Which school has the toughest fixtures at Wildeklawer 2013

Using BHP’s ranking for this week and assigning a value based on a formula of 100 minus current rank to each school with the two invitation teams given the benefit of being ranked jointly in 85th position (100-85=15 points), the sum of each school’s two opponents was arrived at and used as the basis for determining who had the hardest schedule. Waterkloof came out tops. The school from Pretoria has to play Outeniqua and Paarl Gymnasium at this year’s Wildeklawer Skouspel. Both invitation teams are in the top 6. Wildeklawer was meant to be a festival that pitted the best rugby schools against each other, so how two made up teams that will be on a back foot to begin with ended up with amongst the toughest games is beyond explanation and will certainly go far to devaluing this year’s event as far as strength versus strength is concerned. Four Western Cape schools occupy the bottom spots with HTS Drostdy finishing in 20th (last) place.

# Rank School Day 1 Day 2 Total
1 7 Waterkloof 98 99 197
2 Wildeklawer 99 85 184
3 31 Monnas 85 96 181
4 42 Framesby 97 83 180
5 18 Paul Roos 83 97 180
6 Sharks Inv 84 91 175
7 45 Diamantveld 72 94 166
8 2 Outeniqua 93 72 165
9 21 Noord-Kaap 94 67 161
10 33 Boland Landbou 81 79 160
11 4 Grey College 91 69 160
12 28 Grey High 55 98 153
13 19 Glenwood 67 84 151
14 17 M.College 82 58 140
15 3 Affies 58 82 140
16 6 EG Jansen 79 55 134
17 9 Oakdale 96 15 111
18 1 Paarl Gim 15 93 108
19 16 HJS Paarl BH 15 81 96
20 15 Drostdy 69 15 84


07h50 A 1 EG Jansen Noord Kaap
09h00 A 2 Glenwood Boland Landbou
10h10 A 3 HTS Drostdy Monnas
10h10 B 3 Affies Framesby
11h20 A 4 Grey Bfn Oakdale
11h20 B 4 Sharks Inv Paarl Boys High
12h30 A 5 Diamantveld Grey High
13h40 A 6 Paarl Gim Wildeklawer
14h50 A 7 M.College Paul Roos
16h00 A 8 Outeniqua Waterkloof
07h50 A 1 Oakdale Sharks Inv
09h00 A 2 Waterkloof Paarl Gim
10h10 A 3 Diamantveld EG Jansen
10h10 B 3 Grey High Outeniqua
11h20 A 4 Glenwood Paarl Boys High
11h20 B 4 Wildeklawer HTS Drostdy
12h30 A 5 Boland Landbou Noord Kaap
13h40 A 6 Affies Paul Roos
14h50 A 7 Monnas Grey
16h00 A 8 M.College Framesby


  1. @Queenian: agreed Border teams would have been better than 2 Barbarians sides who are going to get smashed. Really looking forward to Glenwood vs BL and Boushaai and obviously the two Waterkloof games!

  2. They could have at least had 2 Border teams here Selborne/Queens or maybe St Andrews they would do much better than Inv teams.

  3. Met beserings aan sleutelspelers moet Klofies as totale “underdogs” beskou word. Die Pretoria oostertjies het egter hope “guts” en ek glo hulle sal Pretoria met trots verteenwoordig. Go Klofies!!

  4. @Rugger fan: It will probably be the latter as the big schools all have other fixtures (i.e. Kearsney, Westville, DHS & Hilton). The problem with the bigger names from smaller schools is that they set out to impress and play as individuals. I will be surprised if the invitation teams are strong enough. To me it would have made sense to include two of the bigger KZN schools as it would have had greater spectator appeal. My choice would have been Westville and Kearsney.

  5. @Tjoppa: I doubt if any school have influence because from a Boishaai perspective I know they would have loved to play MC etc…It makes sence not to play the teams you play on your normal fixture list. I just think they did not apply their minds very well or the person drawing up the fixtures have no real knowledge of SBR strenghts.

  6. I have just heard that Devon Koekemoer, the George Campbell scrummie (nice player) will be playing for the Wildeklawer XV. I do not know any of the other players, except that that they are from Northwood, George Campbell and Port Natal.
    I think that they are having a training camp at Northwood leading up to the festival so that they can gel. I hope that they do well, as they do not get to play against these strong schools. It will be a great experience for them.
    I think that the Sharks XV might be made up of Sharks Academy players ? Not sure.

  7. I questioned on another blog if the “tail” is beginning to wag the dog. Like everybody says there use to be big matches at Wildeklawer right through but nowadays the big boys pick who they want to play. Why else these “strange” matches. I am sure that the Sponsors and supporters would rather watch Affie-Gim/Boishaai or Grey/Gim. Previous tournaments had all these. Now except for Waterkloof games what else is available?

  8. I would have liked if Boishaai could have played schools like Maritzburg College or Grey PE. Schools that we dont get to play that often and is not on our yearly fixture list. In the past we at least got to play either Affies, Monnas or Waterkloof at one of St Johns or Wildeklawer in the same year, but I cannot recall the last time we had the oppertunity to play College or Grey PE. We have played EG at Wildeklawer before as well and this year we will play at least 8 of the other schools. Just a pity that the oppertunity was there, but we will have to wait for next year perhaps!

  9. Any news on the make up of the invitational sides (including coaching staff)?

    Would make interesting reading to gauge their possible strength – e.g. Kearnsey & W’ville guys vs Greytown & Weston & Imbali guys – or are we talking of some big names from smaller schools wanting to make a statement?

    Hoping for the latter.

  10. It will be interesting to see the strength of these invitational sides. I hope that they have great players and coaches. If not, it could get ugly, and then one will have to wonder why other strong schools were not invited instead. I believe that most schools would have accepted as this is quite a prestigious festival.

  11. Welcome to our world Kloffies ! I wish you the best of luck against these 2 brilliant schools !


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