World Schools Festival 2019

The World Schools Festival which did extremely well for a debutant festival in 2018, showed very positive signs of building on that success. Better forward planning has placed the organisers in a position to name nine of the ten overseas teams (Rest of the World) to take part in next year’s festival from 25-30 March 2019 at Paul Roos Gymnasium in Stellenbosch.

The highlight will no doubt be the four New Zealand teams complete with their personalised school Hakas as well as the unique English school going age sport academy Hartpury from Gloucester in England.

1 Christchurch BHS New Zealand
2 John McClashan New Zealand
3 Napier BHS New Zealand
4 Southland BHS New Zealand
5 Hartpury College England
6 Africa Pacific Select XV
7 New South Wales Cavaliers
8 USA Schools XV
9 Italian All Stars XV

The 10 South African teams that were named a while back are:

1 Affies
2 Boland Landbou
3 Glenwood
4 Grey College
5 Hilton
6 Monument
7 Paarl Gim
8 Paul Roos
10 Invitation XV


  1. Oakdale also MIA? I assume they would have been there if it stayed in paarl….

  2. @apple: I know there is no obligation on the side of the organisers to formally notify the schools not re-invited but you’d think that a phone call or email would be sent. Instead Oakdale found out via the grapevine that they would not be part of the WSF fest in 2019.

  3. Wat sou die idee van ‘n uitnodigings XV wees. Is dit net n ander naam vir nog n span van die Boland?


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