ABSA u19 Currie Cup 2015 – Eastern Province u19 are champions

Eastern Province 25 Blue Bulls 23

Eastern Province 31  Free State 15
Blue Bulls 30 Western Province 29

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u19 FINAL2

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  1. Sad news – Sterkte to all – and please keep us updated on his recovery

  2. @AbsolutMenlo: That is so sad to hear about Ruan de Beer – our prayers are with him for a full recovery. A parents worst nightmare indeed.

  3. @AbsolutMenlo: Very sad – prayers for a full recovery. Please keep us informed on his progress. A parents worst nightmare – when did it happen?

  4. Congrats to EP Kings – well deserved. And Jeremy Ward again showed why he is the best u.19 centre in SA.

  5. Well done to EP. The Bulls forwards outweighed the EP boys by 100kg accd to the commentators so incredible work by EP to retain the Bulls pack for 70 min.

  6. Bulls u/19 player and Menlo old boy, Ruan de Beer was in a serious motor vehicle accident over the weekend and is currently in ICU with serious head injuries. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ruan, his family, friends and team mates.

  7. Well done EP – great news for a smaller Union – well done to those with boys in the mix too.

  8. Still so incredibly proud of these lads, what a special achievement by our Kings, we have no right to even make the playoffs with our budget and resources, let alone win the comp. Testament to the will power of our players and acumen of our coaches. So stoked!

  9. This has been one hell of a ride. well done to all concerned at the Kings but it took all 7 sides to make up this compo.
    I could have a field day in replying to all the detractors but in the end it is just a game. Well done to the Bulls on making it a real corker of a game.
    Robbi and co put this bunch together in early November 2014 and how well did they do their homework. Been a pleasure to watch them progress and today’s win puts the cherry on top .
    Roll on 2016 with these boys joining the current crop of U21’s and let the roller coaster ride continue. :lol:

  10. @akw: Hoe verkeerd was ek nie, baie geluk aan die manne van die Baai julle is werklik hierdie jaar se kampioene. Goeie rugby gespeel. Aan akw ek is groot genoeg om eer te gee aan die wat dit toekom in hiedie geval die EP manne.

  11. Well done and congrats EP Kings!

    Very very glad for you guys!

    Belief and team work!

  12. I think the achievement of the Kings /19’s this season must rate alongside the Boks/Japan result as the most unlikely rugby outcomes this season, especially taking the turmoil of the union into account.

    The Queens and 30 point references are disrespectful to a team that showed grit and team spirit.

  13. Well done Kings! Enterprising rugby backed up by a belief in their game plan made for a very good season. You guys deserve it! :wink:

    Bulls had a great chance to snatch it at the end but, hey lets take nothing away from the Kings. Bulls you can hold your head up high. Reaching the final is no mean feat

  14. Thank you for all your kind words throughout the season. The cream has risen to the top. Well deserved title for our boys!!!

  15. Well done Kings!! Great reward for an excellent and consistent season.

    As Muzi said…..the boot of De Beer would be crucial

  16. Congratulations EP Kings u/19 Champs!
    Great season Bulls keep your heads up high.

  17. Ewe@Playa: If it was not meant to be demeaning to our boys, I would love it if it was used in the correct spirit

  18. @Muzi: A little respect please, we have just addressed issues of the Kings being looked down upon. So please

  19. @Muzi: As far as boots are concerned- the Kings have 2 top class goal kickers that should cover all the bases. It is not going to be a repeat of the game in Pretoria. Good luck to both teams. :mrgreen:

  20. @Buffel: If the EP Queens can match the Blue Bulls in the collision points then it will be an even affair….Tinus De Beer’s boot will be crucial…..

  21. @Studebaker: Cool – debate dead and buried. May the best team win on Saturday. By the way, Freestate have always held a special place in my heart.

    We in Durban seem to be the choice of place when the stars leave Bloem for greener pastures. It started with Juba and co and the stream has been endless.

  22. @Djou, thanks for understanding my debate:

    1. I checked again and I did congratulate, afrikaans and in english.
    2. Initial reflection that the game was a “45-15” walkover game was wrong.

    @Buffel and the rest, like mentioned, I think we have all moved on.

    I never contested the fact that EP won, or should have won. I contested the fact that it was walk over.

    Now that we have moved on,.. All the best for both EP and Bulls.

  23. @Djou: Sorry- should have been more specific- I meant the 67 minute try scored.
    Of the 7 sides this year, I thought that Freestate underperformed the most during large parts of the season. For me , they , together with the Bulls and WP were going to be our toughest encounters but I can see from the previous posts, the selections and substitutions could have had a negative influence on the performances .
    Thanks for the congratulations and I am sure our boys will do their best to wrestle the Cup away from the Bulls. Going to be a very good game.

  24. @Buffel: Selective reading, clearly???
    I merely confirmed the official times after you stated they scored after the game was dead and buried.
    @AbsolutMenlo: Studebaker and myself congratulated the Kings, so we’ve already moved on.

  25. @Buffel: 3 times at that, 3 TIMES!!! Free State u19 coach has had nothing but great praise for out boys. The rest I take with a pinch of salt

  26. @AbsolutMenlo: Good call Absolut. Yes, Freestate did very well to get to the Semi’s but to ridicule a side after they have beaten you is off sides.
    The Bulls are going to be a serious hurdle for our boys after the last game but hopefully it is hard and clean as a game of rugger should be. Good Luck and hopefully see you at the game for a cup of coffee. Bit early for beer. Cheers

  27. Move on Cheetahs…WP lost with only one point and congratulated the Bulls!
    Best of luck to both teams in the final!!

  28. @Djou: @Studebaker: To you both, I have the game on disk, not the run of play on a website. Freestate were never in the game on the scoreboard and fortunately or unfortunately that is what counts.15 nil down after 15 minutes. The 67 minute try took the score to 31 – 15 in favour of the Kings. Not very worrying when you have a 3 score gap to close in 3 minutes. At no time have I been derogatory to any side, only my observations as I see it but now you guys can’t handle being beaten by a so called upstart Union. The slander is out of character for you guys. Accept that we are better than Freestate in the U19 division in 2015 and move on.

    Now the final on Saturday. The Bulls are a formidable side at home and playing at altitude should help them somewhat . A very early kick off which should suite both sides as it should be relatively cool and it depends who starts with a bang first. I hope the Kings have learnt from the previous game at Loftus and are ready for the onslaught. Me thinks it could be a little different and the Kings will take the game to them.
    As far as a 30 point thrashing posted by another blogger, lets see. Anyway, let the best side on the day win and if it is the Kings, they get the recognition they deserve from their detractors. What they can take away is that they ended NUMBER 1 on the log. Not bad for average.

  29. @Studebaker: Save the stories about slurs for someone who will buy them, don’t bother trying to convince us that @kwartlyn: “Ek bly by my punt van die OP gaan nie verder as die halfeind vorder nie.” I would not be so confident of your latest statements considering what happened with this one

  30. l mean lets talk about the fact that EP Kings were only team to go to Cape Town and beat WP there this season. Save it for those who will buy into your propaganda okes. Kings are ready to claim their rightful crown. EP Kings on the rise

  31. It must be extremely hard for some of you to accept the fact that EP Academy can get a few things right :lol: :lol:

  32. @Buffel @Grey supporter: I checked the run of play on sarugby.co.za and it unfortunately does not resemble what Buffel posted. It resembles what Studebaker posted.
    But congrats to the Kings – and my favourite Craven week player of 2014 – Jeremy Ward. Just hope he does not go overseas and one of the bigger provinces snatch him up – because at the Kings you are not sure whether you will get paid.
    Congrats also to FS for making the semis after they had been written off – much like their senior side. But WP underperformed.
    I however will hold thumbs for the Bulls – and for Jeremy.

  33. Baie geluk aan die spanne wat die top twee ge-eindig het. Gelukkig het ek geen voorkeur wie hier moet wen nie, dus is dit ‘n relaxed naweek wat voorlê.

    Aan die Vrystaat moet daar geluk gesê word met hulle posisie op die log. Julle manne en afrigters verdien dit en gee julle ‘n waardige posisie op die log hierdie seisoen. Aangesien almal arogant raak hierdie tyd van die jaar dink ek dit sou gepas wees om die Vrystaat 3de te plaas vir die 2015 seisoen, “third time lucky” sou dit heel waarskynlik wees vir Vrystaat na die vorige prag vertonings teen die WP, indien daar ‘n WP/FS uitspeel sou wees.

    @Buffel, Congrats, the core EP u13,16,18 Cravenweek squads pulled them through during their u19 season. Sad to have observed your economical praise to FS this season, not sure what the lads did to you not to have supported them. Freestate absolutely deserve their 3rd/4th spot. If the Lions deserved a place in the top 4 why aren’t they there? Logic, they didn’t make it unfortunately.

    I would also like to put on record the flow of the game for those who were not there in PE on Friday. Especially after you claim a “45-15” and also the fact that you mentioned the FS tries were scored when the game was “dead and buried”. Absolutely not the case, utter nonsense. Freestate scored in minutes ’22/’46/’67 of which none was converted and Kings scored in minutes ‘6/’13/’52 of which 2 were converted. Thus no “trie(S)” were score when game was done and dusted. Between minutes ‘6 – ’46 all equal on 2 tries each. Minutes ’52 to ’67, one each! Three tries each doesn’t make the EP run away with the game in my books. EP took five penalties to the post and succeeded and Freestate didn’t take their 6 or 7 penalties to the post which cost them, unfortunately. If you want to blame the ref, well that’s also sad. Dodgy calls both ways and FS also suffered, that is it.

    Thus conclusion: The 31-15 score flattered the EP. I can assure the readers that the Freestate were the team on the field just before HT and also after HT and had the Kings worried for the next 20 minutes, VERY WORRIED!!
    Mmmmm… different picture to the readers neh? Brought to you from eyes next to the field and not just a video.

    Unfortunately success like the EP had this season, especially on u19 level comes at the end of the season with arrogance which was clearly visible. Especially if you do the yellow card count, FS 0 – 1 EP! And yes I know the difference between arrogance and confidence. EP players are arrogant, players and officials alike. Horrible to experience a female EP official shouting BAD-slurs to FS players like she did, not mentioning the slurs from players to FS officials. SAD MANNE! SAD!

    So what I saw from the game on Friday in PE as well as EP performance overall. Average. Especially back line as @kwartlyn mentioned. Sad for you guys but Bulls will most probably walk away with medals around their necks on Saturday afternoon.

    Bulls if you want free advise, shake your arrogance as well, but be confident and you will have an easy game.

    All the best and may the best rugby-playing team win!

  34. Ek stem , dit klink so asof daar n bietjie jaloesie is. Die Kings verdien hulle eerste plek op die liga. Ons het die Vrystaat 3 keer met n ” swak ” pak geklop die jaar. Gaan kyk n bietjie hoeveel driee is gedruk deur die Kings se agterlyn.
    Weereens baie geluk aan die 2 finaliste , hulle verdien dit.

  35. @Buffel: Game at Loftus was out of the top drawer! Bulls scored in first 3 minutes but from there it was just WP but they could not convert all their opportunities into points. Bulls scored just before half time to take the lead.
    Second half the will to win was with both teams and both teams with possession was dangerous. On the day it was any teams game and fortunately for the Bulls they are in the final.

    Saturday is going to be tough with both teams winning their home games.
    All the best for both teams.

  36. @kwartlyn: Do I sense a little jealousy. At no time has the Kings side been described as average. Free State should have been beaten by at least 45 – 15 after some dodgy calls by the ref . I have watched the game and if anyone was average it was the officiating.
    Free Sate scored after the game was dead and buried.
    30 points is a huge call. We will see after the final whistle sounds .You don’t win 11 of 12 games by being average – beating the Bulls in the first round. WP,BULLS and Kings deserved their top 3  finishes and the Lions were unlucky not to claim the 4th place after being clearly the best of the rest.Must have been a great semi in Pretoria.

  37. Geluk aan die KINGS EN DIE BULLE met julle oorwinnings die naweek, ek moet net se na al die videos gekykery gee ek Saterdag die game vir die bulle met 30 oor die kings. Wat die KINGS gaan byt is as 19 jarige vloek jy nie die oppisisie se beamptes nie eerstens is dit baie swak en julle koppe is te groot, julle pak kon nie eens die Vs in toom hou nie en dit is hoekom die VS 3 driee kon druk teenoor julle 3 driee. Die agterlyn is gemiddeld op jul beste en dit is waar die bulle julle gaan byt en seer byt sien uit na Saterdag en hou die 30 punte in julle agterkoppe

  38. I have seen this movie before from the Bulls Under 19’s……most of the time we ALWAYS make the final the we choke….if I’m correct we have lost something like 3-4 finals…as much as I hate to say it advantage EP Kings…. :-?

  39. Well done Kings en Bulls. Bad luck WP. You tried everything and left nothing on the field. This experience will help you a lot in the future.

  40. @Woltrui: Sorry Wol jou post gemis.

    Bulls 30 – 29 WP. Province miss penalty in last second to take the game.
    Go Bulls!

  41. Well done to the EP u19 side on reaching the currie cup final with there win over the Freestate today. 31-15

  42. @AbsolutMenlo: Was wondering if we would see him again year. Good on the lad. A big boost for the team. 2 big games tomorrow. Good luck to all.

  43. Tinus de Beer fit and ready to lead the Bulls in their semi final game against WP.

  44. @kwartlyn: Would love that to be the case but there are 2 seriously difficult games ahead. Free State cannot be underestimated and so too WP. What is comforting is the fact we have home semi-final’s. Good luck and hope to meet in the final – going to be an awesome experience for the boys that get there.

  45. @Buffel: Baie geluk met julle span om eerste te eindig ek dink hierdie naweek gaan sommer n lekker opwarmming wedstryd vir julle manne wees die Vs se span het nie julle span se gelyke nie en dit behoort n maklike wen te wees, sien uit om julle volgende week teen die Bulle te sien dit gaan nou n grote te wees

  46. The EP Rugby union is opening the NMB Stadium for the U19 Semi-final against the U19 Free State team this Saturday. It is a mark of respect after the side has done an enormous amount of work this year to end top of the 2015 round robin stage of the Currie Cup.
    These lads are playing an amazing brand of winning rugby , their only slip-up being in Pretoria to a fired up Bulls XV. They were better on the day but I don’t think the Kings will be that generous if they play each other in the final. I have a feeling the final will be at a neutral venue, probably Ellis Park.
    Free State are not a side to be taken lightly. It is going to be a humdinger and will I will be listening from a distance on Facebook. good luck to all 4 sides contesting the semi’s. Injuries to a minimum.

