Paarl Boys’ High New Zealand Tour 2017 – rating opponents

Paarl Boys’ High, South Africa’s undisputed, undefeated number-1 schoolboy rugby team for 2015 and 2016 will put their 38-game winning streak on the line when they tour New Zealand from 24 March to 9 April 2017. Over 100 1st, 2nd, 3rd XV and u16 players will form part of the huge tour group.
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Read more to find out how their tour opponents are rated in New Zealand

See How Herschel Freuen rates Boishaai’s tour opponents on his HS TOP 200 website:

05. Sacred Heart College : hstop200 Preseason No5-Sacred-Heart-College
12. Nelson College : hstop200 : Preseason No12 Nelson College
16. Christchurch BHS : hstop200 : Preseason No16 Christchurch BHS
24. Gisborne BHS : hstop200 : Preseason No24 Gisborne BHS

27-Mar HJS Paarl BH 3rd XV Sacred Heart College 2nd XV
27-Mar HJS Paarl BH 1st XV Sacred Heart College 1st XV
28-Mar HJS Paarl BH u16 St Peters College u16
28-Mar HJS Paarl BH 2nd XV St Peters College 1st XV
01-Apr HJS Paarl BH u16 Gisborne BHS u16
01-Apr HJS Paarl BH 3rd XV Gisborne BHS
01-Apr HJS Paarl BH 2nd XV Gisborne BHS 2nd XV
01-Apr HJS Paarl BH 1st XV Gisborne BHS 1st XV
05-Apr HJS Paarl BH u16 Nelson College u16
05-Apr HJS Paarl BH Team 3 NC Colts
05-Apr HJS Paarl BH 2nd XV Nelson College 2nd XV
05-Apr HJS Paarl BH 1st XV Nelson College 1st XV
07-Apr HJS Paarl BH u16 Christchurch BHS u16
07-Apr HJS Paarl BH Team 3 Christchurch BHS 3rd XV
07-Apr HJS Paarl BH 2nd XV Christchurch BHS 2nd XV
07-Apr HJS Paarl BH 1st XV Christchurch BHS 1st XV


Boishaai have not backed out of any of their challenging local commitments either. They will still be one of the main attractions at the St John’s Easter Rugby Festival in Johannesburg starting on 13 April 2017 and at the Wildeklawer Skouspel starting on 29 April 2017.

Blog first published in November 2016.




  1. Seems like no one is really interested in this thread so I will have to start !..While the Pretoria bunch is fighting over who plays who and who doesn’t want to play another and the KZN bunch is in a meaningless battle with a known self-righteous conservative , the Boys from Paarl are going to sharpen their skills out in the Land of the Long White Cloud…I would take notice of this little event if I am a school playing them next year. They may just get back from that tour a little sharper and a little more cohesive as a team!

  2. I think that must be the ultimate dream for any schoolboy rugby player to tour NZ and play in those conditions against the world leaders in rugby. I hope at least one of the games will be against a Top 3 contender there so we can see for once and for all how strong our SBR really is.

    Well done Boishaai for giving your boys this opportunity

  3. Boishaai have tremendous strength in depth-i think seccies/chippies and daisies will be very hard to beat next year

  4. @BoishaaiPa: any overseas sport tour is a dream come true for a SBR player. A rugby tour to NZ cannot be topped.
    Do you think there may be a spot for a ball polisher if I move one of my sons now? No bursaries or special treatment required. Hehehe

  5. @BoishaaiPa: Haha. Has any school that’s ever had to play Boishaai taken preparations for that match lightly?

    I imagine that HJS will have the hardest and one of the longest schedules of all SA schools next year. The odds will be heavily stacked against another unbeaten season for these reasons. If they do somehow manage it, I wonder if they will leap frog the 2015 and 2016 teams to be regarded as the best of the 3?

    There was word that not all the players would go to NZ because of the high costs. That would be a pity given that HJS are possibly going to line up against some very stiff compo and will have to operate on compulsory rotation to give all players a game. Hopefully there’s financing in the pipeline to overcome this.

