DHS 150th Rugby Celebration Day – results and match reports

RULES: 25 min per half – rolling subs – 22 players per squad – running rugby – no kicking at posts/conversions – only allowed to kick inside own 22m (free kick against offending team). The main game will see DHS play Kearsney in a full 70-minute match.

11h00 Thu.17Mar Kloof 10 15 George Campbell DHS 150th
12h00 Thu.17Mar Clifton 5 15 Voortrekker (Pmb) DHS 150th
13h00 Thu.17Mar Port Natal 5 25 St Charles DHS 150th
14h00 Thu.17Mar Hilton 10 5 Northwood DHS 150th
15h00 Thu.17Mar Glenwood 25 5 Michaelhouse DHS 150th
16h00 Thu.17Mar Maritzburg College 10 10 Westville DHS 150th
17h00 Thu.17Mar DHS 22 26 Kearsney DHS 150th

As part of their 150th birthday celebrations, DHS will host a rugby day which like the Graeme College annual event in the Eastern Cape has attracted many of the best schools of the province. All the Tier-1 KZN rugby schools have been booked to take part in the DHS 150th Rugby Day on Thursday 17 March 2016.

George Campbell vs Kloof

Campbell won what looked like it had been a very good game 15-10 and their No.8 Njabulo Nkosi was MOTM (man of the match).

Voortrekker vs Clifton

This was a classic match of two halves. The first half very much belonged to Clifton. They played with good structure and looked well drilled. After domination through recycled ball generated by the pack that allowed for continuity, Clifton managed to use the possession to score from close via scrumhalf Stefan Muller.

Voortrekker seemed to get their hands on more ball after that but their best ground gainers were pick and drive play. They were largely ineffective when going wide as there was no real oomph amongst their backs.

Halftime 5-0 to Clifton

After impressing in the first half, Clifton went flatter than a pancake. The heat coupled with lack of preseason run compared to Vories, might took its toll on Clifton in this second half. Vories enjoyed the bulk of T&P and also went ahead on the penalty count. They eventually translated this increased ball into points when their overthrown lineout inside the Clifton 22 was collected by their no 5 lock (Nathan Kotze) who proved to be a useful carrier. His contribution paved the way for Zack Harmse to power over.

Continued pressure resulted in the best ball through the hands of the match for Vories and the overlap on the left wing was exploited as a result. No 11 Mtokozisi Mtshali scored for Vories to lead 10-5.

Just before the final whistle Vories extended their lead when Zack Harmse crashed over for his second try, this time near the right corner after a rolling maul and rumble set up after a lineout win.

Final score 15-5

St Charles vs Port Natal

St Charles’ upperbody strength seemed to come to the fore early on as they dominated Port Natal in the contacts. However they were only able to take full advantage after Port Natal intercepted a pass well inside the Porties half. The opportunist was caught and well tackled by SCC centre Sid Sibisi just passed halfway. A turnover resulted and the broken play disorganisation worked in SCC’s favour. They moved well into gaps and eventually no 11 Simphiwe Dubazane scored.

Soon after kickoff Super Sid showing no repercussions from a terrible leg break last year, displayed terrific strength on his feet to shake off a couple of tacklers and run in for a try from over 60m out.

10-0 at halftime to the Saints.

St Charles proved to be far too strong for Porties during the second half. The latter had to live off scraps.

SCC hooker Ryan vd Westhuizen was prominent at the start of the half. Although he dropped the ball in the act of scoring, he quickly made up for it when he was key to a driving maul which generated good forward progress, providing try-scorer flank Blake Chubb a well-taken chance to burst clear after taking a pop pass that came his way off the back of the forwards bunch.

St Charles variation and handling was of a decent standard. They used short passed to support runners well at times and their fourth try was a teamwork combination between backs and forwards, assisted by a good over the top pass and finished by none other than MOTM Sid Sibisi.

Porties finally got on the scoreboard when they rushed an attacking St Charles backline, forced a handling error which outside centre Lourens de Jager swooped on by picking up the dropped ball and run all of 80m to score.

Final score 20-5 to St Charles.

St Charles no 3 Duncan Du Buisson is MOTM.

Hilton vs Northwood

This game was clearly a step up from the ones that preceded it in turns of tempo and intensity. Northwood started the better of the two. Their tight five is very handy for setpieces and in the tight loose. They packed a physical edge as well. Their backs initially looked up to the task as well and produced a few threatening looking carries at first using well built players.  In the end they did not have the silky skills needed to be more dangerous.

A goal line onslaught by Northwood finally paid dividends when hooker “Mr T” Mthembu forced his way over from close.

Hilton was missing two key destructive backs McGhee and Badenhorst and it showed in their attack at first. They dug deep and fought back to win more P&T against the big Knight pack. At crucial times Hilton’s self-disciple let them down though and they got pinged. By the break Hilton could not produce the attacking threats needed to break Northwood’s resistance. An upset was on the cards.

At halftime Northwood lead 5-0.

Hilton centre Nick Winskill was put into space and he ran to well within the Northwood 22m area before being stopped. It signified a turning tide in the game but Northwood also showed the ever-present resilience. They were not going to give anything away cheaply. After a few half chances, Hilton equalized through their classy flyhalf Angus Curtis who is a balanced runner that likes time on the ball. On one of his familiar drift runs he spotted a gap and used his acceleration to bisect two defenders just inside the Northwood 22. Once through the gap. it was an easy run in for a try under the sticks.

Northwood had a couple of redzone opportunities but made mistakes when they needed to be clinical. In between these plays, Hilton took their chance very well. With the added influence of big George Putter as well as other fresh legs, things evened up in the tight phase exchanges. A well-executed rolling maul saw Hilton hooker Kuza Kubwinana crash over for the winning points.

Full marks to both teams for putting on a worthy battle to watch unfold. It’s not the best Hilton team this season but they showed character and there are some fringe players who could still play important roles this season.

Final score 10-5 to Hilton.

Glenwood vs Michaelhouse

Glenwood has an outstanding team with depth this year and even without a few big name players for this match, they got the job done. Strong running centre Seun Maduna had a field day and was MOTM.

Michaelhouse is always disadvantaged at the start of the rugby season due to the school’s rigid commitment towards a balanced approach, meaning rugby preparation cannot interfere with summer sports. However in spite of their lack of match practice, the House players can hold their heads high. Not only do they have great school spirit they have an appreciation for ball through the hands rugby. It’s going to be a hard act to follow the two outstanding seasons that Michaelhouse 2014 and 2015 produced and although not as much is expected from this 2016, they came out and played attractive rugby at DHS. Their forwards won setpiece ball, their backs moved it through the hands with surprising efficiency at times, they got over the gain line a number of times and the forwards arrived to help recycle ball. Their continuity in the first half was very good at times and they had a good share of possession as a result of it. There was a framework for success on display and against any other opponents they at DHS 150th House could well have come away with a win. However they were outmuscled by a bigger, stronger team and their failure to protect the inside channel very costly in the end. The House try scorer was David Pachonick who is a useful 9, while 10 Dante Gutu has vision and the passing skills to back it up. From 12-15 there are players with something to offer. Due to a lack of size up front they may struggle but it would be foolish to underestimate them. Glenwood did not and recorded a useful win in the end. Halftime was 10-0 and fulltime 25-5.

Maritzburg College vs Westville

Westville got onto the score sheet first via centre Brogan Boulle, who’s angled run from within the 22m area after a successful lineout win, seemed to catch College napping on defence. He effortlessly breached the defence and ran in untouched.

Westville’s handling error provided College with a good attacking position from the scrum. They got ball wide to fullback Jaco Truter who did well to get College over the advantage line before being tackled inside the Ville 22. At that breakdown the ball squirted out the back, was picked up by a quick thinking Westville player (flank Dylan Taljaard) and channelled to Sabelo Mazibuko who ran about 80m to score and was clearly delighted, celebrating before he even dotted down.

Halftime 10-0 to Westville

College captain Craig Glover took a quick tap, centre Njabulo Mjara broke the line and with work still to be done wing Xolisa Guma once again showed why he is one of the best finishers around.

Westville came close to extending their lead via Taljaard. College had a player binned for repeated infringements at the ruck.

College’s good was given a bit of room on the right and used his licence to thrill to body check his marker out the way. Continuity was ensured and lock Durang Atembe set off on a meaningful tackle busting carry deep into the Westville 22 where he was well tackled to ground. The damage had however been done and moments later Ayanda Duma the replacement wing had crossed the white chalk for the equaliser.

It was a game of uncompromising toughness but in the end the handling errors reduce its appeal a little.

Final score 10-10 draw

DHS vs Kearsney

Kearsney held on to win 26-22 after leading 17-6 at the break. Sanele Nohamba of DHS was the Man of the Match

Match report here:

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  1. Awesome! I wonder what the other fixtures will be. Glenwood don’t seem to have Northwood on their fixtures list so maybe there OR to ruffle a few maybe even Hilton….don’t think so though, they are not professional enough even though they recruited a professional coach..

  2. I was hoping that at the very least DHS vs Kearsney could have been a proper match since this is their inter-schools match for 2016. Likewise Michaelhouse could have played Northwood in a full game since thats not on the calendar in 2016.

    Anyway, it should be a great day of celebration. I won’t miss it if I were a local and I am :-)

  3. So slightly shorter games -and there is the “return” fixture for MC/WV too. was odd that after 2 great games last year between the schools that there was only a single fixture planned this year

  4. Glenwood are not playing Northwood this year, that fixture at DHS would have made up for it.

  5. This year’s KZN open age group will be interesting as the schools are very even. Referring back to their u16 age group. Throw in the Grade 11’s and it will change the dynamics a bit. Anyone of Westvile DHS College Glenwood and Kearsney could end up top of the list this year. I am sure Michaelhouse will surprise. The Festival will give all schools an opportunity to see the development and what each school has to offer. Definitely this will be a great Festival to watch.