  47. Baie geluk aan elke span wat in die top 4 ge-eindig het, wel verdiend en ‘n toonbeeld van ongelooflike harde werk en toewyding. 90 dae, 14 weke, baie sweet en baie kilometer, se nie net hardloop, maar ook ry kom tot ‘n einde.
    Beslis ‘n spesiale *THUMBS UP* vir die Vrystaat spelers se 2015 squad. Nooit ophou glo nie!
    So paar weke gelede het ek gesê julle kan maar ge-tag word as die #comebacksquad2015! Tot nou het julle nie teleurgestel, karakter gewys en die moeilike tye deurgetrek, die gelykop games en die klein margin games het julle durf gegee om net nooit op te hou nie. Geluk en dankie aan die coaching span ook.
    Ek het van die 12 wedstryde slegs een gemis, dit was julle tweede game teen die EP Kings in die Baai, ‘n paar weke gelede. Beslis mis ek nie die derde game teen die Kings nie!

  48. My first trip to Newlands was a happy one. The game plan worked a treat and EP put Province under constant pressure. The loss to the Bulls hurt the boys and they were read the riot act by Robbie and co which had the desired result.
    Their exit strategy was pin point and the booming up and unders put the WP side under constant pressure, Man and ball was the order of the day and it worked.
    Next week it is another tough encounter against the Free State and credit must be given to the way they didn’t give up .Early on they looked as if they would only play the league fixtures but they have got themselves a semi-final.Well Done.
    The Kings must work with the same intensity and passion this week as the lead up to the Province game and you will prevail. GO KINGS!!!

  49. @maroon8: Ek dink nie jy kan al die WP spelers onder daai kam skeer nie. Hulle was rerig gemotiveerd vir die wedstryd. Ou kwale het weer kop uitgesteek. Ek dink ‘n paar laaste minuut ontrekkings het die span bietjie ontwrig en om die kaptein te verloor was ook nie maklik nie. Kom ons hou duim vas dat die beseerdes reg is vir Vrydag. Sterkte WP!!!!!!

  50. @Kattes-Strofes: @PRondersteuner:

    Die manne is nie moeg nie,net gatvol vir die “coaches” en hul oneerlikheid. Dit bring vrae op soos “commitment” beslis.

    Die spandinamika is vroeg die seisoen by die deur uit met verkeerde en onregverdige spankeuses.

    Hierdie “coaching team” faal die spelers. 2 voorbeelde rakende hierdie wedstrydspan spesifiek:

    1-Hoe vervang jy ‘n fikse haker met onfikse,oorgewig een wat weke lank beseer was,asook van die bank af….die vorige bank haker is strate beter met workrate…..onthou jy soek workrate!
    2-Hoe werk die kapteinskap? Hulle maak ‘n loskop wat meer beseer is as reg is,die kaptein. Daar is ‘n Cravenweek kaptein in die agterlyn?

    Wat die OP span betref……..volpunte vir julle en julle en Rob Kempson verdien dit. My persoonlike opinie is dat Rob die WP afrigters ore aan gesit het met die manier van spel…….aanval,verdediging en spel by afbreekpunte.

    Positiewe punte vir WP is dat daar 4-5 beseerde spelers is wat behoort terug te wees en dit kan groot verskil maak voorlangs.

    Agterlangs is daar probleme…..ek hoop dat verdedigingsplan as daar een is,beter uitgevoer word….. agterlyn dieper staan en sorg dat die balle so vinnig moontlik by die vleuels uitkom…nie besit wegskop nie…ons kan ‘n pak bymekaarsit wat die opponente kan stukkend skrum……so als nie verlore

    Gaan die afrigters dit regkry,is ‘n ope vraag? As jy oneerlik en onregverdig is met jou spelers verdien jy wat na jou kant toe kom….die manne is nie onnosel nie…

  51. Congratulations EP Kings ending no.1 on the log…well deserved! Now for the semi finals.
    Go Bulls!

  52. Well done to the EP Kings! You fully deserved your victory over a lack- lustre WP side , that showed very little of their supposed skill and flair. EP had a simple, yet deadly game plan, which was expertally executed by their hard working young men. Their tactical kicking was top notch, and their up-and- unders caused huge problems for the hosts. Added to this, was a superb performance from their loosies to win the breakdown battle handsomely. The kick chase was 1st. class and the defence accurate and commited. The set pieces also solid.

    On the other side, WP were very much out of sorts, with numerous handling errors. This hampered their normal free running style, and only on limited occasions, one caught a glimpse of their attacking ability. I am not sure if one needs to question the commitment and dedication of this talented, so called big name group.However, compared to the efforts of the EP boys,it does leave some questions.

    Congrats to the boys and coaching staff of the Kings. Your top of the log position is well deserved!

  53. Having followed the junior’s season closely and without over-analyzing the teams…………..well done to the EP Kings, the top spot is well deserved. The 2 best teams ended 1st and 2nd on the log. They deserve to play the final.

  54. @grey supporter: I think it was definitely a bit of a slip up last week, you don’t get as far as this team has without any proven quality. Think the loss also reinvigorated the team as well.

  55. Well done Ep. Last week was just 1 bad day at the office. Back on track again.

  56. Well done Kings. Deserved win. WP looked a bit tired!!! Now they got to go up north and do it the hard way. Good luck WP!!!

  57. EP Kings u19 23-6 DHL WP u19. Only u19 team to go to Cape Town and come away with the win, great win for the boys!!!

  58. I wonder how many Bulls supporters are shouting for the Kings this weekend?

  59. This is my final forecast – Kings/Bulls final. That means we finish top,. Don’t think Bulls will get beat at home in Semi.

  60. Ek lees rustig aan die geklets hierbo.

    Vrystaat o/19’s. Julle pakkie van 23 is bymekaar en opgemaak. Maak die coach en die ondersteuners trots.

    Sterkte met julle voorbereiding hierdie week in ‘n heerlike hittige Bloemfontein. Ek loer vir julle deur die draad, onder die koelteboom.

  61. @Kattes-Strofes: I agree with you here. The WP boys have been very good the last 3 games. Let’s just hope there aren’t too many injuries.

  62. All along I have said that any side on the day can win and I have been proven correct with the Leopards causing some upsets. That was the case this last weekend. Sharks over Leopards and Bulls over Kings.
    The Bulls came out firing and scored 3 tries in 20 minutes which is very difficult to come back from. AT half time it was 21-20, a feat which took a lot out of our boys.
    For WP to finish top they need the 5 log points and make sure the Kings don’t get 1 or any. If the Kings get 1 point then the points difference has to be greater than 21.
    The other scenario is that WP get 4 log points and the Kings nil with a greater points difference of 21.
    Then we just might beat them and then all this is pointless because we will be number one.
    Home ground advantage is huge and whichever way you look at it , the Kings will play at home in the Semi- where that will be is a guess but I am sure we will make it as uncomfortable as possible. It won’t be at the plush Nelson Mandela Bay stadium as the costs are prohibitive. My thoughts are back in Uitenhague to spread the game to the masses.
    Ludz, get the word out that we need a partisan crowd to support our boys and get them to the final.
    This is my first trip to Newlands and hopefully we can come away with a win- a huge task as province have yet to lose at home.
    I have a twist in store –Sharks to cause an upset in Bloem and the Lions to go through. That is what could happen. A big week ahead for all the teams.
    Good luck boys.

  63. @Ludz: Ek wil dit net se dat die OP manne n prag en goeie span my opinie is net dat die ander spanne ook goed is en dat hulle die manne vd baai se spel ontleed het en nou is die manne in die moeilikheid en die ander spanne kom nou met meer selfvertroue en die druk word net groter. Tyd sal leer of ek verkeerd is en sal die verskonings ook bied as ek verkeerd sou wees, voorspoed aan die spanne vir Sat ons hou julle dop

  64. @kwartlyn: With my limited Afrikaans knowledge, I think you are saying the wheels have come off for our boys which is an opinion you are entitled to, but I would be very careful of writing them off though. You can 2 or 3 games on the trot and that can be down to luck. You don’t win 10 games on the trot without proven quality, I believe that quality with that doggedness the team possesses will come out of in next 3 weeks as we go into playoffs

  65. Ek het dit so 3 weke terug gese en se dit weer OP se spel word mooi ontleed en die ander is reg vir hulle, kom saterdag volgens my gaan hulle weer met n verloor tevrede moet wees. Ek bly by my punt van die OP gaan nie verder as die halfeind vorder nie. Die VS het egter alles kom deurmekaar krap en kan ook saterdag die sharks pakslae geewat hulle dan in die halfeind rondte kan sit. Die leeus het dit vir hulself moeilik gemaak alhoewel hulle saterdag sal wen.

  66. I don’t think we went unbeaten for 10 consecutive games without some quality in player base and coaching. I think the boys will bounce back, preferably this coming week in Cape Town. Still backing our boys to go all the way.

  67. @Kattes-Strofes: wat ek gister gesien het en laas week in die Kaap dink ek die kings het probleme, ek dink hulle gaan die bulle weer in die semis kry.

  68. @Buffel: I honestly believe that your side is going to have an uphill battle to gain that 1 point, although I do feel they deserve top spot. They had a such a great run great run with limited resources.
    It would seem that WP have finally sorted out their selection problems, although I will include ‘Klaas’ Du Toit at flank or no. 8.

  69. @maroon8: Don’t really want to think of Province. They are a big threat but I feel we will get the 2 log points needed to finish top. Province /Bulls semi , Huge. Kings at home ( probably in the Township) to beat 4th place. That is my ideal.
    Even if we get 1 log point , points difference will count in the end.
    There are plenty of permutations and that is what makes it so interesting.

    I would rather be in the Kings shoes than WP at this stage. Spoke to my boy and they are gutted about their performance yesterday. RobbieK and crew also not amused . This is going to be a hard week and I think you will see a different side come Friday. I am down and looking forward to the game with relish. Don’t get me wrong, Province at Newlands a huge hurdle.

  70. @Buffel:
    If the final is between the Bulls and the EP Kings… I’d have to go with the PTA boytjies….we know how to crank it up in the highveld…IMHO that WP and Bulls semi final is 50/50…..anything can happen…

  71. @Buffel: jy gee darem min krediet vir wp……wat van wp eindig top of the log …..kings in semi maar gladnie in final? Dink baie gaan bepaal word deur 4de spot……lions/ovs……sterkte……behalwe vir die senior span lyk als wel by u/19 en u/21 ……Lions senior span speel tans uitstekend…..

  72. Good win by the Bulls. The bubble has burst – now to see how they come back from this. They have Province in CT and need to get 2 log points to secure number 1 spot- I bet they go for all 4.
    The Lions and Free Sate are neck and neck for the 4th qualifying spot and dare I say it, the Sharks to cause an upset in Bloem and Lions to get 5 points in Potch.
    The way this season has unfolded , anything could happen. 1 point from their last game will in all likelihood give them top spot on points difference.
    The home ground advantage is huge in this compo. Down to the wire.

    1 Kings
    2 Bulls
    3 WP
    4 Lions

    Massive Semi in Pretoria and Kings to win in PE.

    Final – Kings vs Bulls/ WP – Neutral venue- Ellis Park.

    Winner ???? :mrgreen:

  73. Massive win by the Bulls 49 – 26 against the until now undefeated Kings…making the most of their last pool game. Well done Bulls!

  74. It is game time tomorrow for the Kings and Bulls- Revenge is on the mind of the Pretoria outfit while a chance to secure number 1 spot on the log for the Kings. Coach Stick has been amazing with the boys and has got the best out of his charges so we expect much of he same.
    On field captain, Jeremy ward has lead from the front and you can see his style of play has rubbed off on the rest.
    Good luck and I hope injuries are kept to a minimum with the knockout rounds just around the corner.

  75. @Buffel: Well done to the Kings! They have proved that even a team without many so-called big name stars, can perform very well through hard work ,dedication and superb team spirit. Coaches also deserve big thumbs- up!

    Now the challenge is for the EP administration to keep these youngsters in the mix for the future.

  76. 2 more games each for Province and Kings. They play each other in the last round and it could be the dress reheral for the Final but it will be knockout come the 17th.
    As it stands , the Kings need 2 log points from their final 2 games to secure top spot on the log which means they play the 4th team in the Semi’s. At this stage, Free State are looking good to fill that spot after beating the Lions this weekend.
    The other Semi sees the Bulls and Province do battle and the all important 2nd spot is up for grabs. Bulls have 1 chance to add to their log points when they play the Kings at Loftus on the 2nd. It is going to be a humdinger after the Kings prevailed in their last game. Province play the unpredictable Lions and will need a win to stay in the hunt for a 2nd place.
    As far as points difference go, The Kings are on 130 points to the good and Province on 66.
    Good luck to all teams in their last rounds. It has been a hell of a ride so far.

  77. Vuur brand, wag vir SA/Samoa. 2 uit 3 vir die Cheetahs vandag! Jammer seniorspan maar die Leeue was onstuitbaar.
    Goed vir die juniors, beide spanne. o19 en o21 heth werklik kant gebring vandag op Vrystaat stadion.
    Dankie o19s julle speel wat ek voorgestel het vroeer die seisoen. Voories werk goed. Bal in hand is wat die game wen, mooi bal aan backline. Dryf, maul, score, 10-15 backline kan mooi beweeg. Balhantering moet opskerp en julle moet tackle manne. Moenie nou gaan slap lê nie. Snaakse skoppies het gewerk, dink dis buite gameplan. Volgende keer kan dit dalk nie werk nie.
    Coaches het hulle fout van vroeer in seisoen agtergekom en vernader min, jammer vir die manne op bank, jul frustrasies moet diep lê. Die deurbraak sielkundig is gedoen. Julle weet julle kan seisoen afsluit op ‘n baie hoë noot. Loslootjie week wat voorlê. Rus en pak Natal met geesdrif aan.
    First three is a certain. Kings, WP, Bulls. Congrats to your team @Buffel, remarkable performance.

