan SAS spelers,prov en Springbok.Ja die mes sny 2 kante toe… neopotisme en bevooroordeling kan Ander kant toe ook.

    Miskien een van die 1000 redes hoekom julle magtige unie basies sy gat gesien het,hoor julle kan alweer nie salarise betaal nie 8-O

  20. @Spear: ja-daar moet iets fout wees

    te veel beker rugby-ek dink Affies moet weer op vorm kom-die wannabee skole kan nie die unie dra nie

  21. @RedBlack: I don’t think Boland are that strong this year, tomorrow will be a better indication of how strong the WP is when they take on the Cheaters.

    Tomorrows games
    BorderCD vs Zim
    Nam vs Iqhawe
    Valke vs Leopards
    Boland vs Griquas
    PumasXV vs Limpopo
    Border vs Griffons
    Bulls vs Pumas
    Lions vs EP
    Sharks vs SWD
    WP vs Cheaters

    Interesting to see the although the Cheaters and SWD drew their first game they were still given a change to make the main game on Friday. If both win tomorrow who will play in the “final”? SARU just have a way to make straightforward things very complicated.

  22. @Grizzly: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    ja dis heel moontlik-sal seker moet terugstap kaaap toe

    op n ernstiger noot-wp behoort te wen met 10/15 p-

  23. @Grizzly: No buddy they go to Pretoria because it’s an easy way to get provincial colors. In the WP its not that easy, as you can see from the way WP teams have performed at all the age group weeks over the past years. I guess no player of color from WP has ever made it to a SA schools, junior Springboks or Springbok team? As for the WP rugby union they are not our schools.

  24. Boishaai se 016 is talentgewys beter as grey(vir nou-sal seker heelwat anders lyk oor 2 jaar)

    met al die bee vereistes v cweek sal ek verbaas wees as ovs wen

    maar n rugbybal is ovaal-who knows

  25. @boerboel: It all depends on which players played yesterday. The difference between the reserves and first choice players can be very big at these weeks.

  26. @Stier: No Buddy, they go to PTA because /13,GK they were clearly the best but didn’t make prov team cauce they compete against X-springbok,X-WP player,CEO in skelmbos, Prestigious Winefarm owner etc SON,who was not the best. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  27. @Grizzly: uiteraard makliker vir n gekleurde speler om by die bulle cweek te kry-minser kompetisie op bee/alle vlakke

    nie rocketscience

  28. @Grizzly: Who will that be the u13 WP center from Durbanville? Sorry buddy, you clearly don’t know who is in charge of WP rugby these days. Maybe you should come and watch the trail games and see who the selectors are. I guess the wine farmers came up with the idea that from next year 25% off all players should come from schools that are not “model C”? When are you guys going to do the same?

  29. @Stier: I didn’t mention any individual cases, just for the record.You right,I don’t but clearly they’re not doing a good job :wink: @boerboel: Stry nie,julle “kwotas” maar spelers in jul geval 100%+ op meriette is wat die WP skole sterk maak.DIS NIE ROCKET SCIENCE :mrgreen: Net so die Suidsee eiland spelers wat NZ in n ander klas sit….

  30. @Grizzly: jip dit maak dit makliker uiteraard

    en ons is slimmer-voorvaders nie met ossawaens oor die berge getrek nie

  31. enige ou met n ik bo 50 sal mos nou weet dis lekkerder om in die kaap te bly as in die vaal vrystaat/tvl

    en die skole is baie beter 8-O :lol: :lol: :lol:

  32. @Grizzly: agree – as schoolboy rugby becomes more popular, so the incentives to wedge your son into a team are increased. the whole 25% quote is non sensical in that sense – you want the 75% to carry the 25% to ensure they still get the national exposure and the kudos in “our community”. so the person of colour that managed to get a scholarship by combining academic study with sporting talent is now also asked to carry the well connected. now if they will say that the 25% will not come from any school where directly or indirectly any selector, wp blazer carrier et al or associates of the aforementioned come from, then perhaps – in the new world, that would truly be transformation

  33. @Grizzly: Funny you mention New Zealand, if you look at their touring teams to Europe from the older days there are few non white players in those teams. I guess money changes things :wink:.

