School Rugby fixtures & results โ€“ week ending 23 March 2019

Mon.18Mar Waterkloof 2nds 15 16 Durbanville 2nds Noord-Suid
Mon.18Mar EG Jansen 2nds 14 24 Stellenberg 2nds Noord-Suid
Mon.18Mar Helpmekaar 2nds 26 21 Boland Landbou 2nds Noord-Suid
Mon.18Mar Menlopark 2nds 10 40 Paarl Gim 2nds Noord-Suid
Mon.18Mar Monument 2nds 17 25 HJS Paarl BH 2nds Noord-Suid
Mon.18Mar Affies 2nds 55 15 Outeniqua 2nds Noord-Suid
Mon.18Mar Garsfontein 2nds 16 15 Grey Cherries Noord-Suid
Mon.18Mar Strand 17 47 Marais Viljoen North-South Fest
Mon.18Mar Daniel Pienaar 65 05 Transvalia North-South Fest
Mon.18Mar Nico Malan 10 37 Middelburg North-South Fest
Mon.18Mar Drostdy 26 12 Ben Vorster North-South Fest
Mon.18Mar Montagu 21 13 Landboudal Oakdale Festival On DigiTV
Mon.18Mar Brandwag 12 13 Diamantveld Oakdale Festival
Mon.18Mar Oakdale 00 10 San Isidro (Arg) Oakdale Festival
Mon.18Mar Ellisras 03 13 Robertson Oakdale Festival
Mon.18Mar Langenhoven Gim 22 39 Despatch Oakdale Festival
Mon.18Mar Hermanus 26 34 Potch Gim Oakdale Festival
Mon.18Mar Dinamika 03 33 Lichtenburg Oakdale Festival
Mon.18Mar Kempton Park 15 22 Duineveld Oakdale Festival
Mon.18Mar Agri XV 22 37 San Isidro B (Arg) Oakdale Festival
Mon.18Mar Brackenfell 08 26 Oosterlig Oakdale Festival
Mon.18Mar Overberg 21 21 Grens Oakdale Festival
Mon.18Mar Augsburg 00 33 Rockingham (Aus) Oakdale Festival
Mon.18Mar Hugenote 17 17 Zwartkop Oakdale Festival
Mon.18Mar Bellville 31 12 Alberton Oakdale Festival
Mon.18Mar Upington 12 40 Jeugland Oakdale Festival
Mon.18Mar HTS Middelburg 35 07 Voortrekker Oakdale Festival
Mon.18Mar Vredendal 24 05 Bredasdorp Oakdale Festival
Mon.18Mar Paarl Gim u16 Festival X X DAY 2 Streaming Paarl Gim u16 Fest
Mon.18Mar Bellville South 05 03 Victoria Park TSRF
Mon.18Mar Jan van Riebeeck 13 22 WP LSEN TSRF
Mon.18Mar Klein Nederburg 12 15 Ashton TSRF
Mon.18Mar Bridgton 07 17 Swartland TSRF
Mon.18Mar Weston 10 15 Porterville TSRF
Mon.18Mar Schoonspruit 25 20 Worcester Gim TSRF
Mon.18Mar Bosmansdam 07 31 Knysna TSRF
Mon.18Mar Melkbosstrand 07 38 Vanrhynsdorp TSRF
Mon.18Mar New Orleans 59 05 Alexander Road TSRF
Mon.18Mar Otto du Plessis 10 17 Cederberg Academy TSRF
Mon.18Mar Piketberg 22 12 Monument Park TSRF
Mon.18Mar Groenberg 08 13 Vredenburg TSRF
Mon.18Mar DF Malan X X Paarl Gym E TSRF
Mon.18Mar Dirkie Uys 08 05 Bergvliet TSRF
Mon.18Mar HTS Bellville 55 00 Paulus Joubert TSRF
Mon.18Mar Lutzville 20 28 President TSRF
Mon.18Mar De Kuilen 22 24 Langenhoven HS TSRF
Mon.18Mar JG Meiring 18 20 Namakwaland TSRF
Mon.18Mar Cambridge 20 19 Ithembelihle Union Festival
Mon.18Mar Rustenburg Ermelo USN R/W
Mon.18Mar Fichardtpark Hans Moore
Tue.19Mar Sutherland 33 24 Eye of the Tiger Glenwood Fest
Tue.19Mar Centurion Louis Botha Glenwood Fest