  78. Game day for the Kings- The Leopards will be very competitive so cannot be taken lightly. It is now down to the business end of the compo and each win or loss will impact on the log. With the Sharks going down to the Bulls last night will give the boys up North a bit of confidence for the big encounter against the Kings in Pretoria on the second,but first things first. Get over this hurdle today and add to your log points – 5 would be great.

  79. @maroon8: You are right, anything can happen. I think the Kings have a fight on their hands, What happened on Saturday to the Boks will be used as a motivator to any side that has the underdog tag-like the Leopards.
    As I have mentioned in previous posts, the Bulls without Tinus are a different side. If we get it right in Pretoria then I will say we can go all the way. Province are peaking but dare I say it, so too are the Kings. Province have a tough one at Ellis Park. The Lions are a different prospect and on the day can cause an upset. They too will be playing for a semi-final spot and will be very hungry for a win.
    Robbie and co will have the Kings ready for this weekend and for the run in to the knockout stages, that I can be certain of. At least they will have continuity as they have had their 2 bye’s and can look forward to a possible 5 games on the trot.
    As far as the Bok fiasco is concerned, game 2 will be a different proposition. I see them playing all their form players and will win this one going away. Who will captain the side? Duane Vermuelen?

  80. @Buffel: enigiets is moontlik…kyk nou maar vir bokke @ japan………kings kan 2/3 keer in n ry gly……dit is maklik en baie moontlik…..die bulle sonder hul gereelde nommer 10 is in die moelikheid en kan swaartrek…….vrystaat lig kop op en kan verras maar dalk bietjie laat……wp lyk goed en begin peak op die regte tyd…….eeiiisssshhhhh! japan,…@$%!/.:…..wie sou dit kon dink?

  81. There is an excitement around the next 3 weeks. The Kings host the Leopards then it is 2 huge games against the Bulls and Province, both away. Currently on 41 points ,should become 46 at the weekend. The Bulls travel to Durban and I will be shouting for the black and white to do us a favour. Province will have gained a lot of confidence with their large win but have the Lions and the Kings as their last 2 games. Lions to do the Kings a favour by winning in their own back yard. some permutations could put the last 4 as follows. Kings.WP.Bulls.Lions. alternative Kings. WP.Bulls. Free State. Sorry Leopards out of it.


    165 punte in totaal op Vrystaatstadion aangeteken!
    84 punte teen die Vrystaat spanne!
    Goeie uitslae en baie bly vir al ons spanne! Baie, baie geluk aan die o21’s en o19’s!! Die twee maak dit ‘n kopie kat situasie en eindig met 60-29 en 61-31 onderskeidelik!
    Veral die o19’s het hierdie booster nodig gehad, en maak die laaste twee wedstryde van die seisoen baie interessant vir hulself.
    Presies wat ek hierbo gesê het, as die voories aanbeweeg en mooi bal besit wen, maak dit als soveel makliker. Agterlyn kon baljaar. Die momentum was daar en die senters het gebreek en die vleuls het geskuif. Lekker! Andre en sy span afrigters het die momentum behou en daarop gekapitaliseer. Frustrasie vir die manne op die bank, want ek dink hulle het hul lippe afgelek om te deel in die pret.
    Die realiteit is dat die Luiperds dit maklik gemaak het, dis so, dus kon gebeur wat gebeur het. Vat niks weg van die Vrystaat se wen nie, maar die Luiperds het verslae gelyk van afskop af, was glad nie in spel nie en het hier en daar die geleenthede gebruik wat gely het na hul driee.
    Vir die Vrystaat wil ek net sê, manne, volgende naweek gaan ‘n ander game wees. Die druk gaan terug wees en dan moet julle uithaal en wys. Julle sal by die basiese van gisterr moet hou en ek hoop van harte julle het die harte om dit te doen.
    Werk hard hierdie week en bou die eenheid van 23.
    Doelwit is op die tafel, moenie fokus verloor. Iemand het genoem van die comebacksquad van 2015. Bewys hom reg.

  83. @Ludz: Looking good. What the Kings want is to finish top so that we play fourth in the semi’s. In all probability it will be the Lions but the Leopards could surprise.

    Come the last round robin game ,the Lions play the leopards . It could be the winner of that game to play in the semi.

  84. WP absolutely pummeled the Bulls at all levels, but significant result for our EP Kings u19s. A win next week guarantees home semi and almost certainly the no.1

  85. @Buffel: Very important game for both teams in order to secure a home semi final.

    Go Leopards against Free State as another Menlo Old Boy makes his debut for the Leopards.
    Congratulations Armand Buys @14!

  86. @Buffel: Sounds like our u21 captain Kevin Kaba, the only positions he never played as a school were flyhalf, scrumhalf and hooker

  87. @Sportsguru: This weekend will be critical if they are to challenge. The Lions play Sharks and if they prevail, they would move to 22 points at worst. I say, if Free state win then the Leopards race is run. If they beat the Free state and the Lions slip up against the Sharks , then its open gates.
    Very interesting indeed.
    Good luck to the Leopards. I think they might do it !!

  88. @Buffel: Leopards have played the Bulls twice already they play the Free State, EP, Sharks and Lions. So not impossible yet very challenging.

  89. @Muzi: Kurt is the real deal. But with Tinus the first choice, I would run him from Fullback. In this particular instance he should be a very able substitute. James has played with him in the Collegians club side for 4 years and I have watched him grow. A talent that needs a gap. Injuries have held him back but hopefully they are a thing of the past.

  90. @Buffel: It could be a crucial month for Kurt Webster…. remember he’s been spending two years with the Under 19’s….with De Beer out of contention the KZN lad needs to step up….who knows if he performs well and guides the Bulls to the final maybe they will start taking him seriously….

  91. @Buffel: It’s true….he’s out for a whole month massive blow…..coach Hayden Groepes needs to back Kurt Webster @10 he’s a good player….Brendan Owen or JT Jackson can take care of the kicking duties if he struggles….

  92. @PRondersteuner: I believe Kurt Webster is back from a long term injury and could be considered for this weekend. He brings a different dimension to their play but one cannot ignore how they play when Tinus is there. He seems to have a lot of time on his hands and dictates the play, as did Naas back in his day.
    Kurt has played in various positions in his short career to date. As a youngster at DHS ,he played Prop,Hooker,Flank, 8th man, Flyhalf,Centre and Fullback so he isn’t shy to take on the big men.

  93. @Buffel: So why do they select a centre at flyhalf? Surely there must be a decent flyhalf in the u19 ranks in Bulls country. Here in WP we had a little crisis at centre, wing and hooker, but the academy guys that came in, did the job. Just asking!!! :wink:

  94. @PRondersteuner: Come Friday evening, we will have a good idea where the semi-final will take place. If Bulls win then they will be odds on favourites to host a home semi. Province have the hardest run in with 3 games against the other top 4 sides.

    Province win, then they still have Lions and the Kings to contend with.

    I think it will go down to the wire. Leopards play the Lions in the last round robin game and could sneak in if they manage to cause an upset or 2 but their last 3 games are against Kings,Bulls and Lions.

    The one thing I can say is that the Bulls without their general Tinus are a different side. Very beatable .

  95. @kwartlyn: WP het 3 moelike wedstryde teen Bulle, Leeus en Kings. Bulle se 3 wedstryde is WP, Leopards en Kings. Kings het Leopards, Bulle en WP wat wag. Dit kan nog baie interressant raak. “Gelukkig” is 2 van WP se wedstryde tuis.

    Please explain which sides are beginning to read the Kings game? Last game 29 – 10
    before that 26 – 8.

    I agree that when it comes to knock out rugby, anything can happen but you won’t get a better prepared or drilled side in this year’s compo.

    Don’t write off the Leopards and Cheetahs making the semi’s

  97. @maroon8: Ek sal se op hierdie oomblik is dit die leeus en die bulle, ek sien die mannetjies van die wp begin stadig maar seker rugby speel ek dink hulle begin nou eers wedstyd fiks te raak so hulle kanse is ook goed om die bulle om te stamp. Die ep-span doen goed maar my opinie is dat hulle in die semi finaal hul eerste verloor gaan he die ander spanne beggin hulle te lees en hul doen hul huiswerk kom semi finaal gaan hulle in die moeilikheid wees

  98. @hennieflank: Met die beserings wat julle het hoop ek die manne word gou gesond maar ek moet dit tog noem dat die VSnie die uitklop rondtes sal haal nie, julle het baie probleme aldus die plaas telefoon. semi sal wees EP-LEEUS EN BULLE- WP

  99. Ek was by die wedstryd. Vir afwesige manne het julle goeie info gekry. Heeltemal korrek met van jul annames . Die twee slotte was baie goed so ook nr 8. Die span kry pak op die grond – sommer erg en dit laat hulle momentum verloor op kritieke tye.Die tweede helfte het by tye mooi ondersteunende spel gelewer – baie positief. Die een erge blaps op verdediging het hulle n drie gekos. Maar die speler moes nooit in daai posisie gekom het om n one off duikslag te mis nie. Dit moes eerder in die beweging gebeur het. Onnodige skoppe het al so n ding in SA rugby geword, Sommige spelers probeer dit na n nuwe vlak neem en ongelukkig is dit baie keer ten koste van die span. Waar is die dae dat enige WP span die opposisie van hul voete kon hardloop met 30% balbesit?

  100. @maroon8: Ek was ook nie daar nie, maar die verslae van mense wat daar was klink goed. Vir ‘n slag was die 2de helfte beter as die 1ste helfte. Hulle verdediging was deurgans uitstekend. Kom ons hou duime vas vir ‘n grote Vrydag!!! :mrgreen:

  101. @PRondersteuner: game gemis maar dit klink na n beter vertoning……begin die span n opwaartse kurwe toon? Hoop so want hul spel is ver onder die verwagte……Die span het beste vaste5 met uitstekende bank reserwes en nog uitstekende spelers (klaas,emile,luus,de koker bv) wat buite span is of beseer is. My opinie is maar altyd dat die span wie se vaste5 domineer,die span is wat jy moet dop hou. Klink of losskakel en heelagter se doellose balle wegskop en afbreekpunte steeds aandag kort…….hou duime vas dat span begin met “peakphase”……

  102. @loverugby: I think the game on Friday is going to be a cracker. Bulls without Tinus are not the same side. Obviously as we stand at the top, we want province to do us a favour and win in Cape Town. If that happens then you will go ahead of the bulls and the gap between us will close but not enough to prevent a home semi and number 1 spot. I see it being a return fixture for you guys at semi-final stage.

  103. Agree that the Province/Sharks game was not an advert. It was indeed a stop start affair but the main reason for this was the inconsistency of the referee. Yes always easy to blame the ref but looking at the gentleman in charge of the 0 / 21 game a total different story. Full marks for him.

    Province can take a lot of heart out of this game. The made a lot of unforced errors but came back in the second half – their biggest Achilles heel thus far – struggling in the second half

    They will be a strong contender come the next few games.

  104. @hennieflank: Not at all- as you can see I said that there are 6 sides left to fight for the top 4 positions. A good break here and there by the boys from Bloem will put them right there in the frame for a semi-final berth.
    They must believe in their ability and with boys coming back from injury ,will help their cause.
    There are 3 sides fighting for that 4th spot. Good Luck to them.

    As far as the Kings are concerned, they need to finish top so that they play the 4th side and let BULLS and PROVINCE fight it out for a final berth. Losing one of them would be good news for the rest. So, the remaining 2 Kings games are against the Bulls and Province- both away.
    We need to win 2 of the last 3 to secure top spot. That will put us on 49 log points, not counting any bonus points .That should be enough.

  105. @buffel: first of all congrats with the EP boytjies, truely a case study of commitment and where loyalty can get you. In the same breath I’m “upset” that you are not giving the Cheetahs a chance to upset the flow of events in the last three games they have left :). Yes it’s (almost) a given that the EP team will end up 1 or 2 at the end of season and with your current run, I truely hope for a #1 spot. You deserve it. But I hope for a Cheetah upset on 3/4 place.
    Reading what @Lutz had to say, it doesnt sound like Friday was a good display of rugby in the Baai, both sides. Cheetahs had a lot of shuffles and also, due to injuries, played without a few key players they relied on during the season. truely hope the boys will be fit for the coming weekend’s game against the Leopards. Not sure where we stand with the injuries but hope to see Botha, (front), Wessels, Jordaan, DeNyssen and Koopman (backs) return fast.
    @studebaker: Ek hou van jou comment oor die #comebacksquad!

  106. @Muzi: The unbeaten thing is my biggest fear. It is a great to have but no guarantee of taking home the silver.
    A true reflection should be the one who finishes at the top during the regular season is crowned champion but then it could end up with a run away winner. With the Semi’s and finals it keeps the interest till the final whistle.

    Now, the Lions or Leopards could come from behind and surprise everyone. Got a feeling that the Senior CC final will be at Ellis Park.

    With the Kings playing like they are and with the cool heads in charge, I feel we might get through to the final and it would be a great pick-up for a union that needs it the most with SR just around the corner. It is a pity that their home games have a couple of hundred spectators out to watch a side that is playing winning rugby. I know it is U19 but when you have been in the doldrums for so long, they are like a breath of fresh air.

    The Bulls /Province game on Friday is important for both sides as it could determine who gets a home semi. If the Bulls win then it will be hard for WP to get there and then a game at Loftus is a very different proposition .

    It is going to be a very interesting week with the Kings enjoying a bye.


    Good luck to all. There are 6 sides left to get the top :mrgreen: 4 places. The Sharks could cause a few upsets on the home run and put the proverbial spanner in the works.

  107. @Woltrui: Basson and JJ at wing?!?! both of them are still contracted to the Bulls….Francois Hougaard is on his way out I think…he has signed a new contract…Piet Van Zyl will shine in this new pattern….Daniel Kriel should be the back up to Dries Swanepoel….Jesse Kriel should be the first choice @15 IMHO Gelant is also deadly @12…. :wink:

  108. Vrystaat o19 sal bekendstaan hierdie jaar as die comebacksquad
    Hou maar dop, maak solank die stickers!
    Drie wedstryde oor vir julle manne! Dis maak of breek!