  6. @Griffonfly:

    Any ideas yet on a possibles / probables Westville Team? Many of them are my lightie’s peers from primary school and club rugger and may boys I’ve coached – so watching closely.

  7. @Griffonfly: Agreed, it all looks pretty close indeed. Glenwood seem to have a very balanced group which I think will be lead by Austin Brummer. They have height, size and speed. Just hoping there are no injuries at SANIX. I’m sure the boys will want to revenge the defeat at home to Westville at Westville…

  8. @Greenblooded No indication as yet. There are those who played 1st last year, that are I am sure are pencilled in. There will be a couple of positional switches from those players and a few coming back from injury. There also a couple of new boys as well. It is a talented group so selection will be tough, but also good that they have replacements who are capable.

  9. Curious, does anyone know when last DHS beat either Westville, College, Glenwood, Kearsney or Michaelhouse? If my memory serves me correctly, I think it’s been a while.

  10. @Bonthuis: Took College close last year I think. 15-10 on Goldstones. They’ve lost some good players from the 2011 intake but I think they’ll still do well. Young Matt Hamilton will step up with a few others, they’ll certainly not go down without a fight.

  11. DHS’s last year’s u16 were strong added to a competitive grade 12 year. They will compete with all schools this year. Also throw in that it is their 150th year. Go school.

  12. Yep, DHS will be very competitive! I’m really glad for them in a celebration year. They will lift themselves even more for their two main derbies, Glenwood & College.

  13. Well done to Clifton, beating Glenwood 4-2 in the semi and DHS 7-5 in the final. Boggie was right about our cricket, lost to Namibia in the under19 World Cup, eish!!

  14. @GreenBlooded: hahah, you beat me to the draw. Yeah, Glenwood is only rugby obsessed and should never be delving into the academic realm. We are also only successful at sport etc because be buy success. No other school does that….. :-P

  15. @Grasshopper

    Am I correct in saying that the Cambridge matric will cut the mustard for UK varsities? That is the same as A-levels no?

    If so – good on Glenwood for giving students this option. If I’m not mistaken, as South African matric needs a further 2 years bridging before acceptance into UK varsities?

  16. @GreenBlooded: @Grasshopper: The SA matric enables you to get into every major university in the UK apart from Oxford and Cambridge; however:
    1. you need pretty good results – not just the normal Uni exemption; and
    2. I’m not sure if the government metric is accepted – perhaps only IEB.

  17. @Playa: That is the exception not the norm. Rhodes (sorry can’t use that anymore) Scholarships etc for exceptional matrics

  18. @Grasshopper: They aren’t on scholarships. Folks are funding their education themselves. Whether it’s an exception or not is not my argument. Just stating that they can be accepted.

  19. @Playa: Must be exceptional circumstances Playa, or maybe they’d passed their 1st years at Uni, as the Oxford website states the following:

    South Africa
    The South African Senior Certificate (with Matriculation endorsement) and IEB curriculum would not be sufficient for candidates to make a competitive application. (note 1)

    Note 1:
    If your qualification is listed as being insufficient to make a competitive application to Oxford, then you will need to undertake further study if you wish to apply.

    You could take British A-levels (the British Council may know where you can take A-levels in your country), the International Baccalaureate (IB), or any other qualifications listed as acceptable on this page. The first year of a bachelor’s degree from another university could also be an acceptable alternative.

  20. @Vleis: @Vleis: Ah fair enough. they didn’t go straight there from high school. They both did their first year at UCT, then trekked up from 2nd year. One came back for his 3rd year and went back again. I wasn’t aware of this note, good to know.

  21. @Grasshopper:

    Hopper – you are quite tight with TK. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Don’t you want to drop him a note and ask him to stop wasting time on this academic stuff? We are a rugby academy dammit. Who cares if GW boys can sail into UK varsities straight after school? All we want to do is come top in KZN in rugby.

  22. What happened to playing your oldest traditional rival on your reunion day? Full fixture, packed stands, war cries, banter and a hard fought 1st XV game.

  23. @Umtata: Still happening, just a different day. DHS’s biggest derbies are it’s oldest (College) and closest geographically (Glenwood)…

  24. @Bonthuis: You miss the point again, it’s not about matric results it’s about the quality of matric exam written. Glenwood bringing in Cambridge Exams is helping up the quality of the courses on offer. NSC is heading for the pits so it doesn’t really matter how many A’s you get in it. Herschel Girls in Cape Town had 104 pupils writing NSC and got 539 A’s, an average of 5.18 per pupils and 71% of the girls got 5 A’s or more, ridiculous!

  25. I hear Westville are playing DHS on the 26th Feb at the Voortrekker night series. Nice challenge for both schools for the start of the season. Who will come out firing early in the season? DHS I hear are training well. Westville also doing some good work. Roll on 2 weeks.

  26. @Griffonfly: Hopefully that’s the evening College are in action as well. Will be the first “must watch” day of 2016 SBR if that is the case.

  27. Did I say that SA should do well, a few years from now in the 3N-involving Namibia and Zim? Given the Cricket U19 losses against both countries, I think we might struggle. I do wonder if they will beat their opponents for the 10th place play-off?

  28. @Bonthuis: Have a look at the site, in the off season other school related topics like matric results are discussed, open your eyes. Gosh that NY snow is getting to you

  29. @star: I believe there is a little swimming competition taking place in Durban this weekend? Watch the boys in their new Speedo sponsored outfits. Coming from the States, they have not seen water for a while, but I suppose that you guys will always be favourites, when it comes to water

  30. @BOG: I saw that, I bet Wetsville are sponsored by Arena. It’s between Grey & Westville with PBHS, Kearsney & Glenwood in hot pursuit!

  31. @BOG: The pressure is on. I think it is over 60 galas in a row and everyone wants to knock you off your pedestal. Something that Grey might feel every time they take the rugby field. :lol: I think it is also close to 20 years in the Midmar Mile and so it never lets up. Not necessarily a bad thing. :mrgreen:

  32. @star: I just get the impression that the Grey group is quite strong this year. They came a very strong first in the Affies gala, with all the strongest “Gauteng” schools participating. Even the “B” group did well. Who knows? This might just be the year. I guess this event could be seen as the SA schools champs !

  33. @BOG: Was PBHS at that Affies gala? They are a good gauge of swimming strength. Midmar, I think old sterrtjie is talking about the open event as many other schools have won the age group events in the last 20 years..

  34. @star I have my view on a 22 man squad but I am not the coach. I would rather wait before jumping the gun. All I know is the season will be tough from the word go. DHS, unknown, Kearsney, College, Grey High, Wynberg, Bishops and then Affies. So the squad plus extras will need to be ready.

  35. @Griffonfly: Come on, have a stab at it at least. I have some idea of Glenwood but probably way off as it’s based on the form of players last year..

  36. @Grasshopper: St Davids, PBHS and St Benedicts are usually the strongest Gauteng swimming schools. Interhigh 2015 was won by Bennies , 2014 by PBHS with St Davids 2nd both times

  37. @Roger: I think that St David’s won last year. Bennies was announced as the winners on the day, but the powers that be subsequently realised that the scorers had cocked up so it was awarded to St David’s a few days later.

  38. @Roger: Westville Gala 2015 results;

    Final results
    1st Westville 333
    2nd Grey Coll 284
    3rd St DAVIDS 267
    4th Glenwood 242
    5th Clifton 232
    6th PBHS 210
    7th Kearsney 176
    8th Hilton 168
    9th Westville B 129
    10th Maritzburg Coll 105
    11th KES 102
    12th Northwood 64
    13th DHS 53

  39. Affies gala results in January 2016:
    1) Grey College 312
    2) St Benedicts 222
    3)PBHS 221
    4)Affies 215
    5/6 St Davids /St Stithians share 202
    7)Grey College B 116
    8)St Albans ?

  40. @Vleis: I heard an astounding fact the other day – St Davids Prep have not lost a gala for 17 odd years ! Not sure how true that is but I do know that they fight tooth and nail every year to hold on to their top swimmers moving from grade 7 to grade 8 – not sure they are always successful.

  41. @Bonthuis: My dad passed away almost 2 years ago now and I’m based in Joburg…..will be going to the Saints Festival this year, maybe pop into KES to have a chat with old Roger..

  42. @Grasshopper: @Roger: My favourite festival for the vibe is KES, but my favourite to attend is Saints as it’s much closer to home and you can watch the games from the beer tent/garden. At KES, I bump into mates who drag me into the beer tent/garden, so I miss many games.

    Anyway, my son is at Saints again this year, so that’s where I’ll be.

    @Roger: Not sure re the St David’s prep swimming stat, as my kids went to a co-ed primary school so did not compete against them. The problem with school swimming is two-fold:
    1. you only need to give a few scholarships per grade per annum to secure a brilliant school team; and
    2. like football and athletics, by far the most important junior events are club related (e.g. CGA & Nationals), so the swimmers peak for said events, not the school ones….whereas with cricket, rugby and waterpolo, the school events are the main ones.

  43. @ Grasshopper @ BOG Glenwood very disappointing in the pool tonite. Impressed with Grey College and St Davids. I hear Grey College is coached by my ex coach Simon Gray. Grey College strong in u14 and u 16 age group and in breaststroke. Westville had there number in other events. Very impressed with atmosphere. Well done Westville great event. Well done Westville on winning the Invitational again. Now D & D on Tuesday. Sorry to say my old school DHS not at the same level.

  44. @ Grasshopper after following your comments over the years, I was expecting a lot more from Glenwood in the pool. Westvile are much like Glenwood then who poach the Grant Khomo rugby players. But the results for Westville in the swimming pool over the last 10 years are better than Glenwood on the rugby field. :wink:

  45. @Griffonfly: It only takes 16 good swimmers to produce a great team, but many many more rugby players. Anyway, I put it down to the relay format where Glenwood don’t have the depth that Westville do. I’m sure we will do better where the format is based on the top swimmers only. Not sure what happened to Reuben Schoeman, not heard much about him after he was predicted to be the next Chad Ho. Remember Westville even give bursaries to B team swimmers that is how desperate they are to dominant in the pool…

  46. @ Grasshopper It also only takes 20 odd rugby players to make a good rugby team in all age groups. The balance of the players need to be above average and you can compete. Westville have the balance right across all sports at the some time you get a great education.

