School rugby losing fun factor or just changing with the times

I read Stefan Terblanche’s interesting article on SARugbyMag much earlier today.

A bit later in the day someone pointed out that a comment was posted stating that the “blog” was advertising shopping at the Grant Khomo Week. I think the more appropriate term would have been “highlighting” what is happening at the under-16 youth week. Anyways here’s my thoughts on the article titled – schoolboy rugby losing fun factor.

Schoolboy rugby losing fun factor

As things stand 99.9% of all the school students who dedicate their time and energy to playing schoolboy rugby won’t go on to become pro rugby players. Even those who play 1st XV rugby and are considered to be in maybe the top 2% of players their age in the world, the conversion rate isn’t that much better. The vast majority of students will probably find that other aspects of their schooling lives proved more valuable but even those of the many who choose a career path away from rugby will have fond memories of the teen years playing the sport and would have gained some sort of live lesson out of the disciple the sport forced on their lifestyle during that period of time. Rugby contributes to character building.

There is however a strong argument that high schools don’t need rugby to be successful business models that attract good students and produce school leavers that are ably equipped to deal with their next phase in life. However a reverse argument that age-group rugby in SA does not need schools to survive would not gain much traction.

There is a huge and arguably unavoidable overlap between secondary education institutions and pro rugby in SA. “Unavoidable” now because to separate the two would be disastrous for rugby as clubs and SARU could not afford to maintain school age-group rugby at the high level the schools are able to, not to mention that participation levels would probably diminish quite drastically if it was removed from the structured, disciplined environments that schools offer. It has become a very expensive sport for those who want to be very good at it.

By my reckoning SA now needs players to be ready for Super Rugby level at age 21. To wind back the clock to the 1980’s when I was a kid and there was either no such thing or little emphasis on gym works with scientific conditioning, supplements, pro coaching, extra time spent on training etc would mean that today’s 18 y.o. who wants to make the step up to pros, would just be too far behind to make up for lost ground. One has to remember that SA isn’t the isolated bubble of just domestic rivalries that it was in the 1980’s. These days everything is measurable on an international scale. The outside rugby world is moving forward at a faster rate than ever before and keeping pace is in itself a challenge. Also creating an environment where kids are encouraged to dedicate less time to speeding up physical development of their bodies only works when everyone is on the same page. The last thing you want is 80’s style little Johnny and his 14 compliant teammates to come up against even just two boys from an opposing team that didn’t read the script of not using all the benefits of modern living to improve their physiques. In a situation like this the potential for bodily harm and severe injury would be significantly higher. It would be a kind of Jonah Lomu effect. In the 1990’s Lomu was a freak of nature. He was very difficult to stop. Today a man of his size/speed/skill would still pose a significant threat but wouldn’t have nearly as much advantage over opponents and might also be shown up more for his own weaknesses. Not everything has to be an extreme example though. Rugby as a popular national sport in SA is under pressure for many different reasons and constant out of the box thinking to keep it in a place where millions still see it their favour sport to watch is going to be required because for many males there is a direct relationship between once playing the sport and continuing to love it.

When I was at boarding school, my iconic physical science once told us as a class that we should always aim to get 100% whenever we wrote a test or exam on his subject. The aim of playing a game of rugby has the same ultimate goal – it is to win. Yes you want to the kids to enjoy it but at the same time you should also want them to appreciate the purpose of the competition – the real character building meat and potatoes. Winning is like aiming to get 100% for a Saturday school science test and then getting a mark that’s pleasingly close enough  to that objective. Winning isn’t just about pitching up, it’s about all the big and small things that get done to prepare for the occasion. That’s what’s driven the sport forward. As the level of competition has gotten better over the years, so too have the rival competitors, so too have the methods, techniques adopted. The main distinction for me now is : win (which we should all be striving to do) versus win-at-all-costs which is the ungentlemenly behaviour which has sadly made its presence felt in school rugby.

Winning incorporates things like getting up early to go to gym, training hard, following the correct diet, having specialist coaches helping you to up your skills level, building good relationships, having pride for your school and being willing to go the extra mile for team etc. , incorporating your natural ability with modern developments in science and technology to help achieve the desired outcome.

Winning-at-all-costs has those same wholesome elements as winning but adds in and condones in some form or another stuff like steroids, poaching, paying players in excess of their school requirement needs, allowing over-aged players, sacrificing important academic and other cultural time at school to focus solely on rugby, unsportsmanlike behaviour by sideline medics/coaches, encouraging forms of cheating be it via understandings with referees/ turning a blind-eye to players’ conduct/social development on/off the field when corrective action is required. There are probably other things you can think of as well.

I wanted to add that through this website I have the opportunity to communicate with many parents and I understand the concerns that Stefan Terblanche has raised as a parent himself. So in conclusion I thought it’s important to state that just like we’re now witnessing this massive growth in women’s rugby, nothing is set in stone in society. There is no reason why there can’t be another branch of rugby similar to that of union versus league diversion, one that gives rise to a variant of the game that perhaps creates the sort after 1980’s like environment with a style of play appeal and the safety comforts that a growing number of today’s parents want for their kids. I think I’ve mentioned it before, a version of the game with strict weight restrictions like tug-o-war contests – for example backs that weight a combined average of 70kg per player and forwards with an 85kg average would certainly reduce the impact of collisions quite significantly. Although it might not cut it for some spectators, who knows it could perhaps become something worthwhile.