  109. @Muzi: Jip. Hou by die Blou Pappie! Our baby’s almost pulled an upset against the Lions super 15 team. With a bit of Luck we could have pulled it through. How good is the young GALLANT. Definately the Bulls 15 starter for the Super 16. I think we’ll have to move Kriel to wing to make place for him. BB Super 15 back line:
    Travis Ismael
    Gooi mielies Pappie!!

    Just need to sort out our scrums. It cost us BIG time yesterday. Although I will also rather keep quiet about the consistency of the #%$& with the whistle.

    Jeez how I hate referees! (Yes and I know there won’t be a game without them-but still) Puckers. :twisted:

  110. It’s a pity thry lost against the lions BUT man oh man it’s so go good to see the Blue Bulls are finally playing some great footy…Nollis Marais is the real deal….it’s a shame he made such a bullshit call concerning Greyling and Kruger quiet frankly they both need to piss off for good…Pierre Schoeman and Mox Mxoli deserve to be in match day squad….fingers crossed Dries Swanepoel doesn’t break down…a full CC season will do him a world of good….Burger Odendaal should NEVER have been dropped at the moment he’s a better @12 than Jan Serfontein.
    Hou By Die Blou

  111. @Buffel:
    *Wyno Visagie” :wink:
    I hope Tinus De Beer’s injury isn’t too serious…..I don’t think they fully trust rate Kurt Webster….JT Jackson moved to @10 against the lions he even took over the kicking duties…surprised Bulls haven’t used Jerry Danquah a lot…that Franco Naude is a unit…Corne De Klerk is probaly injured….same goes for Boogie Gelant’s friend Duhan vD Merwe at Under 21 level….I thought WP would run away with it on paper they have a pretty strong group….EP Kings have surprised a lot of people BUT staying unbeaten the whole season doesn’t mean you’ll walk away with the trophy :wink: …Bulls in the past choked in finals…remember the young guns competition?!?!…we will see who handles the pressure best… :wink:

  112. Province/sharks U19 game – not a great advert. Very stop start with far too many errors. There is a common consensus between supporters that a few of the Sharks boys are playing out of position. The most glaring is the fact that Blewett is an out and out centre and they continue to play him out wide on the wing.
    When you are struggling to put points on the board, play one of your most potent centres in his rightful position. He has the ability to break the line and has pace to burn. He will make his opposition centres honest and give you go-forward-ball.
    There is also the fiasco at scrum half. It is a pity that Mat Seba broke his thumb in a club game, otherwise he would have been my number 1 in that position. The clearing of the ball is mediocre at best and with a near non-existant decent kick off the base, it puts huge pressure on the flyhalf to execute the exit strategy. No variation at all.
    The tight 5 are under pressure at scrum time and that doesn’t help when your scrumhalf finds it difficult to clear the base.
    They have 4 games left to salvage some pride.
    My backline for the remainder.

    9. JURIES
    15. JOUBERT

    Come guys- put your best foot forward and go out there to finish on a high.

    If Province play like that against the Bulls on Friday, they might come unstuck.

  113. As of this afternoon , the Kings are 1 win away from securing a home semi-final. They beat the Cheetahs 31 – 10 after leading 17 – 3 at the break. Well done guys- keep marching on. You deserve a break .
    Now the all important Province / Bulls game next weekend takes on a whole new meaning. The Bulls win and then you would put your money on a Bulls home semi, . If Province win then the games between the Kings and 2 will be very interesting. It could go any way. The Lions could also cause an upset and beat the Bulls in their own paddock tomorrow.

  114. This is a pretty open under 19 competition with any team capable of winning. Home ground advantage not that big a factor at this level will be nice for Sharks to step up against WP this weekend. JT Jackson at flyhalf could make the game interesting between the Bulls vs Lions who have also made changes in back line. The WP scrumhalf Paul De Wet impressed me last weekend and i also like Morne Joubert of the Sharks but not in midfield.

  115. @AbsolutMenlo: I agree with the Bulls /Kings final but in the same breath, the seniors play their semi and anything can happen. So, Loftus a good call but the Lions are there, so too Province and to a lesser degree, the Sharks.

    As far as the title is concerned, Kings to shade the Bulls. I won’t be too disappointed if we lose in Pretoria during the round robin stage. It will shake them into action as complacency is a terrible leveler on the sport field.

    For me, a final on the Highveld rather than Cape Town. For it to take place in my home city, the Sharks will have to pull out all the stops and start winning with bonus points to host a final.They will need to finish in second or third position to stand any chance of hosting the final in Durbs.

    Don’t write off the Leopards making the semi’s at the expense of the Lions.

  116. @Buffel: Kings to loose one of their last two away games and hopefully it will be the last one against the Bulls when I will be fortunate to see them play.
    Final: Bulls vs Kings…Bulls taking it on home turf because that is where the senior Curry Cup final will be hosted!

  117. Beet- it would be interesting to see how the bloggers see the outcome of the league stage of the u19 compo, who will get through to the semi’s and who could be the overall champions for 2015. There are only 6 weeks left till the final and it is going to be a very well balanced set of games in the last 4.

  118. @Ludz: My obvious loyalty lies with the Kings and come Friday will be hoping for a 5 log point win. But on Saturday will be down at the Tank willing the Sharks u19 to a first win of the campaign.
    Their last meeting was a very close affair . Good luck Sharks.

  119. @beet: Good opportunity for the Sharks to get the win this week. WP seem to fade quite badly in the 2nd half with a lot of teams coming from behind to close the gap most of the time. I think the Sharks will do well to keep it a low scoring 1st half. I think if they can do that They’ll be in with a chance in the 2nd half.

    One thing is for sure with the Bulls and Kings still to go down to Cape Town, they would see the Sharks and Lions games as must wins!!!

  120. The Sharks play WP this weekend so hopefully a first win on the way. The WP results make for interesting reading. In 7 of their 8 matches, the result has been decided by 9 points or less. They have however only lost 2 of those 7.

  121. @Buffel: These men refuse to lose, I am super impressed indeed. Following the updates online, seemed like the Lions had no answers for our boys in the 1st half. Super proud of the lads, looking forward to a good one on Friday against FS

  122. @maroon8: Soos ek verstaan is daar vir Luus gese om maar weer verder op flank/agsteman te konsentreer, want hy maak dit nie as haker nie. Ek dink Van Zyl het baie goed gedoen op haker in die 2de helfte. Wat is die storie met Klaas? Is hy nog beseer? Die ekstra losvoorspeler gaan nie die probleem oplos nie. Die seuns moet geleer word om te “clean”. Dit het hulle baie goed gedoen toe die bal onder die voorspelers gebly het in die laaste 5 min.

  123. @PRondersteuner: Daar is net 2 dinge wat kan gebeur om die afbreekpunt probleem uit te sort……britsie is uit op haker vir seker 2-3 weke…..haker en flank wat soos 6 flank speel moet ingebring word…ek hoop daar word gekyk na hj luus op haker en klaas op flank….daai 2 sal baie probleme kan oplos….ons het 3 stutte wat loskop en vaskop kan speel….so daar kan met 3 stutte gespeel word (weet nie of dit mag volgens reels) dit kan plek maak vir nog n loosie……dus kan vars bene vinniger opkom 2de helfte. Die verdediging en aanvalsplan in 2de helfte het misluk. Hoekom al die besit wegskop soos die Bulle ook teen die Luiperde gedoen het en die Bulle die game so verloor het soos wat ek kan verstaan…maak nie sin……hel,die afrigters moet darem hul eie studie vooraf doen…. Alle krediet aan hierdie Luiperd u/19 span…..jy speel ook net so goed soos jou opposisie jou toelaat om te speel….. As mens kyk na senior Luiperde en die spel wat hulle opdis……en u/21…..kan mens sien die dinge vorder goed en Luiperde rugby is gesond…….vorentoe gaan hulle nog goed doen

  124. @maroon8: Ja, dit was aaklig om te sien. Ek was baie bekommerd oor daai seun. Ek hoop hy herstel ten volle.

    Wat die game aan betref, weet ek nie hoekom WP nie 2de helfte kan speel nie. Word hulle nie dalk te hard gedruk in die week nie. Dis asof die agterlyn ophou speel en tekkel. Alle balbesit word weggeskop. Daar was ook GROOT fout by die afbreekpunte. Ek weet nou nie wat die stats was nie, maar die Luiperds het seker 15 keer die bal afgevat. Van 33-5 na 36-34 lyk nie goed nie.

  125. @pietretief: Dit was nie ‘n nice dag nie.WP 0.21 game veral. En vir die Boishaaiers van die Paarl…..’n ou sluk maar swaar as ‘n speler van ‘n buurskool seerkry en ons kry saam seer. Daniel du Plessis,haker van Boishaai 2 jaar gelede en ook Cravenweek gespeel saam met Thomas en Van der Merwe daardie jaar. Hartaanval op veld……sjoe! Alle sterkte en almal hou styf duimvas vir spoedige herstel.

  126. @grey supporter: We keep on saying what a group of young men the Kings are but it is true. Well guided by Stick
    ,RobbieK,Barney ,Barend,Wayne and Nardus, they see no challenge too big.
    They believe that they can win and they go out and do it.
    Yesterday was no exception. They starved the Lions of possession and kept them pinned in their own half for much of the game. Well weighted kicks off the base in wet weather made it very difficult for the boys from Jozi to break out. Half time was 24-3 and the game pretty much sown up when they led 31-8 midway through the second. Some consolation scores towards the end flattered the Lions somewhat but now it is a race to the finish.
    The Kings host Free Sate this coming Friday and on form one must say that the men from PE should pick up a win here. There are 4 fixtures left for 5 of the teams and 5 for the Lions and Sharks.
    Come the 19th, the Kings should lie on 41 points with their last break before home clash with the Leopards and the 2 big clashes away to the Bulls then Province. 2 wins from 3 of the games will secure a home Semi and with that a slight advantage.
    What is interesting is that the Bulls and Province have just 2 points dividing them and they still have to play each other in Cape Town. That will go a long way to determining who gets the other home Semi. Then they , on paper, should meet each other again in the second plays third Semi.
    Now, the last place for a semi final birth is not cut and dried. The Leopards
    are playing a very good brand of rugby and can surprise any team on the day. It should be between them and the Lions who get that 4th position.
    Interesting times in the last month of the compo.
    With the salary issues a thing of the past :wink: the boys from the Eastern Cape can concentrate solely on winning the u19 Currie Cup and with it the best academy setup in the country.
    At the 2009 u13 Craven week in Kimberley each side was loaned a cheerleading team from the local school girls and the EP chant was ” EP IS THE BEST”. Being a Sharks supporter we wanted to throttle these girls into silence but it has rung true. This age group of boys has had an unbelievable ride, not losing a single game at u13,u16 and last year’s Craven Week. Now with a few added to the side, they remain unbeaten. May it long continue. :mrgreen:

  127. The EP u 19 was brilliant today. It was a sight to see how the Lions were scrummed in the second half. well done to everybody that makes this side such a good one. Brilliant team performance.

  128. WP 36-34 luiperde: wat gaan aan by die WP, halftyd telling 33-15. Wil die manne nie die 2e helfte speel nie.

  129. @pietretief: Stem saam met jou as n span wat leierloos is in die opsig moet hulle aan werk en n leier daar sit wat die pap dik kan aanmaak hetsy herbaal en deur sy spel. My opinie is dat dit nie net hul voorspelers is wat die scrummie nie oppas nie hyself het maar gesukkel en die rede vir hul powere spel is dat hul wedsryd plan verkeerd is en pas nie die span nie.

  130. @Bosveldpa: Moet met jou saam stem tov die cheetas, teveel forwards wat rondstaan en nie hulle scrumhalve verdedig nie. Op die oomblik lyk hulle leierloos en elkeen doen op die veld net wat hy wil, speel vir hul self en nie vir die span nie.

  131. @Bosveldpa: I see you are looking over your shoulder worried about Province. That’s good. It must stay that way.
    They must forget about the Lions and Kings being crowned champions.

    Come semi final stage, I think it will pan out this way.

    Kings /Lions in PE. Bulls/province in Pretoria.

    Final- Bulls/Kings ,and may I say, Kings to win it.

    I hope that Tinus’s injury not serious because without him, they might struggle. In the round robin stages in Cape Town, Province will be up for the challenge.

    Final positions


    Lets see come the end of todays fixtures.

    Lions a tough nut in Jozi for the Kings and Province too strong fro leopards
    in Cape Town.

    Good luck to all. :twisted:

  132. Gister se vinnige indraf by Loftus was ‘n moet! Wou graag die o19 game kyk, geniet die ontwikkeling van die seuns van skole vlak na o19.
    Die Bulle het ‘n Bulspan, verseker! Min te sê, want elkeen het opgedaag om rugby te speel. Jammer oor de Beer wat af is met ‘n skouer, gelukkig het die man sy merk reeds vroeg in seisoen gemaak. Geniet die res van die span se driftigheid. Die nuwe fullback van gister, Russouw het beindruk, maar ja dis onregverdig om een of twee manne uit te lig. Vrystaat kon bietjie aksie wys in tweede helfte toe die bulle se reserwes opkom, maar ja, oor algemeen goeie spel uit die Bulkamp.
    Vrystaat was teleurstellend. Wat ek gelees en gehoor het van die span het gister glad nie reflekteer op die veld. Kan sien daar is talent, maar as jy nie opdaag as ‘n span nie gaan talent jou nie deurtrek. Die eenheid is belangrik. Beslis nie opgedraf met selfvertroue nie manne en beslis nie gekom om die game te wen nie. Julle sukkel erg voorlangs, hoekom weet ek nie, soos reeds gesê, dit wat ek gelees en gehoor het, kan die forwards perform maar gister was daai skaars te beleef. Hoe die blicshim verwag julle om skoon balle te voer na julle agterlyn as julle nie mooi balle beskikbaar maak nie. Agterlyn is giftig die paar keer wat daar aksie was, maar julle gooi julle half-back vir die wolwe en van daar is als onder pressure. Basics van clean en secure voer julle nie uit nie, julle los gaps in die losgemaal wat dit maklik maak vir die bulle om deur te breek en dan lyk als sleg van daar af. Verdediging sal julle moet opskerp. So al asof daar sonder ‘n voorman gespeel word, manne is los en oral, niks word bymekaar getrek nie. Ek sien daars hoop en verwagting dat julle kwarteind kan haal. Doen dit net, maar doen dit as ‘n span vir 70min, van afskop tot eindfluit.
    Bulletjies, julle kan die kampioene wees van die jaar. Moet nie dat WP met ‘n poks deurkom en dit gryp voor julle nie. Hou aan speel soos julle tans doen en julle kan die beker in Pta kom bere! Ek hou die program dop vir die volgende game op Loftus.

