Matric Results 2018 : ranking table for rugby schools

Updated to include several IEB schools

Rondebosch produced outstanding results to edge out Bishops and finish top for NSC examination schools that perform reasonably well in rugby in their respective regions.
The IEB schools have been left off until all required data is available. What is known is that St John’s College had an amazing set of results and if their university pass rate is 90% or higher, they would finish above Rondebosch. Helpmekaar and Kearsney not only achieved a 100% pass rate, all their students got degree passes. Hilton were also amongst those that showed academic improvement as they closed the gap on KZN’s IEB leading schools.

Here is a table listing the matric results 2018 achievements and ranking of most of the rugby playing high schools who progress is tracked during the season on this website.
Please note that the weighting for this ranking relies primarily on University Degree passes and Maths/Physics achievement.


* St Stithians (Boys’ College) – information is incomplete. An attempt was made to acquire the missing data.

** St John’s College – information is incomplete. In spite of posting outstanding results, several attempts to obtain the crucial St John’s degree pass rate for 2018 proved fruitless, which was surprising because for the year before this was one of the stats their headmaster seemed most proud of.

Important to note is that the matric results 2018 ranking list above is perhaps at best a tunnel vision view of a much bigger academic picture and therefore does not take many important education variables / obstacles into account.

Also worth noting and mentioned on similar blogs over the past few years are the following:

* Technical schools : some schools cater for specific needs while other schools offer a portion of their students subjects that do not qualify for degree passes.

* The language challenge : schools with higher percentages of second-language learners can and do feel the impact of this challenge on their overall results.

* Private school advantage : many private schools have the advantage of smaller class numbers which allow teachers to dedicate more time to individual students.

Link from where the data was obtained:

Key for table below:

Area = rugby region
NSC = “National Senior Certificate”
IEB = “Independent Education Board”
Wrote = the figure disclosed on the EWN portal above the wording “number of students in this school”
Deg% = university “degree” pass divided by total number of students that wrote
Deg = university “degree” pass
Dip = national “diploma” pass
HC = “higher certificate”
Avg* = total distinctions for all subjects EXCLUDING LIFE ORIENTATION divided by total students that wrote
Math = total Mathematics distinctions
Phys = total Physics distinctions
M+Ph = Maths plus Physics total
LO = Life Orientation


Life Orientation as Learning Area Life Orientation (LO) has been introduced into the senior high school phase as an examination subject. LO is a broad-learning subject that covers non-academic skills needed in life. LO is examined, marked and moderated internally and comprises the following sections: World of Work, helping learners find guidance in their choice of career and prepare them for the working world Health Education, this sections includes sex education, HIV/Aids talks, pregnancy, etc. Physical Education, involves physical exercise and training, it is done on a separate basis but eventually forms part of LO mark Religious Education, each South African school decides which religion to adhere to (as according to the South African schools act), learners may be exempted from these classes. In practice this means that learners may be exempted from, example, the Bible Studies class, but are compelled to attend the Religious Studies class (which deals with all religions as a study). Citizenship and Responsibility, this section teaches learners about their rights and their duties as citizens.


  1. This is unfair @beet, as I understand it girls are not just much softer on the eye but they also do better than boys at academics. You should only consider the boys in a school as the girls make the boys from some schools now appear clever and we all know it’s not the case.

  2. @2021: Just shows you even a gardener can achieve if he works hard. How many of your u/15’s from last year are leaving or are you guys still managing to fight the wolves of?

  3. @Stier: Stier it is an uphill battle with you guys. Wednesday will be D-day. I am 99,9% sure we have made it, but it will never ends. J wants a player badly en he will not stop. He works the whole December holiday to convince.

  4. @2021: Like you say we will see next week. I just hope you guys are not going to get hit like Durbanville, they might be six or seven players down from that awesome u/14 team they had two seasons ago. Stellenberg also lost quite a few players in that same year group.

  5. If it is about academics and rugby after school, take the stats of how many players from a spesific school plays Varsity Cup whether it is for the Young Guns or Senior Varsity Cup.
    That will tell you the true story of rugby players and academics!

  6. @Stier: It would be nice to separate the boys results from the girls for the Co-eds and only report on the boys results but that information is just not readily available.