  6. @beet: The two unbeaten years came as unexpected bonusses for most of the supporters I believe. Some previous years (2009 to 2012) they probably had teams equally as good in player abilities but perhaps not as sharp in gameplans and execution as the current crop. SBR is funny that way..One cannot easily compare teams of different years because the strength of opposition is also always a factor and different conditions as well. For example..The 2011 team with no SA Schools players and only 4 of 5 WP CW players played the No 1 Grey with 3 SA Schools players and a host of top performers at CW to a 15 all draw in Bloem. Having had the better part of the second half and coming from behind being 15-5 down at halftime. Was that performance not perhaps in context better than the 2015 win in Bloem?…Difficult to say if you look at results only. But for sure the 2015 and 2016 teams will stand amongst the greatest Paarl Boys have produced and will forever have the honour of being unbeaten. I can say with the utmost conviction that every win comes as a bonus and that neither the school nor it supporters expects the team to win every game. The same mindset will continue for 2017 and if they keep winning, the joyride will continue, but we will not be down and out if we the loose a game or two along the way. No one can expect to stay at the top in SBR for very long due to the nature of the setup of teams and the highly competitive nature of the games. There is always a better team out there somewhere, perhaps Boishaai was just lucky we did not bump into them for 2 season in a row! :mrgreen:

    I will try and find out what the make-up of the NZ touring team will likely be like but I suspect that the core of the 1st team squad will most probably be on that tour. The success of SBR teams are very dependent on the quality of replacement players that can fill in when injuries occur and when Grey have been on top for so many years it has always been their depth that kept them there as they too suffered injuries during their top seasons. Their horrific injury list in 2015 tapped even their depth as the result could be seen in the 3 match losing streak they suffered against Monnas, HJS and Affies. Not something that would likely happen again soon, but it just goes to show that even a great rugga school like Grey cannot sustain to many injuries for prolonged period. That is why the strength of your seccies and thirds players are so important and that the next best player is about just as good as the first choice..That is what makes or breaks a top SBR team.

    We will experience and find that out in 2017.!

  7. @BoishaaiPa: Great opportunity and experience for these boys.

    Something that will be with them forever.

    EGJ did 2 tours in 2013 and 2014 to the UK playing in Ireland, England, Wales and France and I can assure you that not only the benefits on but also off field is huge.

    Will again most possibly make Boys High unstoppable in 2017 as well.

  8. @BoishaaiPa: It will be nice if you can find out. I know there were a late request to including a under 16 team in the tour.

    As for the winning streak, you obviously need a good team with good coaching staff and then you need some luck. Any team will have their off days and if that day is against a top team you are in trouble, if it is against a weaker team you can still get away with it.

    I know a dad who’s son was in this years HJS first team and he was a reserve last year, his younger son played first team for Lochnerhof Primary and WP u/13 CW this year. Between the two boys they played over 40 first team and CW games this year and only lost one…..what more can a dad ask for?

  9. Hopefully they get to play the school where my sister teachers, Westlake Boys High. 2,300 boys, it’s massive and they always have a good 1st team.

  10. @BoishaaiPa: We are having a braai this Friday afternoon for the 1st. team players of 2015 and 2016 and their parents. A special signed photo of both teams will be handed to the school, as well as parents who bought it. I will also try to find out more of the touring team.

    Looking forward at the reunion!

  11. @MikeSt: If memory serves, you took a young team on the first tour and played some professional academies (u19 maybe?) and took a few hidings, but the second tour you played schools and dished out the hidings. Is that correct?

    Good luck to HJS on this tour. It will be extremely difficult to remain unbeaten given:
    a) conditions will suit the home teams;
    b) I expect that HJS will be playing some games close together, so will have less recovery time than the hosts and the will have to play some seccies players, etc; and
    c) NZ schools are also strong like SA.

  12. @Kattes-Strofes: Enjoy!..I will look out for that photo in the clubhouse!..should get a place of honour somewhere!..Bumped into Jean Luc’s parent in Woollies the other day (Andre and myself played cricket together for many seasons and my son was their eldest’ cricket captain at BH)..and they told me then about the nice setup at Lions and how he is enjoying the rugby.

