Grey Bloem heads to KZN to play Maritzburg College

Come Saturday evening, home team Maritzburg College should be best placed of all Grey College’s traditional inter-schools rivals to answer the question:
“Is it better to play Grey at the start of the season or at the end of the long campaign?”

College versus Grey Bloem had been a permanent third term fixture for a number season until now. The match basically shifts almost six months forward from being one of the last few of the season for both schools to just about first on the list.

As always Grey has a very highly rated first team that is expected to put in a strong challenge for top honours in 2017. In the bag already is a convincing 73-18 win against a very respectable Waterkloof team.

The jury is still out on where Maritzburg College will fit into the big picture this year. This early season big test might have already served part of it’s goal for the hosts. Although there are no illusions about how huge the first hurdle is, it has ensured that the College boys are better prepared heading into the 2017 regular season than they were in 2016.


1 Zuma 1 Luke JV Vüren u18
2 Mbatha 2 Ru-Hann Greyling u18
3 Dube 3 Wihan Marais u18
4 Labuscagne 4 DeWet Marais u17
5 Van Der Linde 5 Handre Roux u18
6 Mchunu 6 Jaap Van Zyl u18
7 Walden 7 Marcel Theunissen u18
8 Khanyile 8 Arno Nieuwoudt u18
9 Williamson 9 Ross Braude u17
10 Truter 10 Christopher Schreuder u18
11 Squires 11 Marius Kearney u18
12 Walsh 12 Wycliff Vlitoor u17
13 Mjara 13 Janco Van Heyningen u18
14 Potgieter 14 Henk Cilliers u18
15 Willemse 15 David Kriel u18


  1. @beet:

    9 – Ross Braude
    10 – Christopher Schreuder
    11 – Marius Kearney
    12 – Wycliff Vlitoor
    13 – David Kriel
    14 – Henk Cilliers
    15 – Richard Kriel

  2. @Slam: Yeah the whole JIFF system in France is quite interesting. I learned a bit about it because of former top KZN schools player being in the French Club system.

    It’s a kind of a quota which requires 12 out of the 23 players (might increase to 14) in a French Club team to be JIFF players. The aim being to ensure that French players are also developed and not brushed aside by better foreigners.

    To qualify as a JIFF a player between the ages of 16 and 21 has to spend at least 3 years in a training academy of a registered professional French Club Rugby team or a player has to have been registered with the French Rugby Union for 5 years before his 21st birthday.

    So its of huge benefit to French clubs to have “foreigners” who are qualified as JIFF.

    If the allegation were true about the Montpellier Academy I seriously doubt it would change anything about the way Grey operates as a school. All it would mean is that Grey rugby players would be advantaged and perhaps even sort after by French clubs because they would have JIFF status.

    But from a French RU perspective it defeats the purpose of what they are trying to achieve by way of ensuring that French players are developed, so I’m sure the will move quickly to eliminate loopholes that allow for the establishment of youth academies outside of French territories.

  3. According to Twitter Grey College is to become a Montpellier Academy. This really would leave a bad taste if it materialised.

  4. For anyone interested here is the Grey Cherries line up for tomorrow

    1 Brandon Matthews u17
    2 Schalk Vermaak u17
    3 Herman Agenbag u17
    4 Llwellyn Hendrick u17
    5 Hanco Cloete u18
    6 Lebo Molefe u18
    7 Raynardo Gouveia u17
    8 Duncan De Beer u17
    9 Dillion Schultz u18
    10 Zander Du Plessis u17
    11 Hanno Rossouw u18
    12 Rocco Steyn u17
    13 Hendro Van Der Merwe u18
    14 Pieter Smith u17
    15 Pienaar Van Niekerk u19

  5. @Smallies: Thanks Smallies. Pity. Now I’ll have to wait for Wildeklawer and Premier Interschools in May to hopefully see both Rikus and Richard in action.

  6. Well what will be interesting is the games like the 2nd and 3rd team’s as this is usually a sure sign of depth at schoolboy rugby.

  7. @beet: Maybe a blessing after this sweltering heat of late …….could very well influence the hockey, water polo, tennis and golf results

  8. @Speartackle: that hockey match you are enquiring about is at 10h20 tomoz :mrgreen:

    Actually one of the reasons Grey loves playing interschools vs MC is that not only are their enough rugby teams to go around, the day provides a very good yardstick for their hockey.

  9. @Queenian: there are about 9 u17s in the Grey Cherries tho. Hard to say what MC will be like tomorrow
    New coach for a start. I think I will have a good idea after tomorrow.

  10. @beet: Not many Under17 boys in the Grey side they had a really good Under16 team last year so we looking at two very good years in a row.

    What College looking like.


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