School Rugby fixtures & results – week ending 29 April 2017

Wed.26Apr Wilgerivier 26 20 Goudveld
Wed.26Apr Voortrekker (Beth) 31 20 Henties Cilliers
Wed.26Apr Welkom Gim 27 20 AHS Kroonstad
Wed.26Apr HTS Sasolburg 22 26 HTS Welkom
Wed.26Apr Pretoria BH 34 00 Overkruin
Thu.27Apr Lichtenburg 31 18 Zwartkop PUK Semifinal 1-4
Thu.27Apr Middelburg 21 39 Marais Viljoen PUK Semifinal 1-4
Thu.27Apr Noordheuwel 13 22 Potch Gim PUK Semifinal 5-8
Thu.27Apr Driehoek 17 41 Potch Volkskool PUK Semifinal 5-8
Thu.27Apr Die Anker 34 05 HTS Witbank PUK Semifinal 9-12
Thu.27Apr Hugenote 26 10 Montana PUK Semifinal 9-12
Thu.27Apr Randburg 12 19 Oosterlig PUK Semifinal 13-16
Thu.27Apr Wesvalia 42 07 Jeugland PUK Semifinal 13-16
Thu.27Apr Hudson Park 31 07 Despatch Grey PE Fest
Thu.27Apr Brandwag 24 42 DHS Grey PE Fest
Thu.27Apr Muir 07 26 Parktown Grey PE Fest
Thu.27Apr Queen’s 07 13 St John’s Grey PE Fest
Thu.27Apr Daniel Pienaar 12 33 Dale Grey PE Fest
Thu.27Apr Grey HS 36 22 Jeppe Grey PE Fest
Thu.27Apr Pearson 27 13 St David’s Grey PE Fest
Thu.27Apr Louis Botha 48 08 Ithembelihle Grey PE Fest
Thu.27Apr Hermanus 59 17 Punt
Sat.29Apr Muir 00 25 St David’s Grey PE Fest
Sat.29Apr St Andrew’s 21 10 St John’s Grey PE Fest
Sat.29Apr Jeppe 31 34 DHS Grey PE Fest
Sat.29Apr Daniel Pienaar 20 24 Louis Botha Grey PE Fest
Sat.29Apr Graeme 46 00 Ithembelihle Grey PE Fest
Sat.29Apr Grey HS 52 00 Parktown Grey PE Fest
Sat.29Apr Dale 22 15 Pearson Grey PE Fest
Sat.29Apr Brandwag 24 05 Hudson Park Grey PE Fest
Sat.29Apr Ben Vorster 17 59 Brackenfell KarooToernooi
Sat.29Apr Langenhoven Gim 12 71 Jim Fouche KarooToernooi
Sat.29Apr Oudtshoorn 15 10 Worcester Gim KarooToernooi
Sat.29Apr Marlow 29 24 Menlopark KarooToernooi
Sat.29Apr Schoonspruit 22 17 De Kuilen KarooToernooi
Sat.29Apr Nico Malan 22 55 Oos-Moot KarooToernooi
Fri.28Apr Gose (Jap) 07 35 Framesby SANIX
Sat.29Apr Osaka Toin (Jap) 17 05 Framesby SANIX
Sat.29Apr Glenwood 38 12 Garsfontein Wildeklawer
Sat.29Apr HJS Paarl BH 33 16 Selborne Wildeklawer
Sat.29Apr Welkom Gim 48 10 HTS Middelburg Wildeklawer
Sat.29Apr Stellenberg 24 24 EG Jansen Wildeklawer
Sat.29Apr Paarl Gim 26 07 Waterkloof Wildeklawer
Sat.29Apr Noord-Kaap 21 28 Outeniqua Wildeklawer
Sat.29Apr Diamantveld 17 36 Helpmekaar Wildeklawer
Sat.29Apr Grey Bloem 49 08 Boland Landbou Wildeklawer
Sat.29Apr Affies 14 21 Paul Roos Wildeklawer
Sat.29Apr Upington 10 17 DF Malan Wynberg Festival
Sat.29Apr Hugenote 15 12 Parel Vallei Wynberg Festival
Sat.29Apr Durbanville 55 22 Lydenburg Wynberg Festival
Sat.29Apr Bellville 12 49 SACS Wynberg Festival
Sat.29Apr Bishops 14 35 KES Wynberg Festival
Sat.29Apr Rondebosch 40 12 Tygerberg Wynberg Festival
Sat.29Apr Wynberg 45 29 Windhoek HS Wynberg Festival
Wed.26Apr Northwood 07 48 Maritzburg College
Sat.29Apr Hilton 51 19 St Charles
Sat.29Apr Michaelhouse 26 24 Kearsney
Sat.29Apr Landboudal 24 55 Augsburg
Sat.29Apr Monument 32 08 Oakdale Wildeklawer