  47. Sorry not all pretentious, some good blokes but certainly not the majority….can’t paint everyone with the same brush.

  48. @Grasshopper most imported factor in schooling is your kid happy. They will then produce the results. Westvile must be doing something right as the results show academically and on the sports field. All round excellence.

  49. @Griffonfly: I think you will find all the schools involved in last nights gala are pushing for allround excellence and producing it. Westville are certainly not the strongest in some sports, but very good at swimming and academics, well done to them

  50. @Grasshopper: Westville are definitely not pretentious, I think that just comes from your jelousy of their success in the last 15 years. Agreed College and DHS were the best in my day but those days are long gone. Westville has by far and away the best team spirit of all school and are a very proud school.

    Hats off to Glenwood for how they have improved and for what they have achieved, but, it must be hard for you to accept that their success has been overshadowed by Westviile.

  51. @Bonthuis: Not hard at all, well done to them. Buying success has proven it works. 80 odd bursaries a year should pay dividends. Glenwood certainly doesn’t have the financial means to copy that but we have done bloody well in the past 20 years considering where we were in the mid 90’s. In terms swimming, Westville were clever to pick a sport like that to concentrate on, doesn’t require much really. Just get the best 10 swimmers who have their own coaches and clubs, wallaa success. Westville as a newbie school are doing very well, just not for me. I just don’t like Trevor Hall’s management style. My cousin went there and didn’t enjoy his time there. As Griffonfly says it’s up to the individual. SACS would be my first choice Gov school in the country followed by PBHS, Grey Bloem, College, Rondebosch and then Glenwood…

  52. No way Glenwood is in the top 5, maybe top 50.

    Where Westville picked swimming, Glenwood picked rugby and took the recuitung, poaching etc. to another level. Just ask schools like College and Hilton. Do you think there’s any correlation between them not wanting to play you and how you’ve bastardized the recruiting process.

  53. @Grasshopper: @Bonthuis: In between the hand bag blows, can you tell me where I can see the gala results? Before Monday, because by then GCB will have it on their page. For an independent. impartial opinion on schools, not only in SA, but the whole continent, google, “Best schools in Africa” :mrgreen:

  54. @Grasshopper: @Bonthuis: In between the hand bag blows, can you tell me where I can see the gala results? Before Monday, because by then GCB will have it on their page. For an independent. impartial opinion on schools, not only in SA, but the whole continent, google, “Best schools in Africa” :mrgreen: .

  55. @BOG: Twitter is your friend and Bonty loves to judge schools on his memory rather then actually visiting them in the last 6 months. NY snow does some weird things to brains…

  56. @BOG I was there last night and Westville won by 18 points. I cannot recall the exact scores St Davids came third, then St Benedicts.recall, I think.

  57. @BOG I was there last night and Westville won by 18 points. I cannot recall the exact scores St Davids came third, then St Benedicts, I think.

  58. @Griffonfly: @Grasshopper: Close. But with their strong U14s and 16 s, maybe next year? Did you folks google “Best school in Africa”? It gives them to you in order of 1-100. While you can question the methods used and their objectivity, you certainly cannot question their impartiality.

  59. @BOG: Glenwood at 21 & Westville at 72 seems about right. No1 is debatable considering avg matric results, no2 is because the author is a KES OB ?

  60. @Grasshopper: What is the problem with the matric results.? What is the purpose of X number of distinctions, other than an indication that they did not lead balanced lives. What ultimately matters, is what they do after their studies. Last year may have not been their best, but for maths and science, they have been in the Top 10, many times. I think the educationalists speak of a holistic education- fancy word for balanced.

  61. @Bonthuis: No my word is my opinion, that is what a blog is about. You obviously a lighty and the times you blog seem to indicate you in the US, unless you only wake up around midday SA time which would confirm your age..

  62. @Grasshopper: on the cricket, who have you poached this time, probably flown boys up from Paul Roos or Paarl Gym for the game just like you’ve done before for 1st XV rugby games!!!

  63. @Bonthuis: Not bald, 6foot3 and 107kg (about Schalk Burgers size), not too bad……no imports, called good coaching. We have had an SA Schools cricketer nearly every year in the past 5….

  64. @Gungets Tuft: I really don’t have time for a young arrogant pillock like him. I mean common Westville, only started to play College in 1987 (when he was born), only 67 years after the College vs Glenwood derby started…

  65. @Grasshopper: Haha. It’s funny that you mention 1987 when referring to Bonthuis. I think that was a memorable year for him, not because oxygen filled his lungs for the first time.

  66. I mean Westville are like the annoying little whipper snappers, they seem to think they are a private school but are not. They think Kearsney are their main rivals, but completely different in what they offer. They hate losing to their poorer rivals below the Varsity. Real elitist mentality when in fact they are the same as any other Model C school. Once they come off their mantle others will start to like them a little more…

  67. @Grasshopper you welcome to your view. But I will repeat myself. Westville is a good school fullstop. Speak to the boys who are there and what they feel. My son is there and he would not go to any other school and I am a Horsefly. You mention words like pretentious, whipper snappers, this is far from what I see. You say you will be at Saints maybe we can meet up and discuss over cold one, or as a Glenwood old boy are you too pretentious. :wink:

  68. @Griffonfly: Happy too, all my best mates, my cousin and two brother in laws are WOB’s, but they are the handful I get on with. Some of the others are just plain snobby and I’m no pauper. My dad finished at DHS in 69 and uncle 79 so I have a soft spot for the flys!

  69. I am at 86 model at DHS. 30 year reunion this year. A lot of banter going around prior to the reunion.

    @ Vleis my son has an eye on it. He has not been first choice since arriving at WBHS, but he has been doing some hard work over the years, and he is hoping to go. So the plan is to go if he is selected.

  70. @Griffonfly: 86 vintage, when School was in its prime. Slowly getting back there and hallejuiah to that! Stop the flow of kids from DPHS to the Ville…

  71. Not many from DPHS to the Ville. Only 10 odd in my son’s year. They feed to Clifton, Northwood and Kearsney.

  72. @Vleis: Thanks. He has been at Westville since Grade 8. Came from Westvile Senior Primary. He is locally bred as we live in Westville. He is in matric this year.

  73. @Grasshopper: Unless I’m mistaken College got quite a few. It was a big year for College Old Boys sending their boys back. I saw the photo, looked like 26 Old Boys sons. Decent proportion from Durban.

  74. @Gungets Tuft: Almost correct – 29 Old Boy sons in the BE – plus another 15 odd day boy old boys too in the grade. Must be a bit of a record?

    And correct too about Prep – a large contingent of DPHS boys moved up to Sleepy Hollow – following two very strong old boy families from Prep.

    Another record – the College U16B cricket beat DHS by 484 runs this weekend 8-O Eish – that must have been demoralizing!

  75. @Gungets Tuft: Yep, heard that. I know Glenwood got a handful of DPHS boys too, one of them being a friends son. She had the choice between Northwood, Westville and Glenwood. She said to me that the Glenwood Open Day impressed her so much she made her decision straight away. She did also go to the other schools Open Days too. DHS have a battle on their hands though as DPHS boys are going to College, Clifton, Westville and Glenwood more often than not.

  76. @Rugger fan: That under16 game should have been stopped. How can a schoolboy side made over 400 runs in half a day. It’s like a rugby game getting to 80 points, call it off. Nothing is gained from it.

  77. @Grasshopper: Easier to call off a rugby game – but with cricket it’s difficult to stop it – the game is already a limited overs affair.

    Is sad to see DHS struggling in cricket – they are an extremely proud cricket school and I would have imagined that cricket would have been least affected by changes in the school intake over the past few years (compared to rugby, waterpolo, swimming etc.).

    Some good players in the mix and good flashes of individual talent -but generally out of depth.

    I know College managed to fields sides against Northwood /University KZN/Linpark/Alex High too this weekend to make up fixtures.

  78. I guess in retrospect – South Africa would probably have wanted the match stopped when the Aussies scored 400 plus at the wanderers too a few years back..”The Maritzburg College 16B team won the toss and elected to bat. The pitch promised to offer many runs if the batsmen were up for the task. This looked to be the case when the opening pair of Joshua Gracie and Mphumelelo Maphumulo eased their way past a century in 13 overs.
    Gracie on 43 runs was the first wicket to fall with the home team on 101. Maphumulo was in fine form and looked set to score a century when he slashed at a wide ball only to be caught at mid-off for 77 runs.
    After tea the third wicket stand of Karl Hoffman and Wyatt Michaux were devastating. Hoffman managed to score 64 runs in 46 balls before he went out. Michaux stole the show scoring an unbelievable 160 runs in only 77 balls. Captain Russel Stainbank also added to the tally with a quick 52 runs.
    College ended their innings on 509/6, leaving DHS with a nigh impossible task. After lunch DHS were sent in to bat. The College bowling attacked proved far too much for the visitors to handle as they were all out for a total of 25 runs.
    Talented Ngcobo did exceptionally well to attain figures of 4/7 in 4 overs. College won the match with a monumental 484 runs. It is a cricket match that those involved on the day will most likely never forget”

  79. @Rugger fan: Yep, but 400 runs plus in 50 overs is crazy, unless they were playing on the DHS cabbage patch at the back near Blackmores, that is a nick and six! Once the team had reached 250 they must have known it was going to be a blood bath. I remember playing Alex under13A and we scored 275 in 50 overs and then bowled them out for 12, that is harder to predict. It was my best haul ever 7 for 7! I will never forget it!

