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Academy Week still very important to the scouts

30 Jun, 2013 beet 36

Academy Week plays an important role in South African rugby. The Sharks will testify to this. In 2009 Paul Jordaan of Grey College attracted interest while representing the Free State Academy team as an under-17 player. He ticked all the right boxes and soon after the national youth week he was signed up by the Sharks on a very good junior contract. Today, four years later he’s a Super Rugby starter.

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u18 Craven Week 2013: players who played u13 Craven Week

28 Jun, 2013 beet 20

This is interesting and probably not a complete exercise either due to time constraints and human error. An analysis of 352 first choice under-18 Craven Week players from 16 regions namely Boland, Border, Blue Bulls, EP, EPCD, Free State, Griffons, Griquas, KZN, Leopards, Limpopo, Lions, Pumas, SWD, Valke and WP reveals that only 66 played under-13 Craven Week in either 2008 or 2009. So for now that is just ±19%. Incredible when one thinks of the emphasis placed by high schools on recruiting under-13 players.…

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Grant Khomo Week 2013: results

28 Jun, 2013 beet 247

Grant Khomo Week 2013 for provincial under-16 representatives will start on Monday 01 July 2013 at the Izak Steyl Stadium in Vanderbijlpark and is hosted by the Valke. 20 provincial teams are taking part.

08h00 KwaZulu-Natal 33 19 Valke
08h00 Griquas 29 27 Limpopo Blue Bulls
08h00 Valke XV 18 21 Griquas CD
09h15 Eastern Province 29 10 Golden Lions
09h15 Zimbabwe 22 33 Namibia
09h15 Border CD 6 106 Leopards
10h30 Border 22 10 SWD
10h30 Boland 14 16 Free State
10h30 Pumas 35 7 Griffons
11h45 Blue Bulls 15 22 Western Province
10h30 Pumas 7 38 SWD
10h30 Border CD 3 57 Griquas CD
11h45 Free State 17 10 Valke
11h45 Griquas 24 16 Valke XV
13h00 Border 16 13 Boland
13h00 Leopards 8 19 Namibia
14h15 Western Province 34 22 Eastern Province
14h15 Limpopo Blue Bulls 29 21 Zimbabwe
15h30 Bull Bulls 42 14 Golden Lions
15h30 KwaZulu-Natal 32 20 Griffons
09h00 KwaZulu-Natal 16 12 Limpopo Blue Bulls
09h00 Western Province 50 12 Leopards
10h30 Blue Bulls 30 26 Eastern Province
10h30 SWD 21 10 Griffons
12h00 Border 15 13 Free State
12h00 Valke XV 28 3 Border CD
13h30 Zimbabwe 15 12 Griquas CD
13h30 Boland 17 10 Pumas
16h00 Golden Lions 29 20 Valke
16h00 Namibia 13 9 Griquas

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Academy Week 2013: results

28 Jun, 2013 beet 155

The 2013 Academy week will take place at Glenwood High School in Durban from the 01 July to 04 July this year. The KZN High Schools Rugby Association will host the tournament. 26 schools from around the country will play rugby making it the biggest tournament of its kind. Match Day 1 fixtures have been predetermined. Fixtures for Match Day 2 and 3 will be decided on after the conclusion of the preceding day’s games.

3 08h00 Namibia 25 29 Red Valke
3 08h00 Limpopo Blue Bulls 17 20 Leopards
3 08h00 Griquas CD 21 33 Griffons CD
3 09h20 Free State 35 8 Golden Lions
3 09h20 SA LENS 48 5 Border CD
3 09h20 Griquas 39 70 EP CD
3 10h40 Blue Bulls 28 32 KwaZulu-Natal
3 10h40 Griffons 34 20 KZN CD
3 10h40 Border 76 10 Blue Valke
3 12h00 Western Province 24 5 Pumas
3 12h00 Boland 40 28 KZN “B”
3 12h00 Pumas CD 41 32 Leopards CD
3 13h20 Eastern Province 7 32 SWD
2 08h00 SA LENS 33 17 Griquas CD
2 08h00 Blue Valke 26 17 Griquas
2 09h20 EP CD 21 11 Pumas CD
2 09h20 Red Valke 48 6 Border CD
2 09h20 Free State 88 5 Limpopo Blue Bulls
2 10h40 Namibia 55 12 Griffons
2 10h40 KZN “B” 66 0 Leopards CD
2 12h00 Blue Bulls 24 20 Golden Lions
2 12h00 Pumas 22 14 Boland
2 13h20 KZN CD 24 3 Leopards
2 13h20 Griffons 25 7 Border
2 15h00 Eastern Province 24 17 KwaZulu-Natal
2 15h00 SWD 22 19 Western Province
1 08h00 Blue Valke 5 66 Eastern Province
1 08h00 Limpopo Blue Bulls 19 19 Border
1 09h20 Lions 33 38 SWD
1 09h20 Namibia 52 0 SA LSEN
1 09h20 Eastern Province CD 15 41 Griffons
1 10h40 Pumas 26 22 Free State
1 10h40 Griquas 25 39 Griffons CD
1 12h00 Red Valke 0 93 Western Province
1 12h00 KZN “B” 34 0 Griquas CD
1 13h20 Blue Bulls 12 13 Boland
1 13h20 Leopards CD 38 0 Border CD
1 15h00 KZN 54 20 Leopards
1 15h00 KZN CD 36 22 Pumas CD
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u13 Craven Week results: WP & Bulls in final