  1. Oh dear Kearsney….. What happened? Must have been a cracker game. Sorry I missed it. Glenwood game is going to be interetsing!! :-?

  2. @Steve K: That was brutal match .

    Neutrals ( and the Kearsney folk) will say that Kearsney were robbed….us ‘House people are saying it was heart that got us the win.

    I think it took the MHS team 60 mins to realize that they were never going to beat Kearsney out wide. Jones, Holt , Calvert -Evers and the human battering ram Knox were outstanding for House .

    For Kearsney the back line showed a lot of pace , no 13 in particular had a very good game. Up front Richardson was very good, what a player .

    What a glorious winters day up at MHS .

  3. @Far Meadows: I thought House Nr 9 was brilliant. That game could have gone either way. Well done to the House coaching staff for the entertaining rugby the boys are playing.

  4. @Bush: Yip, he was also very good.

    Will be interesting to see how they go this next weekend.

    It was nice to see that House picked up some wins through the age groups. The u15As were unlucky to only come away with a draw and the u16s were good value for their win ,

  5. @Far Meadows: Going to be tough, from experience never bet on a derby???especially against the Underdog. Quite amazing what good coaching can produce, 3 years ago those House junior sides were getting beaten by everyone.

  6. @Far Meadows: I don’t think that even a Kearsney supporter could say they were robbed. It was a game of two halves, they totally dominated the first half and if they were going to win, they should have put us away then. In the second half we shut them down quickly and gave them very little space. But two convert tried in the last 3 minutes! It’s a 70 min game.

  7. Hoping to see some decent rugby at 2 3 House this weekend…..I heard so much about the facilities and type of people that hang around there…..have met 2 of them and not very impressed but let’s see the rest

    Have to wear a jacket and tie on Friday night……for a wors evening nogal…don’t even own a tie…..wonder if I can wrap a bandenna around my neck

  8. @Speartackle: Rock up with the Hugh Hefner look, and you’ll fit right in. Red gown with a black collar, and a bandana around your neck. Carry a pipe with the poison from Durban in it for control :lol:

  9. @Speartackle: There are still quite a few farmers’ kids that attend House, so if you rock up in your khaki outfit and vellies, you’ll probably be OK…just remove the comb from the sock asseblief!

  10. @Speartackle: When you get to House on Saturday, make sure its early, because you’ll then have time to relocate to Hilton, where the game is taking place. If you have a red comb you don’t have to wear a tie, but let me warn you against Bush’s redbush Gin… a few of those and the ref, the coach, the linesman and the medic are all fair game.

  11. @McCulleys Workshop: I’m making a weekend of this, Bush has invited me to his mansion so will be there from Friday…..and by the way……when I got home after the braai at Kearsney I found a bottle of that Rooibos Gin in my cool bag……its gagga hey

    Aren’t you coming to the wine tasting on Friday night?

  12. @Speartackle: See what I’m saying, even his wife is hiding it in other peoples cooler boxes. On Saturday it got him so excited he offered a Glasgow kiss to the medic, thankfully the medic declined the invitation…

  13. @Speartackle: I was preoccupied with McCulleys sister, to worried about those poison dwarves running the sideline telling the ref how to ref his game.

  14. @Bush: I believe Hilton has some very serious okes running the sidelines…..saw them at St John’s……nearly costa Affies the game

  15. These medics running up and down the sidelines screaming at ref and players are actually becoming a massive pain in the ass

    Is it allowed though?

    Shouldn’t they be in the technical area and only go onto the field when there’s an injury?

  16. @Speartackle: My understanding is that it isn’t allowed, we spoke to a ref after Saturday’s game and he concurred. I watched one of the coaches on Sat also trying to coach the ref into a favorable decision for his side. But unless the refs enforce it, it will continue.