    I believe the A teams are OK and the 1st side isn’t bad. Having Amla as an OB must inspire some of the lighties. Well done to College in the swimming, vast improvement from last year. Next up to try and sort their polo…

  80. @Rugger fan: Again, times have changed. In my day the B sides played 30 overs and it was unheard of any kid getting a 100, let alone a 50. In the A team games it was declaration games, but usually sides were bowled out by lunch. The biggest score I saw whiles playing A team was about 280 with one hundred. I think it was vs College, they had a strong side with Van Vuuren the opening bowler for College. The A side games were played on bigger fields too.

  81. @Grasshopper: Let’s see. You’re batting first in a 50 over game. You try to figure out how strong the opposition is and retire short of the 50 overs. I’m battling to compute …

    And battling to see how your U13 experience is any different?

    You couldn’t just say “well done, great score” and just move on?

  82. @Gungets Tuft: 509, just think about it for a minute in an under16B game, surely the teachers and umpires could have worked out it was a mismatch from the beginning. I get were you coming from, you only know how weak the other side is once both have batted but 500 plus in 50 overs, 10 runs per over…..no man…..

  83. @Gungets Tuft: In a rugga game when it’s 50-0 at halftime do you battle to compute then? At 250 odd after 25 overs do you battle to compute then too……?

  84. @Grasshopper: Are you feeling OK, comparing a rugby match when teams are scoring at the same time (you know – if you stop you have a result) …. to a cricket game where the scoring is sequential, with no result until both teams have batted. What you are saying is that at some stage a team batting first needs to make a (judgmental – as in “you guys look k#k” – judgement call and stop batting.

    So no, sorry, I don’t get what you mean.

    As for the rugby comparison – surely you see the difference … ???

  85. @Griffonfly: So we are now ” little whipper snappers ” :lol: I will be pulling for your boy this year. His work ethic, attitude and heart need to be rewarded. ( at the very least as a super-sub :mrgreen: )
    @ Gungets- I think Udo had a lot to do with the College Prep intake.

  86. @Gungets Tuft: Of course I see the difference, but surely the DHS coach could have said we have never chased down 250 before let alone 500, let’s make it a 25 over game to give my boys a chance. My game as under13 so an unknown, but by under16 you should know the quality of the players and team by then. Anyway, it’s my empathetic side coming in. I can just imagine the poor DHS boys looking at the scorecard reading 509 required and thought jeez, how we ever going to get that.

  87. @star: In terms of history, Westville is a spring chicken. I mean starting the College derby in 1987 is like yesterday. The school only became a boys High in 1965, so really it’s only 50 years old. What Westville have achieved in those 50 years is commendable, well done. Prior to 2000, Westville was at best the 6th best Boys High School in the province in terms of allround excellence. So the past decade and half has been when the school has even come on the radar nationally. In most sporting events like D&D athletics & swimming Westville usually came in 5th or 6th for many years…..

  88. @star: Could be that, we all know the influence that Old Boys and Uber-Moms have in recruitment :roll: :mrgreen:

    DPHS and College have a great affinity. In the last 10 years DPHS has provided a number of high achievers to College, including at least 3 head boys (I remember Andrew Hay, Daryn Goodsen and Jesse Fillafero), any number of 1st team captains (2 years ago I think the head boy and captains of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, U16A rugby and 1st team cricket were all DPHS boys).

    I believe the current crop will have similar success, and long may it continue.

  89. @Gungets Tuft: Is Merchiston still the main feeder school? I bet College get a few from Highbury too, those who can’t afford Kearsney. I think College is a great option to those moving up to Kloof, Hillcrest and Botha’s Hill, only 40 mins to PMB so day dogs could be in a lift club and boarders can go home on weekends after sport. If I lived up on the hill College would be my first choice…

  90. @Grasshopper: It’s character building. The kids aren’t 12 years old any more, they’re 15 and 16 years old. I reckon they would suffer more from the lack of trust that their coach has than a beating at cricket.

    As for turning it into a 25-over game, not sure about the logic of that. The boys can do arithmetic, they know that a 200 run loss in 25-overs is the same as a 400-run loss over 50 overs.

    Rugby – stopping a match after a score gets to 50 has as much to do with the possibility of a smaller and overpowered team getting injured than it does with the psychological damage of a score of 50 plus.

    I don’t see you lobbying for an early stop to water polo games when the 1/2 time score is 10:0 … :roll: :roll:

  91. @Grasshopper: You always make me laugh. You say that prior to 2000 Westville ” was at best 6th in the province in terms of allround excellence.” How is it then that in 1999 Westville was ranked the top all round school in the country ( when Colin Bigg was the top matriculant in SA). On that subject of top performers Westville has had 8 top KZN matriculants since 1959. How many has GW had or any other school ( boy or girl)? You also go on about the swimming. Do you know that currently Westville is also the top KZN school in golf, squash, softball and soccer. Interesting that you made the sarcastic comment about Westville pretending to be private. In the golf champs that Westville won, the next 4 teams were all private. As we know golf is an elitist sport and so Westville is able to hang with the boys( Kidding of course :mrgreen: ) In my day 1981 for example we had the best tennis set-up in the country and that is 20 years before your supposed cut-off of 2000. And so again no we are not just the best swimming and academic school, and no it did not only start in 2000. You are correct that relative to schools like College and DHS we are a spring chicken. Surely though that makes the achievements more than just ” commendable”. Congratulations must also go to Chad Ho for winning the Midmar for an unprecedented 7 times. I hope your green chip allowed you to be happy for him :mrgreen:

  92. @star: My green chip doesn’t exist, well done Chad. I was one of the people who helped get him to Russia through sponsorship. You forgot to mention the Chalupsky brothers. These are great individuals just like Jordy Smith & Travis Logie are great individual surfers. Both attended Glenwood but don’t have Glenwood to thank for their success, only themselves. Glenwood might have helped them keep on the straight and narrow though, especially old legend teachers like Toppy who mentored many a boy through their rough teens. Westville had a few good years of tennis as did Glenwood with Kevin Curran, these sorts of freaks used to appear at all schools. Robin Smith and Hugh Reece-Edwards at Northlands, Errol Stewart at Westville, Andile Phehlukwayo at Glenwood. For me it really has to do with their individual coaches and their own mindset. Chad Les Clos doesn’t really have Westville to thanks for his success. Glenwood have had many top academics getting Rhodes & Ellsie Ballot scholarships etc. Top academics are usually girls and I do remember Colin Bigg who was a few years below me. Glenwood have had a good few top 5 achievers. Squash and Softball have been Glenwood’s sports for the past decade, having won those provincial tournaments most of the time. Only recently did Westville beat Glenwood in both. Golf is an elitist sport so we will leave it to those elitists playing it. In terms of age, DHS & College have over 100 years more traditions and Glenwood at least 50 years more….

  93. @Grasshopper: Bru – I really think it’s probably just unintentional, but is it really always about money. I bet College get quite a few boys where their parent CAN afford Kearsney, but actually choose Maritzburg College. Mine is a case in point – I could afford Kearsney (and Clifton – and House if St Disgustings was still buying stray kidneys), but my son chose College because being a 4th Generation College man appealed to him.

    So, yes, College still has Merchiston as a feeder, as it does Highbury (for the paupers who have somehow snuck into the Highway area), but an analysis of the kids in the BE this year would likely show a huge variety of feeders. Rugger Fan probably has the details.

  94. @Grasshopper: You’re way to obsessed with the age of a school. Most young engineering hotshots would much rather work for Tesla than an old giant like Ford Motor Corp.

    The value of an entity (school, business, etc) is determined by what it will deliver in the future, and that is driven by the people running it. The legacies, structures, traditions, etc of old schools are very useful, but do not guarantee value – e.g. Jeppe is the oldest school in Jhb but was heading almost inexorably to mediocrity before the intervention of a few top people reversed the trend when it was close to the precipice.

    Also, value will differ from parent to parent. If Griffonfly says that Westville creates a happy, motivated pupils then they must be, at the very least, on the right track.

  95. @Vleis: Agreed but you see I was brought up with tradition and history at my core. I love knowing my great uncle was at Glenwood in 1939, my uncle in 1965, me in 1996 and a cousin of mine there now. Building a legacy. I don’t like these upstart schools like Crawford, Trinityhouse etc, they just don’t do it for me. But that is my personal opinion. When I was at Glenwood in 96, Westville was considered an upstart along with schools like Pinetown. Now I am aware College, DHS, Hilton and Michaelhouse would have seen Glenwood as an upstart in 1910 too. I like a school to prove itself over many years not just a few as you say it really depends on the management at the time.

  96. @Gungets Tuft: It usually is about money, but in some cases like yours maybe not. I too like tradition and legacy as stated above, but one can’t bury their heads in the sand either. An NSC matric is not going to be worth much very soon, so unless like Glenwood a Gov school offers Cambridge or Oxford Brookes or Queensland exams one needs to look to try put their kids through a private school…

  97. @Vleis: Agree with your last point there vleis. What works for one – does not necessarily for another.

    A mate of mine – his son would have been a 5th Gen College boy – including ex Headmaster in the lineage – but he chose St Charles! Other true blue GW or DHS or StCharles dads have sent their boys to College. So it really does end up what is best for the boy – and what he chooses to embrace.

    I am sure there are plenty of boys who are flourishing in WBHS/DHS/GW/MC – and I’m sure there have been a number of cases where it did not work out (irrespective of history) and the boys have moved off to an opposition school. And not just at the top end of academics or sport either.

    I keep reiterating – KZN (Greater Durban/PMB) in particular is blessed with many awesome schools for our sons and daughters.

  98. @Grasshopper: I feel your pain, Westville’s success over the last 15 years has been a big detractor from Glenwood and must be hurting you hard – can feel the jealousy coming through in the posts.

    Good luck in the rugby this year, we going to beat you again. Oh and have Hilton agreed to re-instate the Glenwood fixture again or not until you stop blatantly cheating the system. I don’t see any schools pulling their fixtures against Westville, I wonder why that is?? Lightie.

