A few parents & kids not appreciating their school’s tough love rugby approach

An open letter to a prominent rugby high school did the rounds recently. It was addressed to the headmaster, the head of sport and the 1st XV head coach.

I think to begin its important to note that a headmaster’s job in never an easy one and becomes infinitely more difficult in a year when the 1st XV is performing badly. The official in charge of rugby coaching has a tough job and it comes with quite a bit of flak when times are not good. The head coach has a seriously hard job in good times. In bad times it can just be an absolute mare!

I got this good quote the other day from a former school coach:

And, being outside of it now, it was quite easy to say that coaching is not an easy job. It’s not just about packing cones and chasing the players around. It contains so many aspects which, when you add modern day learners to the mix, creates a lot of challenges. Not every coach gets it right but they are also human and also feel the disappointed when desired results aren’t attained. BUT there are unfortunately a few individuals that don’t have the abilities to coach or manage at school boy levels. Their abilities and demeanour are better suited to dealing with adults.

So there is a lot of old boy and parent complaints around during the adverse periods. That said some of the the issues raised in the letter are hectic.

  1. Following loses, players have noted a total lack of feedback from the coaching staff immediate after these matches, prompting concerns about the suitability of the coaching style and the players’ ability to adapt.
  2. Numerous reports have surfaced of players wanting to leave the team, citing poor treatment, particularly during post-match discussions following losses.
  3. A senior staff member, known for his passionate demeanor, has been criticised for shouting and occasionally swearing from the sidelines, often placing blame on the players. His behaviour reflects poorly on the school.
  4. Earlier in the year, players were informed they had to return their kit at the end of the season, with only those deemed deserving allowed to keep theirs, creating discontent among the team.

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    #5 Smallies

    As jy offended voel omdat die coach jou skel of omdat jy nie jou kit gaan kry nie of omdat jy gedrop is ….dan gaan jy maar swaar trek na skool ….ou seun life’s a bitch get used to it….soos my pa altyd gese het ,jy is maar gewoonlik die maker van jou eie kak.

    16 June, 2024 at 08:41
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    #4 Kantman

    @Farmer (Comment #2)
    I agree. Unfortunately a lot of coaches would not be able to apply that rule consistently because they are incapable of applying it to stars and stand-ins equally.

    15 June, 2024 at 22:12
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    #3 RuggaFreak

    Anyone keen on name dropping ? Share the tea.

    13 June, 2024 at 19:09
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    #2 Farmer


    Schools should have a policy that if parent have contact to coaches about team selection the kid to miss the next match if not happy move kid to other school
    13 June, 2024 at 17:46
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    #1 Jakkals

    Please name them Beet!!!! :-D

    13 June, 2024 at 17:02

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