Paarl Gymnasium under-16 Tournament 2014

The Paarl Gymnasium under-16 tournament is regarded as the best under-16 festival in South Africa. It is an absolute must attend event for all rugby scouts and agents. The talent on display at the event has often been described as off the charts. This year the 3-day tournament takes place from Saturday, 29 March until Wednesday, 02 April 2014.


DAY 1 : Sat 16-Mar-2019
B1 u16 Diamantveld u16 HTS Middelburg u16A
B2 u16 Durbanville u16A Potch Gim u16
B3 u16 WP Development u16 Eldoraigne u16
B4 u16 Marlow u16A Nelspruit u16A
B5 u16 Duineveld u16 WP XV u16
B6 u16 Bellville u16 Heidelberg VS u16
A1 u16 Brandwag u16A Kempton Park u16A
A2 u16 Framesby u16A Waterkloof u16A
A3 u16 Stellenberg u16A Noordheuwel u16
A4 u16 Dale u16A EG Jansen u16A
A5 u16 Outeniqua u16A Garsfontein u16A
A6 u16 Boland Landbou u16A Centurion u16
A7 u16 Oakdale u16A Monument u16A
A8 u16 HJS Paarl BH u16A Menlopark u16A
A9 u16 Paul Roos u16A Affies u16A
A10 u16 Paarl Gim u16A Grey College u16A
DAY 2 : Mon 18-Mar-2019
B1 u16 Dale u16A Potch Gim u16
B2 u16 Monument u16A Stellenberg u16A
B3 u16 Outeniqua u16A Noordheuwel u16
B4 u16 Garsfontein u16A Framesby u16A
B5 u16 Oakdale u16A Heidelberg VS u16
B6 u16 Grey College u16A Kempton Park u16A
A1 u16 Duineveld u16 Eldoraigne u16
A2 u16 Diamantveld u16 EG Jansen u16A
A3 u16 WP Development u16 Centurion u16
A4 u16 Menlopark u16A Brandwag u16A
A5 u16 Bellville u16 Nelspruit u16A
A6 u16 Paul Roos u16A WP XV u16
A7 u16 Paarl Gim u16A HTS Middelburg u16A
A8 u16 Durbanville u16A Affies u16A
A9 u16 Boland Landbou u16A Marlow u16A
A10 u16 HJS Paarl BH u16A Waterkloof u16A
DAY 3 : Wed 20-Mar-2019
A1 u16 Heidelberg VS u16 Duineveld u16
A2 u16 Outeniqua u16A Grey College u16A
A3 u16 Bellville u16 Potch Gim u16
A4 u16 Paarl Gim u16A Waterkloof u16A
B1 u16 Boland Landbou u16A Monument u16A
B2 u16 Oakdale u16A Affies u16A
B3 u16 HJS Paarl BH u16A EG Jansen u16A
B4 u16 Paul Roos u16A Menlopark u16A
C1 u16 Diamantveld u16 Nelspruit u16A
C2 u16 Framesby u16A HTS Middelburg u16A
C3 u16 Dale u16A WP XV u16
C4 u16 WP Development u16 Kempton Park u16A
D1 u16 Brandwag u16A Centurion u16
D2 u16 Stellenberg u16A Eldoraigne u16
D3 u16 Marlow u16A Noordheuwel u16
D4 u16 Durbanville u16A Garsfontein u16A


DAY1 : Sat 00-Jan-1900
B7 u14 Oakdale u14A Rustenburg u14A
B8 u14 Paarl Gim u14A Grey College u14A
B9 u14 Bellville u14 Duineveld u14
B10 u14 Eldoraigne u14 Brandwag u14A
DAY 2 : Sat 00-Jan-1900
B7 u14 Bellville u14 Eldoraigne u14
B8 u14 Paarl Gim u14A Brandwag u14A
B9 u14 Grey College u14A Rustenburg u14A
B10 u14 Oakdale u14A Duineveld u14
DAY 3 : Sat 00-Jan-1900
E1 u14 Brandwag u14A Grey College u14A
E2 u14 Duineveld u14 Rustenburg u14A
E3 u14 Paarl Gim u14A Eldoraigne u14
E4 u14 Bellville u14 Oakdale u14A



  1. The Kwaggas have a very strong squad, but are battling with a few injuries to key players. Hope it will be sorted by the weekend. Looking forward to a great weekend

  2. @BOG: :lol: meant English medium schools, i.e. schools that teach in English (only). Not an issue though, just something I noticed. Looks like a tough list. Pity it’s on the same weekend as Tony Stoops…I would have made the trip to Paarl with the lightie.

    Yeah Selborne had quite a powerful under 15 group last year. Would have expected them to be in this mix

  3. @Playa: Up the proletariat ! There are several schools there with English, Afrikaans, Portuguese, Greek, Hebrew, Xhosa, Zulu, Sotho and a few other language speakers as learners, GCB being one of them.

  4. Interesting that they have determined the full fixture list up front. In the past they used to set the fixtures after each day on a strength vs strength basis culminating in the top performing sides playing each other on the final day.

  5. I notice that Selborne is not there. Last year, they were certainly one of the stronger U15 teams in the country. Sien die laaste wedstryd word in n lemoenboord beslis, of hoe?

  6. An outstanding tournament in a great setting. I sincerely hope MHS have a decent U16 side this year with fixtures against Gimmies and Paarl Boys.

  7. Michaelhouse representing the private schools there. Good to see. This festival is not for the faint hearted.

  8. I see Glenwood are not going again this year, does it clash with the tourno at Glenwood?

  9. The Wildeklawer of u16 rugby and the way things are going, it’s slowly but surely becoming the most important festival on the calendar from a recruiting for rugby after school point of view


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