  13. @Kattes-Strofes: lekker aaandjie katte…..I think the number 60 is still echoing among the buildings this morning!!!!! Hehehe…..left the braai came home to cricket on tv still awake.

  14. @BoishaaiPa: yes the u16s are touring as well. Currently majority of the presumed 1st team is going with an effort to get 100% of the team on tour financially.

  15. It seems like arranging a tour to New Zealand is a lot easier said than done.

    New criteria and processes to be followed for visas to NZ are a bureaucratic nightmare.

    When last heard Boishaai still waiting for itinerary confirmation. So parents can’t book their accommodation.

  16. @beet: Thats what I hear also, it seems the other issue is that they bringing 3 under 19 sides and 2 under 16 sides and were struggling to find schools of similar strengh to match them.

    I think if it was only a 1st XV going them it would be easier.

  17. Playing Rotorua they will most probably play against the Glenwood 1 st team scrummie of last year Jadin Jooste. Went there beginning of this year for 6 months I think. Not sure what happens afterwards, coming back or not.

  18. @Greenman: Seems like they have games against Christchurch (South Island) and Gisborne (North Island) for sure. Would be nice to hear from the Boishaai supporters who else has been lined up.

  19. I have been reliably informed that Christchurch BHS should provide stiff opposition but that Gisborne in spite of having one of the best age-group flyhalves in NZ are going through a “rebuilding” year.

  20. @BoishaaiPa: Very true. They have some hefty early developers to rely on.

    Also a few of the sensational SBR reports coming out of NZ suggest there are schools that are a lot more cut-throat about the whole recruitment process to boost their performances. The almost fully broadcast national rugby competition possibly contributes to this. So very few places to run and hide for any Saffa team when visiting their shores. I can’t imagine there’s a better place for our guys to tour for real SBR team vs SBR team strength tests.

  21. Okay so here are the provisional tour details. A few TBC’s still included

    27-Mar HJS Paarl BH 3rd XV     Sacred Heart College 2nd XV
    27-Mar HJS Paarl BH 1st XV     Sacred Heart College 1st XV
    28-Mar HJS Paarl BH u16     St Peters College
    28-Mar HJS Paarl BH 2nd XV     St Peters College
    01-Apr HJS Paarl BH u16     Gisborne BHS u16
    01-Apr HJS Paarl BH 3rd XV     Gisborne BHS
    01-Apr HJS Paarl BH 2nd XV     Gisborne BHS 2nd XV
    01-Apr HJS Paarl BH 1st XV     Gisborne BHS 1st XV
    05-Apr HJS Paarl BH u16     Nelson College u16
    05-Apr HJS Paarl BH Team 3     NC Colts
    05-Apr HJS Paarl BH 2nd XV     Nelson College 2nd XV
    05-Apr HJS Paarl BH 1st XV     Nelson College 1st XV
    07-Apr HJS Paarl BH u16     Christchurch BHS u16
    07-Apr HJS Paarl BH Team 3     Christchurch BHS 3rd XV
    07-Apr HJS Paarl BH 2nd XV     Christchurch BHS 2nd XV
    07-Apr HJS Paarl BH 1st XV     Christchurch BHS 1st XV
  22. @BoishaaiPa: This is going to be very hard for the boys. From the 1st to the 17th of April they will play six games and a flight from New Zealand to SA thrown in, just to make it that much harder.

  23. Although the boys well aware of their task, we should still remember and enforce that the most important thing for them is to have fun, build friendships, enjoy the sightings and make memories to share with us on their return.

  24. Why would they play the toughest game, according to the pre season ratings, first?

  25. @Speartackle: Maybe the coach is clever..take on the strongest with your most able and fittest and injury free team right at the start..and ease into the rest of the tour and blood some other players against weaker opposition. Just a thought…

  26. @Speartackle: AS jy SA se 2016 rankings vat en jy moet uit N-zeeland hierhee vlieg en 5, 12, 16 en 24 speel. Monnas, B Landbou, Kearsney en Nelspruit. Wat sou makliker wees, Nelspruit ‘n dag na jy geland het of Monnas na 3 wedstryde in ‘n ry vooraf. Jy kan net sowel albei keer op jou moer kry!!