  99. @Vleis: Only reason why he’s obsessed with the age of the school is because that’s all they’ve got over their biggest rival, meanwhile as we knows Glenwood was pretty mediocre up until the turn of the century. Produced very few outstanding athletes compared to the likes of College and DHS until they started bucking the system about 15 years ago…Are we really going to believe all their top athletes are home grown in the Umbilo area??

  100. @Bonthuis: very childish comments indeed, again showing your age. You not doing yourself an favours. Great sportsman don’t have to come from Umbilo boet, it’s called a BE that holds 250 boys. Traditional feeder areas like the Bluff, Toti, Berea, Queensburgh, Zululand etc do produce sportsman. No jealousy, nothing to be jealous or envious of. I congratulate Westville on all their successes. In terms of the rugby only time will tell.

  101. @Bonthuis – How many scholarships do Westville hand out each year? I am not asking to create a new argument. I am interested as there are so many rumours floating about.
    In Pretoria we have heard Westville hand out over 40 sports scholarships per year. Is this number anywhere close to accurate?

    Ignore my post if you think I am being contentious.

  102. @Tang: my friend is on the WOB Conmittee, over 80 bursaries & scholarships, not all 100%. If that isn’t bought success I don’t know what is.

  103. @Tang:

    It’s about double that number. I live in one of the Westville target zones and many of my lightie’s mates went there. I think I can safely say that I know more who are on sports bursaries than are paying full fees. Westville are the undisputed kings at recruitment – despite claims to the contrary. I know of one youngster (who is set to become a world champion) who was recruited a year ago while still in Gr 5.

  104. @Playa In theory, we should all get along since we all support school boy rugby. However, when you drill into the details, there is such a fundamental gap between how we all see school boy rugby going forward.

    I would say, “we get on but there are significant differences of opinion on how school boy rugby/ sport should be played”.

    @Greenblooded – That would be around 90 scholarships per year. How do they sustain that? That must cost big money. If you take that across all grades, then there would be almost 500 on scholarships. Is it 90 for the whole school or 90 per grade?

  105. @Tang: Per grade and there is huge OB input/cash injections. Glenwood only has one philanthropist, Ivan Clarke and he gives money to build new buildings etc. Glenwood does get some funds from OB’s, but more for tours etc. Sponsorships probably help too, but again it’s for equipment and kit. Glenwood used to give out about 30 across academics and sport, but due to others upping their game in this department now give about 50 a year and I think some have performance clauses, like passing the grade of course. Westville are the masters of cloak and dagger…..nothing untowards happens there…..ya right! Ask those close to them and open to chat, it’s as bad if not worse than others….

  106. @Grasshopper: Is this not the pot calling the kettle black? Why does Hilton not want to play Glenwood??

    Flying boys in for 1 game from Cape Town etc. Glenwood are the maters of deception, stands to reason that the only way to get kids to a school in that area is to buy them…!!

  107. Wow, 90 scholarships per annum! That’s amazing. I do not have any issue with it though. As a school Board of Governor, I understand and respect each school’s prerogative to adopt the strategy that best suits their community. But to put it in perspective, consider the following:

    1. My son’s school is just over one third the size of Westville and offers only a handful of partial sports scholarships per annum, of which none (or one) are for rugby.
    2. His 1st team is obviously weaker than Westville’s; however, the 2015 results against common opposition were not a million miles apart….and yet, the contract of his head of rugby/1st team coach was not renewed.

    I must acknowledge that they did not have a great season, but nevertheless, it’s a tough old world out there! 8-O

  108. @Bonthuis: Due to a professional set-up, let me remind you Hilton poached Calvin Smith and Jayson Gouws, two of Glenwood’s best players and under16A captains only a few years apart. They also poached Westville’s scrumhalf, something Westville probably should have used to stop fixtures with them. However, Hilton now have a professional coach again, seems they are a little schizo. In terms of the kid you keep on banging on about, he was not from Paul Roos or Paarl Gim, he was from a little school called Jan Van Riebeeck. I believe he arrived, realised it was a mistake due to language issues etc and headed straight back. Not sure if he ever played a minute, but was a good player so was drafted into the Glenwood KERF squad as cover to our SA Schools Captain and No8, Jaco Coetzee. Just remember Westville drafted in a few Eastern Cape kids a few years ago, one being your lock and KZN player, Qoma. He arrived in grade 10 or 11. There were a few poached from Glenwood in under16. My point is Glenwood have made some mistakes in the past 5 years but Westville have too and cannot put themselves on a pedastal. Looking at your response and attitude towards the Glenwood area you are the elitist here.

  109. Seeing that every GOB seems to be an experts at what happens at Westville. Calculations are easy with 1300 boys. Every R1000 will generate an additional R1.3 m. If they offer 50 bursaries a year that is R5200 per boy which is 12% dicount or busary. But you are all Glenwood boys and your Maths is not as good as Westville. :lol: I am no expert nor involved with the school just a parent who is getting value for money.

  110. @Griffonfly: Let’s say I know Dieter Kriese and his cronies quite well, so I am privy to most of the discussions, sometimes at the OB’s club and sometimes around a braai. TH decided in the 90’s he wanted to get Westville in the limelight so started the effort, exactly what DHS is doing now only 20 years earlier.

  111. I know you not a TH fan but he has done something right. He has got the balance right between old boys and parents.

  112. @GreenBlooded:The same goes for Glenwood on recruitment. I know of a current Gr 8 boy who was hounded, wined and dined from early in Gr 6. His parents committed to Glenwood even before Westville opened there applications. Westvile would not entertain him until Gr 7. From what I see Glenwood are a lot more aggressive.

  113. @Griffonfly: Well it depends, maybe each school pursues in areas of perceived weakness. So Glenwood might do more to get a swimmer than a rugby player. Who knows exactly what is said and done, we all don’t see the emails, messages, whatapps etc sent between parties. For me recruitment fro grade 8 is free reign territory, if Westville can afford 80 bursaries good on them. It’s after grade 8 I have a serious issue with. Both TK and TH have done some great work at the schools…..TK isn’t my favourite guy on earth, but he is doing something right it seems…

  114. @Griffonfly: I know this might not interest you, but 1993 was a funny year at Glenwood, weak in rugby but very strong in other sport. We won the D&D athletics meet for the 5th year in a row & in the D&D swimming we came 2nd behind DHS (Westville 5th), how times have changed. Waterpolo & Surfing were very strong as usual, Daniels & Logie brothers. 1st team rugby played 16 and won only 4, those winds coming against Pinetown, Jan de Klerk (don’t even know where they are), Ferrum and Empangeni. We even lost to Voortrekker (8-25) and lost to Westville (5-21). It was the smallest pack in Glenwood’s history, but we did have one KZN schools player in loosehead prop Lee Fernandes, gosh he was powerful. Also, academically on 5 A aggregates obtained and 26 distinctions from 167 matrics. Either they were thick or the standards have dropped big time! Dux Dominic Avellini got 5A’s…

  115. @Grasshopper: I use to know the the rugby captain and headboy that year Eric Eising (sic). He was the hooker and kicker. It was tough season. From a rugby point of view Glenwood gave the impression that they were going to become the next Mansfield but as far as rugby fortunes are concerned they have a huge about turn in the last decade or so .

  116. @beet: Yeah, Eric was a great leader, tried his best in everything he did. The No8 Barry Clarkson was a complete animal, played KZN waterpolo. Again, not super talented but gave of his best under very trying conditions. Eric started at hooker, then flank and actually ended up playing flyhalf, that is how tough it was. Gerry Goedeke (now Clifton Headmaster) was the coach. Lost to Kearsney heavily, probably the biggest defeat ever, 7-41. Lost to DHS on Old Boys day 0-8. My favourite game of the season was against the monsterous Post matric packed House side, where we were ahead 6-5 until the last seconds of the game. Glenwood were attacking in the House 22 but kicked possession away and House counter-attacked by running the whole length of the pitch to score in the corner. Such a downer for the whole school. One must remember these hard days when you win as that is what inspires you to win. Savour the victories…

  117. @Grasshopper: Fair enough, but, don’t call me a lightie and stop trying to create the perception that Westville is cloak and dagger and Glenwood are not. You guys are way worse than Westville with the poaching and everyone knows it – hence Glenwood’s meteoric rise in a short space of time – that doesn’t happen by accident.

    I’m not elitist but as a parent you have to take the area and geography into account, I would never send my son to Glenwood or DHS – areas are becoming worse by the day. Only school on the Berea would be Clifton. Unfortunately you have to be realistic.

  118. @Grasshopper: Just for your information Lee Fernandes was one of the weakest props ever to play for Natal Schools and he would probably freely admit that, that’s why he never amounted to much after school.

  119. @h2o: Sorry, no idea. There were a few Grade 11’s in the side last year that will perform very well.

    Duran – don’t know. I know he’s a strong bugger, I’m pretty sure it was him that hoisted the Westville front ranker off the field last year, I just wonder if he’s tall enough.

    I’m very out of touch, and it’s unlikely to improve with my boy out of College now, I’ll just be the spectator that arrives back from the Bowls Club just before kick off … :oops: :oops:

  120. @Bonthuis: FYI Sean Flanigan was the worst flyhalf to ever play SA Schools & Lee absolutely obliterated your massive Indian prop that year. Lee had a serious car accident where he lost his brother, that is why he never played senior rugby……please get your facts straight before making mindless comments from your couch in NY

  121. @Gungets Tuft:

    Reintjes (sp?), Glover, Johnson (mainly 2nds), Guma, van Blerk are some of the returning players I know of – probably a few more. Looks like it will be a relatively young side with many of last year’s U16A players in the mix.

    Bowling Club? See you there! :mrgreen:

  122. This is what I have for Glenwood, but I’m not close to the school or group so could be completely wrong;

    L Cele (AW)
    Reinier van Rooyen (1st)

    Quintin Vorster (AW)
    Connor Botha (1st)
    D Truter (GK)

    Dylan Weideman (1st)
    E Terblanche (GK)
    JJ van der Mescht (GK)
    E Laubscher (GK)

    Loose Forwards
    Austin Brummer (1st)
    Marco Palvie (SA Academy/CW)

    Sibonakaliso Dubazane (AW)
    J Jooste (GK)

    Jerome Bossr (CW)
    M van Rensburg (GK)

    Maartin Holtzhausen (AW)
    Sean Maduna (AW)
    JC Conradie (GK)
    D Kruger (GK)

    Gideon Lubbe (1st)
    Devon Brough (1st)

    B Schwultz (GK) – ?