  17. @Bush: I know of someone who will be glad that you found a new ‘sister’ to be preoccupied with :mrgreen:

  18. To elaborate on the side line circus. Schools provide ample First Aid and Medical Support and they are situated behind the barrier line. According to KZN Rugby the barrier line must be at least 3m from the field. There are ambulance’s, golf carts and doctors. Now you must have an ice-man running onto the field before the ref calls the professionals. Why have a Captain on the field, why even practice a game plan? As the instructions are screamed onto the field by these stalkers.

  19. @Speartackle: I believe he is actually a specialist in more than just the medical profession. Earphones keeps him sane (noise cancelling). Excellent chap.

  20. @BrotherBear: Ongelooflik, gesels gisteraand bietjie met my dogter oor die foon daar in Stellenbosch en waaragtig vertel sy my sy ken iemand wat saam haar swot wat jou bitter goed ken

    AS hul vriendskap so voortgaan sal ek en jy een van die dae moet wors braai

  21. @Speartackle: Ek sien jy moes eintlik in die intelligensie-diens gewees het (of dalk is jy). Visvang deur my vanity te toets en gepoogde assosiasie gaam nou eenmaal/meermaal nie werk nie.
    Ek hou egter van braai en kuier – se bitter min nee. Lekkerste wors wat ek ken is Grabouw-wors (van Grabouw) en eie wilds-wors (nat en droog).

  22. @BrotherBear: Asb net nie OK se Grabouw wors nie, nee kyk ons gaan nog lekker kuier, joune het reeds ons genooi as almal met vakansie tuis is. Klein Spear sal dan sommer vir Nr 7 leer golf ook speel

    Btw……is sy besering ernstig?

  23. Spear ek moet jou krediet gee…jy is ons Andre Byl.Dat jy beertjie nou ontmasker het vat appels…ek dink jy spot on.Ek nou met een Helpie ouers gepraat en hulle ry ook saam motorfiets of deel die liefde van yster perde

  24. @knowthegame: Ek het nooit gedink Helpmekaar is biker wereld nie maar ja ek sien baie van hulle het bromponies……wou eers sê skouponies maar ek kan nie so lelik van my maatjies praat

  25. @Kattes-Strofes: Kats ek het so ruk terug my kontaknommers verloor, ek dink jy het nog myne. Stuur vir my n Whatsapp dan stuur ek vir jou n foto van my Pniel wenfoto

  26. Spearis jy by Henties baai?Ek sien jy is besig om vis te vang of jy op Suidkus.Ai darem lekker om n paar shads te vang

  27. @BoishaaiPa: Ou Kats het al sy stem dik gemaak oor die span…….wat is jou opinie en wat dink jy van al die WP spelers……wees nou asb eerlik en los jou hart hieruit

    Het jy al enige goeie nuus oor Bush se droom?

  28. @knowthegame: hy dink maar net hy het my ID. Hy moet ook versigtig wees om nie die verkeerde ou aan te vat. Hopelik sal die “betrokke persoon” se maatjies hom vertel en dan kan hy self antwoord of sy maatjies kan vir hom instaan.

  29. @BoishaaiPa: Ek en n paar manne het wel op die blog gesels oor die span. Kyk by die SA U/20 TEAM PREPERATIONS(by die O/19 EN O/20 opskrif). Bly vir die 5 Boishaai manne.

  30. @Speartackle: Ek is te onnosel om die Whatsapp ding te doen. En my klong is nie hier om te help nie. Nietemin ! Jou Pniel foto is beslis n wenner Hê-Hê !!

  31. @Speartackle: Moenie worry nie..ek sal Bush se droom waar maak…Oor die Bokspan sal ek my nie veel uitlaat nie..Die WP spelers in die span lyk of hulle op meriete daar is…Waar is daai scrummie van KZN wat Kings toe is?..Hy was mos laasjaar al in die span?..Wat het van hom geword

  32. @BoishaaiPa: Wat dink jy van die span? My oppinie is dat daar heelwat talent in is, maar dat daar heelwat ander manne is wat bitter ongelukkig kan voel. Veral verlede jaar se kampioen o/19 Leeus span, waarvan slegs 3 spelers ingesluit is, terwyl die WP 9 spelers in het, wat laasjaar met 60-19 in die eindstryd teen die Leeus verloor het.