  1. Each province has about 3-10 good “rugby” schools, although these schools eg Paarl Gim, Paul Roos, Affies, Glenwood, etc are actually excellent at all sports, cultural activities and academics, but are known as “rugby” schools. These schools through their recruitment and top training programs unearth and development talent without which SA Rugby would be far worse off. The rest of the schools are not that serious about rugby but do participate for the fun of it. Each schoolboy has a choice whether he wants to work hard to get to the top or just participate for the fun of it. Therefore I don’t see how the very few top schools can take the fun out of rugby and even at these top schools each player can choose whether he wants to train hard to become a first-team player or just play for a lower team and enjoy the game. That said I am sure the first team players enjoy the game and also have fun. I don’t share the concern of Stefan Terblanche since the majority of schoolboy rugby players do not even fall within the catogory he is concerned about.

  2. Mens hoef net na die sogenaamde top skole se laer senior spanne se name te kyk om te weet dat daar baie pret in daardie spanne is paccies, crocks ,goffels,ho@re,die twaalf dissipels,ens,al daardie spanne jol flat out maar het ook hope pret

  3. I see where Stefan is coming from, and to a certain extent I get where you’re coming from Beet. There certainly is no fun in losing, especially when it becomes a habit. A teacher that advises students to aim for 100% in a subject advises well because 99.9% of learners who achieve 100% for all their subjects will get into their 1st choice varsity, do their 1st choice course and if all goes well will land their career of choice. While as you put it 99.9% of 1st XV SBR players will not see out a career in pro rugby. This despite being in an unbeaten team throughout high school. The average straight A student doing 6 subjects, probably enjoys only 2 of those subjects despite topping all 6.Why? It’s a combination. The teacher taking the subject, the content, the environment, and the thrill of the preparation for tests and exams, the exam itself, and finally the joy of learning from the marks they missed.

    Bring it to rugby. At schoolboy level, enjoyment, in my view is the good old bus trip to an away game where you start e tearing the gates of your archival, the 1st XV speech at sing song the night before, the captain’s speech just before the game, running onto the field, playing the game to a crowd of 30 mothers and fathers or even 5000 strangers. The belief instilled by your coach at half time when you’re behind on the scoreboard… Then the celebration in the change rooms when you’ve won, or the crying together when you’ve lost and still encouraging each other to come out on Monday to try again. Then getti G out as a team to enjoy a braai at a team mates house and as schoolboys do, move on an enjoy each others’ company. Build friendships. Fun is when no one is in it for themselves. That’s what a career is for. Shoving high scholars into career mode is what’s killing the fun.

    It would be interesting to do a survey in 2030.See how many okes who played rugby together have maintained friendships. Compare the guys who played between 1990-2009 to those who played between 2010-2020.Also aks them to rate their enjoyment thereof on a scale from 1-10. 10 being THOROUGHLY ENJOYED.

    My 2 cents

  4. @Playa: I am inclined to believe that last criteria won’t be a very usable input to determine the fun factor. The friendships we maintain after school and rugby is not always because of the same team we played in or rugby at all. Some guys enjoyed playing for the Eagles and Falcon teams, but have little in common besides playing rugby together. After school new friendships is made in varsity and the ones you keep from school is most often not because you played in the same rugby team.

  5. @BoishaaiPa: I think Stefan’s last comments say it all for me. If you were asked to play one last rugby game, who would you play play for?I believe Nick Koster had a similar answer. Like I said, friendship is only but one but. Enjoyment is a combination. Friendship is only one, but probably the biggest.

    I can barely wake up for a morning jog which is my choice, and now we have kids who are swimming, running and gyming at 6am then in class at 8:00, then on the Rugby field at 2pm till 5pm eating supplements, and goat food. Tell me honestly that they’re enjoying their rugby.

    At school, gym was not mandatory as it is now. But I recall some mass builder and creatine freaks who walked around with water bottles believing they were future Springboks.There is no ways those guys enjoyed their rugby. While some of us saw more than just future prospects as our purpose of playing the game. We have mind fkced these kids into something we never believed in. That’s just evil

  6. @Playa: That is two different things we are talking about.. I was reffering to the friendship part… What you mention is because of change.. that is what is takes nowadays to be the best..and they have a choice to do it. Either you play for the fun or you have to put in the hard yards.. Either way if you dont play the game for the love of it you are doing it for the wrong reasons. I know some boys are pressured by parents, but that is a whole different deep dark hole.

  7. @BoishaaiPa: I’m saying that putting in the yards means you forgo the fun. That’s not a new thing. In the 90s when I was at school there were guys who put in extra yards and didn’t enjoy their rugby. There were guys who played for fun and still excelled only to find out that the yards needed to stay in pro killed the fun. So they quit. Like everything in life, do it for love and the money will follow they say. Works 99.9% of the time. I just don’t believe high school kids should be doing anything for future money. They should enjoy the experience. Are we now going to relegate kids who are skilful but don’t like gyn to lower teams?