Tue.19Mar Merensky 07 31 Pionier Glenwood Fest
Tue.19Mar Wesvalia 34 31 Grey College 3rd XV Glenwood Fest
Tue.19Mar Piet Potgieter 05 20 Goudveld Glenwood Fest
Tue.19Mar Montana 10 31 Westville Glenwood Fest
Tue.19Mar KZN Development 00 34 Ben Viljoen Glenwood Fest
Tue.19Mar Waterkloof 63 15 Durbanville Noord-Suid
Tue.19Mar EG Jansen 32 45 Stellenberg Noord-Suid
Tue.19Mar Helpmekaar 64 17 Boland Landbou Noord-Suid
Tue.19Mar Menlopark 23 38 Paarl Gim Noord-Suid
Tue.19Mar Monument 31 35 HJS Paarl BH Noord-Suid
Tue.19Mar Affies 27 20 Outeniqua Noord-Suid
Tue.19Mar Garsfontein 30 53 Grey College Noord-Suid
Wed.20Mar Drostdy 45 19 Marais Viljoen North-South Fest
Wed.20Mar Strand 00 57 Ben Vorster North-South Fest
Wed.20Mar Daniel Pienaar 29 34 Middelburg North-South Fest
Wed.20Mar Nico Malan 24 00 Transvalia North-South Fest
Wed.20Mar Montagu 12 31 Rockingham (Aus) Oakdale Festival On DigiTV
Wed.20Mar Brandwag 29 27 HTS Middelburg Oakdale Festival
Wed.20Mar Potch Gim 31 24 Despatch Oakdale Festival
Wed.20Mar Duineveld 22 19 Lichtenburg Oakdale Festival
Wed.20Mar Oakdale 29 17 Diamantveld Oakdale Festival
Wed.20Mar Ellisras 19 12 Landboudal Oakdale Festival
Wed.20Mar Upington 17 34 Grens Oakdale Festival
Wed.20Mar Voortrekker (Beth) 40 22 Zwartkop Oakdale Festival
Wed.20Mar Langenhoven Gim 36 12 Dinamika Oakdale Festival
Wed.20Mar Hugenote 18 17 Kempton Park Oakdale Festival
Wed.20Mar Agri XV 22 05 Robertson Oakdale Festival
Wed.20Mar Hermanus 12 21 Jeugland Oakdale Festival
Wed.20Mar Augsburg 21 22 Bredasdorp Oakdale Festival
Wed.20Mar Alberton 26 07 Brackenfell Oakdale Festival
Wed.20Mar Bellville 61 00 Oosterlig Oakdale Festival
Wed.20Mar Vredendal 28 05 Overberg Oakdale Festival
Wed.20Mar Paarl Gim u16 Festival X X DAY 3 Streaming Paarl Gim u16 Fest
Wed.20Mar Sentraal 07 24 Pietersburg SCST
Wed.20Mar Langenhoven HS 19 20 Weston TSRF
Wed.20Mar Cederberg Academy 33 31 De Kuilen TSRF
Wed.20Mar Monument Park 14 24 Swartland TSRF
Wed.20Mar Worcester Gim 20 20 HTS Bellville TSRF
Wed.20Mar Schoonspruit 22 10 DF Malan TSRF
Wed.20Mar Alexander Road 43 00 Knysna TSRF
Wed.20Mar Vredenburg 30 26 Ashton TSRF
Wed.20Mar New Orleans 33 03 WP LSEN TSRF
Wed.20Mar Lutzville 14 12 Bergvliet TSRF
Wed.20Mar Melkbosstrand 00 59 Bellville South TSRF
Wed.20Mar Groenberg 17 24 Piketberg TSRF
Wed.20Mar Namaqualand 21 08 Jan van Riebeeck TSRF
Wed.20Mar JG Meiring 12 08 Vanrhynsdorp TSRF
Wed.20Mar Klein Nederburg 18 17 Porterville TSRF
Wed.20Mar President 45 24 Victoria Park TSRF
Wed.20Mar Dirkie Uys 32 11 Paulus Joubert TSRF
Wed.20Mar Jim Fouche Rustenburg USN R/W
Wed.20Mar Ermelo Pretoria Noord USN R/W
Wed.20Mar Galwegians 07 48 Bishops Ireland Tour
Thu.21Mar KZN Development 05 59 Grey College 3rd XV Glenwood Fest
