Marlow take on Framesby after 70mm rain

Cold wet weather in Cradock will be the order of the day for Marlow and Framesby, two Eastern Cape schools who have exceeded all expectations by producing the form and results to go with it. The town 250km from Gqeberha experienced 70mm of rain, so its wet and muddy but the fields have held up well.

It is always interesting how a season unfolds. At the Kearsney Easter Rugby festival, the two schools were originally set to meet before that fixture list was changed. It didn’t seem like too much of a big deal at the time, but as mentioned the way the two schools played at Kearsney andd their subsequent form has turned them into noteworthy opponents.

The adverse weather in KZN before and during Easter, caused floods and made playing conditions extremely difficult, so both outfits now pack to a good deal of experience on how to cope in this extremity. Perhaps with the exception being that while it was cold on Botha’s Hill, it is just 10 degrees Celsius in Craddock.

Marlow won 22-3
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  1. @BoishaaiPa ek het ook β€˜n sagte plek vir Marlow. Dit is my Ooskaap No1 skool wat ek ondersteun.

  2. @BoishaaiPa: @BoishaaiPa: In Gim is daar ook ‘n groot tradisie met byname wat bly kleef, broers en susters se name hou ook verband met mekaar. So was daar in my jare ‘n broer en suster wat onderskeidelik Soep en Liep gedoop was :roll:

  3. @BoishaaiPa: Tjoppie en Sosatie is my suster se kinders. Sosatie was die kaptein van die span wat die Burger Trofee gewen het. Kan nie onthou teen wie hulle gespeel het nie…


  4. This is a surprize result to say the least after Marlow lost to Brandwag earlier this season. The Framesby vs Brandwag game will be interesting

  5. @Smallies: 2 van my swaers en al drie van my ander swaer se seuns was in Marlow. Die een wie se 3 seuns is Marlow was was self in Brandwag maar was jare lank Marlow se Plaasbestuurder gewees…so ek het deur fsmielie bande ook n sagte plek vir hulle ..en ja..daai byname bly vir altyd by hulle!

  6. @beet: Yes, you are right.
    But that is the way data works. You have to track it over a long period. One data point, eg one Saturday, says nothing.
    If eg Paarl Gim and Grey is evenly matched, you will have to bet on the home team. That is what data will show you over a long period.

  7. It must be that Kouga influence…

    Two of the backline actually played for EP /13 and both players have developed well.


  8. @Djou: Look I also don’t advocate that people take rankings too seriously but they do provide an indication of form/performance. Framesby have done well this season. It does not mean they will continue to do well or that they were able to bring it today. Marlow were prepared and outplayed them in the facets that mattered, even by accounts from their camp, left points on the board.

    If you were talking about the Top 14 or the Heineken sponsored EPCR, I would tend to agree that away wins for evenly matched teams are hard to come by but at school level perhaps more data is needed to convince me. :lol:

    Today Wynberg won at Bishops, Boishaai at Paul Roos, Grey at Affies, I even watched Jansies win a close one at Nories.

  9. @beet: I hear you, but by now you should know rankings are for fun and by no means a reflection of the order of strength. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
    And as I noted previously, it becomes harder and harder for teams of relative equal strength to win away games, compared to a decade ago.

  10. @Djou: Honestly I thought Framesby would sneak it. I new Marlow would not do them any favours in Cradock and the weather suited Marlow’s play better but as the Ranking the Rankers shows, everyone rates Framesby this year. No koshuis but they are achievers.

  11. Marlow really turned it on today. In the crazy season of surprises, beating Framesby by a margin of 22-3 adds to the list unexpecteds.

    Word is that Marlow were trojans on defence and that their setpiece play esp their lineout work was top quality.

  12. Daai Marlow byname word gegee die dag wat jy daar aan kom ,en jy dra hom tot jou dood…..op my pa se begrafnis het die ooms nie sy naam geken nie maar almal het geweet wie Spantou wasπŸ˜„πŸ˜„


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