  8. A bit of a personal story. Griffy hates losing. It drives him insane. I mean the guy only lost 5 games between Sub A and Matric. But when his side is on the back foot, he tells them “Boys just play the Rugby you love playing”. And then he goes red in his corner. The boys love him for that. They may lose, but they’ll lose attractively and they’ll look forward to playing the next game. Regardless. That’s enjoyment.

    And Griffy played for Deon Boshoff. A guy who believed props could kick for poles and fly halves could run for the corner, while flanks could side step and offload. Go figure

  9. @Playa: I think this is no “one rule fits all” scenario..I know boys who loved to put in the hard yards, who could not wait to do the extra work and enjoyed it. They are driven inherently by a will to succeed and they still enjoyed it be it rugby, cricket or any other sport. They may not all be motivated to do it for future success at the sport, but for the now and their love of achievement. Most of them have not turned pro, but still play the sport at varsity or club level or doing something else, but if you asked them if they enjoyed their rugby at school, there will be a 99% positive reaction I am sure.

  10. Fun, is a very relative concept. Some can enjoy activities and events with pressure, others need less pressure. Some don’t mind the hard work to “achieve”, others are naturally relaxed and have less strenuous ways to experience enjoyment. Some need people around them, others need to be a bit more isolated (less exposed).
    The kids presently in the system do not have a reference to compare their experiences with and therefore they either have fun or not. For them it cannot be “better” or “worse” than in another era.
    Various issues, some already mentioned, that do come into play more often, removes fun, and creates incredible stress are:
    1. Expectations that they will become professional and be successful in sport and that they must do everything possible to achieve. To do everything possible, many times result in the use of unlawful substances. This creates a future mindset, which cannot be positive. Also, when these expectations do not realise there are no real other options to set them up for life and they grasp at anything to just earn a living.
    2. Unfairness of systems that provide recognition for performance also detracts from “fun”. Politics can play a role in school teams, especialy of there is a large talent pool. Politics are also very much part of the provincial school setup. There are many root causes, e.g.; quotas, nepotism, agent influence, etc. Many boys that may “deserve” opportunities are left disappointed and lose trust in the “system”. Others that benefit from the system may have a false reality on what is needed for success. They then fail if not “carried” later in life.
    So, for a select few there could be loads and loads of temporary fun because they benefit from the system. For many more there is less fun because there dreams and expecations are not met.
    What is more important in the “fun” realm is the role that parents and teachers should have in mouldings and managing young people’s mindset. When someone has a positive set of values, strong work ethic, realistic future expectations, hope and options for the future; then they will more readily be a happy person regardless of their circumstances or what happens with them. Realizing that fun and happiness can readily be found in the small (everyday) things in life, unlocks a whole new world.

  11. @BoishaaiPa: I think we’re saying the same thing but differently. I personally loved playing rugby. I played till I couldn’t play anymore. I put in all the effort I could without ever expecting a contract be it provincial or national. In the space I was in I played for the school/koshuis/varsity/club I was in. That’s a massive difference to a person that plays for individual achievement. All I’m saying is we have gone from a place at school level where the badge came first, to where a contract comes first. Now that person has gone from one or 2 20 years ago to 15 today. Those one or 2 people 20 years ago were an anomaly, and when they didn’t pass for their sake it spoilt the game for the other 13.Bjt they were still outnumbered. Their fun was limited so the fun was balanced. Now you have okes who are playing for their 18th birthday waiting for that agent to come knocking at their door.

    The concept of hard yards has changed. It’s no longer about getting full colors or honors at school… It’s about having some dude with a cheque knocking on your dorm door. That’s the problem.

    I love my job, but I’d never do it for free. But there are things I’d do for free if someone paid my son’s school fees, bond and food. There’s a difference.

  12. @BoishaaiPa: @BrotherBear: Good example is the Pollock brothers.Groot hond and Klein hond.

    Pieter was n workaholic.Always working afther practice or before on bating, bowling or fitness.

    Greame on the other hand was missing in action during practice.His take on practice was I can’t waste energy,I need all of it because of the long period I’m going to spend infront of the wickets… :mrgreen: :lol: :lol:

  13. @BoishaaiPa: Agree with your comment. Players today or 30 years ago play for the love of the game at a level they choose. Some will work hard to play first team and others not, but all enjoy the game and have fun. The traditions, bus rides, etc are still part of the game.

  14. Sjoe guys, regards this debate about schoolboys not enjoying their schoolboyrugby, the individual that are prepared in anything, academics, sports etc. to put in the hard yards and i think all of us know that if you want to compete for example a first rugby team place in most schools, rugby is a sport that only the brave and tough can compete in , so it is easy if a boy dont have self motivation to play the sport, but want to participate in rugby. just sign up for the kaas en wyn span. Nothing wrong with that, all cant be motivated schoolboyrugbyplayers. Rugby i believe is one of those sports that nobody can force somebody to excel in or even do it.

  15. @Playa: In south africa you maybe, 8 out 10 times going to be dissapointed waiting for that knock on your door.