  123. Some other names I don’t know;

    Dylan Pretorius – flyhalf – ?
    Jonathan O’Neill – flank – ?

    I think Schwultz is a hooker, so some of the locks and hookers could become flanks..

  124. @Bonthuis: @Grasshopper: Are you two kidding us … your d#ck measuring has now got to the stage where you are actually having a go at past players that represented each others schools.

    I’m just going to say it …. GROW UP. There’s discussion, there’s argument, there’s trolling, then there’s this … :evil: :evil: :evil:

  125. @Gungets Tuft: GT from his tow truck pedestal! I agree, but Bonty is a troll that needs to be put in his place. Making comments about personal friends is low blow…

  126. @Grasshopper:

    The thing with trolls is that they crave attention. If you give them attention – they stay. If you ignore them – they go away. Simply really.

  127. @Grasshopper: That sounds about right, Glenwood marginally ahead because of their rugby, I have to give you that. Great to see Westville at 7th, then add the academics to that and that what makes us no.1 in KZN. Makes complete sense.

  128. @Playa: It’s almost biblical. Two armies gathered but none of ’em actually want to get physical, so they send out a “champion”. Except in that story David klaps Goliath. So I fully expect Clifton to be able to best ’em

    I actually heard somewhere that when David let that stone fly he meant to hit Goliath in the nuts .. :roll:

    Now that fits …

  129. @Gungets Tuft: Jee getting Biblical about it…how times have changed…from under the bridge waiting like a vulture to Khalil Gibranésque philosophy….maturing in your old age?

  130. Does anybody have any insight on the Northwood side this year? I see we playing them on 17th at this festival? You never know with those guys, they’ve caused a few major upsets in the past and can be very unpredictable. Interested to hear your thoughts.

  131. @Grasshopper: @Bonthuis: You Guys , as experienced school boy sport bloggers surely do not believe that the saschoolssport site is accurate in its rankings ??? for F sakes , every week the stoners that run that site spew out ranking after ranking of bullsh!t … They have schools whom predominantly play in weaker leagues mixed in with the serious sports schools , in addition the their age group rankings in all sports being a total farce …. every week there are incorrect results , often giving the losing team the win …. their latest goof ball ranking is the 1st Waterpolo national ranking whereby they have Clifton 7th , with Westville ranked higher than them ….I don’t think Westville have ever beaten Clifton at polo …. Clifton would be either 1st or 2nd based on being unbeaten this year and having won the Grey Bloem Tournament …
    Furthermore , if you look at there rugby and cricket rankings they have mixed in 2nd and 3rd tier sports schools with top sport schools resulting in a false sense of entitlement from the lesser sports schools…..and obviously just pure bullsh!t data for the general public …. some schools even use this cr@p as marketing material !!!
    Only a few weeks to go till the season kicks off , cant wait for the banter !!

  132. @oldschool: Of course it’s bullsh&t, you cannot rank schools in any sport unless it’s round robin, it was to wind old Bonty up, sitting in New York not knowing what the heck is going on…

  133. @Grasshopper: keep it up !! Dusted off my key board to see what was going on in rugby cyber space and fell directly into your guys chune-Athon , chuffed to see nothing’s changed ….
    Back to Rugga … I see that we play you okes and College on your respective founders days …. Going to be a tough assignment for our lads !!!

  134. @Grasshopper: I blog outside of work hours, we not all a bunch of schoolboy nerds like you who’s like ambition it is to sit on this blog all day and be recognized – very small mindset, but, then again academics was never the strongest at Glenwood. What is all this nonsense about New York, are you mental child??

  135. @Bonthuis: I’m also not convinced you are living abroad. You would have needed an unabridged birth certificate to travel, and we know what Home Affairs is like :roll:

  136. @GreenBlooded: I believe the captain is Greg Van Noordwyk , prop from last year … I believe about 8/ 9 guys are back whom played first team games last year …. Should be a competitive side with lots of heart … Depth always an issue at the privates … KC got a tough fixture list this year .. Glenwood and college away on their old boys days … Plus noord kaap , sacs and HTS Middleburg at KERF …. Going to be an awesome SBR season all round , Glenwood looking like the favorites with College and Ville not far behind !! But anything can happen …

  137. I remember in the early 80’s my little brother used to play tennis against all the Natal boys. They were pretty useless. Royce Deppe, Grant Adams, Simon Edmonds, Brent Haygarth, Warren Green, Greg Osborne ( he later on came up to Parktown ) Trevor Salton, Andrew Hanson and a few other flat footed banana boys. He chased them all over the courts of Westridge Park and Mitchell Park. He also used to say the worst stadium to play at was Westridge. Those were the days when The Wheel was like Melrose Arch and you could stay in luxury at the 4 Seasons and the Papadum at the Maharani was the best restaurant in Durban followed by the Kontiki in the Elangeni.

  138. @Andre T: That must have been before RJ’s opened up in Umhlanga. One of the best places to go to in Umhlanga was also that pub downstairs at The Sands….I think Coco’s…….that Marcus dude playing there was good………..I had a hell of a strike rate there…….sometimes up to 2 a night…..first time I did it in an elevator.

  139. @Andre T: you forgot about Damien Roberts, Bjorn Rencken, Troy Pearsall, Jeff Coetzee, Arne Hansen, Thornhill, Hayden Wakefield etc….loved the Pro Kennix tourno there…

  140. @Andre T: You say, your little brother? It sounds like first hand knowledge to me. Were you his chaperone? Did he go by the name, “Small T”?

  141. Beet dresses me properly! Half Grey College would be good as I still serve on the Old Boys committee. Cant deny my Alma Mater! 8-O

  142. @oldschool: I hear you regarding the rankings and in total agreement, anybody can makeup their own ranking list, it’s all very subjective. Proved my point my countering this guy who sits up in JHB and relies on second hand information and other people’s opinions to make judgements.

  143. @Andre T: I quite fancied Green’s sister. What with Deppe briefly after my wife and my brother dating Grant Adams’ sister it was all very incestuous by the ” kus”.( Not in the same league as the Wes Rand though :mrgreen:) I see Warren Green’s son is now playing in the ” Big Bash” down under.

  144. @star: Warren Green is a personal friend of mine, if it’s the same Warren Green. But my one doesn’t have kids…

  145. Getting closer – looking forward to popping off work earlier to catch a few games in the late afternoon / evening.

    Perhaps some local lurkers will be joining me?

  146. @Vin: I spent my school career looking at the bottom of a swimming pool. I played some Water Polo. My son decided he prefers rugby to swimming.
    I am not sure if I would handle the early mornings if he did take up swimming.

  147. @Griffonfly: Ha I’m exactly the opposite, I played Rugga and my boy is crazy about polo. All I remember was your ’86 full back (think his name was Gavin), had a kick on him – one minute you were on attack in the DHS 22 and next minute you were running back to defend in your own 22.

  148. @Vin: That sound slike the famous 85 game with GCB vs College. I remember Stransky putting in a “huge” boot from our 10m line well into their 22 – only to have their full back hoof it over everyone’s heads for a touch-finder near our try line!

    One way to silence a home crowd! 8-O

  149. Just noticed that the main game (DHS / Kearsney) will be a full fixture – I assume normal rules apply too – not the ones above?

  150. @Grasshopper: I heard the MHS 1st training/trials chukkas on Saturday against Clifton ended in a draw. Thursday could be entertaining!

  151. @McCulleys Workshop: I don’t think Glenwood will underestimate any side this year, like they did Kearsney last year. House had a strong 2nd team and many in grade 11 so they will be very competitive again this year. For Glenwood I am still awaiting a squad list or something? Is Bossr playing this year? Is Palvie fit? etc etc. I do know Gideon Lubbe has been invited to athletics trials for 200m, so his speed must be up there. Glenwood have been very tight lipped regarding the squad. I even asked Kearsney if they had the squad lists for KERF, got nothing back…

  152. @Grasshopper: Bossr just picked for the SA U19 cricket squad. Might put a dent in his rugby ambitions. UmbiloBurger might be right, just 12 months late – concentrating on his cricket :roll:

  153. @Vleis: Hi Vleis, I think they have 2 regular 1st players back from last year and a couple who started 1 or 2 games and a few run on’s. They certainly don’t have the squad they had last year. Clifton think they have won the ballon d’or and Tour de France in one move. That being said they have been positioning themselves with quality coaching and players at u14 level for the last few years.

  154. @Gungets Tuft: Probably the right decision considering his size. I know size isn’t everything but look at Dewald Human, immense at school but where is he now? Kolbe is going to be another Brent Russell unfortunately….

  155. @Vin: I think you are referring to Gavin Beukes. I good cricketer as well. He passed away in a car accident a few years after school.

  156. With regard Westville vs College on Thursday. Westville have 5 players out from the starting line up that faced Kearsney. One player returning from injury and a positional switch. This will test the depth at Westville. The touring squad to St Stithians will be announced tomorrow.