  133. Kan iemand my net se hoekom sal n afrigter of afrigting span jou beste voorspeler in n wedstryd kort na rustyd van die veld af haal as jou span alreeds in die moeilikheid is. Ek kan maar net dink wat die nagevolge kan wees dit gese geluk aan die Bulle met julle oorwinning en voorspoed aan die leeus met more se wedstryd sien uit na goeie hardloop rugby

  134. @AbsolutMenlo: You are 100% correct. They should not have to worry about the finances, it should be a given that they will receive their allowances.
    I think this side does have character and it will show this weekend but it is worrying. This talented bunch will get scouted if things do not improve- it is sad but a fact of a professional players life.
    My son is absolutely loving it there and why not- great bunch of guys he is working for and with and they are winning. The perfect recipe for success.

  135. @Buffel: It is tragic that players have to worry about payment! At least the u/19 team is on a winning streak but I think the test of character in these circumstances will be if a result goes against them.

    The problem for the union in the long run will be that talented players will leave the union as soon as they get the opportunity.

    All the best for the weekends clash against the Gauteng team!

  136. This is a concern for all the players but the U19’s are ready for the game. Robbie and co. have a very good group of youngsters there and even though this has happened , they will perform. It is not the first time that they have been paid late.
    Let’s hope they get it right as a few of this group rely on this money to send home to their families.
    They should be concentrating on the game and not worry about their bank accounts. Most disconcerting.

  137. @Buffel: I hear the Kings’ players are on strike for not being paid. What’s the story with the u19’s?

  138. Round 8 for the Kings- A big game for them as they try and maintain their unbeaten record. The Lions are going to be a tough nut to crack after their comfortable win against the Sharks in Durban. Good luck men. Will be glued to the computer getting updates.

  139. @maroon8: Jy weet net so goed soos ek dat daai afrigters niks sal oorkom nie. Soos ek verstaan was daar ‘n heel paar voorspelers wat “uit” was op hul voete met nog 20 min om te speel, maar die afrigters bring nie vars bene op nie. Hulle praat nie met die seuns om te se of hulle gaan speel of nie. Belaglike bleddie spil wat net wil verseker dat die kwota te alle tye op die veld is!!!!

  140. @Ludz: I agree- But rather be ready for the challenge otherwise if you are over confident, that is when you get burnt . Keep the feet on the ground and be humble in victory.

    That loss to the Tuks/Bulls did hurt them and I am sure there were lessons learnt from that albeit it is an u20 compo.

  141. @Buffel: They’re in a good head space having talked to most of them. I don’t think they’ll take anything lightly, missing out on the young guns final hurt them very much and a few lessons were taken out of that experience. Sticky and Kempo will make sure they remain focused.

  142. BONUS POINT TIME. I think that the permutations are there. We need to do one over the Lions this weekend then we have the 2 home games. Out of the 3 we need 12 points which will put us on 43. Anything can happen against the Bulls and Province so we need to close it out before we travel .

    In saying that ,the Lions are going to be tough.

    If you said to the brains trust that we would be 7 from 7 at this stage, they would take it hands down. I must stress that they must play rugby and leave the sideline stuff off the field. Concentrate on winning and that will put them in good stead.

  143. @Buffel: Great seeing you this weekend, indeed tough one up in Joburg this weekend for the boys. We didn’t play so well when the Lions were down here despite the win, so I think they’ll go up there ready to redeem themselves. Lions have a massive pack and some big okes in the back, so they bring a bit of physicality. Hopefully the boys can come through with a result

  144. Bulls next to games at home…Friday Cheetahs and next Saturday Lions…crunch time!

  145. I believe the 2015 team who will surprise and upset the most will be the Freestate!

  146. The Kings go marching on but there a few games ahead that should be crackers starting with a trip to the Lions this weekend. The Lions have had a good break and will be up for the fight and with the top 4 advancing to the semi-finals, it will be a very interesting few weeks ahead.

  147. Congrats to Garsfontein’s 2015 captain Jaco Bezuidenhout who made his debut for the Bulls u19 this weekend against the Leopards…

  148. @beet: Very interesting indeed. As with the varsity cup, maybe the u19/21 competion could be used to conceptualize some new variations to the rules and points systems…

  149. @hennieflank: Hennie I also witnessed quite a few held up calls when the Sharks played the Lions a couple of weeks ago. I sometimes wonder if the attacking captain should be offered a choice to take say 4 points (no kick to follow) or the 5m scrum for a genuine effort that almost led to a proper try. It would make things interesting.

  150. @pietretief: Beslis sal dit ‘n eenoog benadering wees om slegs een span se geleenthede te tel. Maar ek glo tog daar is ‘n verskil tussen wishful thinking en feitlike voorbeelde. Ek het die feitlik voorbeelde genoem, van ‘n skoptelling wat nie daar was nie en ‘n bal oor ‘n lyn geplant. Ek kon nie sulke geleenthede by WP optel.

    @kwartlyn: Klein goedjies wat net nie wil reg loop vir hulle.

    Ek glo steeds ons gaan die span in kwarteind sien… Tel my woorde!

  151. @hennieflank: Met jou ek het nou nie die game gesien nie maar wat ek by die manne hoor kan die VS baie ongelukkig voel vandag, hulle was goed in die scrum, lynstane en in die los dit word net gese dat op kritieke tye het die manne se hande hul in die steek gelaat.

    Vandag se wedstryd tussen die LUIPERDS en BULLE het mooi rugby opgelewer, telling 61-31 Bulle. Die bulle het met n paar jong manne by die veld opgedaag en hulle het sommer mooi ingeval by die span, geluk aan EG jansen en Garsfontein julle seuns het lekker gespeel. Vir die Luiperds kan ek net se daar is nog n paar wedstryde oor en julle kan nog vir n verrassing of twee sorg hou baie van julle reserwe loskop wat op die veld gekom het, baie sterk skrummer en het n paar goeie cleans gehad sou hom regtig meer te siene wil kry

  152. @hennieflank: @maroon8: Hennie jy kan nie net een span se geleenthede tel wat gemis was nie, ek glo wp 0/19 het ook geleenthede gemis. Met respek gese teen oor al die ander spanne, die WP span is nie veronderstel om teen enige span te verloor nie, maar ja dis rugby

    Maroon wat ek hoor is die ego’s by die afrigting span redelik sterk, hulle luister vir niemand nie, en kan ook nie planne verander as plan A nie werk nie.

  153. VRYSTAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!! skree ek vir al drie my spanne wat gister gespeel het, Seniors, u21 en u19. Baie mooi rugby op die Vrystaat stadion. Dankie Manne!

    Seniors se telling spreek vanself, maar die juniors kan maar iewers gaan aanklop met ‘n amptelike klagte van “robbery by the universe”. Weet wragtag nie wat die boodskap vir hierdie twee spanne en hulle afrigters moet wees nie.

    Die twee groepe, u19 en u21, se line-ups is reg, die spelers is reg. In altwee gevalle kom die spanne baie mooi terug. Hul tellings spreek vanself. Maar daai uitklophou kom nie vir hulle.

    My analysis of the u19 game. (for my english friends in the Bay and KZN)
    Final score Cheetahs 25-26 WP (HT: 0-16)
    Missed penalties – I counted 12 points.
    3 x held-up tries first half.
    1 Try by 9 Carlos in the corner, given initially by flagman, chatchat between flagman and ref…no try (I was there, right in the corner on the stands, binocs in hand! TRY man rerag!)
    1 x Try in far corner, not given, what looked like they debate a extra ball on field (Ok, granted, Cheetahs scored there after)
    Gives you 19 points that was lost, lets be practical and add roughly a third of the 19 points, let say 6 to the score and the u19s walked away with a beautiful well deserved win of 31 – 26 (44-25 if all went positive)
    Good reflection of the happenings on the field.

    Ja ek weet almal skree dis die scoreboard wat tel!! So be it maar wragtag man!!

    Andre you worked well with a good squad of 33 odd so far. The team’s conditioning is perfect. Your line-up of 23 was perfect yesterday. Backline 9 – 15 impressed like almost always, something is working well there now. Forwards 1 – 8 worked well together. First half the team dominated and tired the boys from the Cape. Subs did there job with a tired WP team. Small issues in first half of placement of forwards and positioning maybe. Otherwise well executed.

    Ek hoop eendag kry ons die antwoorde op hierdie vrae wat mens altyd het….


  154. Die vaskop waarmee daar week na week aangekarring word en die manne op die bank nie gebruik word om hom af te los nie raak mos nou ‘n kwessie…… Die Paarl Gim vaskop kon in 2de helfte ‘n baie beter “workrate” en skrummery voor gesorg het. Hoe onnosel kan ‘n afrigter wees of hy weet niks van hoe moeg of oorspeel ‘n vaskop raak veral in 2de helfte nie. Die kwessie raak nou…..speel die speler om kleurgetalle op die veld op te maak? is hy talentvol en wend afrigter hom verkeerd aan? hoekom ‘n reserwe vaskop he en hom saamvat en gladnie laat speel nie……Hierdie is een voorbeeld. Haker is nog een. Gladnie speeltyd gekry nie. Wat gebeur as die iste keuse vaskop beseer raak en nie verder die seisoen kan speel nie?….gaan daar ‘n fikse vaskop wees om sy plek vol te staan?…’n afrigter toets tog immers sy bank tot sy voordeel en verseker so dat sy plaasvervangers fiks en tegnies op standaard is wat wedstryd speeltyd betref…..Nee wat………wat hier gebeur sypel deur na ander spelers volgens my en van wat ek gehoor het. Hierdie afrigters groep verstaan nie die dinamieka om as groep van 23 spanspelers saam te speel nie. Die jaar is oor die helfte. Fluit fluit………

  155. @pietretief: Dit is nou tyd dat hierdie afrigtersgroep besef hulle tas in die donker en speel nie met die beste span nie. Hel …is dit so belangrik om die kleurgetalle op die veld te hê en dan die “team dynamics” helltemal op te donner? Weer so ver voor en amper weer planke toe! Nee wat………..kry eerder die afrigters by Mr Gericke….die probleem is die afrigters. Enige ou wat bietjie rugby volg kon vandag sien dat hierdie ‘n patetiese gerammel is. Eisshhhh!

  156. @Ploegskaar: Waar’s daardie vriendin van jul mede Landbouskool in Riversdal, sodat julle mekaar bietjie kan nonsens byt voor more se groot game?

  157. AbsolutMenlo….met Gimmies wat so goed presteer het die jaar in die Beeld Groot Skole, weet ek nie of daar volgende jaar so baie Menlo Parkers in die Leopards se onder 19 span gaan wees nie :mrgreen:

  158. @AbsolutMenlo: Sterkte vir die Cokereeks. Onbeskaamlik hoop ek julle hak die knoop deur teen Monnas. Hulle het ‘n goeie span, maar so ook julle!

  159. @AbsolutMenlo: And the Leopards with their Menlo boys beat the Bulls with their Menlo boys – so Menlo beat Menlo or Menlo lost to Menlo … whatever?

  160. Beet: Can you not open a “Who do we think will go to the World Cup” I know this is a schoolboy site but I think its relevant.

  161. @Ludz: James has made huge leaps and bounds this year . Gives Mike good space to work in. They must just keep the momentum going and keep winning.

  162. @Buffel: Brink been brilliant at 10, sensible move to keep him there. Good understanding between James and Mike in the halfbacks.

  163. It will be interesting for the competition if the Sharks can turn their season, especially against the front runners.

    Bulls play Leopards in Potch this weekend and hopefully they have learned from loosing against them at home.

    Must say Leopards are my second favourite team with 4 Menlo old boys.

  164. A couple of changes in the backline to the Kings side this weekend. Matheus comes in at fullback after a 6 week injury break and Brink moves to Flyhalf. We should get the full side in the next day or so. I know Jackson is on the mend, if not ready for action , so they should have a full compliment very soon.

  165. @beet: I am looking forward to watching some of the Sharks backs this weekend. In particular Morne Joubert who sounds like a wonderful talent. A few impressive okes for us, Badiyana a very good player and great leader

  166. @maroon8: Ek kan net nie verstaan dat hulle vir 6 maande saam oefen, wedstryde speel en dan sulke strond aanjaag as dit by die regte kompetisie kom nie. Dan is daar mos GROOT fout met die afrigting. Kom ons hoop dit gaan beter Vrydag. Ek stem saam met jou. Die Bulle was goed Saterdag, maar daar is ook te veel “GROOTMENERE” in die WP span. Ek hoop hulle het nou hard aarde toe gekom en hulle ego’s so bietjie afgeblaas!!

  167. EP host SHARKS this coming weekend in PE and it is going to be interesting how the men from the Cape play after a week off. It is always difficult after gaining momentum to come back with the same intensity.
    Once again, there are no easy games in this division and the aim is for the Kings to make sure of a home Semi. The final will be played at whoever finish on the top in the senior division so the only real advantage is at semi-final stage .
    There are 30 points on the table for the next series of games. Lets see who comes out firing.

  168. @Djou: Papier, van wat ek sover gesien het, is absoluut skitterend op die breek en sy cover D is ook puik. Hy sal sit ver bring

  169. @Djou@Ploegskaar.Papier is briljant en het by Bulle geteken blykbaar,maar hy is mos n jaar ouer as Boland Landbou o/17 scrummie.Met hierdie 2 spelers kan het die Bulle 2 baie goeie scrummies vir die toekoms.Ek glo die beste 2 GR 11 scrummies is Rewan Kruger van Grey Kollege en Landbou se scrummie.