  16. Ek sien WP gaan n verlies van min of meer 30 mil he ,saam met al die ander geld wat hulle skuld en die 200mil hofsaak dink ek dit kan die fun heeltemal uit WP skole rugby uit haal,dalk moet die WP skole hulle lot in hulle eie hande neem en hulle eie borge kry en sommer vir WP stuur ,n onafhanklike skole rugby unie kan dalk net die hupstoot wees wat SA skole rugby nodig het op saru geheel en al te dump

  17. Keith Andrews once said “We played rugby to build up a thirst. Nowadays guys play to pay their bonds.” That for me summed up the fckupness of our apor in general. This coming from a Chartered Accountant running his own practice while playing for the Boks at the same time. Mind you he lost more games than he won when he was at Selborne. Well… Go figure

  18. @Smallies: Gelukkig is die meeste rugby spelende skole nie afhanklik van WP se geldkoffers nie. Die wat wel is,is ongelukkig die wat dit die meeste nodig het. Ons sal maar moet sien waar die impak die meeste gevoel word. My gevoel is dat die unie n totale skoonmaak proses moet ondergaan. Jaag die hele spul amateurs weg wat geen idee het hoe om n sport organisasie te bestuur nie.

  19. @BoishaaiPa: stem 100p saam

    die huidige bestuur is net nie kundig genoeg of bereidwillig om kundigheid in te koop nie

    proffesinele rugby is al klaar n baie moeilike bedryf om kop bo water te hou en dan sit die WP met hierdie mense-bankrotskap is al wat ons gaan red 8-O 8-O

  20. As a long time coach I have to say that numbers are definitely down. St Stithians not able to field c and d teams and only go up to fourths. Certainly ‘smaller’ Johannesburg schools are losing numbers and interest in rugby, and I know for a fact that rugby bursaries are not being given out like they were, say, 10 years ago. Many reasons for the loss of numbers – busier kids, more options, perceived danger, academic concerns. There is also a drop off in the interest of coaches/teachers to be involved. Teachers spending an hour every Friday doing Boksmart forms kills the joy of the thing. So too does getting told at Boksmart training that ‘you will be sued’ (fingers pointing and all) if you fail a rugby player (understandable, but not nice, and definitely a turn off for ‘part time coaches’).

    To make rugby fun again, we definitely need to look at rugby by weight category and also, certainly in Johannesburg and Pretoria, making leagues. League 1: Jeppe, KES, Affies, Pretoria Boys, Waterkloof etc. League 2: Parktown, St John’s, Saints and keep the traditional derbies as far as possible.

  21. @Playa: Shame , i@Playa: Shame, we hope their parents can confort them through the big dissapointment? ( What im saying and send the message to all schools. Time of hoping for a contract after school is gone in SA if i listen to future under 19 provincial contracting.

  22. @BlouLou: Dink jy julle het kans teen die blik-ore?
    Fun laat my dink grap, en jy kan net lag as dit vir altwee snaaks is :twisted: :lol:

  23. @Skopgraaf243: ek dink nie enige nugter dobbelaar sou sy geld op Waterkloof sit om te wen nie. Grey moet die oorweldige gunsteling wees om alle ouderdomme te wen. Dalk is daar iewers n verrassing, en dit is wat die underdog tag so lekker maak om te dra. Ons soek iewers n verrassing of twee.

    En nee wat, as jy dink om teen Grey te speel is n grap…….. dalk eendag sal Menlo ook n kans kry om teen die groot een te speel. Dan sal jy besef dis nie n grap nie.

  24. @BlouLou: Grey se b spanne gaan moeilike games hê. Wonder hoe gaan bepalings lyk in bloem volgende jaar. Dink jy Noordheuwel gaan saam toer?

  25. @David: laasjaar sou dit Diamandveld gewees het maar Grey het hulle bleikbaar baie kwaad gemaak (die rumour wat ek gehoor het). Hierdie jaar dan Noordheuwel plaaslik. Sal lekker wees as dit Noordheuwel kan wees wat volgende jaar saam met ons gaan.

  26. @BlouLou: ongelukkig nie ,my seun is klaar met skool en ek ry nou bietjie agter my dogter aan ,die naweek is dit n grote vir hulle Classic clash teen Hoërskool Hangklip in Queenstown

  27. @Cappie: Net ‘n regstelling, Oos-Moot vs Lichtenburg vind eers 27 Julie plaas. Oos-Moot het ‘n vriendskaplike wedstryd teen Zwartkops die naweek. As ek reg is word Monnas/Helpekaar die naweek uitgesaai.

  28. @ Oppimoot – Het ek reg gehoor dat van julle O16s na die nasionale weke nie trg gekom het Oosies toe nie 8-O ?, blykbaar na n ander Pta skool gegaan …

    Sterkte met julle wedstryd tn Zwartkop die naweek :!:

  29. @oppimoot: Jy is reg oor die Lichtenburg – Oos Moot wedstryd wat 27 Julie plaasvind. Hy word wel dan uitgesaai. Ek sien Lichtenburg doen baie moeite om daardie ‘n goeie dag te maak vir almal.

    Helpmekaar vs Monnas gaan ‘n bitter goeie wedstryd wees. My gevoel is Helpmekaar gaan hom vat.

