Grant Khomo shopping week going rate

Offers Made to talented rugby boys at the annual Grant Khomo under-16 rugby week

Comprehensive Support Provided by Schools wishing to acquire their services include:

  • School Fees
    • Full coverage of tuition fees for the duration of the student’s enrollment.
  • Boarding Fees
    • Complete payment for boarding, ensuring the player has a place to stay during school terms.
  • Uniforms
    • Provision of school uniforms, sports gear, and any additional clothing required for school activities.
  • Stationery
    • Supply of all necessary stationery items, including notebooks, pens, and other classroom essentials.
  • Textbooks
    • Coverage of the cost of all required textbooks and educational materials.
  • Tours
    • Financial support for participation in domestic tours such as Easter Rugby Festivals, including travel, accommodation and meal expenses if necessary.
  • Travel – Flights
    • Payment for flights and other travel expenses for going home for the holidays.
  • Medical Aid
    • Provision of comprehensive medical insurance to cover any injuries sustained during training or matches.

Additional Benefits Some Schools Provide

  • Travel and Accommodation for Parents
    • Schools may cover travel and accommodation expenses for parents to attend certain fixtures, allowing families to support their children in person.
  • Pocket Money for Players
    • Offering pocket money to ensure players have some financial independence for personal expenses.
  • Parents’ Monthly Fees/Top-Ups
    • Some schools offer monthly financial assistance to parents, though this practice is becoming less common.

Post-School Opportunities

  • School Recruiters and Agency Collaborations
    • Recruiters working with agencies promise to help players secure professional contracts or further opportunities in rugby after completing school.

Concerns with Dubious Recruiters

  • False or Corrupt Promises
    • Some recruiters make false or corrupt promises regarding selection for future youth weeks and other prestigious rugby opportunities, misleading young players and their families.


These comprehensive offers made by schools aim to attract and support talented rugby boys, ensuring they have the resources and opportunities to excel both academically and athletically. This level of support not only nurtures their talent but also eases the financial burden on their families, making it an attractive option for young athletes with promising potential. However, it’s crucial to be wary of dubious recruiters who may make false promises, as their actions can undermine the integrity of the support system and mislead hopeful young players. Additionally, the practice of recruiting boys who were developed at other high schools is often frowned upon, as the primary goal of these acquisitions is to enhance the acquiring school’s rugby performance rather than to genuinely support the players’ overall development or educational needs. The practice also leaves the original high school that invested in developing the talented player weakened, with nothing to show for their efforts or any form of compensation for their time and resources investment. Nonetheless, when executed with integrity, this practice can create a symbiotic relationship where the player receives enhanced opportunities and exposure, while the new school benefits from the player’s talent and contributions to their rugby program.


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    #3 Kantman

    @Farmer (Comment #2)
    They are not going for those kids (in most cases). The majority of kids they target are the ones developed by great and unrecognised coaches at smaller rural schools in the Boland, Eastern Cape and Free State.

    15 June, 2024 at 21:41
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    #2 Farmer


    Many of these 0/16 boys are already on bursurys the scouts are big at 0/13 cravenweek already
    14 June, 2024 at 07:52
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    #1 kantako


    Wow, this is amazing. Such a big opportunity to change lives. I hope the boys grab it with both arms and feet and make the most of the opportunity they receive.
    13 June, 2024 at 10:25

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