  27. @Speartackle:

    Hulle moet in Auckland land. Dit maak meer sin om eers daar te speel liewer as wat jy nog 4 uure sukkel met luggage tussen die Internasionale lughawe & domestic en wag vir n vliegtuig wat nie naby die 100 kinders + nog die ouers kan dra nie.

    Rankings don’t matter as much here anyway. Teams only recruit locally if they do it at all so you don’t see sides maintain their rankings year after year the way you might see with some SA school sides. Nothing to say that Christchurch wouldn’t be stronger then Sacred Heart this year. Probably will be.

  28. @vatikaki: Ek dink dit moet seker enige kind se droom wees om n rugbytoer NZ te beleef. Sal waarskynlik n all time hoogtepunt vir meerderheid van die Galpilletjies wees.

    Persoonlik dink ek hierdie toer gaan HJS aan die haksteen byt in hul opmars na Grey se 1 000 dae rekord…..time will tell

    Waar in NZ bevind jy jouself?

  29. @Speartackle: En dis net waar die verskil inkom…Daar bestaan geen opmars na die fiktiewe 1000 dae rekord wat belangrik is, is die feit dat die seuns n onvergeetlike rugby ervaring in NZ gaan opdoen en dit is baie belangriker in die konteks van opvoeding as wat n onoorwonne rekord is..Die belangrikheid van n onoorwonne seisoen was nog nooit n mikpunt en sal ook nooit n mikpunt wees nie!..Ons los dit maar vir die ander manne wat dit najaag jaar vir jaar! ..Die groot fokus bly maar die 1ste naweek in Augustus!

  30. Ek wil net vir Boishaai sê, baie sterkte met julle toer. Geniet dit gate uit! Dit is ‘n baie goeie initiatief en ‘n groot ervaring. Hou SA se naam hoog, soos ons weet julle kan. Wees vriendelik, groet bedagsaam en doen soveel as moontlik. Besoek plekke en bekendes. Leer, observeer en eer.

    Geniet dit manne!

  31. Soos ek reeds vantevore gese het. Wonderlike geleentheid vir die jong manne, asook die 20 ouers wat blykbaar saam gaan toer.
    Wat die rugby betref, het ek gemengde gevoelens. Die pluspunte beslis die vestiging van die “pecking order” ( vasstel wie speel 1stes, Seccies ens.) van die onderskeie spanne. Dan ook spangees bou en samespel verbeter, is beslis n groot bate.
    Die negatiewe kant sien ek die moontlikheid van beserings teen daai groot manne van die Suidsee eilande, asook vlugvlouheid en virusse wat opgetel word met die terugkeer.
    Laastens, veral wat die matriek eerstespan manne betref, die moontlikheid dat die meeste van hulle nooit sal kan sê, dat hulle het op Nuweland kon uitdraf nie.
    Die WP skole rugbydag het min waarde in die bepaling van n skool se vooruitsigte vir die seisoen. Nietemin, vir bykans al wat skole spelers in die Wes-Kaap(en heel moontlik in die land) bly dit n eer en groot geleentheid om uit te kan draf op Nuweland.

    Ek weet ,en glo dat die toer n onvergeetlike impak op ons jong manne gaan maak, en sal sorg vir tonne “memories”.
    Aan die coaches, bestuurspan, spelers en ondersteuners ! Gaan geniet en maak ons nog meer trots, ongeag die uitslae !!

  32. @Speartackle: weet jy @ wie speel die dream team die week?
    Het Saterdag gaan kyk maar persoonlik dink ek soos die span laas jaar op die einde was,dit n heelwat beter span was.Dink span r baie average,ja ek weet Mark nie gespeel nie,en hy maak groot verskil ma daar is obvious flaws. Hoop hulle verbeter regtig ma net tyd sal leer.

  33. @knowthegame: Speel teen Welkom Gim in Kroonstad. Average en toe hulle laasjaar teen Affies in die 50 verloor het dink jy hulle was beter? Nee wat net baie plek vir verbetering.