  157. @Griffonfly: I presume 3 are Waddilove, Barnard and Prinsloo. Who are the other 2? If it is Barnard then surely JP will go to lock. Barnard has been imperious in the lineouts and if injured will be sorely missed. :roll:

    1. P. Lekopa
    2. A. Harker
    3. T. Jonker
    4. S. Veldsman
    5. J. Pelzer
    6. D. Rivalland
    7. Z. Heyneke
    8. D. Taljaard
    9. L. McIntosh
    10. M. Merensky
    11. S. Mazibuko
    12. B. Boulle
    13. T. Mahlangu
    14. J. Schwartz
    15. J. Lombard
    16. E. Roos
    17. T. Redgard
    18. J. Parker
    19. J. Golding
    20. J. Phipson
    21. J. van den Berg
    22. H. Naude

  159. COLLEGE
    15. Jaco Truter
    14. Xolisa Guma
    13. Njabulo Mjara
    12. Cameron Hope
    11. Jerome Gengan
    10. Ruben Van Blerk
    9. Lodewyk Muller
    8. Craig Glover (Capt)
    7. Matthew Diedricks
    6. Andile Khanyile
    5. Durang Atembe
    4. Nicholas Odendaal
    3. Andrew Reintges
    2. Austin Landman
    1. Matthew King
    16. Fezo Mbhata
    17. Phelani Zuma
    18. Miles Hancock
    19. Luke Johnson
    20. Ross Williamson
    21. Ayanda Duma
    22. Chris Reed

    1 Greg van Noordwyk
    2 Daniel Cherry
    3 Thulisa Shandu
    4 Ryan Lewarne
    5 Jared Meyer
    6 Luke Croshaw
    7 Dylan Richardson
    8 Brady Erlich
    9 Warren Driver
    10 Kyle Mersch
    11 Matthew Watts
    12 Cameron Craze
    13 Grant Sander
    14 Matthew Blair
    15 James Sutherland
    16 Nicholas Hudson
    17 Joshua Hagemann
    18 David Weaver
    19 Matthew Heard
    20 Ayron Kayser
    21 Sihle Skhosana

  161. @beet: Khanyile in College – in from Wartburg – good luck to him in the main stream rugger this year

  162. Still complete silence on the team from the Glenwood camp, let’s hope it’s not because of new recruits! Please god no! It’s a bit like Man U supporters currently, not a peep from them…. :wink: 8-O

  163. @star: Grant and Durandt out, both props that started against Kearsney . Both will be back for St Stithians Festival . Barnard I hear will also be back for St Stithians. Taljaard was outstanding on Saturday and stole a few line outs against Kearsney. Could be in line for higher honours this year. Good to Pelzer back in the 1st team after a year out, also in Grade 11. He injured himself playing College last year and coincidence he is returning against College this year.

  164. I wonder how GW will be dealing with K . Smit this year as he joined GW in grade 11 and I am sure will be U19 this year. Surely House will have to be consistent in terms of the Headmasters agreement and how they applied it with the Waterkloof prop. In the College case with Khanyile, if he is not U19 in his last year then there will be no problem. I think all schools need to understand that the general SBR loving public are sceptical of the free for all that has occurred and the resultant fall out between certain schools. Any structure and consistency will go a long way to rebuild the faith. :mrgreen:

  165. @McCulleys Workshop: How are you old man? Do you not owe me some beers? Pedantic and Buffel are still in my black book in that regard. Also were the House boys not chanting to the Hilton boys ” at least we play GW”. I hope that does not come back to bite them in the bum this season :lol:

  166. @star: I’m sure he is under 19 and certainly will be kept out of the game with Westville. He will be allowed to play vs the big boys though like EG Jansen, Middelburg, Affies, Grey Bloem and Monnas. Palvie is under 19 too. Surely there should be a limit on the no of under 19’s allowed too. I remember Noord Kaap about 3 years ago had about 9 under 19’s…no wonder they were top 10 that year…

  167. George Campbell
    1.Ian Maree
    2.Quinton Jordaan
    3.Zanio Van Zyle
    4.Junior Mvusi
    5.Bongo Sibisi
    6.Wesley Gumede
    7.Thamsanqa Miya
    8.Njabulo Nkosi
    9.Wayne Ngubane(capt)
    10.Thobani Ngwenya
    11.Mthandeni Gumede
    12.Nkosi Magwaza
    13.Anele Nxumalo
    14.Asanda Sithole
    15.Nathan Botha
    16.Dylan Barnard
    17.Thando Majola
    18.Edgar Maree
    19.Adam Mather
    20.Brendon Visagie
    21.Brian Khumalo
    22.Dwaine Shcutte

  168. CLIFTON

    1. Chris Munz (v/c)
    2. Angus Taylor
    3. Ryan Slotow
    4. Luke Appelgryn
    5. Rudin Hatton-Hall
    6. Reece Deeley-Barnard
    7. Dane Harris
    8. Damon de Kock
    9. Stef Muller
    10. Finn Cleaver
    11. Max du Plooy
    12. Massimo Coversano ©
    13. Janek Edwards
    14. Cayden Porter
    15. Mitch Manson


    8 JOHN RAE


    1 Palmer
    2 Francombe
    3 Schwarz
    4 Kleynhans
    5 Haines
    6 Dowsley
    7 Joubert
    8 Egebrink
    9 Pachonick
    10 Gutu
    11 Strachan
    12 Herbert
    13 Turkington
    14 Thomson
    15 Maingard

  171. Eish a lot of heavy rain in Durbz tonight. Hopefully good sunshine to dry the field a bit tomorrow morning

  172. I can’t quite decide what will be more entertaining – this afternoon’s rugger at DHS or the showdown which is sure to take place in parliament starting at 14h00! :roll:

  173. @GreenBlooded: Parliament is a sideshow this afternoon – the real stuff will happen when the ANC NEC meet this weekend (oh to be a fly on the wall) :wink:


    1. Gugu Nelani

    2. Nthuthuko Mthembu

    3. Ngoni Moyo

    4. Tony ???

    5. Philup Jansen

    6. Zandre Griffin

    7. Victor Huurman

    8. Kyle Jooste

    9. Hugo Scholler

    10. Martyn ??

    11. Mvelo Mhlangane

    12. Robin Weersma

    13. Luyanda Mngadi

    14. Sibusiso Khumalo

    15. Stratten Kennedy

  175. @Greenman: I’m not sure that the NEC meeting is nothing to worry about, however I would like to see who they would send to DHS, I think the Gupta’s may have scouts there already.

  176. @Greenman: You right, but I think I might be tempted to take over the burger hut at DHS shortly. Do you think Pravin will put his signature to it?

  177. @star: Star you biscuit! I owe you …. all. You didn’t do the treble. HC to beat MHS, WV to beat MHS and HC & WV to draw. Until you get that right you are buying! I think Pedantic owes me a keg of milk stout or something. That being said, I thought Westville were unlucky last week (unrelated to the ref) and Kearsney full value for their defensive effort. Westville’s interlinking play was great and they will be better with a few games under the belt.

  178. Thanks to Beet, Glenwood team at DHS. Missing Palvie (injury), Bossr (focus on cricket), Dubazane (?-), Martin Holtzhausen (?-), L Cele (?), Truter (?), Laubscher (?) and for me the most concerning is JJ van der Mescht?

    1) Quintin Vorster (hooker last year)
    2) Connor Botha
    3) Renier Van Rooyen
    4) Dylan Weideman
    5) Ruben Van Heerden
    6) Jonothan O’Neill (Paddy’s Day, not sure who he is)
    7) Kevin Smit (WOB)
    8) Austin Brummer (Captain)
    9) Jaden Jooste (Grant Khomo 2015, I think)
    10) Francke Botha
    11) Gideon Lubbe
    12) Seun Maduna
    13) JC Conradie
    14) Devon Brough
    15) Dylan Kruger
    16) Brendon Schwulst
    17) Shane Westman
    18) Ettiene Terblanche
    19) Bradt Roodt
    20) Craig Hunt
    21) Morne Van Rensburg
    22) Ruan Van Rensburg

  179. @Grasshopper: JJ vd Mescht has a slight knee injury and I reckon will be fit for Kearsney. I think the others missing will get their change as a lot of this years matrics in the squad. Please keep me posted on how they did?

  180. Early scores in:
    Kloof 19A 10 – 15 George Campbell 19A
    Clifton 19A 5 – 15 Voortrekker PMB 19A
    Port Natal 19A 5 – 25 St Charles 19A

  181. Campbell 15 Kloof 10
    Vories 15 Clifton 5
    St Charles 20 Port Natal 0
    NW leading Hilton 5-0 2nd HT

  182. @McCulleys Workshop: Yep, but these are friendlies are they not. I’m sure under derby conditions and home/away with war cries etc results could be different. I see this as an exhibition tourno….

  183. FT score – Hilton 10: 5 Northwood

    Any comments on this game? Hilton must have come back well. I see Mr T (NW hooker) got the MOM award.

    Seems like Glenwood pulling away vs MH now – 15:0

  184. @Grasshopper: No it wasn’t really a fair reflection. GW were possibly better than that! MHS are in for a long season, their pack is particularly small and no stand out talent visible. GW’s defense was excellent and they attacked the ball consistently and were very strong at ruck and mall time. They still look a little rusty though and left a few tries on the table.

  185. @McCulleys Workshop:

    Bodes well for a good season for the Green Machine! Thanks for the comments.

    Any comments on the College / Ville game which ended 10-10 I understand?

  186. @GreenBlooded: WV pack looked bigger than last week, possibly because I was subjected to climbing one of the plane trees on Stott to get a half way reasonable view last week! The WV tight 5 certainly bigger than any of the other schools on display, excluding NW. I thought it was a great game, MC more guts than glory, and a robust encounter. I think WV will improve and should have a good season, none of the fancy pop passes and interlinking play from last week, but I don’t think MC afforded them the space. For MC a journeyman type performance.

  187. @McCulleys Workshop: good to hear, add Palvie & Van der Mescht and the pack suddenly will have more grunt. KERF will be tough but I think the GW boys are really looking forward to the Japan trip! House will improve, probably best coached side in the province, getting a lot out of the smaller numbers!

  188. @GreenBlooded: it was a good run for the Westville team. There were improvements from Saturday and they will get better from here. At one stage they had 12 Grade 11’s. This is great for their future. College looked rusty and should also improve from here.

    Kearsney did the business against DHS. DHS did not give up and kept the pressure on. DHS need to use their backline a lot more and I am sure they will knock over a big scalp.