  7. @beet: That is like giving us the percentage of kids that plays rugby in a school but counting the girls, it’s factual correct but totally useless. :wink:

  8. @Stier: Stem saam. As dit oor rugby gaan, kyk na die Skole se aantal Varsity Cup spelers. Die totale skool se akademiese uitslae het niks uit te make met hulle rugby uitslae nie.

  9. @CharlesZA: klink of dit rowwer in die kaap gaan met afrokkel as in Gauteng. Wat word die spelers gebied wat Stellenberg sukkel om te doen. Geld of geleenthede?

  10. @Stier: I’m not going to disagree with you entirely. Like most things in life its a question of opinion/taste/preferences etc.

    I will reiterate that the list is complied using the schools who’s rugby results are published weekly during the season. Numerous schools incl top achieving girls only school were left out because they didn’t meet this criteria. Beyond that relationship, there is no other attempt to corelate the rugby to matric final exam results here.

    I find the results interesting otherwise I would not have bothered to do the work. Although I do think there is a lot more unquantified factors than meets the eye, there is useful info contained in what is presented.

    Case exhibit 1 : @Murrayfield: :mrgreen: In all his years with Menlo, MF didn’t ever question the worth of my past editions of the matric results tables. That’s probably because Menlo have been consistent excellent performers. Judging by the data Menlo has a culture of motivating their students to achieve the best results they are capable of. Monnas with almost the same number of students as Menlo, do not fair nearly as well as Menlo. A lot fewer A’s; a much lower university pass rate. Hence I believe the attempt to shift the focus to rugby players in the Varsity Cup. :mrgreen:

    But as I say the table is not a measure of rugby players and matric results, it is a limited scope measurement of how those schools who’s rugby results are published week in and week out here during the season performed in the matric exams.

  11. @Beet: Thx Beet… As the Varcity Cup plays such an important part in the development of Rugby in our country… Surely it needs more publicity on the blog.

    I am also sure that Monnas also motivates their students to do the best in the academics as Menlo and there for any other school!!!

    Different communities, different results.

    The schools in the Pretoria East area all had great academic results year in and year out.

    With the great blog that you created about schoolboy rugby surely there must be a relation between a schools rugby results and and there rugby players attending university after school.

  12. This is School Boy Rugby and this info is the School Boy part thereof.
    Great indication of the academic program of the “rugby schools” … especially for parents and learners that have to make a decision.

  13. This is about as useful as tits on a bull..Unless you separate the boys and girls. Girls don’t play rugby but contribute to the overall academics achievements of a school. So you are measuring two totally different sets of criteria. Why not have the Girl Schools in here then as well..I am sure Affie Girls will top the rankings then!

  14. @AbsolutMenlo: Problem is the girls are included in the results. The top five academic schools last year were all girl schools, the top school had a average of over 5 distinctions per student? 8-O Except for Menlo, girls on average do better than boys at academics, it’s the case all over the world where they are allowed to go to school or study. So the best will be to put your boy in a girl’s school and let him play rugby for a boy’s school. :mrgreen:

  15. @BoishaaiPa: Affies meisies only finished fifth best school in SA last year, their average was only 3,59 distinctions per student, same for Bloemhof they finished third over all.

  16. @Murrayfield: I would be great to see some Varsity cup threat here.
    It would also be great to see the criteria for choosing these Varsity Cup/ Young guns teams. It is not as straight forward as some might think! Lots of player exclude due to criteria.
    If someone have it please share.
    @BoishaaiPa: I do agree with you.If you only look at the boys Helpmekaar rugby playing boys will win this one! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  17. @Stier: That info is misleading.All of them,or most Pvt schools with small nr of students,in some cases 29 8-O Take the best 29 from Menlo or Garsies,no contest.Do what Kloof and Garsies did with classes well over 330 and then we can talk.@Beet table very accurate.

  18. @Grizzly: All but one of the top five schools had more than 100 students that wrote matric. Affiesmeisies had 220 students and Bloemhof 146.

    Will that mean Boland Landbou and Oakdale should not be that high? You can’t have it both ways, one or the other.

  19. @Riempies: Die kriteria vir Young guns is as volg: 9 BCI en 12 2de jaar studente(akademies)in 23, verder moet 5 BCI spelers begin.