27 Jun, 2013 beet 109

It’s North versus South in this year’s under-13 Craven Week final being played at Warmbad High School in Bela-Bela. Western Province complete with their massive front row goes head to head with the primary schoolboys from Pretoria. The two provincial regions topped the standings after three match days of under-13 Craven Week action.

08h30 Border CD 21 5 SWD
08h30 Griquas 12 5 Namibia
09h20 Limpopo 5 32 Leopards
09h20 Free State 26 17 Zimbabwe
10h10 Golden Lions 13 12 KwaZulu-Natal
10h10 Griffons  5 12 Valke
11h00 Mpumalanga 12 29 Border
11h50 Eastern Province 28  0 Boland
13h05 Blue Bulls 10 11 Western Province
09h00 Valke 20 5 Free State
09h50 Griffons 16 5 Griquas
10h40 SWD 7 20 Pumas
11h30 Limpopo 19 33 Border CD
12h20 Blue Bulls 24 0 Golden Lions
13h10 Western Province 20 12 Boland
14h00 Leopards 10 21 Border
14h50 Eastern Province 21 5 KwaZulu-Natal
15h40 Namibia 21 5 Zimbabwe
09h00 SWD 22 5 Griquas
09h50 Valke  5 22 Limpopo Blue Bulls
10h40 Pumas 22 14 Border Country
11h30 Free State 26 5 Namibia
12h20 Griffons 25 7 Zimbabwe
13h10 KwaZulu-Natal 7 13 Boland
14h00 Eastern Province 3 10 Western Province
14h50 Blue Bulls 14 0 Leopards
15h40 Golden Lions 18 7 Border
08h30 Golden Lions 36 0 Zimbabwe
09h20 Mpumalanga 17 0 Namibia
10h10 Border 28 17 Free State
11h00 Griffons 3 5 Border CD
11h50 SWD 0 0 Valke
12h40 Leopards 10 5 Eastern Province
14h45 Western Province 31 7 Griquas
15h35 Blue Bulls 19 5 Boland
16h25 Limpopo 5 33 KwaZulu-Natal

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Cape Schools Week 2013 – Results

26 Jun, 2013 beet 218

Cape Schools Week took place at Paarl Gymnasium from Saturday, 22 June until Wednesday, 26 June. 15 games were played. Western Cape won 8. Eastern Cape won 7.

Wed, 26-Jun DAY 3
08h00 SACS 8 10 Grey High
09h20 Wynberg 36 15 Dale
10h40 Boland Landbou 13 10 Selborne
09h20 Rondebosch 15 16 Queens
10h40 Paarl Gim 57 5 Muir
Mon, 24-Jun  DAY 2
14h00 Rondebosch 17 23 Selborne
15h20 SACS 17 19 Queens
16h40 Wynberg 31 9 Muir
18h00 Boland Landbou 8 20 Grey High
19h20 Paarl Gim 38 3 Dale
Sat, 22-Jun DAY 1
14h00 Boland Landbou 34 22 Dale
15h20 Rondebosch 27 31 Muir
16h40 Paarl Gim 27 25 Grey High
18h00 Wynberg 26 20 Queens
19h20 SACS 9 11 Selborne
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School rugby coach becomes Currie Cup coach

25 Jun, 2013 beet 83

Courtesy of Written by Rob Otto.

The Mercury has this morning revealed that former Sharks flanker – and current Director of Rugby at Hilton College – Brad Macleod-Henderson is set to take take over the hands-on coaching reigns for the Sharks during the upcoming Currie Cup season.

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Now Grey PE breaks Boksmart rule

24 Jun, 2013 beet 105

A few months back, I praised Grey High for their clever application of the SARU age-banding rule for a home game against Paul Roos. The match was an under-18 match and therefore Grey were permitted to play their talented under-16 flyhalf Curwin Bosch. Well now it turns out that Grey didn’t do their homework ahead of Cape Schools Week and brought the same player on off the bench in an under-19 game against Paarl Gim on Saturday, which in terms of the SARU rules is not allowed.…

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Baby Boks finish third at IRB Junior World Champs 2013

23 Jun, 2013 beet 0

The Baby Boks ended their IRB Junior World Championships 2013 experience on a high note by coming from 21-0 down to beat the New Zealand Baby Blacks 41-34 in a very entertaining match for third place. The Saffas played 5, won 4 and lost just 1 in the last minute at this year’s tournament in France. Judging by the quality of today’s performance the team had it in them to be the overall winners.…