  34. @Riempies: ek afgesluit met hoop hulle verbeter maar jy sal ook moet erken daar is leemtes.Daar is niks spoed op die vleuls nie,loskakel drift heeltyd,gooi skip passes wat arguable die maklikste is om te counter.Skrums was onder pressure,lynstane baie swak. Scrummie en een flank fire en heelagter lyk vol planne,maar ek hoop hulle fix die basics gou…sterkte

  35. @Riempies: Nee Rieme…ou Knowit bedoel die Helpies teen Lichtenburg ( Cappie Se Dream Team ) laasjaar moes eintlik die Dream Team gewees het.

    Ek hoop nie Helpmekaar hijack nou HJS se bladsy ook

  36. @BoishaaiPa: Ag man ek hoor daar word reeds slagspreuke uitgedink wat op die t shirts geprint gaan word wanneer daai 1 000 dae oortref word.

    Raadpleeg my vir bewoording as dit sneuwel ook….ek het n paar goeies

  37. @knowthegame: Ek het lankal genoem Mark is op die minste 15 punte werd…….eintlik 30……15 op aanval en 15 op verdediging

    Daai reserwe van Affies sou nooit so gehardloop het as Mark daar was

  38. @knowthegame: baie dankie vir daai bitter, maar met ‘n aks waarheid, woorde. Span het dit nodig – under-promise and over- deliver. Niks so lekker soos ‘n gemiddelde span wat gel nie.

  39. @knowthegame: Stem met baie saam. Sal so oordra.

    Maar eerder. Sterkte Boishaai. Gaan leer die manne met die silwervaring n rugby les. Geniet elke oomblik. :mrgreen:

  40. @Vleis: Only this small piece by Fruen..

    “This is a game that I was so happy to attend and to be able to cover these teams and really “Gutted” I cant follow Paarl BHS on their NZ Tour. I wish a lot more South African school would come here and also for NZ school to go over there and test themselves.

    Paarl BHS scored 3 tries that were really well worked for and with a “Wave” of attack and high work rate Paarl BHS were able to cross the line. Sacred Heart Scored their try in the last 7 mins and really put everything they had on the line to come away with some points. Sacred Heart look good coming into their season and with their full squad back they will be a threat as usual in the 1A. Paarl BHS are a 1A level team that I wish could spend the season here in NZ, they have a strong starting 15 that will really dominate teams and I personally will follow their season this year”

  41. @Vleis: His stand out players for Paarl:

    No.2 – Wilhelm Barnard
    No.1 – MJ Strauss
    No.5 – Pierre Pretorius
    No.10 – Henry Chamberlain
    No.11 – Thakir Abrahams
    No.15 – Abner van Heerden

  42. @BoishaaiPa: Thanks. I presume that Sacred Heart were missing a few regulars due to the sentence below, or did I misread it?

    “Sacred Heart look good coming into their season and with their full squad back they will be a threat as usual in the 1A.”

  43. @Vleis: I would not know…perhaps the kiwi’s needed to soften the blow..we are after all a South African team!…In their preview of the team they listed some key players for SH and they all played. “Full squad” could mean anything at this stage…

  44. @BoishaaiPa: Yep, well a great start regardless. I’m sure that they are having a great time. My son missed out on a 1st team tour to NZ by one year, which was a great pity for him and for me!

  45. @Vleis: Do not be greedy.Did you not go to NZ with your son on an Action Cricket tour. :lol: I remember a comment that their lassies do not hold a candle to ours. :mrgreen:

  46. @Vleis: My son missed out by about 6 years! would’ve love to go on a rugby trip to NZ watching SBR rugby…or a decent Springbok tour like they did in the old days. My dad went on the ’65 tour to NZ and since I can remember he talked to me about that tour and the experience they had..

  47. Sacred Heart had their best available squad under the circumstances. Three of their regulars were injured. Some boys were still playing cricket and a few rowing boys were still coming back.