  20. @guts-and-glory: Baie dankie. Dus as almal dink jy stap uit matriek en jy kan in jou eerste jaar young guns speel is jy in vir n BIG Surprise.
    Ek verneem om Varsity Cup te speel is daar nog baie meer permantasies.
    Ek probeer tans die kriteria kry. Het reeds paar manne gevra maar klink amper of dit n staats geheim is.

  21. Nou net met Tiaan Liebenberg gepraat. Vereistes vir Varsity Cup is 9 x BCI spelers in 23 waarvan 5 moet begin. Alle spelers moet 60 krediete he om te kan speel. Dis maar ‘n moeilike ding vir Varisty Cup afrigters – hulle maak staat op spelers en dan is die nodige krediete nie daar nie. Shimlas het gister begin oefen en weer ‘n paar gesigte minder :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  22. @OudUppie: Hoor bietjie weer by hom. Sover ek weet mag daar nie meer as twee eerste jaar spelers wees nie. Dan is daar nog verdere kriteria ten opsigte van jaar gange.
    Dan ja om 60 krediete te kry vir n unie gekontrakteerde speler wat oefeninge moet bywoon en tussen in nog moet probeer klas draf en swot is aansienlik moeiliker as wat gedink word. Sommige van die klasse het n ten minste 50% klas bywoning nodig.

  23. @Riempies: Sal laat weet as ek weer met hom praat. Ek stem saam met jou dat dit nie maklik is vir enige ou om aan die 60 krediete te voldoen nie, maar met die nodige toewyding is dit wel moontlik. Ek vat Rewan Kruger (SA O/20 skrumskakel) as voorbeeld – hy was vir ‘n groot deel van die jaar by O/20’s betrokke tesame met sy Cheetah verpligtinge en hy het die nodige krediete gekry. Baie hang af van hoe tegemoedkomend die univeriteit is. My seun (nie Rewan nie) moes byvoorbeeld verlede jaar ‘n toets skryf toe hulle in Durban teen die Sharks gaan speel het. Sy dosent het ingestem dat die coach die vraestel by haar kry en dat hy die vraestel die oggend in Durban skryf. Maar ek stem dit bly ‘n uitdaging vir outjies wat voltyds rugby speel om die studies by te bring

  24. @OudUppie: Baie dankie. Die krediete hang seker ook baie af ook van waar en natuurlik wat jy swot. Ons weet om BA Algemeen te swot teenoor bv Ingeneurswese is n reuse veskil.
    Ook nie alle dosente is ewe tegemoedkomend nie. Met die currie cup finaal moes n paar manne by tukkies later as die res van span vlieg omdat die dosent geweier het om hulle uitstel te gee. Self na die Bulle se versoek… Seker ma welcome to the real life! :mrgreen:

  25. @Grizzly: Stem saam Garsies was nr 1 skool in Gauteng met graadstudie en tweede algeheel Dit is indrukwekkend Neem ook die skool se sportprestasies en kultuur in ag in 2018 dan is die jong skool van 31 jaar ‘ n game changer.Om ‘ n graad 12 groep van 350 plus elke jaar te bestuur en bo uit te kom is is puik. Hoe meer leerders jy het hoe groter jou kans om druipelinge te hê

  26. @Smallies: En hulle doen daarom het hulle vir hul ander vlugte gebook.
    Gedink die Universiteit sou miskien vegunning kon maak.
    My dae op varsity het n paar baie bekende rugby manne nie veel klas bygewoon nie en dan sommer toetse by lektor se huis geskryf. Of so het hulle gese.

  27. in an earlier thread regarding poaching of border / eastern cape rugby players , a journalist and some bloggers were very irate with the number of Rugga players leaving their schools to be educated in KZN ….. look at the list above lads and I’m sure you can see the real problem .

  28. @oldschool: I was one of those bloggers. I certainly wasn’t irate. Just found it comical that your school was very vocal about GW’s purchasing of players but you have been doing the same for years. Really hope they all register for IEB Matric Exams when it’s time to write. Let’s see the above list at that year end and I will make you an Irish Coffee. Love you😘😘😘😘

  29. @oldschool: i fail to see your point My son’s school had more boys pass with deg exemption than kersney yet they are ranked much lower according to this list, but are ranked much higher than kersney as a rugby school…

  30. @Smallies: @Bush: Lies, damned lies, and statistics” is a phrase describing the persuasive power of numbers, particularly the use of statistics to bolster weak arguments. It is also sometimes colloquially used to doubt statistics used to prove an opponent’s point.