  189. What a great day today was. Schools should do this every year. Having attended the one and only Sharks Day at Kings Park a few years ago, I can safely say that the missing ingredient then was playing it in a huge stadium instead of at a school where there is far better atmosphere.

    So kind of DHS not to charge at the gate. I actually wished they’d had an entrance fee.

    For obvious reasons I’m happy about the result of the final match but a pity that school couldn’t chip away at Kearsney’s comfortable looking lead and record a come from behind win to make the day one to remember for a long time.

  190. In contrast to what the other bloggers say I actually enjoyed the College vs Westville game the least. Yes it was a battle galore but it just felt that there were one too many unforced errors to really appreciate it. I though Westville backs handled the ball better against KC than today and agree that MC has hard work ahead before KERF. They did not sync that much.

  191. @McCulleys Workshop: Westville might look bigger but their hooker and flank only weigh in at around 75 kgs. Both players give 120% and more than make up for their lack of size.

  192. @McCulleys Workshop: Agreed that it wont be easy for House this year but they showed character today. Their ball handling was of a good standard and there was a period in the first half when they were contesting very well with a good share of clean ball. They could not penetrate the Glenwood D but they challenged them to make a fair number of tackles. GW a good team that missed at least 4 key players today so give them that but on the day MHS had few answers for Maduna. Had they been able to contain him, the scores would have been a lot closer.

  193. @McCulleys Workshop: I thought MHS held their own against a very good Glenwood side. They need a little work at 1st and 2nd Centre. This was really their first week of solid training, they did well. Kearsney were very impressive. Small, mobile and deadly skillful. Kearsney going to be hard to Beet this year. :twisted:

  194. @Bush: I’m so chuffed with Kearsney’s start to the season. It could easily have been nil and two by now. There’s a long way to go still and lots to work on – lineouts being the biggest area in need of attention but for now I’m over the moon. I feel honoured that we have Barend as the head coach who with his assistants and a group of determined players are making the school and supporters proud

  195. Any thoughts on Hilton? DHS got the better of them at home and now a close contest with NW. Great that DHS made a good game of it against Kearsney.

    Hope NW can take some heart. Will still be a tough season based on the level the other games were played at today.

  196. @Skywalker: NW were good today, they have a good side this year. Hilton were missing a few key players due to injuries against DHS. I was very impressed by NW

  197. @Skywalker: Thoughts on Hilton? I think that BMH is still working out what he has got and how best to use them. They were not good on Saturday against DHS and DHS clearly deserved their win. Well done to them in this big year for their school. Two of Hilton’s backlines stars were out today because of injuries and their Natal Schools prop from last year left the field early, so I think they were a bit disrupted and still finding themselves. Some positives like the brothers at half back and other talent about but that is going to have to be used well for Hilton to make the impact they would like to this year.

  198. @CRC: Hi CRC, they also don’t seem to have much structure at the moment. Which is strange for BMH style of coaching.

  199. @Griffonfly:

    Good to hear – specially after a spate of key injuries. What is the latest on Prinsloo? He is going to be sorely missed.

  200. @CRC: Yeah sounds like DHS had a great game last weekend and did certainly deserve the win. Ok, yip had heard maybe a few guys out of action.
    I can understand where BMH is at – NW in a similar space. Bashy can only work with what we has. Got to fight hard to get in good talent early on and grow the team over a few years ala GW, Kearsney etc.

  201. @GreenBlooded: Prinsloo will be out until end April early May. Westville will need to adapt to playing without him until then, but as Kearsney has shown you do not need superstars to make a good team.

  202. @beet: Agree that the College game was good to watch. I enjoyed all the rugby on display – pity I couldn’t get there earlier for some of the first matches – by all accounts they too were great displays of festival rugby and a showcase for KZN SBR.

    The early season certainly showed a lot of rustiness and combinations still getting to know each other in match situations – plenty of handling errors for all involved. MHS left a good few attacking chances at their feet from knocks. Well matched opposition – even if the score lines didn’t indicate that (like in MHS/GW).

    Side really relied on star players – but every team had a little X-factor available. Hoping GW can gel before heading off to SANIX – and remain fit and injury free.

    DHS looking really good and wish them well for their 150th year – I think Founders Day vs College is going to be an awesome fixture. College have a lot of work to do – very good wok rate and guts – but need to get better at linking between forwards and backs.

    Kearsney adapted their game plan well – but will be interesting to see how they cope against a bigger more physical pack of forwards – as Richardson spent almost the entire match out in the backs creating that additional grunt in the line – and lead to his 2 tries.

    No clear leaders in the KZN pack yet -but Kearsney & DHS certainly looking good – with a GW showing huge promise again – and WV & College unlikely to go down easily to anyone. MHS & Hilton looking a little off colour early on.

  203. @Griffonfly: Prinsloo will be back mid April just after Affies……. size unfortunately will count vs bigger opposition especially when carrying the ball….. the 75kgs were impressive at ruck and to the breakdown so it would be key to get the balance right when choosing the pack especially with the Ville gameplan….

  204. I think Palvie & JJ will make a massive impact. Palvie has been physically dominating sides for the past 2 years. If he is fit, gosh he creates space for others. JJ will be immense come lineout time. I like how Glenwood are winding up slowly ?, under the radar

  205. I thought the fixtures were well thought out and the teams fairly evenly matched yesterday. The tempo of the games increased significantly throughout the day.

    The first game could actually gone either way and Kloof looked the better side in the 1st half. Njabulo Nkosi was definitely the standout player, but not too many highlights in the game.

    The Vories – Clifton game was a rather dull affair. Clifton also looked good in the 1st half and you would have thought they would extend their lead in the 2nd, but it was not to be. No highlights here.

    St Charles looked very good against a small Porties team. The St charles centers looked good (as did the Porties outside center), but the Saint Charles tighthead (Du Buisson) was without a doubt the best player and probably the best tighthead on display yesterday. An entertaining match to watch.

    Northwood forwards looked good in the first half, but the centers failed to deliver for most of the game. Both wings are very quick, but cannot do anything without ball. By the time the ball got to the fullback or wings, the defense had already drifted. Northwood should improve and have a good chance of reversing the score in the return game on their Old Boys day. Hilton need a lot of improvement.

    Although I expected the Glenwood / MH game to be entertaining, I found it to be rather dull. While GW got the job done, it was unattractive Bulls style rugby. They were physically bigger to a man and bashed their way through everything. House did look well drilled and were entertaining when they had the ball. Seeing all the teams on one day, it was more evident that Glenwood is light years ahead in terms of conditioning etc. It is not a school boy team, but a young academy side and it will take a special side to beat them. Having said that, I thought the GW loose trio were outstanding.

    College were definitely not as good as one may have expected in their game and highlights were few (other than the Guma try). Westville looked good at times and I felt that they let College in – rather than College playing well enough for the draw. Brogan Boulle was consistently good for Westville and its great to see the improvement in his rugby over the years.

    The main game was the game of the day for me. If Richardson is not in the CW team, then there is seriously something wrong. I was particularly impressed with the DHS 9 and felt that the DHS were trying too hard in front of this crowd and that led to unforced errors. They will get better as they settle and this will be one of the top 3 KZN teams this year (along with Glenwood and Kearsney).

  206. @NW_Knight: Thanks for your feedback, sounds like an event that should happen each year maybe with each school having a turn to host it. Richardson, who is he and what position?

  207. @beet: Thanks Beet, if he is under17 then he has another year. Loose Forward is going to be hotly contested as it is every year. Brummer might sneak in ahead due to captaincy and experience…

  208. The two players highlighted for good performances from St Charles are u19, plus there are one or two other u19s in their team. Also, last year they had about four u19 players. That is very unusual for a private school, so is it a rugby strategy…or are academics a low priority there?

  209. Glenwood hosting their Under13 rugga week this weekend, Westville Scouts stay away…hahah. Great strategy in my mind, get them in grade 8.

    The participating schools are:
    DURBAN TEAMS: Amanzimtoti Primary, Durban Preparatory (DPHS) x 2,
    Glenwood Preparatory, Hillcrest Primary, Penzance Primary, KZN Development and
    Warner Beach Preparatory.
    VISITING TEAMS: Arbor Park Primary (Newcastle), Drakensberg Primary
    (Newcastle), George Randall Primary (East London), Glencoe Primary (Glencoe),
    Laerskool Dalview (Brakpan), Laerskool Elarduspark (Pretoria), Laerskool
    Rustenburg (Rustenburg), Monument Primary (Ladysmith), Pelham Primary
    (Pietermaritzburg), Richards Bay Primary (Richards Bay), Stirling Primary (East
    London) and Warriors Junior Rugby Club (South Coast Combined).

  210. @Grasshopper: I was interested to be told that the entire Kearsney U14A backline were KZN U13 CW. That begs the question where do the other schools get their boys from. I was then ” told” that all GW’s U14A provincial representation were out of province. (Maybe then all the local schools should not bother to attend the GW U13 rugby week :mrgreen:) The key is obviously the boarding facilities and I am glad to see that Westville’s BE seems to be taking off and there are over 100 boys now settled. It will be interesting to see how that plays out down the line as that was always an Achilles Heel of Westville.

  211. @NW_Knight: Nice write up, thanks. In terms of NW – are there some injuries? Seem to be a few names missing from the squad. Also Mngadi was a wing last year and now a centre?

  212. The Kearsney u14a no 10 showed a lot of skill. Is this Halstead?nephew of Trevor. Kearsney always seem to recruit talented no 10′ s.

  213. @star: The Westville inside centre also had a great game. Very physical and not afraid to put his body on the line. He played scrum half for KZN u13 B last year. A one to watch.

  214. @Griffonfly: Yes, totally agree. The 2 centers were the best of the WBHS players and, while 12 sometimes looked more exciting, 13 was more consistent. You say he played U13B last year? :mrgreen:

  215. @Grasshopper: Just some news on this. Glenwood Prep won the tournament beating Elardus Park 24-7 in the final game winning all 5 matches and only conceding 7 points in the tournament.


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