  170. I’ve watched the last 3 Sharks u19 home games and I really feel for the players. It’s a competition so wins are important and not winning anything is interpreted as total failure even though this team has been competitive and made all their opponents work hard for their wins. On a few occasions its felt like the Sharks u19s were their own worst enemies. None more so than during the Leopards game when the Sharks had the Leopards pinned back in very defensive positions which should have resulted in the Sharks getting the ball back with good field positions but instead over-eagerness (lack of discipline) cost them and ultimately allowed the Leopards make easy territorial gains via penalties and from the Leopards played to their strengths to influence the scoreboard and came from behind to win it. It was a great display of character by the Leopards, who have made a habit of beating Sharks teams over the years. Against the Lions on Saturday, it felt like the Sharks were trying to force the situations too often. If they had played a lower percentage risk game, I think the scores may have been a lot closer. It didn’t help that lineouts went pear-shaped in the first half but the Lions’ Le Roux Baard wasn’t very impressive either with his lineout work and it did not impact that negatively on their game. Both the Lions u19s and u21s showed a very good appreciation of attacking space and didn’t have to rely on flashy backs to make metres either, they were able to channel the ball to a few forwards who got over the gainline. I was really impressed by their 9 Marco Jv Vuuren. I thought Saturday was the best game I’d seen him play. The Sharks-EP game may have defined where the Sharks biggest challenge lies. From the very first scrum EP had the Sharks on the backfoot and its been this struggle to gain any kind of ascendancy in the battle up front which has the biggest impact on outcomes. There are no noticeable big ball-carriers or enforcer type players to dominate collisions. Brad Roberts has a bit of x-factor about his attacking game and the lock Rikus Zwart has been very valuable as a lineout player. Overall the Sharks have a very good attack-minded backline. They don’t always gel or go through a lot of hands but individually there are a number of line-breakers. The best is Morne Joubert who is gifted and outstanding and should be fast tracked to u21. Joubert really only has to work on getting more distance from his punts to be ready for senior rugby. Sbu Nkosi is also quite impressive. I had this impression that he’s a bruiser but the truth be told he’s pace and stepping ability are what makes him special. I really hope the Sharks can work hard on his aerial defensive ability and exits to compliment his attacking game. Other backs on attack that have caught the eye include Tedder, Visagie and Blewett who’s been a surprise package, so enthusiastic and a pleasure to watch with ball in hand. However a lot of these backs are enjoying a freedom to express themselves which will quickly disappear once they hit u21 level where defences generally get a lot more organised, smarter and faster. The key for the Sharks coaches is to develop these players so that they become more dependent on correct decision-making, linking and even short kicks past the d-line as a means to unlock defences, rather than just on raw speed or fancy footwork. But there is definitely potential in the backline and if one combines them with the contracted u20 forwards that the Sharks have things don’t look so bad for the Sharks right now as far as succession planning is concerned. Even still I think the u19 coach Paul Anthony as likable as he is must be under tremendous pressure to hold onto his job after this season. The Sharks u19s usually have a better second half of the season than the first but I can’t ever remember them being rock bottom. Hope floats though. The team in not uncompetitive. When they played EP, I got the impression that the EP team was a better coached outfit. For EP I liked Badiyana and SF Nieuwoudt. I also thought the props Howes and Oosthuizen performed well as did Pokomela. In the backs Hall and Brink lived up to their growing reputations as standout players in the unbeaten log leading team.

  171. @Ploegskaar: Nog nie sy beurt volgende jaar. Kwaliteit van bo af het verwys na klomp ander manne wat aan deur klop. Net in die algemeen kan ek jou wel se hy is in die boonste kwantiel.

  172. @BrotherBear: Nee die manne sal veilig wees hier, ons ken mos ons respekte in die Kaap. Maar sommer vir interessantheid, waar en wat speel jou klong en hoe lyk sy stats? Nie te veel detail nie, sommer net gewig, lengte, 10m & 40m sprint, 3Km, yo-yo’s, bench, squat en pull

  173. @Ploegskaar: My laaitie se gereeld hulle speel net op harde velde en by uitsondering op lekker groen gras. Probleem met 0/16 veral is dat die lokale keurders die toernooie hier bo gebruik vir GK proewe en om Leeus streekspanne so gou moontlik te kies. Nie goeie rede in my boekie, maar nou ja. Die hoop beskaam tog nie. Aan ander kant hoor ek sommige manne is onbeskaamd met hulle werwing, en dit is dalk makliker om in die Kaap agter te bly as in Jhb ;-)

  174. @BrotherBear: Met al die Wes en Suid Kapenaars wat Bart opgetrek het, sal julle maar moet aanstuur. Alhoewel ek nie dink al sy signings is great nie, het hy seker met goed 90%+ baie goed gedoen vir 2016. Smart ou en ken beslis sy storie

    Wou jou nog vra hoekom julle nie julle o14 & o16 spanne afstuur na Gim en o15 na Bois oor die Paastoernooie nie, sal graag julle juniors in aksie wil sien, hoor net goeie dinge

  175. @Ploegskaar: Julle hoef nie te veel te worry. Van volgende jaar stuur ons vir julle kwaliteit hier van bo af ;-)

  176. @maroon8: Ek stem dat gr11 dalk ‘n beter rigtingwyser vir die vaste 5 kan wees, maar selfs dan kan tegniek en werkverrigting met en sonder die bal al goeie aanduiding gee. Turn-arounds, ruck-attends en tackle count is veral hier belangrik, asook gainline crosses eerder as bloot carries.

    Wat kontraktering betref, weet jy daar is ‘n klomp verlede jaar vir hierdie jaar se gr11’s gedoen en dan sit jy met ‘n dubbele gatslag, soos die jaar, waar die beste nie vir die jeugspanne gekies is nie en die beste ongelukkig ook nie volgende jaar WPRI toe gaan nie. Hierdie het weereens veral betrekking op die stutte. In my opinie het die WPRI tops een goeie loskop vir volgende jaar, met die res sien ek swarigheid, ‘n paar onder 1.80 en ‘n paar stasiemeesters…

    Hakers en slotte was maar dungesaai, maar Adre Smit, Ewan Coetzee en HP van Schoor, om drie te noem, was op ons voorstoep maar gaan elders. Dit bly maar treurig vir my

  177. @Scrum5: Ek en ‘n paar ander binne en buite die provinsie reken hy is die beste speler in sy ouderdomsgroep in die land. By die Bulle speel hy oor 3 jaar SR, oor 5 jaar reken ek daar wag hoër louer. In die Kaap is daar, behalwe vir die twee talentvolle spelers wat jy noem, nog ‘n lekei of wat se kind wat ook sy kanse gaan beperk, so puik skuif in my opinie.

  178. @Ploegskaar: 0/16 is volgens my gladnie die rigtingwyser van talent vir die toekoms nie maar eerder graad 11 elite groep vir daaropvolgende 0/18 jaar. Stutte en slotte wys eers in graad 11 en van hulle in matriek dat hulle groot genoeg en sterk genoeg sal wees vir rugby na skool hetsy universiteit of by ‘n unie. Ek het ‘n groot probleem met spelers wat gekontrakteer word en dan weet jy voor jou siel die grootte is nie daar vir rugby na skool nie. Ek is maar ‘n sucker vir size wat die vaste5 betref met beweegbare manne,nie manne met 25% bodyfat en meer nie.
    Politiek en die kleur ding is belangrik en iets wat ou maar gaan swaar sluk aan. Dink die 0/19 en 0/21 WP groep is 9/8 uit 23/22 waarvan 5 heeltyd moet speel. Senior span kan jy sien hulle probeer nog beter doen. Bestuur kry ratings van bo en die manne het dik velle. Dit skeel hulle min om speler te speel wat swakker is as benchspeler. Dit is die realiteit wat pappas baie gou moet besef.Jy is dalk gelukkig hierdie jaar maar volgende jaar is dit jou beurt. Vergelyk jy unies met mekaar,verskil dit ook. Nogal vreemd. Ook by afrigters groepe sien jy dit. En spanne met talentvolle spelers suffer agv dit. Dis ‘n gegewe!
    Ek dink die toekoms is om jou kind by varsitycup span wat watter vlak ook al,uit te kry.Vir sy eie beswil.

  179. As die scrummie by die Bulle geteken het is hy baie wys want met Justin Phillips en Jondre Williams voor hom in die ry by WP is sy kans groter om by die Bulle vinniger opgang te maak.

  180. @maroon8: 2014 was ‘n maer oesjaar, net so 2013 baie goed, 2015 het ek my bedenkinge oor ‘n paar posisies. Skolepolitiek, nepotisme en doodgewoon onkunde bly maar bestandele van die resep en die arme WPRI moet telkens maar pa staan vir die eindproduk. Ek het egter geen simpatie met die senior manne wat aan die neus gelei word deur die ouens wat in die junior strukture is vir eie belang en/of net bloot onbekwaam is nie. Die regte spelers kom nie op o16 vlak in die sisteem/o16 Elite Squad nie, en van daar ploeter hulle maar so aan. Die Unie moet insae op die vlak kry en dit sal klaar 50% beter.

    Die hoeveelheid puik spelers wat jaarliks van Oakdale, Outeniqua, Drostdy en ‘n paar ander noordwaarts keer is ook onaanvaarbaar, maar bygesê, as jy nie eers weet wie die beste spelers in jou eie provinsie is nie, gaan jy wragtig nie weet wat elders aangaan nie.

    Kry die regte mense betrokke en die sakie kan binne ‘n jaar reggestel word. So nie, sal ons weer ons beste twee 10’s, 2 en 3 soos in 2012 verloor, die beste 10 van 2013 hê wat nou vir Brackenfell speel en reeds die beste 9 van 2016 afstaan aan die Bulle.

  181. @PRondersteuner: Ek dink almal hou hulle “pose” goed rondom hierdie klomp twak wat betref die spankeuses. Ek dink WP het ‘n lat vir hulle eie gat gepluk toe hulle die voorspeler coach aangewys het. Al “tip” wat ek hom kan gee is …….”if you sruggle with your lineouts mate…….make it simple…..2 or 3 calls…that is it!” Vergeet van ‘n flyhalf verandering……..die politiek is te sterk rondom die knaap….al vir jare…..maar daar is iets spesiaal in hom soms……as hy gaan bestendig raak,gaan hy blerrie goed wees. Die groep is so gekies dat daar nie juis ‘n goeie opsie is om hom te vervang nie…….dalk ‘n fout? By die WPRA was daar ‘n Vrystaat losskakel wat net verdwyn het…….hy kon ‘n goeie opsie gewees het…….Daar is fout met agterlyn afrigting……groot. As die bal vinnig op punte uitkom,behoort niemand by hierdie span te kom nie. 2 Spelers is van buite gebring……Natal haker en Bloubul SA Skole loskop…….van kleur en hulle hou goeie spelers op die bank. Die spelers is volgens my in ‘n gemaksone in sekere posisies waar die afrigters duidelik gewys het ongeag hoe jy speel,hulle verander nie spelers nie…….Dit sal interessant wees wat die afrigters gaan doen want heelwat geluide kom op rondom die tipe afrigting en die spel wat opgedis word.
    Gee die Senior Bulle krediet met hulle spel…….hulle was uitstekend agterlangs……die WP het maar ‘n sagte onderskep drie gekry en die telling kon erger gewees het……

  182. @Buffel: 100% – Wayne Smith, Kurt Webster, Mabhtana Peter…
    I believe that the Sharks were the original leaders when it came to their Academy a couple of years ago.
    However, I believe that the other unions have overtaken them a while ago, and they have not responded. If anything, things have progressively got worse. I think that only once the numbers of the paying academy players start declining, thinks might change.
    It was really sad to see the standard of the rugby on Saturday by the senior team, and to see the empty stands. Players like Joubert and Honeyball must cringe when they watch this lot. It is not all about winning and losing. It is about playing decent rugby.
    They can take a leaf out of the Bulls display on Saturday.

  183. @Amalekite: not to forget the 3 College boys in Tharratt, Mazwi and Koekemoer at the Kings. If only they had done their homework last year it would be a totally different side to the one they put out every week.

    Imagine Jackson ,Van Niekerk,Roberts,Mazwi,Porter,Venter, DuRandt,Tharratt ,McMillan and Coetzee at 8. Hall at scrum half, Tedder fly, Blewitt centre, Joubert at 15 .Add in the rest and then you have a decent side.

  184. As for the Sharks, one needs to question their recruiting system.
    Glenwood were the top KZN side last year. The only player from Glenwood to have played for the Sharks U19 in 2015 is Morne Joubert, who I might add, has been their best player by far, in my opinion.
    There have been 8 other Glenwood players from last year’s team who have seen action for the U19 sides of the Golden Lions and WP. There are another 8 players from MHS, DHS, Westville and Kearsney who have played for the top 4 teams in the log.

  185. I don’t know what’s going on at WP. It seems the coaches have got their favourites and no-one else gets selected. On Saturday the hooker struggled to find his locks, but he stayed on for the whole game. The flyhalf is struggling, but they took the fullback off. That’s just two examples, but it goes like this game after game. Once the team was selected at the beginning of the season, it has not changed a lot and no-one else gets a chance. It’s not as if they destroyed their opponents every game. No wonder the senior side struggle like they do!!!!!

  186. @Buffel: Same problem at the Sharks. While a couple of non-academy boys are kept in the wider squad, they never get a chance. Also difficult, as the conditioning of the non-academy boys may not always be the same as the academy boys.

  187. @Amalekite: Wayne is living it first hand. They contract a whole heap and they too sell them the big story that you will play.. Not so. WPRI boys get first crack. That is how the boys drift along and get disillusioned.
    If Wayne was at say, the Kings, he would be one of 23 contracted boys and if injury free, would play for sure.
    I spoke to his Father and he did get a knock during the Sharks game that kept him out of selection for the next fixture but I am sure he has mended.
    Looking at the pictures that the institute put out, there are a number of boys training but in all likelihood are cannon fodder for the rest , so called stars of the game.