Thu.21Mar Wesvalia 21 38 Westville Glenwood Fest
Thu.21Mar Sutherland 19 45 Ben Viljoen Glenwood Fest
Thu.21Mar Montana 31 05 Louis Botha Glenwood Fest
Thu.21Mar Piet Potgieter 22 34 Eye of the Tiger Glenwood Fest
Thu.21Mar Goudveld 12 15 Pionier Glenwood Fest
Thu.21Mar Centurion 37 07 Merensky Glenwood Fest
Thu.21Mar Hudson Park 24 14 St Benedict’s Grey PE Festival
Thu.21Mar St Alban’s 10 07 Graeme Grey PE Festival
Thu.21Mar DHS 10 54 Framesby Grey PE Festival
Thu.21Mar St Andrew’s 31 00 St John’s Grey PE Festival
Thu.21Mar Queen’s 46 24 St Stithians Grey PE Festival
Thu.21Mar Selborne 15 19 Jeppe Grey PE Festival
Thu.21Mar Grey HS 43 12 Northwood Grey PE Festival
Thu.21Mar Woodridge 07 24 St David’s Grey PE Festival
Thu.21Mar Stirling 05 24 Marlow Grey PE Festival
Thu.21Mar Dale 33 03 Muir Grey PE Festival
Thu.21Mar Grey Unicorns 24 22 Ithembelihle Grey PE Festival
Thu.21Mar Kingswood 52 12 Parktown Grey PE Festival
Thu.21Mar Parel Vallei 43 12 Milnerton Wynberg Festival
Thu.21Mar Tygerberg 19 17 Soweto XV Wynberg Festival
Thu.21Mar Rondebosch 26 34 San Isidro (Arg) Wynberg Festival
Thu.21Mar WP LENS 53 10 Pearson Wynberg Festival
Thu.21Mar Glenwood 48 36 KES Wynberg Festival
Fri.22Mar Sentraal TBA SCST
Sat.23Mar Centurion KZN Development Glenwood Fest
Sat.23Mar Piet Potgieter 12 19 Westville Glenwood Fest
Sat.23Mar Goudveld 50 14 Ben Viljoen Glenwood Fest
Sat.23Mar Wesvalia 40 31 Pionier Glenwood Fest
Sat.23Mar Sutherland Louis Botha Glenwood Fest
Sat.23Mar Merensky Eye of the Tiger Glenwood Fest
Sat.23Mar Montana Grey College 3rd XV Glenwood Fest
Sat.23Mar Queen’s 27 10 St David’s Grey PE Festival
Sat.23Mar Stirling 12 80 St Stithians Grey PE Festival
Sat.23Mar Parktown 05 43 Dale Grey PE Festival
Sat.23Mar Kingswood 35 08 St John’s Grey PE Festival
Sat.23Mar Jeppe 12 13 St Andrew’s Grey PE Festival
Sat.23Mar Selborne 29 26 Northwood Grey PE Festival
Sat.23Mar Grey HS 33 14 DHS Grey PE Festival
Sat.23Mar St Alban’s 22 00 Muir Grey PE Festival
Sat.23Mar Brandwag 22 19 St Benedict’s Grey PE Festival
Sat.23Mar Graeme 10 34 Marlow Grey PE Festival
Sat.23Mar Grey Unicorns 36 00 Andrew Rabie Grey PE Festival
Sat.23Mar Hudson Park 10 61 Framesby Grey PE Festival
Sat.23Mar Woodridge 12 26 Ithembelihle Grey PE Festival
Sat.23Mar Pearson 20 19 Soweto XV Wynberg Festival
Sat.23Mar Parel Vallei 103 00 Langa XV Wynberg Festival
Sat.23Mar Tygerberg 12 66 Rondebosch Wynberg Festival
Sat.23Mar Glenwood 33 31 San Isidro (Arg) Wynberg Festival
Sat.23Mar Wynberg 18 27 KES Wynberg Festival
Sat.23Mar Kearsney 36 07 St Charles
Sat.23Mar Hilton 20 10 Michaelhouse
Sat.23Mar Noord-Kaap 34 24 Maritzburg College
Sat.23Mar St Munchin’s 07 68 Bishops Ireland Tour