    So they had 7 players out, but good start non the less. :wink: :wink:

  48. @star: Hee hee. Yes, to being greedy…and yes, to going on the cricket tour to NZ….and most certainly YES to their lassies being some five standard deviations below the mean. :lol:

    That said, there is a big difference between touring NZ for cricket v rugby! A mate’s son went to NZ for a few months as part of a gap year and worked on various farms. When the farm supervisors heard that he was from a big school in SA, they’d order him to spend hours in the bar talking rugby while the others worked…but still paid him for the hours in the bar. :lol: :lol:

  49. The seccies beat St Peter’s College 1st team today. Per the HS TOP 200 website, St Peter’s was ranked at 7 in NZ last year. Did the HJS 2nds really beat a 1st team of such stature, or am I missing something?

  50. @Vleis: I don’t know the strength of St Peters, but yes, It was the HJS seccies that played their first game today. The u16’s also played St Peters and won by 80 odd points.

  51. @BoishaaiPa:

    I think it was Sacred Heart that was ranked 7th, not St Peters which is an unknown hence why the 1sts versus 2nds fixture was organised in the first place. Not a rugby powerhouse at all.

  52. @vatikaki: The NZ school rankings at the end of 2016 are listed on the website per the link below. As you can see, Sacred Heart was at 3 but St Peter’s College was at 7. I’m not sure of it’s the same St Peter’s College, but the one on the list is located in Auckland where HJS were based at the time of the game….

  53. @Vleis:

    Just went and had a look at their results the past couple years. Beat Auck Grammar a few times and weren’t far off Sacred Heart or the other schools either.

    Still wouldn’t take those rankings too seriously. They’re skewed because the teams don’t play outside of their unions all that often.

  54. @vatikaki: All rankings have their weaknesses, but I suspect that these rankings are reasonably accurate as:
    a) the dude that puts them together takes SBR very seriously (he produced a 12min review of the HJS v SH game even), so there is a lot of thought behind them; and
    b) the Auckland region is very strong and mostly has the most depth in NZ, so any top rated team from Auckland will be high up on the national rankings.

  55. @Vleis:

    Same guy who said HJS would lose to Hamilton if they played them?

    I don’t know the situation around St. Peter’s game, heck I didn’t even know it was a strong rugby school…. but it seems very odd that they would have arranged a game between HJS 2nd’s and their 1st XV if they considered them to be a powerhouse in Auckland. :idea:

  56. @Vleis: @vatikaki: I read an article a year or two ago about the ebb and flow in quality of schoolboy sides in New Zealand. I am a bit short on detail, but what it outlined was:
    1. no school dominates for a long period.At most, a school will have two great seasons in a row, then a terrible year or after that.
    2. it is not inconceivable that a top 5 team one year, can find itself outside the top 50 the following year

    There were reasons with regards to structure that explained it and I cannot remember. But the basic conclusion was that the previous season’s strength of a school is almost never an indication of their strength for the upcoming season, and schools are aware of that. St Peter’s may well have been 7th last year, but the school probably knew that they would be weak this year. Remember Scots College who came here a few years back and collected cricket scores at KERF? They were 3rd in NZ the year before that. Hence they were matched against GCB (and thankfully, that game was canned and they were given Treverton…and they lost to them if i remember correctly).

  57. Disappointing result for Gisborn College, as I remember them being a much stronger outfit.
    Gisborn College had a massive side 1994…back then worldcup schools. They had 9 jnr kiwis and a wing like John Kirwin.

  58. @vatikaki: I could be wrong.That was the word going around when they were here in 2013.I don’t have it as fact.Night be worthy of checking out of there’s a record somewhere.

    @BoishaaiPa: massive results for Boishaai!Well done.

  59. @Playa: Perhaps the ebb and flow is greater than in SA, but if so, then not by much as:
    – every year, the usual suspects are near/at the top of the rankings – e.g. Mt Albert Grammar, Otago Boys, Christchurch Boys, Rotorua, St Pats, etc.
    – I’ve read an article bemoaning how some of their schools buy in many kids for the final two years.

    I remember a small kiwi school (500 boys) touring KZN in about 2011 and copping a few hidings. I think it was Christ College, who are normally not strong, but have the odd good year, like last year.

  60. @Vleis: Yes!It may have been Christ College.Did they go to KERF?I may have the schools mixed up.

