ELV – newest comments at the top

Tell me what you think! As an experimental law variation the newest comments now appear first


  1. i like it.just two things for me;
    a. get the comments portal up to the top so we dont have to scroll down to comment.
    b. if bloggers could religiously aplly the @ thing when responding to someone as that would make following a conversation so much easier

  2. ek het pre covid laas gepost.

    Lees nog al die tyd almal se kommentaar. Het baie manne sien kom en gaan sedert ongeveer 2010…….
    voel soos n jong skool juffrou voor haar eerste krit klas.

  3. It makes things alot easier than having to scroll down and checking the last comment i read . New Format

  4. I don’t really mind either way, but would help is when one replies to a comment, that comment being replied to should show in a window with the reply bellow so its easier to follow the conversation trail. This system is used on the 4×4 Community page/blog and works really well.
    To get to the latest comment I click on the most recent comment under the relevant thread on the right hand side.

  5. @Smallies: In principal I agree with your suggestion regarding possible numbering.

    I read the posts on the 11 June results and found it frustrating to go back all the time to find the previous post that the last post relates to. I thought that a perfect system would be where the posts are numbered and the chronological order is retained.

    I read the posts every day or two and would it be easy to remember that I was about more or less at post 150 the last time I visited the blog. I could then simply scroll down there.

    Sometimes there are up to 400 posts in a single thread and a blogger would respond to a remark that was posted 30 or 40 posts earlier – which makes it a struggle to find the same using the new experimental system. Previously, if I followed the thread, I would normally immediately have agood idea what the context is when I peruse the latest posts.

    However, I am no IT Expert so I do not know whether it is possible to number the posts on a practical level.

    Lastly, I have been following SBR Blog for a decade and in that time I have never experienced anything that makes it compelling to tamper with a recipe that seems to work fine (perhaps except to bring in numbering of the posts).

    Thus this is my two cents: Retain the old system!

  6. Beet, if you are going to keep the new format, please also move the comment and log in/out to the top.

  7. So I’ve been thinking about this new format….If the latest comments are at the top the comments box need to move to the top also….It’s no use having the latest comment’s up top and then having to scroll all the way down to comment in any case ….also perhaps keep the comments at the bottom but arrange the comments in blocks of 50 ,that way you only have to scroll through 50 at a time
    For instance you’ll have Block 1,2,3,4 and then vissible cmments 200 to 250

  8. I don’t like it. I also like to follow in a chronological order. You “halfread” all the comments in the way down anyway to find the last one that you read properly….

  9. :wink: New format is a win for me. Some posts have over 200 comments. Coming back to check for new comments involves mass scrolling. New format gets my vote.

  10. 6 van die een …..half dosyn van die ander…..moet in elk geval af “scroll” om die storielyn te volg

  11. @Herakles: I was one of the first to say “yes” for the new format, but I have to agree with you, your point is 100% valid and would I for one would like to chance my mind and say go back to old format.

  12. I like the current chronological format. It reads like a story book.

    If you change the order, you will read the response before you know what elicited it and what the context is.


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