  30. Wonder when Beet will list the weekends games. Some interesting games ahead are:

    Framesby- Grey HS
    Waterkloof – Grey
    Noordheuwel – Grey Cherries (Grey taking on two Noordvaal Cup Virseker teams)
    Glenwood – HTS Middelburg
    Affies – Maritzburg (televised)
    EGJ – Garsfontein
    Lichtenburg – Heidelberg
    Monnas – Helpmekaar (Kyknet)
    KES – PBHS
    Menlo – Transvalia
    Boland Landbou – SACS
    Oakdale – HJS
    Paarl Gim – Rondebosch
    Wynberg – Paul Roos

  31. @scrummie: @oppimoot:
    As Oos Moot 6 spelers verloor het na die vakansie, hoop ek Volkskool het nog ‘n span oor! Hulle het wat, 61-0 teen Oos Moot gewen?

  32. @BlouLou: Sover ek kan onthou het Waterkloof nie te lank terug onttrek teen ander skole oor “poaching” bewerings wat nooit bewys kon word nie.
    What happened?

  33. Wonderwerk 2e helftes is nog moontlik. WP o.21 voor 32-7 halftyd maar Cheetahs wen 45-39.

  34. @Djou: Garsies was baie kwaad vandag. Halftyd 40/5 voor teen EG. Eindtelling 80/38,hele paar drieë verbrou maar dit was werklik mooi hardloop rugby. Meeste subs vroeg in tweede helfte op.

  35. 0/14 Outeniqua 31 – 14 HTS Drostdy
    0/15 Outeniqua 14 – 22 HTS Drostdy
    0/16 Outeniqua 19 – 21 HTS Drostdy
    1stes Outeniqua 38 – 22 HTS Drostdy

    Outeniqua wat nou 5 wedstryde in ‘n ry gewen het, maar volgende naweek is dit Paarl Gim. Laaste keer in George het Outeniqua gewen, maar hierdie jaar lyk Gim baie goed. Hopenlik is hulle besig om te dink aan die interskole en wie almal in die SA skole span is. :lol:

  36. @oppimoot: daai twee het ook nie gehelp nadat Waterkloof 68-0 in die stof moes byt by u16’s nie.
    …miskien was nuwe manne nog op stalle vir afkoel periode :twisted:

  37. @Djou:
    Menlo 69- 22 Transvalia
    Kemptonpark 34 – 29 Montana
    Grey 63 – 27 Waterkloof
    Glenwood 28 – 22 HTS Middelburg
    Oosmoot 52 – 5 Zwartkops
    Affies 78 – 16 Maritzburg College
    KHS 52 – 22 Wesvalia
    Monnas 41 – 31 Helpmekaar College
    Stellenberg 27 – 25 Bishops
    Paarl Vallei 27 – 29 Tygerberg

  38. @Skopgraaf243: Eish,baie dankie. Mens kry lyk my nie meer scores op die blog nie.
    Lyk my Menlo, Grey, Affies en Garsies het hard begin. Goeie wen vir Monnas.

  39. @Wonder: Sjoe, goeie wen. Maar lyk my verdediging in 2e helfte bietjie gelol. Kan dit nie Saterdag teen Helpmekaar bekostig nie. Maar nogtans, great wen, het nie so groot telling verwag nie.

  40. @Djou: moet net noem dat Grey sonder 7 frontline spelers begin het vandag,dit plaas die cherries peaches en playboys se prestasies vir my in perspektief….well done Grey ,dankie Klofies en Nories vir die dag se games

  41. @Rugbyman: Ek hoop nie daardie seuns gaan in Virsekerbeker speel vir Blou Lou – hulle nie. Ek glo nie Oos-moot se Hoof sal die 1 Maart afsnypuntvorm teken nie.

  42. @Rugbyrealis: Sal graag wil hê dat Flou Lou vir ons sy opinie gee noudat almal ingelig is dat Kloof nogsteeds pouch. Dis nou as hy al die eiergeel van sy gesig af gewas het.

  43. @Hastings: Presies. Maar die waarheis kom altyd uit, soms jare later.
    Ek vra soms ongemaklike vrae en veroorsaak senuweeagtigheid by mense wat skuldig is.

  44. Bethlehem Voortrekker 27-23 Sentraal
    Grey High 22-17 Framesby
    Rustenburg 29-21 Nelspruit
    Lichtenburh 45-32 Heidelberg Volkskool
    Florida 33-28 Hugenote
    Jeugland 35-19 Centurion
    Overkruin 17-15 Pretoria-Noord
    Randburg 40-14 Alberton
    Anker 30-7 HTS Vereeniging
    HansMoore 33-23 Oosterlig
    Die Wilgers 33-15 Hendrik Verwoerd
    Leeuwenhof 45-12 Fochville
    Curro Heuwelkruin 31-5 Louis Trichard
    Standerton 37-20 Hoogenhout
    Akasia 29-24 Gerrit Maritz
    Allen Glen 59-22 Carltonville
    Warmbad 48-10 Eric Louw
    Heilbron 39-5 Kempton Panorama

  45. Despatch 21-19 Brandwag
    Queens College 25-10 Grens
    StAndrews College 46-21 Marlow Landbou
    Burgersdorp 66-3 Middelburg
    Welkom Gim 43-16 Goudveld
    Diamantveld 55-24 Fichardtpark
    Jim Fouche 32-21 Witteberg
    StAndrews 31-21 Zastron
    KES 36-19 PTA Boys
    Paarl Boys 42-0 Oakdale
    Paarl Gim 46-26 Rondebosch
    Paul Roos 31-17 Wynberg
    Boland 20-17 SACS
    Durbanville 43-5 Belville

  46. @Skopgraaf243: Thanks, word waardeer ?