  31. And the Private School have clever way of keeping their 100% pass rate record. If they feel a kid is not going to pass, they don’t register them for IEB.
    2 3 House

  32. With regards to the table above, I again say there is no attempt to correlate rugby and academics in any other way apart from limiting the research done to just those schools that form part of my weekly rugby results tracking throughout the SBR season.

    The state schools’ matric results are transparent. All their results are there for all to see. Up until last year, one could even determine the number of students that were registered but for any number of reasons did not write. I believe @Bush: is correct in his assessment that schools have been known to protect their 100% pass rate by sometimes encouraging doubtful of passing matric students to write their exams at other registered institution or not to write at all. This practices is by no means limited to private schools though.

    Where the state school results are an open book, the IEB (mainly private school) results are not freely available. To obtain them, one normally has to ask the specific school and they as I have discovered over the years including for 2018 are not obliged to share all or anything if they so please. I wish their results could be as transparent as the state schools.

    Along the lines of massaged stats as put forward by @McCulleys Workshop: I personally believe the 100% pass rate stat is high up on the list of meaningless info since it’s focus is centred on the handful of students who hover around the pass/fail line getting through. To be fair these students are generally not academics at all and yet they and not the multitude of brighter academic performers determine the fate of schools vying to brag about achieving 100% in the most marketed matric exam stat of them all.

    @oldschool:For school recruitment I maintain that when a school recruits a student on a sports award, the overwhelming consideration is that student’s ability to contribute on the sports field in the hopes/belief that he will make a value adding contribution to the 1st team down the line. The fact that the school can help him improve academically is known to be part of the lip-service (this even happens for post school rugby recruitment) but in truth educational benefit often comes a very distant second to the main objective. Very very few kids who are standout school sportsmen go on to make successful careers at pro sport level. Whether or not their academic assistance or even the contacts they made by being at a particular school provided them with a viable option to pursue a different career and maximise on their potential to be successful in something other than sport is something that has never been measured as far as I know. I don’t even think we even have reliable evidence to support or refute claims that recruited sports students performed better academically in one school than they did or might have in another (as a basis for establishing a trend or principle that suggest it helps them later in life). I’ve read a lot of comments which link kids’ decision to move to being “unhappy”. It’s a broad definition, it doesn’t include a measure of time nor does it encompass the degree of emotion. I mean someone can be extremely happy for 5-10 years and 5 min later something changes and suddenly that person is unhappy, maybe slightly unhappy maybe very unhappy. Money can determine level and timespan of happiness. But to close this paragraph by honing in on what you are saying, for a school to produce outstanding academic results doesn’t come about by chance. For one thing you need motivated, well-equipped and talented teacher/leaders who work in an environment that supports their efforts to strive for excellence. Maybe it’s easier for kids to pick up on when these elements are missing/lacking than we give them credit for or perhaps when they it’s just easier to persuade them that’s what they should be looking for or deserve.

    @Bush: I would add that this website is filled with comments I’ve made in opposition to Glenwood’s recruitment practices over the years. However those were/are my opinions. I don’t think I’ve ever tried to pass them off as belonging to a collective. Going on I’ve never liked the idea of a school calling off sporting ties with another school due to a disagreement but I’ve respected those that have made such decisions when made with proof of an offence committed and good justification. I would say that when tensions amongst the KZN bloggers was a high, I would have liked Kearsney to have taken a harder stance against Glenwood’s recruitment practices. But KC did not. By in large Glenwood’s recruitments were perfectly in line with the agreements in KZN. There were however several cases that were hotly disputed of which Marne-gate was by far the biggest one. One memory I have was of walking out the Grey High in PE gate after the festival games for the day has ended and seeing Glenwood and Kearsney players get onto the same bus to head down the coast to J-Bay to take part in a training camp together. Whatever rivalry there was on the field, off of it the two schools got on well. My opinion at the time was they got on better than any two other schools in KZN. For you to now say that Kearsney was very vocal about Glenwood purchasing players seems misplaced unless you have knowledge about this that you’re able to share. Yes there is evidence of other KZN schools showing their opposition to Glenwood’s methods, some still in place to this day but not Kearsney. Like I say I wish KC had joined in sending out a stronger message along with a few others. I would go on to say that until the matters with Border primary schools arose recently, I wasn’t opposed to gr.8 recruitment. The lines are a bit blurry now. I believe everyone with a heart wants the best for kids. If they have a talent that can open a door to something that appears to be better even if it is just financially better, it hard to deny them this. But there is a bigger picture to consider which can never be solved by short-sightedness on the part of those who take but don’t put anything back plus there is a big question-mark about what actual constitutes a better opportunity, particularly with regards to rugby.

