Wesgrow Sentrale Skole Sportsreeks 2024

The 2024 edition of the Wesgrow Sentrale Skole Sportreeks is ready to get going with an interesting match that pits Diamantveld of Kimberley against Voortrekker of Bethlehem on what’s expected to be a blazing hot day in the Diamond City.

The Trekkers’ season did not get off to the start they had hoped for as they had to come from behind to earn a 17-all draw against a resilient HTS Louis Botha of Bloemfontein at the President Steyn Sportdag. HTS’s conversion rate of possession to visits to the 22 to tries was excellent. Their rugby had been on the decline for a while now but this passionate display and the result they got out of it was like winding the clock back a decade to a time when they were one of the best 1st XV’s in the entire Free State.

Voortrekker approached the match as a trial and started with a handful of second choice players. Once they brought on replacements in the second half, the potential of the team and ability to penetrate was clearly evident. However that said there is a ton of work ahead this week to improve cohesion and line-out work.

The Diamantveld offseason has been dominated by conversions surrounding the arrival of two top coaches from Boland Landbou and with it suspected greater emphasis on rugby development in their system.

New Diamonds head coach Vlos Molnar helped BL record their best season in a decade in the most competitive local league in the country and had this to say about his new school 1st XV and big game ahead:

It’s an exciting week for us, kicking off the start of the season!
We worked very hard in pre-season. The boys put in a huge effort to buy into our team culture and better themselves for this upcoming season!
The first game of a season is always exciting and we are looking forward to it, especially at home in front of our home spectators. We would like to put up a great show for them!


Sat.02Mar GRQ Diamantveld vs Voortrekker (Beth) GRF
Sat.09Mar GRF Goudveld vs Fichardtpark FS
Sat.09Mar FS Jim Fouche vs Witteberg GRF
Sat.09Mar GRF Trio vs Sentraal FS
Sat.16Mar GRF Goudveld vs Jim Fouche FS
Sat.16Mar GRF Witteberg vs Sentraal FS
Sat.16Mar GRF Trio vs Diamantveld GRQ
Sat.16Mar GRF Voortrekker (Beth) vs Fichardtpark FS
Sat.06Apr FS Fichardtpark vs Jim Fouche FS
Sat.06Apr GRF Trio vs Voortrekker (Beth) GRF
Sat.13Apr FS Sentraal vs Diamantveld GRQ
Sat.20Apr FS Fichardtpark vs Sentraal FS
Sat.20Apr GRF Witteberg vs Trio GRF
Sat.27Apr GRQ Diamantveld vs Fichardtpark FS
Sat.27Apr GRF Goudveld vs Trio GRF
Sat.11May FS Sentraal vs Jim Fouche FS
Sat.11May GRF Witteberg vs Goudveld GRF
Sat.18May GRF Voortrekker (Beth) vs Witteberg GRF
Sat.18May FS Jim Fouche vs Diamantveld GRQ
Sat.13Jul GRQ Diamantveld vs Goudveld GRF
Sat.13Jul FS Fichardtpark vs Witteberg GRF
Sat.13Jul FS Jim Fouche vs Trio GRF
Sat.13Jul FS Sentraal vs Voortrekker (Beth) GRF
Sat.20Jul GRF Voortrekker (Beth) vs Jim Fouche FS
Sat.20Jul FS Sentraal vs Goudveld GRF
Sat.20Jul GRF Witteberg vs Diamantveld GRQ
Sat.20Jul FS Fichardtpark vs Trio GRF

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    #1 beet

    Good day for Diamantveld. They won an exciting match 15-6.
    Trekkers were so much better than last weekend. They just couldn’t get their dangerous players into the best try scoring positions.
    For the Diamonds Simon Liversage (SA Colts cricketer) and Kyle Taute looked like good players. The young lock also value for money as a lineout jumper

    2 March, 2024 at 16:01

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