    Ek verstaan die SAS sou gister aan gekondig word maar daar is ongelukkigheid oor spelers wat in is maar reeds kontrakte met Montpellier geteken het.

    Dit lyk dus of SARU wil boodskap uit stuur,verwag dus min Grey spelers….

  47. @BlouLou: Lyk nie of julle hoof gras onder sy voete gaan laat groei nie,great Vir Kloof.Kyk hoe het hy Ben Vorster agter gelaat…Daar is baie werk,verwag maar kritiek,dis deel van werwing…

  48. @Grizzly: Kloof mag moes nie werf nie. Gaan lees asb weer die verklaring van hul BL voorsitter wat so duidelik die redes gee oor hoekom hul teen Garsies onttrek het. Of besluit die nuwe hoof nou self daaroor? Lekker 360 gemaak. Hoop hulle kry baie houe.

  49. @Wonder: Kloof onder vorige hoof was n ander skool.Hulle weet beter as enige iemand anders die leuns en optrede was veregaande on die minste te se.

    Maar dis nou nuwe bestuur en ons gaan nie soortgelyk kleinlik op tree nie.Hy was nie n maand daar nie toe herstel hy die fixture.

    As die uwe advokaat nog die BL voorsitter is en hulle gebruik nog dieselfde media voorsitter,moet hulle vervang word,onvergeefbaar…

  50. @Hastings: Garsfontein en Waterkloof het onder die nuwe hoof weer vanjaar teen mekaar begin speel. Die vorige hoof het die wedstryd gekanseleer.

  51. @Djou: Feite: Kloof het aansoek gedoen by Virseker om in die toernooi te speel. Dit is goedgekeur deur die bestuur van Virseker en Garsfontein eerbiedig SLEGS die reëls van die kompetisie. Geen “fixture” is herstel nie!

  52. @Chronicle: nie bewus nie……. Hier is wat ek van weet…. Menlo Kloof en Garsies se hoofde het agree dat hulle skole nie van mekaar sou poach nie. Garsies het nie by reeling gehou nie. Dit word bewys deur die Kloof speler wat daar gaan speel het. Potgieter het sy ⚙️gestrip en Kloof onttrek, maar dit sou die goedkeuring van die BL moes dra. Kloof het onttrek/is uitgeskop by versekerbeker en het die Derbysisteem op geneem en sodoende onder andere n Grey fixture gekry.

    Kloof se o/16 groep 2019 is ons swakste groep en sukkel nou al 3 jaar lank. Eks rerig nie verbaas dat hulle begin koop het op daai ouderdomgroep vir die 2021 seisoen nie.

  53. @Hastings: nie net goedgekeur deur bestuur nie. Skole kon weier want aansoek van kloof was na die bepalings van 2019 bepaal is. Anders sou ons eers 2020 weer kon speel. Ek dink meeste ouers en ondersteuners is dankbaar dat almal ingestem het om ons weer toe te laat.

  54. @Grizzly: Persoonlike het ek n probleem met werwing….. Kom ons sê ook liewers met die manier wat dit gedoen word. Maar dis deel van die lewe lyk my. Mens kan daar teen baklei, maar hoe bou mens n goeie span elke jaar, op alle ouderdomme, sonder om te koop. Jy moet ten minste jou eie sterspelers iets aanbied en vir hulle sorg, of ander gaan Garsfontein dit doen.

    En dan moet mens nog met hulle meeding vir die spelers wat rondloop opsoek na n nuwe skool, vir beter geleenthede, veral op akademiese vlak. Anders word hulle spanne elke jaar net sterker en sterker en jy boer met dieselfde kalwers?

  55. @BlouLou: In n perfekte wereld,voor ’94 het net Affies gewerf,op n baie klein skaal.Kloof het met Becker daar begin werf,met geen kompetisie was dit n hengse mark en hy kon pick en choose.

    Ek sal ook verkies as daar geen werwing was nie en almal eerbiedig dit.Dit is egter wensdenkery.So wat oor bly is om dit met integriteit te doen,dit Moet n wen,wen situasie vir skool en speler wees.Dis hier waar Garsies volgens my met onderskeiding slaag.@Hastings: Waar kry jy jou inligting,by Kloof Gizzet??Dink jy regtig die hoofde wat mekaar ken van Tzaneen het nie die ding uit gepraat Nie.Daar was skole wat wou kapsie maak vir laat deelname,Garsies het hard gestem en in gestem vir baie vroeg dat.Kry vir jou n Avatar,as jy nie weet nie vra vir @Beet om jou te help.

  56. @BlouLou: Jou weergawe is die een wat Waterkloof voorhou, wat heeltemal verkeerd is.
    Geen bewyse kon ooit gevind word om die weergawe te ondersteun nie en daardie weergawe van Waterkloof het 3 keer verander nadat bewyse gebring is dat die vorige weergawes onwaar is. Dit is die ware feite en nie jy of enige ander leuens sal die feite kan verdraai nie. Jy kan maar jou weergawe glo tot jy Blou Lou in jou gesig is en dit so wyd verkondig soos jy wil, maar dit gaan steeds nie die waarheid verander nie.