    But one of the things mentioned in that article was the extensive buying going on.So a school that is brilliant this year may lose half the team next year and fall very far off the rankings

  61. @Playa: Yes, I think Christ College went to KERF. Agreed re buying, but the same schools seem to keep on buying. Another thing to factor is that some of their schools are much larger than our schools, so have more depth…in theory. I think that Auckland Grammar has some 2,500 to 3,000 boys! 8-O

  62. @Vleis: @Vleis: Vleis, I heard that Boishaai,s first team will no longer play against Christchurch Boys first team, but rather Boishaai,s Seccies. Strange, as Christchurch Boys is most probably their most famous rugby school, having produced a vast amount of All Blacks.Also heard that Boishaai 1st team will now play in Wellington against a regional academy side. However, their next match against Nelson Colledge is at this stage still on the cards.

  63. Buitebreek…begripstoets potjie baie gaan lees weer. “Like” John Kirwun.

  64. Psst OD… “I said the guy reminded me of John Kirwin. Eish…”
    Fyi – He featured from debut’84 to last test ’94

  65. @odie15: Sorry Odie ! My connection informed me today that our 1st team will be playing against Christchurch. Our u/19 C (Chiefs) team will apparently play against the Academy side.My appologies to all.

  66. Paarl Boys have apparently just beaten Nelson College 81 – 12.
    Looks to be an awfully planned itinerary.

  67. @SJ: Awfully planned itinerary?? HJS are playing the teams ranked 5, 12, 16 and 24 in the country per the preseason rankings. That seems like a very well planned tour to me. Is it HJS’s fault that the kiwi schools are much weaker, in general, than we expected.

  68. @Vleis: So just 1 top 10 school then? If the other top schools weren’t available – fair enough – but, given all that would have gone into getting this tour off the ground, it seems a waste that they aren’t testing themselves against NZs very best. When will they get another opportunity like this?

  69. @SJ: Ek is nie seker hoe so n toerbeplanning werk nie ek weet ook nie wie was beskikbaar en wie nie. Jy sal wel opmerk dat die ‘rankings’ in NZ jaar in en jaar uit baie wisselvallig is, dit moet tog ook n rol speel. Gelukkig was dit vir HJS en vir NZ se skole lekker losmakers vir n baie taai seisoen wat voorle. Top skolespanne lek hulle lippe af vir ons hier in SA…

  70. @SJ: Based on our rankings, it would be like them playing Paarl Gym, Boland Landbou, Kearsney and Diamantveld with only four days rest between the games, while jet-lagged in away from home conditions. Seems like a very well planned tour. I’m just very surprised at how weak the kiwi schools have turned out to be.

  71. @Speartackle: I think SA school league bit underestimated. Way stronger than believed. NZ skill is in identifying correct talent and proper coaching post school. The opposite is prevalent in SA. Quite a few players slip through into the wilderness and are missed for many reasons. But most of all snr coaching is closed minded, no vision and no belief in natural skill pool we have.

  72. @Vleis: those are pre-season rankings. Sacred Hearts were 3rd last year. Others had stronger rankings. MAGS has been focussing on preps for SANIX and weren’t available. Also they had a a pre-season match vs Sacred Hearts on Saturday. Hastings I don’t know. Tour also was planned to be a venture to see both North ansd South islands that’s why ends in Christchurch to fly international flight out of there.

  73. @SJ: I don’t know that you can say poorly planned. If a team did tour in SA starting and played Affies, Monnas, Paul Roos and Garsies it wouldn’t be 50 points difference.

  74. @odie15: A lot also give up rugby as there is such a small percentage of them that will be able to provide a future for themselves via the sport…much wiser decision i would say.

  75. @odie15: “awfully planned” was probably a bit harsh and to be fair I’ve since heard that Hastings – the top ranked NZ side – may have declined to play them (which seems bizarre). It’s just a shame that they’re not playing their NZ equivalents.

  76. There you have it NZ schoolboy rugby sucks or Boishaai has the best rugby team in schoolboy rugby history. For the under 16 team to win 119-0? To travel half way around the world get of the plain and the next day beat their number four or five school 24-8? Then play three more games in seven days and by the look of things destroying all af them at all age groups? It shows just one thing our rugby leaders will have to wake up becuase they still get the best talent in the world but they are to incompetent to do anything with it. How terrible sad.