  33. @Speartackle: nee, wil net nie nie die Helpie manne de moer in maak as ek nie opkom waar nodig. Maklik om die ID te claim, maar dan is hy kwaad.

  34. @BoishaaiPa: Die OP span wat in 2015 die o/19 kampioene was, het verlede jaar n hele aantal spelers in die Jong Bokkies span gehad.Dit is dus baie vreemd dat verlede jaar se kampioenspan so stief behandel word.

  35. @Speartackle:Nee..Dis in die Noorde van Paarl en dis reg agter Paarl Gim en baie ver van Faure Stadium..dink ook die Vrydag games is vanjaar by Boishaai se velde…Julle moet in in Suide gaan bly waar dit beter is en nader aan al die aksie :mrgreen:

  36. @BoishaaiPa: Nee man Paarl is mos nie so groot nie……Guts en Glory het gesê hy sal my rondry….en Carl de Kock het laat weet indien hy nie daai naweek Hawston toe gaan sal hy sy kar vir ons leen……

    Wat het van daai Paarl Roos man geword wat so upset was oor die Hi Ace wat in die middae verby Hawston ry?

  37. @Kattes-Strofes: Ek hoor wat jy se op die ander blog ook…Ek dink een of twee WP spelers kan dalk gelukkig wees, maar ek dink nie die spelers wat gekies is, is soveel swakker as hulle Lions opponente nie..of soveel beter nie…Dis mos maar die coach se keuse met wie hy wil werk. Ek sal my ook nie veel steur aan een wedstryd se uitslag nie…Dink jy as hulle daai game 10 keer speel sal die Lions elke keer met 60 wen?…Ek twyfel sterk!…Ek dink ook nie dat SA Skole spelers n voorkeur kry nie..Vat nou maar JL cilliers se voorbeeld…nie eers CW of Akademie nie en siedaar!…Uit die einste Lions span gekies!..

  38. Lemoenkloof is ‘n uitstekendse gastehuis reg oorkant die polisiekollege in Hoofstraat so 300m voor Gim se ingang.

  39. @Speartackle: Die enigste plek waar jy sal plek kry vir daai naweek is seker nog in die Noorder Paarl!….Omtrent al die plekke in die Suid Paarl is a klaar vol bespreek teen die tyd….

  40. @BoishaaiPa: Ek het verlede jaar se kompetisie baie goed gevolg, en n groot aantal wedstryde bygewoon. Al WP se plaaslike wedstryde gesien (insluitend friendlies), n groot aantal van die Leeus, die semi-finale en die eindstryd.My eerlike oppinie was dat die Leeus die beste span, en spelers gehad het. Die Bulle was n kortkop agter hulle(en moes volgens my in die eindstryd wees, maar het in die semis teen die Leeus naelskraaps verloor, en hul spelers in die Bokkies span dus welverdiend) en daarna die WP. Laagenoemde het natuurlik n groot klomp SA Skole spelers in hul geledere gehad, maar die meeste van hulle het onder presteer, weens verskeie redes. Party was natuurlik over-rated, en mens weet nie hoe hulle in die SA Skole span gekom het nie. Ander weer het nie die step-up na profesionele rugby gemaak nie. Die Bulle het die WP ook voor die semi finale met 50-30 afgeslag op Stellenbosch.

    Ek sê nie dat al die WP spelers is vrot nie. Daar is beslis n hele aantal wat op meriete in die Bokkies span is. Maar … Daar is beslis ook n hele paar ander spelers, insluitend n hele paar Leeus manne, wat insluiting verdien het.
    Soos maar altyd, glo ek die keurders maak te veel staat op reputasies, sommige wat nie rerig verdien is nie.