  57. @Grizzly: As ek mag vra, as n seun n beurs kry om te skuif na nuwe skool. Hoe js dit nie wen wen vir hom en nuwe skool?

  58. @CharlesZA: Die seuns kom nie almal die mas op nie.Dit gebeur af en toe.Partykeer is daar disiplinne probleme.Al wie dan wen in so situasie is die seun.

    Natuurlik kan n seun gehaal word waar hy in n kompeterende afdeling speel,se vir een van die wynland skole.Hy aanvaar n beurs by n minder kompeterende streek en raak so weg in die sisteem.

  59. @oppimoot: interressant dat die Garsfontein crowd sommer by 6 begin het….

    Dis darem n groot verskil om een skool se o/16 span te tref en 6 spelers te koop. 2 klink darem of jy nie te vraatsugtig is nie. Dalk moet ons uitkyk vir Grey se o/16 B span sterre of Cherries se spelers wat volgende jaar by ons opeindig na die naweek se pret by Waterkloof. (dink nie n Grey 1stes/A span speler sal sommer verander nie) ???

  60. @Grizzly: Geluk met die Bere se pakslae uitdeel die naweek! Sjoe dit was wild?

    Weer enige iemand wat was die Tellings van Nories se spanne vs Grey se B spanne?

  61. @BlouLou: Nee ons het nie! Julle vorige hoof kon dit net nie in sy kop kry nie! Ek het dit sommer bevestig by huidige en oud Kloof onderwysers wat deel was vd proses… Hy wou nie hoor of luister nie. Ek dink darem julle is nou beter af… julle kan dalk sommer nou weer julle naam terug verander van Waffies na Waterkloof ook…

  62. @BlouLou: Gaan lees weer boontoe. Dit was nie die Garsfontein crowd wat begin het met 6 spelers nie. Dit was @Ricardo12Volkies2012: Die res het daarop gebou. Ek het hulle reggehelp daar was net 2 lank voor Oppimoot dit gese het.
    Jy sien, jy begin net so onkredietwaardig raak soos Kloof se vorige hoof se leuens. Is dit iets eie aan julle om onwaar gerugte te versprei en dan te hoop almal glo julle.

  63. @Murrayfield:

    14A klop Waterkloof 14A 81-0*
    14B klop Noordeuwel 14A 20-8
    14C klop Waterkloof 14B 54-0
    14D klop Noordheuwel 14B 21-7
    14E klop Waterkloof 14C 29-17

    15A klop Waterkloof 15A 55-12
    15B klop Noordheuwel 15A 33-10
    15C verloor 33-14 teen Waterkloof 15B
    15D klop Noordheuwel 15B 28-12
    15E veloor 24-15 teen Waterkloof 15C

    16A klop Waterkloof 16A 72-0*
    16B verloor 31-22 teen Noordheuwel 16A
    16C klop Waterkloof 16B 24-10
    16D klop Noordheuwel 16B 39-21
    16E verloor 32-7 teen Curro 16B

    1ste span klop Waterkloof se 1ste span met 63-27
    Cherries klop Noordheuwel se 1ste span met 60-19
    Peaches klop Waterkloof se 2des 59-12
    Playboys klop Noordheuwel se 2des19-17
    Packs klop Waterkloof se 3des met 10-0
    Pigs wen 73-12 teen Noordheuwel 3de
    Crocks klop Waterkloof se 4des 36-5
    Camels klop Noordheuwel se 4des 37-5

  64. @Smallies: Is julle geskorste spelers nog op die kantlyn. Wat het Grey aan die 2 sake gedoen, sekerlik opgetree teen die seuns!!?

  65. @Carl de Kock: As hulle meer saamwerk en ophou teenwerk sal die bloubulle dalk n slag ook weer n krag by cw wees. dit bly verstommend al die binnegevegte en onder mekaar daar in gauteng.

  66. @Spear: Nonsens man,ek het al vir spanne gespeel wat met daai scores wen en verloor,hoe kan rugby die wenner wees?

    As die Bulle hulle beste span kan kies soos WP,daai dag…

  67. @Grizzly: WP se bestes het ook nie gespeel nie, talle het in xv tal gespeel Cairns, Meadon, van Rhyn, du Toit.

    Bekerrugby is n onding. raak ontslae daarvan.

  68. @Grizzly: Ek sal n merietespan opnoem uit die WP wat nie gewen sal word nie, Vrystaat met rooikaarte en al en bulle kan maar hulle bestes bring.

  69. @Spear: Saru se hoofkantoor is moes daar in die Kaap, hoekom stap jy nie oor soontoe ek klap n paar ouens wakker nie. Sal dan ten minste n positiewe bydrae lewer

  70. 1 Rodgers
    2 Williams
    3 Rijnsburger
    4 Evans
    5 de Leeuw
    6 Cairns
    7 Siebert
    8 Van Wyk
    9 Alexander
    10 Meadon
    11 Rossouw
    12 Labuschagne
    13 Horn
    14 Pretorius
    15 Wolhuter

    Bring maar julle bestes

  71. @Spear: Hard se ek vir jou,ordentlik…87 Grey was die beste voor die een,maar imo is hierdie span die beste wat Bloem rugby fabriek nog gebou het…

  72. @Spear: Sorry die ,’88 span,Ruben, Pieter Muller,Naka daai klomp

    Dan het jy gesien wat het 70% Bulle 2de helfte met WP 15 en 1ste helfte WP gedoen.

