Cape Schools Week 2019 might not happen

This very old school rugby festival which started in 1980 and is held during the July school holidays every second year, pitting Eastern Cape schools against Western Cape schools, looks like it may have run its course.

The Eastern Cape schools – Dale, Grey High, Muir, Queen’s and Selborne – seem keen to continue but there isn’t too much love coming from the Western Cape. Bellville, SACS and Rondebosch seem like they are prepared to back the event. However the likes of Boland Landbou, DF Malan, Paarl Gim and Wynberg are less interested and have given it the thumbs down in 2019.

So for the organisers (Muir College are meant to host it in 2019) it’s either come up with a plan or turf it.

One of the challenges the event faces is its proximity to the youth weeks which are also held during the same holiday period.

There’s an untapped market for under-17 schoolboy rugby. Perhaps CSW should try reinventing itself as a festival catering for the Gr.11’s (stayers)???


  1. @Vleis: @Playa: Thanks guys ! I trust that Brakkies will make a possitive contribution to the event.They do have some skillfull backs, and therefore enjoy a running, expansive style of play.
    The school consider it an honour to be part of this longtime tradition.

  2. @Playa: @Kattes-Strofes: Sounds like a win-win all-round. Brakkies would probably greatly appreciate being given the opportunity to spread their wings and play some top EC schools at CSW. In turn, the CSW would benefit from having a school like Brakkies as it would freshen it up a little and Brakkies would be missing less players than Gim, BL, etc at CW and AW…and, of course, they are playing very good rugby.

  3. Well! It is now almost a certainty now that this festival will survive. Brackenfell confirmed their participation. A huge amount of credit must go to Tony Stoops for helping in this regard. He used his vast list of contacts to assist the organisers of the festival.

  4. This is so sad!!!! :cry: So this is how the longest surviving inter-schools rugby festival in SA will see its end? :cry: :cry: :cry:


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