  188. @Rugger fan: Wayne has not been injured.
    Unfortunately, there seems to be heavy favouritism towards the players that are at the WPRI. It is extremely difficult for players from the Academy and the clubs to be selected, unless there are a heap of injuries to the Institute players.
    For example, the match day 23 for the past 2 games has been made up entirely of Institute players. It is a pity, as there is definitely talent outside of the Institute. Furthermore, in their last match against the Academy, the Institute lost 19-21.
    It seems that when a player has been contracted by the union, they make sure that he plays, even if he is out of form, or if there is a better option.

  189. Beet – I see Wayne Smioth (Westville) name is off the WP U19 squad list. He played against Sharks at wing – then picked up an injury. Is there a reason he is off the list?

  190. Well deserved rest for the EP klonge, Buffel!

    Holding thumbs for your predictions as the Cheetah boytjies need to kick into gear. Little bit worried about the injuries this week in the backline with 12 Dwayne, 10 Julian and the very busy and impressive 9 Carlos ruled out for the game in Potch. Hope they can pull this one through and turn their season.

    Besides EP it is still very much open season.

    Just wish the games wil get closer to home for support!

    Geniet dit boys!

  191. This weekend sees the Bulls and WP lock horns in the U19,U21 and seniors.
    In the U19 division , it is going to be an interesting affair. The Bulls are stuck on 15 points after going down without a bonus point to the Leopards and Province are on 18 points, both with a game in hand over the Kings who have a break .
    The Sharks could come back into semi final contention if they see off the Lions challenge at KP but will have to keep to their structures against a well drilled outfit who have a number of 2014 KZN Craven Week players in their 23.
    I will put my money on Free Sate going one over the Leopards but as we have seen, they are not to underestimated .
    So as a Kings supporter this would be the best result for them as they take their break.


    I for one will be down supporting the SHARKS at KP.

    Good luck all. :mrgreen:

  192. Yip, and with Vers now completed his school commitments , will add depth to an already superb squad.

  193. G Mattheus will also be ready for selection after his injury in the first match of the currie cup.

  194. @Ludz: Extremely . Can nurse a few niggles and get some fresh blood into the squad to bolster the already impressive group. Vers has pedigree and others. Greg Jackson will hopefully be ready for the SHARKS on the 29th .
    The main aim would be to finish at the top so that 1 plays 4 and 2 plays3 in the semi’s. The final will be played on Currie Cup finals day so home ground advantage for the semi’s only.

  195. Ongelooflik as jy na die skole kyk wat die onderskeie spelers van die Luiperds en die Bulle teenwoordig en dan na die telling…………wys jou net…….daars baie talent in die ‘obskure’ skole

  196. WP U/19-goeie iste helfte weereens. En weereens baie gelukkig om nie te verloor nie!
    Vrae aan coaches:
    1-Hoekom jou skopper…Tiaan Swanepoel afhaal…baie swak besluit!
    2-2de helfte skrummery was WP pateties en dit is hier waar die game gedraai het….speel met 2 stelle voorrye en gee elkeen volle helfte. Ek is van mening dit gaan die grootste probleem van hierdie 2de helfte insinking(5 in ‘n ry) oplos…….
    3-Die trick is hier om die game te beplan met vars bene om in die 2de helfte momentum trappie op te vat…..maar die teendeel gebeur elke keer……kom verby die politiekery as daar is…….en sterkte dat beseerde spelers reg sal wees……
    4-Volgende week is die halfpadmerk en iets anders moet nou gebeur want tot nou toe het dieselfde goed gebeur ……5 keer in ‘n ry….en dit werk nie……..kry ‘n “different angle”

  197. Time to reflect after the Kings have played and completed their first round fixtures. It has been quite a season so far winning 6 from 6 but a few games could have gone either way. Coming from behind in 4 of the 6 games shows the character of the side and their never-say-die attitude.

    This last game was also much of the same. 15 -14 up at halftime before kicking into gear and stretching the lead to finish it out at 34-24 to the Kings. What strikes me is the way they and stick to their game plan ,regardless of the match situation and the belief that even when 19-6 down with 12 minutes to play against the Lions, they can pull it through.

    Very hard not to be there on some occasions but have been updated to such a degree that it feels like we are there at the match.

    Credit must also go to Mzwandile Stick and all the coaching staff. Well done and now the real hard work begins. Away games to the Bulls, Lions and province which are all going to be character building.

  198. Sharks/ Kings encounter this weekend. Another game that EP must guard against being complacent or they could come unstuck. It is just a matter of time till the Sharks put it together and get a few wins under the belt.
    At the beginning of the CC campaign I mentioned that any side could win on the day and this is true with the Leopards putting one over the Sharks in Durban a couple of weeks back.

  199. @hennieflank: Lees jou kommmentaar en jy het dit reg n paar manne steek hulle hande op en ander is net in die span, Andre het harde werk voor met die jongklomp ek hoor so in die gange dat ddaar twee spanne in een is by die Vs die Grey spelers en dan die res in een span watdan teen n provinsiaale span moet speel nie voordat almal as n VRYSTAATSE span gaan speel nie sal hul nie sukses smaak nie. Vir die bulle julle het baie goed geindig en tweede helfte regtig goeie rugby gespeel. My spelers vir die dag was:nr 2 ,10,12 en 13 van die Bulle en in die VS- SPAN het nr 5 en 9 tot hy af is met n besering hul harte uitgespeel
    Net laastens jammer julle leeutjies dit is maar moeilik in die Baai

  200. @hennieflank: We’re very proud, we had an awful 1st half, but we held them out, going into halftime 12-3 down. Just after halftime. They scored an intercept try to make it 19-6. They never looked like scoring a try to be honest. Big kids, but our defence is hard to break down. When we got on top in 2nd half, they struggled to keep us out. Robert Lyons and Michael Brink were brilliant on the day. Honourable mention to the Lions flankers who were very good

  201. @hennieflank: It is early days in the campaign and yes, we are on top, but for the Free Sate it is just a matter of time before you get some wins under the belt. Province are beatable so I hope to see a much improved result come next Sunday. What Free State did so well against the Kings was to put pressure at lineout time deep in the Kings half. Came away with a couple of tries and were leading for a good part of the game.

    We have a game in Durban and it is like some sort of homecoming for a few of the Kings boys.
    I hope that the powers at the Sharks let the men play on Kings Park main and not on their outer field as they have done so far this season. There is no reason not to as the Test match is a thing of the past :oops: and all they have to look forward to is the Currie Cup .

  202. @hennieflank: Ou Hennie, dink jy moet self maar gaan inklim. Ek wil deesdae nie eens meer die Cheetahs se uitslae hoor nie na ek heelseisoen met verwagting uitgesien het.

  203. Gaan bed toe met ‘n swaar gemoed vanaand!

    Sopas weer die Springbok game gekyk in replay en dis ‘n trane verhaal. Weet nie wat om te sê van die petalje, maar ons het baie knieë werk nodig tot September. Ons het ‘n vertoning deur die Argentyne gesien wat passie uitspel. ‘n Vertoning wat wys wat dit beteken om te speel om te wen.

    All Blacks gaan slaap ook seker vanaand met ‘n :-x

    Vandag met soveel verwagting en uitsien die dag aangepak met die voortuitsig van goeie rugby op die Vrystaat stadion. Goeie rugby was wel daar maar nie ten gunste van my Vrystaat spanne. :-?

    Die senior span het ophou speel na die eerste drie. Maar die Bulls het werklik goed gespeel en verdien om te wen. 8-O

    Die o/21s het verbete teruggeveg en werklik die 36 elk gelykop verdien. Goed gespeel deur die hele span van Vrystaat. Julle het amper weerspieel wat die Argentyne gedoen het, gespeel vir passie! Dis hoe dit hoort. Geluk aan 9 en 10 wat goed gekombineer het. 9 het soos ‘n klein korporaal net nooit ophou veg. 13 het ‘n goeie vertoning gelewer en voor het 1 Ox en 6 Daniel baie goed vertoon. Onregverdig dalk om ‘n paar uit te sonder, almal het goed vertoon. :-|

    Hierdie is mos ‘n o19 groep en fokus moet daar wees.
    @Buffel and all the EP u19 supporters, very well done with the EP team. You surely expected the most from the Lions and you’ve given it right back to them. Sure you guys are very proud. Things look good for you at this stage.

    WP loop weg met ‘n wen teen die Luiperde, klink my hulle vind hul voete.

    Na wat ek gehoor het in Natal gebeur het 2 x weke terug was ek baie opgewonde om self die Vrystaat span te beleef. Verstaan in Natal het hulle gespeel vir die dood, die gelykop nie verdien.
    Vrystaat is ek oortuig gaan in die tweede rondte die hele appelkar omgooi want hulle het beslis die skietgoed om dit te doen. Soos ek Andre beleef is ek seker hy is erg dem&@$) in, maar al wat hy moet doen is om daai jong Cheetahs die Argentyne game te laat kyk, oor en oor en leer om met passie te speel. Julle kort dit manne. Wip julle g$$$& en kom terug met mening. Julle verdien nie die telbord soos hy vandag gelyk het nie. Julle speel (of kan) by verre beter speel. 8 Victor is werklik julle kingpin en hy toon sy klas. Afskoppe het nie gewerk nie en elke keer het dit gelyk soos n replay. Skop woer-woer diep, vang, uit na 10 Thinus (BB), terug in julle eie helfte tussen half en kwart. Net daai verskil kon ‘n ommeswaai in game gehad het. Jammer dat 9 Carlos met bloed die veld op 35min moes verlaat, dit was gevoel in die tweede helfte, beslis!! Hoekom nie teruggebring of was daar harsingskudding ook? As 11 Dale meer bal kan kry sal dit vrugte afwerp. 6 DeWet het sy kant gebring, maar wat ek van hom onthou van Grey, kan hy baie meer bydra. Ons het meer werkers nodig voor. Die diepdelwers ontbreek. Ons het die skrums goed begin en relatief goed geeindig. Beter voor as BB. 5 Brendan doen sy werk.
    Voel net of daar nie ritme is in middeveld, ek kan dit nie verstaan. 15 Christiaan gaan nog baie bring, hou maar dop.
    BB se 10, 12, 13 speel soos mens verwag en jy moet beplan om hulle.

    Ons sien uit na die res van die games wat oorbly? Ek dink daars nog 8 games oor. Laat hulle tel jong manne, regtig julle kan so goed doen. Fight julle plek oop boontoe. Ons het julle nodig vir Vrystaat rugby.

    Ek gaan my Kaapse vriende opkommandeer om julle te gaan support volgende week. Gaan wys hulle uit watter stoffasie ons hier uit Vrystaat gemaak is. Mik vir kwarteind, maak die halfeind en wen sommer die 2015 o19 reeks.

  204. Bulls u19 back on track against Cheetahs 42 – 24
    U21 Bulls Cheetahs 36 – 36

  205. Going to be intense but I think the Kings might shade this one against the Lions. They are 1 and 2 on the log and have a lot to play for. If the Kings win they will open up a decent lead on the rest and put themselves on 21 points after 5 games.

    The Lions side has a number of Glenwood boys in their setup so they will be physical. James Venter and Mac as flank and eighth man will give them some serious physicality but will be matched by Tharratt , Pokamela and SF.

    Bulls play Free Sate and if the boys in orange find their feet, will put pressure on the talented boys from Pretoria.

    Sharks a bye and WP a slippery eel in the Leopards in Potch.

    These are great times for U19 rugby.

  206. @Andre T: got a concussion against WP and left out for the Bulls clash. He was probably the most unlucky boy not to make SA Schools last year- had a great CW. I wish I could be there but will have to wait for the Sharks clash.

  207. As ek Boeta Vermaak was waai ek by die Lions…….hulle gaan hom net rond donder

  208. @Speartackle: Going to be a fierce battle between de Beer and Ward. The Kings captain been right there , leading from the front, and is tough as teak.

  209. @valke: I think I was being a little harsh on the Leopards. A good win this past weekend against a Sharks team still trying to find the right combinations.
    As I have said, there are no easy games but you are right that the Cheetahs and Sharks are underperforming.
    The Lions are going to be a tough nut to crack and will come out firing against a good Kings side. It could go either way but my loyalties lie with the boys in Red and black. The Kings play 6 games before their first break and one can see the continuity in their play. They will need the break come the 15th, where they play the Sharks at the Tank. :mrgreen:

  210. Not sure why everyone thinks the Leopards are just filling the numbers.

    They have a very good team that will win their fair share of games in this competition.

    Had some good pre season wins, including one against the Lions.

    I think Sharks and Cheetahs are really under performing at this stage.

    EP definately the team to beat. Lions will find it tough this weekend, but I hope they can pull it off.

  211. Just to make things more interesting a surprising win for the Leopards against the sharks 40 – 37 showing that they should not be taken lightly.

  212. @kwartlyn: I hear you, and yes there are going to be changes but we will enjoy the moment. One luxury we have is that the closest a side can get to the Kings after 4 games each is 2 points. We have one hell of a game on our hands this coming weekend against the Lions as they too have hit their straps and are playing well.
    You got to love it- any side can beat each other which makes every weekend interesting and come the end of the season the last 4 will have earned their place.

  213. @Buffel: Daar is nog baie rugby oor en daar gaan nog n hele paar wenne en verlore wees, in die omkeer wedstryde kan daar n paar verrassings wees wat die nou se voorlopers in die liga dalk onder aan die punteleer laat eindig. Beserings ens kan alles beinvloed en dan ook as n span bymekaar kom kan hulle alles deumekaar maak.

  214. do you have a boy in the Bulls side? Dean van der Westhuizen was with the Kings early on but moved to Pretoria. Lovely lad and struck up a good relationship with my boy.

  215. @Buffel: Agree still a lot of rugby to play…we will be waiting for the Kings here in Pretoria!
    Enjoy the sharks game they are a quality side I saw them play against the Bulls. I feel for the Leopards with also 4/5 Menlo old boys so hopefully they will be up for it.