  34. have been watching 13 c/week

    just saw the blue bulls nr 6 and ipresume clapping hands at the ref for yellowcarding a swd wing for a high tackle-where does he learn this 8-O 8-O 8-O :oops: :oops:

  35. @apple: The 2 props from Bulls plus 8th man from Lions to me was a revelation this season.IMO a must for the world cup.

    I’m geusing now but if I was a betting man because I think Pote created an inviroment where the players can enjoy and express themselves and secondly because under Daan Human they learned a lot from someone who understands the sceince and coplexety of scrums.To me especially nr 3 can become a monster….bet there’s few forwards who’ll beat him at 100m!

    Then for Lions 8, again you can go back to coach Swys..his just oozing with talent and with right guidence can make it all the way.

    The point is,the day black players grow up in households where rugby is like a religion like in so many white homes,is the day the rest of the rugby playing world won’t be able to hold a candle….

  36. @Grizzly: Oom Pote het my afgerig in 1999 vir die Vrystaat platteland span ,n nicer ou sal jy nie sommer kry nie ,maar hy is heavy op kondisionering en dissipline…..en jy kon dit by die Bulle sien die jaar

  37. @Smallies: Ek glo jou, maw jy weet waar jy staan met hom.Ek dink dis Al wat die spelers vra. Hy was deel van die span wat Garsies suksesvol uit daai moeilike tydperk gelei het.

  38. @Grizzly: sy gunsteling se ding was tjank nou en lag saterdag….hy is n yster,ek dink die bulls het goed besluit met hom,maar hoe dan anders met n ou ,van die Oos Kaap wat meer as 100 games vir die Vrystaat gespeel het

  39. @Spear: Nie daai tipe nie,groot word in n rugby huis waar die gesin n span ondersteuner,die hoogte sowel as die laagte punte.Die spelers,geskiedenis…die droom om eendag daai trui aan te trek…van kinsbeen af…

    Dan die realisation dat jy eintlik useless is en nie eers jou skool se eerste span kan maak Nie…maar dit maak nie saak nie,jys hooked for life…jy support,komplimenteer,kritiseer, rig af,word n ref…gaan Loftus toe..braai by die pelle, kies Springbok spanne,wen die wereld Beker,wen Super Rugby….dis n lewenstyl…n tipiese scenario van n Afrikaner gesin..dis hoe ons groot geword het in PTA.

    Met meeste swart gesinne word die rugby net vervang met sokker…selle ding…one team for life…Ek praat van daai passie…raak soos religion,alhoewel dit n groot woord is verstaan jy in water konteks dit gebruik word…Nie dagdroom om n beroep uit rugby te maak nie.

  40. @apple: Met die WP se hoofleier(wat demokraties gekies is deur die Amateur-afdeling van die WP) se besluit oor die 25% van nie Model C Skole nie, is my raad aan Paarl Gim, Paarl Boys, en Boland Landbou om terug te skuif na hulle regte Unie….. Boland.

    Ek is dood seker Cassie Carsten sal julle met oop hande ontvang!!!

    @Grizzly: Ek hou van wat jy se… Kies die beste… Beker Rugby is baie lekker. Kan nie wag vir die VirSeker Bekerwedstryde na die vakansie nie!

    Ek ook by Witrivier en daar is moer baie werwers… Meer as ooit. Ek glo ook dat die “Target sisteem van SARU dit veroorsaak het.

    Garsies Bere gaan weer n paar nuwe name vlg jaar in span he!!

  41. @boerboel: Nee kyk, as ons begin saam stem oor dinge…

    Ek het ook die 6 flank van die Bulle dopgehou toe hy entoesiasties klap vir die geel kaart, ek haat sulke gedrag en ons seuns weet sulke optrede sal hulle blitsvinnig op die reserwe bank besorg.

    Maar op ‘n positiewe noot – daai 11 van SWD is nog /12 en sy 1ste drie was wonderlik gewees. Die man het baie wiele en hy gaan volgende jaar ‘n monster wees.