  33. Ha ha ha , there you okes are , thought that would invoke a response , hook line and sinker …. MW give us a shout some time …. Bushy , Irish whiskey is preferred…. Logging off as I’m going fishing in Cameroon with some MHS old boys …. Carpe Diem Girls …. remember , sensitivity is for the millennials !

  34. @Beet: Okay you caught me like OS says-hook, line and sinker. Trying to spread fake news and start rumors about “your school”. Maybe don’t be so protective over “your school’s” doings. I couldn’t care a less if “your school” or “any school” hire in players just for the Easter Festival and they are returned back to their original school as “your school” wasn’t what they were looking for. Or even if it is to get the academic and quota % correct at “your school”
    I have to laugh at myself believing (as Hopper would say “toffee nose” Schools) have been acting so innocent meanwhile they are not so innocent. If you want proof unblock your protected Thread on the Dale saga. Man I’ve been so blindsided. Think I’m going to go have breakfast with my legends buddies. Where art thou Spear and Andre T

  35. @oldschool: 😬😬😬😬you bring the catch of the day, I will bring the BUSHmill’s. Please understand I can only afford polystyrene cups not silver goblets.

  36. @Bush: There was no attempt to hook you.

    In the greater scheme of things you comment above about “your school” / Kearsney (same difference) in this matter of being vocal was harmless.

    Some of the comments made by various users on the Border being raided thread were not harmless though.

    I suspended the post not to protect Kearsney but to protect myself.

    I do have a connection to Kearsney which I can’t play down. My self assessment on the direction the Border post comments took is that my connection influenced my judgement but definitely not to the school’s benefit.

    I do intend to open that post up again because its a topic that matters and there are opinions I’ve expressed that I would like people to read and know about. What I can’t afford is to allow harmful allegations that are so specific that they implicate a particular school (or old boy) without the support of proof, because that puts me on a slippery slope while those who made the comments enjoy the benefits of immunity. I have spent a large amount of time trying to obtain that proof to justify the specifically directed allegation/s. I’ve come up empty handed and all I have to go on is the word of one user on this website who I trust but contributed to placing me in a compromising position. If the specific allegations do exist or materialise as supportable facts at some point in the future I will update the post or create new one to incorporate the specific information and with confidence that I answer for what I stated.

    Just as an example:
    During the school holidays, you posted a harmless allegation along the lines that Kearsney had recruited the whole KZN u13 CW team. Whether it was right or wrong, factual or not, I doubt anyone was going to be put off by it. I certainly wasn’t.

    But hypothetically what if it was challenged in a serious manner. I would be in a position right now to do the research, arrive at the facts and confirm your comment or edit it. If it was incorrect and damage was done, I’m not sure if I could do enough to make up for it and I would essentially have to take responsibility for what you stated.

    If however you felt so strongly at the time about what you said and posted it under your real name on your own FB page and just came here and commented something like: “look what I posted on my FB on this day at this time”, I’m sure it would absolve me from any harmful part played in the matter.

    Oddly enough there was a real case like this many years back. With the help of sources I posted a list of the high schools where the KZN u13 players were believed to be going the following year. Soon after posting I got a call from one of the state school headmaster’s stating the unfairness of what I had done and giving a few valid reasons. It was not my intention to do harm to his school, so I removed the list immediately after the call and learned from the experience.

    I hear what you are saying above and many of your comments are light-hearted “roll my jeep”, “polony” and behind that you have a genuine interest in rugby and make a commendable contribution to it’s well-being but when you say something like “I couldn’t care a less”, it worries me a bit. I really need you to take more responsibility for those what you comment.