  41. @BoishaaiPa: @robbie: Ons vlieg vroeg Vrydagoggend in….wat sou julle sê moet ons doen as ons daar is…..laas toe ek by interskole was het ek so lekker in Bossas gekuier dat ek skoon al die pret gemis het……hierdie keer wil ek deel wees van die gebeurtenis… daar mense wat engels ook praat? Anders gaan Bush en McCulleys uit voel

  42. @Speartackle: Net by Boishaai is dit tweetalig..Gim is net afrikaans!…Julle vlieg seker nie vroeg genoeg in om die saal byeenkomste by te woon nie..Die Big Brags nie..Hang af hoe laat julle in Paarl kom..die eerste Vrydag games begin so 14h00 se kant en daar is maar altyd versnapperings te kry langs die veld..Na die hoofgame (Chiefs of derdes) sak ons gewoonlik af na William Clift se privaat bar by sy besigheid in Clift str waar jy n hele paar ou legends sal raakloop…Jy kan of die hele aand daar saam met Old Boys (wie se jaargroepe nie daardie jaar n reunie aanhet nie) kuier of ek kan reel dat jy die Old Boy Brag in die stadsaal bywoon…laasgenoemde is baadjie en das geleentheid

  43. @BoishaaiPa: Ek weet nog nie wat Bush in gedagte het vir Vrydagaand nie, dink ons sal meer n informele gebeurtenis verkies. Miskien sal ons vroeg moet gaan slaap om vars vir Saterdag te wees….lol

  44. @BoishaaiPa: But that’s exactly where we want to be. Boeremeisie’s make the best wives even if it’s just for the weekend.(According to Spear who suggested to stay there)Best koeksister are the Afrikaans one’s, theses fong kong things the English make are kuk.

  45. @Speartackle: Spear I’ve arranged absolutely nothing. You promised that the people in the Paarl were great people, didn’t speak Afrikaans anymore as they had transformed. They would look after us okes from KZN like their own children. I feel like Custer in his last battle when Tonto sold Custer down the river. McCulley, Playa and me sold down Paarl’s longgggggg street.

  46. You’ll be welcome wherever you stay in Paarl. Why would you want to spend your whole weekend in the company of males ?

  47. @robbie: I’m there to watch SBR, braai and drink Brandy(Which I don’t drink as it makes me think of susters) Whatever happens in between that, is a bonus. Hope Spear doesn’t fall in love while we are there, otherwise that’s him gone.

  48. @Bush: There’s a shebeen I know called Chippas in Mbekweni just outside Paarl on the way to Wellington…we can have some Paarl Perle and get Xhosa lessons is well. You can then head off to Durbs with a degree double majoring in Afrikaans and Xhosa. Imagine how many more sisters you can score with so many languages at the tip of your tongue :mrgreen:

  49. @Playa: Whahahahaha I’m in, proper Shisa nyama. Not even a koeksister will come close to that. I have hired a H1 so we will fit in well. Just need McCulleys boom box and his music then we are made.

  50. @Bush: You will be safe with McCulleys music in the shebeen. He has only 1 afrikaans song. But then again even the locals at Kearsney asked him to turn down his music at 19h00 so just be safe and take own music.

  51. @Bush: Have you ever been to Paarl? It’s about the size of Eshowe

    They have a Sit Thru McDonalds there….you can sit in your home and order a Bic Mac thru your lounge window

  52. @Kattes-Strofes: I think 3 players missing in the JWC squad! 2 lions and 1x WP….. the 2 lions both have a 3 on their backs….and the wp is Salmaan’s other half!!!!

  53. @odie15: Not sure who you are refering to regarding the no. 3,s.However, Chergin Fielies performed solidly at no. 3 all season. If you meant my youngster, please note that he could not be considered, as he tore his knee ligaments in the Bokkies second training camp in Bloem. He also only played in the no.3 yersey in one match last season. For the rest, he was the no.1. I also do think that the no.1 of the Bulls, who was selected, is a good player and deserves his inclusion.They selected 5 props, so maybe there was hope for my youngster, but that is now water under the bridge. So, hopefully other bloggers did not think that my remarks regarding the team selection had any personal connotations.
    Regarding your comment of Salmaan,s partner. Totally agree !!

  54. @Kattes-Strofes: hehehe I am aware of his injury! His inclusion is a jesture. Him moving to loosehead shows great abilities. Considering he is a very good tighthead. The othe Welpie is a newcomer that plays for Wits who also plays with a 1 with 3 on his back. But no need for him to RAS into this team as he would only be in background like 2015 SA schools. I think the u19s in the squad are at a bit of a disadvantage. Salmaan’s brother was standout lock in JWC16. How he has missed out I don’t know…that’s huge mystery.


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