  216. @AbsolutMenlo: I think there are 5 sides in the competition that could make the playoff’s. BULLS, WP , KINGS,LIONS AND SHARKS. Unfortunately Free Sate not firing and the Leopards out of their depth. With this win it gives the Kings a little breathing space but in saying that , must still play at 200%.
    We are also only 1 third through the compo and things will change.
    I can bet there is going to be a real reception for the Kings in Pretoria at the return game.
    Going down to Kings Park to watch the Sharks at 1 playing the Leopards. Sharks by 15.

  217. @Buffel: Think it will be a great experience for the young Bulls. If it’s dry watch out for the u/19 backs. GO Bulls.

  218. This is a big clash in PE. The Bulls take on the EP Kings in the U19 and U21 Currie Cup competition in Uitenhague. They are taking the game to the masses so the support should be vocal and could help the men in red and black.
    Both U19 sides unbeaten and on paper it should be an even scrap. If the Kings win this one it will open up a bit of daylight at the top of the standings and give them the belief that they could go all the way. Good luck boys- Come 5 PM we will know where we stand.

  219. @Buffel: Only problem with an u20 competition in selecting an SA side for JWC is that the u20 CC takes place after JWC, so selection will still be done on the basis of performance at u19 level the previous year plus whatever trials there will be.

    The year after next the problem becomes bigger as many u19’s won’t get game time in an u20 competition unless they’re very good, which may help in a different way.

    Unless they bring the u20 CC forward to earlier in the year.

  220. @AbsolutMenlo: I don’t see any easy games this season- I think the Bulls are the one’s to beat but in saying that EP are playing really well . The game is not at the Stadium but I believe in a township close to PE. That could be very interesting with the local support being very vocal.

    Now next year there is only going to be only an U20 section so how will that affect the recruiting . The boys that have signed up thinking they will get u19 Currie Cup rugby will be competing with the current crop . Oops.
    It is the right call- young guns is an u20 compo and so too the Junior World Cup which will make the selection process that much easier and fairer.

  221. @Buffel: It’s going to be a very interesting game. Bulls had two good victories over the Lions and Sharks. Hope it’s going to be a dry field…the bulls have a very positive ball in hand approach (unlike traditional Bulls rugby) with a more than capable backline.

  222. @Ludz: The game, played in driving rain , was the Kings to lose. After going behind early on, wrestled back to be 10 each at half time, then a well taken penalty 30m out ,by Michael Brink , ended the scoring. That does not tell the whole story. EP were more physical than their counterparts in all departments which counted in the territory stakes, playing the majority of the game in the WP half. Big clearance up and unders from Hall off the base and good chasing kept WP trying to break out but the conditions were not conducive to the running game. Also resolute defence from the Kings was crucial in this victory. The first time tackle count was very impressive .
    this is not the biggest pack but from 1 – 8 plus reserves , they give 200% and are deadly on the ground . Well done men- it was well worth the trip down. Good luck this Friday against the Bulls- you can do it ,

  223. @kwartlyn: En as jy nou na n goeie klomp talentvolle jong manne wil gaan kyk wat deur hulle afrigtingspan rondgeneuk word met verkeerde spankeuses……gaan kyk WP…….wat n belaglike klomp stront……weggekom met gelukkige wen teen Sharks agv verkeerde span en “bench” se timing met vars bene……teen OP volgens bronne presies dieselfde blaps……kan n afrigtersgroep so “stupid” wees?

  224. Baie geluk met die leeu manne het die voorreg gehad om julle wedstryd Vrydag in Potch by te woon, het werklik n goeie span. Die Bulle nog nie gesien nie net hier en daar so npaar snitte op video dit lyk na n regte bul span giftige agterlyn en die gunsteling in die reeks. Ek moet dit ook net noem ai Vrytaat op papier n baie goeie span mmar kry niks reg nie . hennieflank as jy mooi na hul wedstryd plan kyk sal jy sien dit is soos hulle speel so een vd dae sal jy of n groot veranderings in spelers sien of die wedstryd plan gaan verander word om by die spelers te pas en nie by hul afrigters nie. n SPAN wat ook die oog vang is die Kings n goeie gebalanseerde afgerigte span maar kan hulle week na week uithou net tyd sal leer, voorspoed aan elke span ons kyk vir julle

  225. Die Vrystaatse Cheetahs moet dit more geniet in Durban, speel net ‘n passievolle wedstryd en die res gebeur vanself. Die o/19’s weet dat hulle potentiaal VÊR bo die vertoning is van verlede week se wedstryd teen die Leeus. My kamerade wat die wedstryd bygewoon het se terugvoer was positief alhoewel meeste sou dink dat dit n swak vertoning was lei ek af. Verdediging 101 manne. Julle sit met ‘n backline wat gif is, 9-15, laat hom rol! Voories, wees gefokus en gaan doen die varkwerk daar diep onder. Dis hoekom julle voories is, anders sou julle halfies gewees het, half voor, half agter.

  226. Good luck to the Sharks u19 who play Free State tomorrow. I am sure it will take place on KP 2 and it is from 1 P.M. Kings take on WP in Port Elizabeth on Saturday and hopefully come away with a win which will give them a perfect start to their campaign. :lol:

  227. 2 Kearsney boys from their 2014 year are in the top 4 of points scored this season so far. Tedder and Hall sit at 3 and 4 respectively but it is early days . This weekend sees the Kings take on WP at home and the Sharks play Free Sate at home. As was indicated , there are going to be no easy games and this weekend is no different. What was great to see was the inclusion of Jordan Koekemoer in the EP side in Potch. He has been playing in the Durban Collegians u20 B side at 10 but with the injury to Matheus, got his chance and by all accounts had a great game.

  228. De wet Terblanche 14 (Leopards) is also a MenloBoy! Menlo 4 Bulls and 4 Leopards. AbsolutTrots!

  229. @Rugger fan: For a school whose brand is rugby, it is sad that out of 138 players listed in the 6 Under 19 teams, College only has 2 representatives in total, both playing for EP. Was that not a “dream team” at College last year? Where are all of them?

  230. The Kings seem to have the game under control , 15 minutes to go and are 41 – 5 up. Another good win away from home :mrgreen:

  231. Bulls u/19 very impressive!! Good positive attitude with ball in hand. Lost a bit of concentration towards the end. Tinus de Beer is a general!

    U/21 Bulls victory after the siren 24 – 23 to put their campaign on track again.

  232. @Buffel: Opening try for the Bulls U19’s by Kurt Webster – DHS OB :mrgreen:

    Really happy to hear that JK is not lost to the world of rugby – hugely talented but struggled with niggling injuries in his open age group SBR years.

    Good luck to the boys tomorrow.

  233. @Rugger fan: A nice comeback to end the game at 39 – 21 to the Bulls. For the Sharks it will be a case of back to the drawing board as they have now lost 2 in 2. Still a long road ahead so not all gloom and doom.
    The Kings have a slippery game in Potch tomorrow and the Leopards must not be underestimated. A debut for Jordan Koekemoer , a product of College in 2014 and needs a gap to show his talents, running at flyhalf after and injury to Garrick Matheus which could be see him out for 6 weeks. Good luck boys and lets come home with a win under the belt.

  234. At least some rugby in Pretoria today!! Bulls u/19 to keep their momentum against a Sharks team that will be looking for their first win.
    Go Bulls!!

  235. @valke: I have to say when he started on centre as captain against the U18 English team he was replaced after ht surely because he had mist a couple of tackles, sorry to say but no speed and bad defense would not cat it.

  236. @Rugger fan: It was really nice to watch him play again. The service was crisp and he was physical . Got the backline away well and gave space to the flyhalf to work in. Took over the kicking duties midway through the second half and slotted all 3 attempts, one from out wide with the wind to contend with. The biggest impression was the way the boys played for each other. The trick is to see how I can get to the grounds to watch them. My next trip will be on the 25th to watch them play in P.E. against WP. That should be a cracker.

  237. @ROOIBUL: I have to agree with you. Boeta Vermaak is a devestating 12. Not a wing at all.
    13 had a terrible day on defence. Barend Smit did well when moved to 13. I would like to see Vermaak and Smit as centre combination.
    Backline can definately do with some speed.

  238. @ROOIBUL: stem saam met jou! Blou Bulle sal altyd n faktor wees maar hulle kan geklop word. Vreemd om die skuiwe van posisies so dop te hou. Die WP het net so gesukkel teen die Haaie.

  239. My take of this game. The Lions forwards was bit stronger than the Bulls forward pack, but the big difference was the back lines. The Bulls back line was well drilled and the quality of the players and couching made the difference, they need Martin’s speed at fullback to start with. Barent Smit are an excellent player but his to slow and his defense are not really on standard and the defense of the two Lions centers was poor. Why do they play the no. 14 Boeta Vermaak on wing if his an excellent inside center. The Bulls structure play where much beter, the Lions have good players the couches need to do beter.

  240. Vrystaat het beslis ‘n talentvolle groep om mee te werk. Glo met Franco daar sal hatd gewerk word saam o/19 coaches om die talent behou. Begin span van Vrystaat is n goeie kombinasie van Jong spelers. As dit gaan vloei gaan dit goed vloei en ons ken die coach as n man wat nie paniekerig raak en gaan verander nie. Saterdag bietjie gesukkel om vloei aan gang te kry. Die telling weerspieel nie regtig wat gebeur het op die veld nie. Die jong Cheetahs het dalk bietjie gerus gewees met die groot tellings in opwarm games n paar weke terug. Voories kon dalk dit makliker maak om bal netjies beskikbaar te kry vir n mooi agterlyn maar die beste is gedoen met wat daar was. Goed om te sien ons seuns van Bloem skakel goed met spelers van regoor die land. 10-6 halftyd was goed. Ritme versteur met vroeg subs in tweede helfte. Wind natuurlik n groot faktor. Sien uit na n lekker en goeie seisoen.

  241. Having travelled to Bloem for the Kings first encounter was a trip that was very satisfying . The Free Sate were leading 10 -6 at half time but there was a feeling that things would change as the Kings had done well to hold them at bay and as the second half unfolded the ball bounced the Kings way. This team play for each other and I think will turn some heads during the course of the season. The pack and the backs are well balanced and you can see that they have spent the best part of 7 months together working their way up to the start of the 2015 CC. Of the 23 player there are 11 boys of colour but they are there on merit. It is great to see that they are on an even keel when it comes to selections. Good luck on Saturday as you come up against the Leopards . Don’t take them for granted as you could come unstuck. No easy games this season.

  242. @PRG 4 Life: swak vertonings van beide o/19 en 21 groepe. Darem het o/21 aftigters probeer om met al hul plaasvervangers die game te probeer swaai…..sharks plaasvervangers met thomas en du preez net te veel impak…..o/19 afrigters vas aan slaap – byna al die plaasvervangers het geen speelkans gekry nie en gelukkig het ruan brits in net sy 15 min speeltyd wat hy gekry het,n drie kon druk in laaste minute……gelukkige wen 0/19…..hier kom probleme met hierdie wp groep as die werkswyse sou aanhou…….sou baie makliker vir 0/19 gewees het as vars bene aan begin van 2de helfte opgekom het………..leer die les

  243. Sharks under 19 very unlucky to lose, on time10-6, M.Meyer, Hooker, 5 lock, Visagie and fullback were very good. Wp fullback was as poor as he was last year at CW . No one stould out at all, average to poor performance

  244. @BuffelsCM:
    If he’s indeed the real deal then I hope he can at least throw straight under pressure unlike Scarra and Bongi…..

  245. @AbsolutMenlo:
    I concur quite frankly I can’t say that I’m surprised by the result…when last did the Bulls actually have KAK under 19 side?!?!…..that backline is all flames!!!!!!

  246. @beet: Ruan Brits is a special player….good leader as well. He should be pushing for a place in the first XV. He was really unfortunate last year with all the injuries

  247. Great start for Bulls 31 – 15 win over Lions. Best of luck for both Gauteng teams going forward.

  248. @BuffelsCM: Yes I remember it well.

    Interesting to see Ruan Brits on the bench. Even though injured he was highly rated and talked of as quality SA Schools player

  249. @beet: I was one of them Beet. Unfortunately Pieterse didn’t have a good CW last year. I trust that he’ll make a real impact this year.

  250. Good to see many of the familiar names from last year SBR coming through.

    Some good KZN names in EP & WP to wacth too. :lol:

  251. Interesting, Affies have more players in the WP and Free State teams than in the Bulls team..

  252. I guess equally interesting is to see Ruan de Beer at 15 for the Bulls which I think is his best position and he is keeping Corne de Klerk on the wing.

    In the Sharks setup Morne Joubert is the number 15 while Chris Lines another useful fullback plays wing.

    Watching the EYOT last year, the value of having competent defensive wings can’t be underestimated in attempts to get the right balance between attacking ability and defence. Players who can position themselves correctly, feel comfortable chasing back to collect a ball kicked behind them, are good under the high ball and who can exit if need be. Often skills acquired while playing fullback. Players like Ben Smith and Cory Jane come to mind.

  253. The interesting one for me in the WP team is Keyter at 14 and Pieterse at 15. I recall 2 Cape bloggers talking about the class of Pieterse last year. Still early days but perhaps their opinions are justified by this selection because anyone who’s watched Keyter has to agree he is standout player.

  254. I also understand that Jaydrin Kotze was withdrawn from todays game due to injury, and has been repalced by Nazo Nkala ( who just came back from injury as well )

  255. @Djou: You are correct. Was contracted to the Bulls, but has now joined the Lions.

    Unforunately a lot of injuries at the Lions currently.

    Ralton October, Martin van Wyk, Curtis Jonas, Juan Lemmer, Anton Smit just some of the players not considered at this stage due to injury.

  256. @Babbelas: For WP it only works one way.
    Same for the Sharks on higher level. Moan about Pieter-Steph moving back to the Cape, but say nothing when contracting Willie le Roux, Joe Pietersen and Coenie Oosthuizen from Cheetahs.
    Cheetahs not complaining, Sharks does.

  257. Ek wonder of Gert Smal weet dat 3 van die WP U19 spelers uit Pretoria uit kom…..

  258. @beet: is there a possibility to do a full summary of u/19 selections for 2015 across all provinces? Will be great to then compare it to your post of last year indicating the contracting players by province.


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