  77. @Stier:Die antwoord tussen die twee lande is kontraktering. In NZ moet jy eers naam maak voor jy gekontrakteer word, seker die meeste van HJS se 1st team is alreeds gekontrakteer deur provinsies.

  78. Well Spiesie..daar gaan jou 1000 dae celebrations ook nou..Christchurch Boys High wen 38-36 in beseringstyd met n penalty. Boishaai was op stadium 35-10 agter met 25 min oor. Toe kom hulle mooi terug om 36-35 voor te loop met tyd om in laaste sekondes te verloor. It happens!

  79. @BoishaaiPa: Hopefully it was a good game with no regrets on Boishaai’s side. Finish sounds a bit like Allan Hewson in 1981.

    It will be interesting to find out how the Boishaai community valued the NZ tour and they could go back and do it all over again what they would have done differently.

  80. @BoishaaiPa: Hard luck, that really sucks! Looking forward to match report.
    Positive side is that the team will now be very focused – beware out there.

  81. @BrotherBear: Yip, the monkey is off the back!..I for one is a bit relieved although a loss is never nice..specially to a Kiwi side! Now the boys can come back and focus on the local competition without the extra pressure of being unbeaten. I think this might be a blessing in disguise.

  82. HJS was 28-0 af op n stadium.
    Skitterende terugvegpoging.
    Ons vat die verloor op die ken, die Blou Trein is oppad terug SA toe…

  83. Well done HJS. Based on this tour I draw the following conclusions:
    – SA school rugby has MUCH more depth than NZ school rugby. Most of the HJS teams annihilated their NZ counterparts, which is not the case back in SA. Even if HJS played against a team ranked 100 in SA, they would not have put on the scores (100+) that they did in NZ.
    – the top five schools in NZ are probably a match for the top five schools in SA.
    – even though HJS 1sts lost narrowly today, remember that: a) they were playing away from home (I’d like to see a NZ school take on HJS at Brugstraat); and b) they were at the end of a tour where they’d played 4 games in 11 days, with the last 2 games in 2 days, which the opponents did not have to do.

  84. Hard Luck Galpille. seuns leer baie meer van n verloor en die toer gaan hulle net ongelooflik sterker maak. As daar dalk links na video opnames is , sal ek waardeer as ons dit kan sien.

  85. @beet: seen the post of the video final whistle blew as it went over. Also seen a player that was subbed brought back on after penalty was given to take it. Was privvy to whatsapp commentary throughout the 2 weeks. Team stood by helpless in 1st half at breakdown….I know the whole of NZ public weren’t very happy with last 2 weeks results especially u16’s. Seccies crushing opposition seccies by plenty and to see turn around of 23 points in second half to lose in 70th min penalty! But the sun will shine tomorrow well actually I hope it rains!

  86. @beet: after sitting back and thinking about your question it’s a bit of a retrospective one! I think the tour was a brilliant initiative. The school bought in and their motive was pure and they stuck their necks out and put everything on the line as a school. The negative side is the attitude reciprocated towards the t

  87. @beet: @beet: after sitting back and thinking about your question it’s a bit of a retrospective one! I think the tour was a brilliant initiative. The school bought in and their motive was pure and they stuck their necks out and put everything on the line as a school. The negative side is the attitude reciprocated towards the team by their hosts. All New Zealand people including the equivalent of yourself notified us this is pre-season warmup matches and serves also as trials for their schools 1st XV. Bit unfair that from the get go we are saying hey we here to play but you saying hang on but I am just using this off the record. The minute the team lost it was announced as an official match and Boishaai 43 match winning streak is stopped by Christchurch Boys high. Had Boishaai won complete opposite would have been said. That’s my only issue that while we were winning it was hey we not in regular season. This was very prevalent in all commentary on tour.

  88. @odie15:
    Klink vir my asof die kiwis n 1981 op HJS getrek het ai dis jammer ek back alle SA spanne teen nzl selfs ons grootste kompetiesie die jaar….


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