  1. Westville 1st XV had a decent 31-10 victory over Montana at the Glenwood festival yesterday afternoon. Plenty of work still to be done. Handling was pretty poor and some of the options taken on attack also leaves you shaking your head at times, but hopefully this will improve over the next two games before the regular season starts in the new term.

  2. Glad to hear the days games took place. Unlike Glenwood to not post scores. Thought maybe there was no play.

  3. Daniel Pienaar 65 Transvalia 5. What happened here? Daniel Pienaar must have a powerful team. Other two teams that has some good results this year so far is Marais Viljoen and surprisingly Jeugland from Kempton park. Are they on a comeback trial? They should be good competion for Kempton park this year. Wonder if the neighbours from Kempton park plays each other this year.

  4. I watched the live stream of the Rondebosch game against San Isidro, the touring team from Argentina, at the Wynberg Festival.

    Difficult to take much away from the 26-34 loss, as have no idea to the strength of the touring team. They look quite decent, and also given they beat Oakdale 10-0, seems they’re no slouches. But always difficult to gauge against touring teams, and also it’s early season, etc.

    Am sure we’ll make more sense as the festivals draw to a close. Just so glad that schoolboy rugby season has started, and that we are getting more platforms etc to be able to watch the games. Long may it continue!

  5. Whilst the 1st XV line gets thinner and thinner… Can we reflect on Garsies 2nds beating the Cherries. Long known as “the second best rugby team in SA”. Begs a very relevant question.

  6. @Tierkopkraal: @jakes: Transvalia left their top 23 players at home, thus is mostly their 3rd team that was at Noord Suid
    That’s why they lost to Drostdy 106-3 as well.

  7. @jakes: Marais Viljoen lost 3 out of 6 so far this year, …against Heidelber Volkies, Drostdy and Daniel Pienaar..

    They won Lichtenburg by 1, and beat a weak Potch Volkies and Strand, so I dont think they started that well

    Jeugland started well.
    So we will see what transpire.

  8. @Vyfster: okay dankie vir die terugvoering Het nie al Marais Viljoen se tellings gesien nie. Dit wat ek gesien het, het goed gelyk. Ek sal bietjie Jeugland se tellings dophou. Een van die die sterkste Rugby/atletiek skole laat 90’s vroeg 2000’s in die Ou Transvaal. Maar het baie agter geraak teen hul bure Kempton laaste ruk.

  9. @jakes: Hoop nie jou seun is verlore vir SA Rugby nie. Dit lyk of hy hom in ‘n kort tyd onmisbaar gemaak het.

  10. So hoe kom mens van nerens na erens? Met my dogter nou in std 6 of graad 8 sien ek dat ek maar hokkie sal MOET kyk…want op die rugbveld gaan daar niks aan nie…

  11. @Playa: Think the saying goes “Second best team in the Freestate”…They have never claimed to my knowledge to be 2nd best in SA..although some individuals might have had a secret belief :mrgreen: ..The last win for the Cherries against Boishaai seccies was in 2013. Last 10 years Boishaai have won 7 with 3 to the Cherries.

  12. @BoishaaiPa: To be fair, they never claimed it. It was a perception held by us bystanders. In the 90s it certainly was the case. That record by Boishaai is outstanding.

    To show off a little bit… Queen’s have the best record vs Grey College with a 45% win ratio (I believe they have played them more than any other school), and Dale the best against Boishaai with 6 wins out of 9 games I think. Of course things are different now :mrgreen:

  13. @Playa: Yea, I believe Queens have a closer to 50% record, but have to check. I have the stats somewhere. Yes, it is a pity these teams don’t get to play each other more often, but such is the nature of the beast of SBR in SA. You cant play everyone every season and the festivals are so many that they are spoiled for choice. Having grown up in the EC and Border regions, I would have liked more regular competition between EC/Border and Winelands schools. Boishaai did have a regular interschools with Selborne but it was stopped after 2007 because of the travel difficulty without regular trains available. PR still has its derby with Grey PE, but that is about the only big Winelands/EC clash regularly on the cards. The Southerns Subs teams have regular clashes with the EC schools but that is also mostly at festivals..I can now only recall a regular derby between St Andrews vs Bishops and Wynberg vs Grey PE…Dont think SACS and RBosch has EC derbies..or did I miss some?

  14. @Playa: Boishaai Seccies/Gim Seccies has taken over that mantle

    HJS seccies have beaten Cheries for the last 4 years

  15. @BoishaaiPa: Yeah, it’s only at Cape Schools Week that the Winelands sides have met the Border teams. You have the current WC-EC derbies spot on. SACS and Rondebosch don’t have EC derbies.
    One only hopes that the Cape Schools Week powers that be find a workable way to have this festival attractive to the Western Cape schools. It would be great to have full strength HJS and Gim sides in the mix again.

  16. @Playa: You have to remember that GCB is actually a hockey and soccer school and has a very active cultural calender. Rugby is only played for its educational purposes and Grey can only occasionally compete with the Winelands powerhouse schools.


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