    Ek dink WP teen die Sharks in die finaal, die Sharks het 9 Glenwood seuns in die span wat seker help met die samespel.

  42. @Murrayfield: So ook Monnas,los die beste vir ons :lol:

    Ja stem oor Virseker,ons gaan nou na die business end van die kompetisie en net daai gedagte gee my hol kol op die maag…moer bly eks Nie n afrigter nie!

  43. @Rainier: jy begin nou vir die eerste keer sin maak-seker die regte twak gevind 8-O 8-O

    stem wp sharks lions die beste spanne-

    stem ook swd-se vleuel senter-daardie inside pass-great

    meer sulke skills nodig

    ps ek het oom johhny laat weet!!

  44. @Oakdale supporter: Will be very unfair to the Lions. This is SARU so who knows what they will do.

    WP is playing some awesome rugby. If they can manage to win it should be a WP vs Lions final.

    WP 31- 5 Cheetahs HT.

  45. @Stier: it is quite unfair at these school weeks – some schools’ players are not used to playing with neutral referees, so the adjustment is enormous for them

  46. @Rainier: Outeniqua spoedvraat het hope talent. Laasjaar by George-Suid o11 toernooi duskant 20 driee gedruk. Elke wedstryd 2 of meer. Net Grey kon hom in toom hou.

  47. Waar is die groot grey/ovs man Smallies?

    sien nie een van sy witwarm cweek spanne maak eintlik hond haaraf nie-sukkel seker met die neutrale refs 8-O 8-O 8-O 8-O :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  48. @Oakdale supporter: I hear WP and the Sharks are playing in the final. Who knows maybe Friday SWD will set a new rekord and become the first team to draw all their games, that is something to aim for.

  49. @boerboel:nou net die scores gesien ,was nie in netwerk area nie ….ja nee die verdedigende kampione van verlede jaar trek maar swaar,die jaar,Grey aan die anderkant le nr 1 in amper al die ouderdoms groepe…geluk met wp se spannetjies ,hulle is goed die jaar ,niks spesiaals nie maar goed….

  50. @boerboel: jy weet dit is weird ne ,Grey speel basies die helfte van hulle games weg ,soos verlede jaar by PRG Affies, HJS ,Grey High,ens en 90,%van daardie games word ook gewen….dit moet seker die revs wees ne

  51. @Smallies: dis daai 50 p by die huis wat hulle die edge gee

    niemand ontken dat grey baie talent het en goed afgerig is nie-dit is dit hoekom dit so verassend is dat die skeidsregters by grey in die algemeen so swak/eenogig is-vra elke skool wat daar gaan speel -almal kan nie verkeerd wees nie 8-O 8-O 8-O :evil: :evil: :evil:

  52. @Smallies: wie is gereelde verloorders?

    swak antwoord-doen iets daaromtrent-dis n embarrasment vir julle=kan nie julle koppe in die sand druk nie-

  53. @Smallies: stem-maar julle sal moet aandag gee aan die issue

    en in my 5 jaar by hjs het ons 3/5 gewen so nie regtig aan die verloor kant nie :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  54. Die WP /13 span het 26-24 verloor teen die Sharks spannetjie in die “finaal”. Ek het gedink hulle gaan maklik wen.

    Die WP 8 is great en hulle 10 en 12 het beindruk.

    Vir die Sharks was hulle 10 baie goed en vir my die speler van die wedstryd.

  55. Geluk aan die klein Sharkies met die wen. WP in 1ste helfte te veel foute gemaak onder druk.. Veral strafdrie en geelkaart hulle gekos. WP GK span het 2de helfte oorheers en na taai 1ste helfte 12-10 gedraai om 34-10 te wen.

  56. Congratulations to the Sharks and WP on their victories. I think there should be a rule that all the teams should play their reserves on day one. Then day two the first choice players and on the final day the province can decide who they want to play. I think had SWD and the Cheeters played their first choice players on day two it could have been a different final day.


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