    Kyk schoolofrugby,Hannes wat se hy van Garsies 13 wat nie een span kon maak nie,@Grey brak sit Jarred van Bulle 15 in sy skole span,en,en….

  73. @Grizzly: bring jou span sal nie wp klop nie. wp xv tal moes ook kwotas speel. jou verskoning van nie beste span kan kies nie raak nou afgesaag. selfde reels vir alle spanne

  74. @Spear: Die feit dat dieselfde reels Vir Al die spanne julle pas,julle dit Nie kan aanvaar Nie raak nou af gesaag…

    Kom ons Kyk wat Sat gebeur met Garsies teen Helpies wat julle gedraw het…

  75. @Smallies: mens sou dink dat die skool wat dei seuns verteewoordig standpunt teen sulke ongeoorloofde spel sal inneem. indien nie, lyk dit of dit goedgekeur word.

  76. M@Spear: Jou redenasie hou nie water nie ,Grey wen meer as 90% van sy games maar speel minder as 45% tuis….ons ry seker ons revs saam… bietjie vir my hoeveel games Boishaai en PRG tuis teen Grey wen….

  77. @Spear: Mens sou dink dat jou breinselle standpunt in neem teen dit wat jou mond uitspoeg maar dit gebeur ook nie…wat tussen die skool en die seuns gebeur is in elk geval tussen hulle en het boggerol met jou uit te waai..

  78. knap eers julle akademie op dan kan ons n paar sinvolle vergelykings tref. nie n skewe een sport ogige storie nie.

  79. @Spear: Uhhhhhhhm die naam van die blog is die Schoolboy rugby blog nie die schoolboy akademie blog nie….en Grey se akademie is heel ok dankie….nie die beste nie maar ook nou nie die swakste nie,my seun het heel gemaklik by die Pukke,Maties ,Madibas en Kovsies ingekom met n Grey matriek

  80. @Spear: Jy weet seker nie te veel van Grey af as jy dink hulle presteer slegs in een sport nie,lui die name Kepler Wessels,Hansie Cronje,Nicky Boje,Boeta Dippenaar,Ryk Neetling en Wade van Niekerk dalk vir jou klokkies

  81. @boerboel: Hansie is our hero he shall not be moved…het die Grey seuns op sy begrafnis gesing ,as hy goed genoeg vir sy almamater is i,s hy goed genoeg vir my,gaan lees bietjie wat spelers soos Jonty ,Symcox,en Pollock van hom dink.

  82. @Spear: Is jy nie nou net gevra deur iemand wat nogal baie gerespekteer word op die blog en wat ek vermoed n OG boishaaier is om stil te bly nie…

  83. @Ploegskaar: :lol: Kom ek stel dit so,Jarred saam Roets op slotte, Garsies 13 saam AJ op Senter,Strydom op 15…met Jurigh 10, Garsies se 9… met geen bench wat op kom nie..kombinasie wat mekaar ken en vertrou soos batry en torch…wat FS so goed gemaak het met Grey…toe hulle nog hul beste span kon Kies…@boerboel: @Spear: Sien die 2 volmaaktes en sonder foute is weer besig op die Maandag…Kan ek daai planne van jul glashuise nou kry of Nie?

  84. s\@spear jy is soos n ou grammafoon wat vashaak.
    Hoe sal iemand op die blog weet wat Grey gedoen het aan die 2 seuns en dan as hulle nie jou vragie beantwoord nie dan maak jy die stelling hulle keur die gedrag goed. Die manne het elkeen n skorsing gekry van 2 en 4 weke – wat jy jy noy meer weet!!!
    Grey het ongelooflike goeie rugby gespeel die naweek en die gedrag van die seuns was onberispelik.

  85. @Grizzly: Monnas/HJS 12 & Valia 15 was goed. Is julle 13 die seun van Villiersdorp? Dink wel Waterkloof 9 sou die span versterk, maar anders dink ek julle was maar net nie goed genoeg, met ‘n paar hoog aangeskrewe spelers wat nie die mas kon opkom.

  86. Soos skolerugby aan die verkwyn is en die hoeveelheid spelers wat die sport beoefen al hoe minder raak, soos wat tans die geval is, voorspel ek dat ons al hoe meer n geval gaan kry waar daar n top liga vir jou superskole gaan wees (10-15 spanne) en die res.

    Rugby op skolevlak raak al hoe meer professioneel.

    Hierdie skole sal in hulle eie kompetisie speel.

    So n stelsel sal net sin maak, en dit sal keer dat ons hierdie wegholtellings op die veld kry.

    Dit is maar my twee sente.

  87. Is die SA skole en A span nou al bekend gemaak? Waar kan mens die span te siene kry? Help asb.

  88. @apple: and perhaps i have only ever reacted to what was said to me…it seems that you also has a massive grey chip on your shoulders,like the saying goes,liked by few


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