    I’m not sure if @oldschool: was including me in his “sensitivity” comment but I have little choice but to take things seriously around here. Oldschool you were definitely the one most emotionally charged up of all involved in that Border schools debate so a welcomed change that you appear to be a little more relaxed again.

  37. @oldschool: Great attempt at getting attention. Now that you have it, please eleborate on the point of your post? Your need for relevance really paints you as an arrogant human being. I’m sure you can try and position yourself better and be an example worthy of being looked up to. Not that you care, but I’d rather my kid failed a class than become a failure of a human being. Go rub your ego elsewhere.

  38. @Beet: very good context, mostly applied consistently.
    Emotion is the darndest thing, so glad we have it though.

  39. @beet: Hi Beet, am I correct that Bader came on for the Kings? I thought he wasn’t playing rugby?

  40. @McCulleys Workshop: yeah it was great news. I caught the highlights this morning. The Kings were down 13-21 with less than 5-min to go and mauling within 5m in search of a consolation try. It looked like experienced veteran Sarel Pretorius made the wrong decision to pull the ball out when the Kings still looked like they had forward momentum but it paid off. Sub flyhalf Bader got the ball and it was like he wound back the clock to his SBR days producing a trademark carry that got him over the try line. In the last move the Kings ran from deep and QUEEN’S COLLEGE schooled Yaw Penxe sped away from the D and scored the winning try. 25-21.

    I was really happy for Bader. Hopefully the start of good things to come. His knee was strapped so hopefully it holds.

    Sorry everything I type is like an essay but watching just reminded me of the value of exposure. I know a lot of good players have left our shores and continue to do so but this country has to find a way of spreading the best that’s left around so we don’t have quality players watching Super Rugby from the stands while the Kings and Free State struggle the way they have.

  41. @beet: Ya, low centre of gravity and great leg strength. He was a machine at getting over the advantage line or into space.

  42. sorry,MH and hilton does not qualify. They should have their own category. Something like part time rugby schools. 1 3 :mrgreen: House

  43. @Bush: Howzit Bush! Still alive and well. Sometimes my do’s come out as does. :lol: Wonder what happened to the phrase “innocent untill proven guilty” Its just one way traffic. Nevermind, the end of the world, as we know it, :mrgreen: is near!

  44. Wheres all the money gone! Great varsities ,no union! Eish! how times have changed. Other unions will be quite happy I am sure!

  45. @Bush: @Bush:
    Lekker Wilson
    What is the story with the Eastern Cape schools things that you caused to be closed down?
    I missed that

  46. @Speartackle:
    Without Prejudice
    Maybe because I jokingly told OS that KC had given the entire KZN U13 team bursaries and Beet believed me😬Any way I’m taking responsibility of my harmless comments and have decided not to roll my Jeep or Polony any more.
    Just got back from the FS and tackled a Blou Wildebeest with a Horn Size of 29,9” someone said it’s a Rowland Ward. Not sure what that means, don’t want to start any further rumors or spreading any further fake news. If anyone can help me please do😘
    How is the Toti Rugby side looking, going to visit the club this Thursday and check out the talent. 2 3 Toti 2 3 Blou Wildebeest

  47. @Smallies: Dankie vir die help Smallies. Going to make Droëwors and Braai Wors. Hopefully I will have some left when I go through to watch N vs S. Verkeerdevlei Braai Wors is the best in the land🚴🏿‍♂️🚴🏿‍♂️🚴🏿‍♂️🚴🏿‍♂️🚴🏿‍♂️

  48. I always only hear about the lekker wors but never get to see it
    Post some pics of legends eating and drinking blouwildebeest

  49. @Speartackle: That’s because you not a Legend and Wilson’s 99th Best Buddy. Maybe he will give you the Pope Nose from the Wildebeest which I’m sure you will love. Whahshshshshshs if you chow that, you will be a Legend

  50. @odie15: he carry those woollies stickers in his pocket so silver spooners cant shunt him with his plaas wors :-P

  51. @Speartackle: Wilson is an idiot.
    What’s wrong with your eyes?? It only reached here by pigeon 19:03 yesterday.
    My Memories isn’t that good any more. But I heard there’s a lekker restaurant with that same name in Toti. Hot Pigeon there too.


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