Border Schools Rugby Day 2020

Gonubie 00 24 Mzomhle
Chief Boklein 29 14 Alphandale
Queen’s 33 00 Stirling
Grens 31 07 Toise
Cambridge 29 07 De Vos Malan
Dale 24 19 Port Rex
Selborne 17 15 Hudson Park

1 Lihle Kula 1 Bubele Madiba
2 Jordan Mcloughlin 2 Sambe Galada
3 Daniel Dalbock 3 Sivu Mabece
4 Josh Olivier 4 Dillan Kromhout
5 Tylor Glover 5 Keegan Poonasamy
6 Josh van Vreden 6 Esam Zamubuntu
7 Corbyn Harrison 7 Lwanga Bongco
8 Guy Bishop 8 Morne Fouche
9 Reece Richter 9 Marcello Flemmer
10 Warrick Day 10 Bayanda Figlan
11 Lutho Somlota 11 Bulumko Mfundisi
12 Ayabulela Magadla 12 Josh Jonas
13 Nkoka Ngobe 13 Inga Giqo
14 Lukhanyo Mngqibisa 14 Sim Ntleki
15 Daniel de Beyer 15 Blake Diedericks
16 Oyama Mtumane 16 Jarred Hansen
17 Wesley Onions 17 Oscar Myataza
18 Jaco Jacobs 18 AN Other
19 Matt Coetzer 19 Ethan Jacobs
20 Theuns Janse van Rensburg 20 Mlibo Njova
21 Adam du Plessis 21 Zuzu Dom
22 Bryce Schroeder 22 Sophumelela Bana
23 Jayden Mattheys 23 Lathitha Ngxokela
1 1 Usiphile Mayekiso
2 2 Liyema Mgwigwi
3 3 Curt Vermaak
4 4 Taine Duncan
5 5 Eli van Schoor
6 6 Junior Damane
7 7 Liyema Lisa
8 8 Terance Heidtmann
9 9 Aviwe Kanuka
10 10 Sihlalo Benge
11 11 Tiamo Mjali
12 12 Ave Mfengu
13 13 Asemahle Mafenyana
14 14 Ryan Maree
15 15 Aluve Stemela
16 16 Zanokuhle Bomela
17 17 Lihle Ntantiso
18 18 Qhawe Yawa
19 19 Emmanuel Fako
20 20 Mnombo Zozo (TR)
21 21 Zukhanye Dubelekwele
22 22 Farouk Ally
23 23 Kagiso Ally


  1. @Palma: Same here, very excited. My friends and I will be attending the Rugby Day, as we always have since 2014.

    Cambridge looks “average” at the moment. It’s a pity we are not playing Muir or Pearson. I guess for me, their results at the Union Festival will give us an idea of the season ahead for the men in black and green.

  2. @Knight_CHS07: I am very excited for Graeme rugby day now. It will be fascinating to watch how the three colleges plus Hudson perform after last weekend. Cambridge should win easily.

  3. @Rainier: They should have, yes. It was like watching a test match, but rugby is a game of two halves unfortunately. Credit to both teams for making it a classic.

    Let’s see how both teams perform at the Graeme Rugby day.

  4. @Knight_CHS07: Hudson Park should have sealed the victory in the first half where they, on numerous occasions, created scoring chances but butchered them with poor decision making.

    It should never have been close.

  5. @Palma: I for one don’t think they were lucky. Yes, they were dominated, but their will to win was far greater than their fear of losing. I am also taking into consideration the amount of 1st XV experience in the Hudson squad in comparison to Selborne. The boys in black were determined to win and they did. That’s just my opinion though. Having said that, Hudson Park did very well. I also think they celebrated to early hence the high tackle at the end.

    @Playa: Remember the Selborne vs Grey PE 1st XV game in 2018? If you watch that game and then watch the game from Saturday against Hudson Park you’ll see the determination I am referring to. Grey PE thought they had the game in the bag, after dominating the game for so long, only to lose it in the end.

  6. @Palma: Port Rex really showed up. Just as Dale was running away with they game, they just turned it up. They really impressed me,especially after having gone through a dark time in recent years.

    Hudson will be ones to watch. Selborne got lucky. I’m sure the likes of Dale and QC will be hoping for the same luck against them later this season.

  7. yes thought Selborne were very lucky to win. Hudson Park scrummaging was amazing

  8. Selborne 17-15 Hudson. Hudson were brilliant today and Selborne were very lucky to win. Dale being pushed all the way by Port Rex 24-19

  9. If possible, please post team lists as and when you good people receive them….

  10. @Palma: Yeah Hudson Park will be packing quite a bit of experience this season. They are definitely one of the teams I’m looking forward to watching.

    @Sakkie: I think the Selborne vs Hudson Park match will be a really good one.

  11. Hudson should be better than they were last year. Dale might put a cricket score on Port Rex. Not sure how Stirling are this year but Queens should win comfortably.


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