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IRB Junior Player of the Year 2013

23 Jun, 2013 beet 11

Updated. The International Rugby Board named Sam Davies of Wales from their shortlist of three nominees as the IRB Junior Player of the Year 2013. This announcement was made following the final at the Stade de la Rabine in Vannes on Sunday which England won 23-15 against Wales.…

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Baby Boks play Baby Blacks for 3rd at JWC 2013

23 Jun, 2013 beet 16

The game that no one ever wants to play takes place 15:15 this afternoon. South Africa and New Zealand have to find motivation from somewhere to lift themselves for this third-place playoff at the under-20 IRB Junior World Cup.…

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Bondedag 2013

22 Jun, 2013 beet 129

The Noordelike Bondedag, provides a taste of what’s to come at Craven Week. It is also a valuable opportunity for the provincial under-18 players to develop or improve on-field understanding with new teammates from different schools and for all players to familarise themselves with the playing patterns passed down by their coaches. Bondedag takes place at the Impala Rugby Club in Rustenburg on 22 June 2013.…

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Michaelhouse & Hilton ready to go at it again

21 Jun, 2013 beet 48

[Final score: Michaelhouse 34 Hilton 43 (Hilton achieve a double in 2013)]

While all the other KZN school students enjoy the first day of their holiday, the two KZN Midlands private schools Michaelhouse and Hilton will meet on Saturday in the last game of their respective 2013 seasons. It seems like their second term was specially extended by one day just to accommodate this fixture.

The pressure is on the hosts Michaelhouse. …

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KZN school rugby ref hands parent his marching orders

20 Jun, 2013 beet 58

Exchanges that occurred between a parent and a society referee during and possibly after the under-15A game between Maritzburg College and Westville are drawing quite a bit of attention. It’s believed that the matter is currently being investigated

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Kearsney vs Maritzburg College

20 Jun, 2013 beet 147

Kearsney ‘s last rugby match of 2013 is a rescheduled home game against Maritzburg College at 14:45 this afternoon. It’s an opportunity for the One-Stripes to end a good season on a high note and simultaneously increase there winning streak over College to a record of three. The team will be without their well-known Du Preez twins Daniel and Jean-Luc

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Craven Week 2013: Border team & Academy team

19 Jun, 2013 beet 27

Border Schools team has been announced. A blend of the three region’s powerhouses Selborne (9), Queens (7) and Dale (4) dominates the Craven Week selections. The Cambridge hooker does well to make the starting line-up and there is a Stirling prop on the bench as well.…

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Reasons for the quality of school rugby refereeing

19 Jun, 2013 beet 82

Taken from a comment by Greenblooded in response to a comment question by Griffon Supporter.

Griffon Supporter:
Herewith I throw my spanner in the works…@Greenblooded…the calibre of refs we are exposed to in many schoolboy games is not acceptable at all, the refs do not have control over the games and they do not know how to handle a pressurised situation when it is forced upon them.…

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JWC 2013 semi: South Africa vs Wales

18 Jun, 2013 beet 82

Defending under-20 champions South Africa our out of the Junior World Championships after losing 18-17 to Wales in the first semi-final. With 2 minutes left on the clock, SA were leading 17-11. Wales then scored a clever try after looking like the less composed team in the closing stages. The architect was their flyhalf Sam Davies who then became even more of a hero when he slotted the difficult conversion to hand his team a 1-point lead which they held onto after a really stupid kickoff option by the Baby Boks, who needed to regain possession, had zero effect.…

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Match report: George Campbell 13 Glenwood 12

18 Jun, 2013 beet 174

Campbell team photo“All Campbell wants from you…………………………….is all you have!”

After these words from their coach, who would’ve dreamt how the drama would unfold in their final match of a 25 game season.…

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The Tedder Express

18 Jun, 2013 The Scout 68

MISSION: To find a schoolboy that excels at school level cricket and rugby. Answer: Tristan Tedder!!  Tristan Tedder is a Kearsney College pupil who enjoys playing sports. He is multi talented and is capable of playing any sport.

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Boland, EP, SWD & WP u16 & u18 in warm-up tournament

17 Jun, 2013 beet 62

UPDATED. RESULTS. The Southern Coast Rugby Tournament. Schoolboy rugby fans of the Eastern and Western Cape are in for an age-group inter-provincial tournament of note. The Craven Week, Academy Week, Grant Khomo Week and under-13 Craven Week teams of all four unions will square off a tournament in Riversdale, Western Cape over the long weekend being on Friday, 14 June 2013. …

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New feature on

17 Jun, 2013 beet 1

Another bonus for Western Cape SBR fans. Stoopstats now has a brand new active gallery menu option that will feature pics from games played in the Western Cape region. …